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Withdrawing from an exchange is 20 fucking dollars what the fuck kind of scam is this?

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regular chinance scam

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Only €1 for me on https://coin-metro.com/
They don't call it comfymetro for nothing

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Does that mean you get double-fucked when panic selling? Not cool, bro.

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paying developers is expensive

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U ran right into the centralized chink trap

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It costs money to keep funds safu

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that's like 3 dogs, stop being greedy and feed the chinks, bigot

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>withdrawing from an exchange is 20 fucking dollars what the fuck kind of scam is this?
find a new one, my exchange takes 90 cents for off platform cash withdrawal

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>buy xlm/nano/cripple
>withdraw without fees
how hard is that fag

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What method of withdrawal?
Withdrawing (and depositing) euros by sepa transfer is free and instant.

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It's weird how normie Chinese autists are.

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20 dollars is an insanely small amount of money

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>withdrawing from an exchange used to be 20 LINK which is $500 now

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I need usdc on ethereum I don't want xlm.
Yes it is but that's not the point. There is no reason for a withdrawal to be 20 bucks.

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The reason is so the chink gets to jew you. Fuck CEXes but also fuck ETH fees now

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i never get any fee from withdrawing fund from binance to my local bank. What kind of country do you guys live?

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The newfag tax. And yes there is a reason, its called network fee you blithering idiot.

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One challenge to full Polkadot interoperability, though, remained unconquered. DApp UXes are still too complicated for normal people. This confines the usage of dApps in the rather small crypto community and is unable to reach mass adoption.

HEYYY ANON..................
Potential Gem


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>network fee
Doing a transfer between my accounts in metamask costs 2.80 right now you retard and it's the same type of transaction as between an exchange and my wallet. What is the chink's excuse?

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Maybe convert it to some PoC coin with low fees, and then transfer it?

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>on ethereum
There's your problem, if you would withdraw to BSC, it would cost like 20 cents

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I've paid more to the bank for fuck ups that were their fault.

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this fud is getting pathetic
the withdrawal fee is not 20 bucks its 0.005 eth which is about 7 bucks

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Is the withdrawal fee in dollars or %?

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>retard can't into p2p
So baby bought the tip, sold the dip and is trying to run away back to mommy?
Welcome to markets, bro, you'll like it here.

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I want to withdraw usdc and have it on the ethereum network, which currently costs 20 usdc to do. It looks like I could withdraw usdc on BSC which costs under a dollar, then use the binance bridge to move the usdc to ethereum, but I don't know how much that transaction would cost.

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use the cz visa
Cashing out 300 a day with 0 fees

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nice projection bro, I guarantee you I've been doing this longer than you and my net worth is in multiples of yours. 20 dollars to withdraw is still bullshit.

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That's because of ETH gas fees, nothing to do with the exchange you are using.

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It's not about fees, it's about newfag not being able to withdraw without fees. Literally google it, friend.

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Blame BTC and ETH retarded devs who wanted to make the coins of the future with a sheer capacity of 15 tps when VISA already did thousands.

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again, I guarantee you I've been doing this longer than you. I'm not complaining about the fact there's a fee, I'm saying a transfer on the eth network currently costs 3 dollars and exchanges are asking for 20, that's what's bullshit.

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But you do pay $100 on etherium, right?

Now on a serious note, you stupid animal. Withdrawing euro has a fee of 0.8 euro. No matter what amount.

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what exchange?

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on etherium its like $150 no cap

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only thing wasted is the air you breathe

>But you do pay $100 on etherium, right?
No I don't only retards pay these amounts. And I said multiple times in the thread I want to withdraw usdc to my metamask on ethereum, not cash out to fiat or a bank. I'm not doing it because 20 bucks to withdraw is bullshit and it's not only chinknance, it's all the exchanges. Read before posting.