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We will soon be able to short DeFi shitcoins. Look at this. https://antimatter.finance/
They are doing a simultaneous Triple Cross-Chain IDO today (ETH, BSC, Huobi Echo Chain)

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Wow finally

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100% pajeet scam

rugpull contract, fuck you thieves



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>leverage trading rugs

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gotta have some time to spend on trading now
but this pajeets try to shill their fucking trashtoken
fine that I use bot ocean bot and strategies
no reason to believe in that shit

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Idk it's backed by ngc holdings and spark. They have good track records.

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>Note to self: don't invest in bot ocean bot
Anyway yeah this is the real deal, check the telegram and twitter

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Dexmex also does this. It's good idea, but I don't think there's gonna be much liquidity on those shitcoins. It would be pretty amazing to be able to short all those yield farm scams that pop up every day though, so I hope this sort of thing comes to fruition.

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Lets work together and short the food coins into the earth's core..We won't get paid out in food coins, will we? I would prefer a stablecoin.

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It's still early days. I'm sure one of these will become massive a couple years from now.

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Ah so each coin would need it's own liquidity pool just like the regular trading pairs. That's how this stuff works?

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wow see that hype around bot ocean in twi????
> who uses it? any reviews or comments?
try to discover new tools and bots for ez trading with dex
check it - tell what u think

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>leverage short obvious pajeet rugpulls
>get x1000s of return
This makes no sense at all.

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I've been meaning to checkout what an IDO even looks like. Do you just place a buy order whenever you feel like it?

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How you can say it?

Also want to know your opinion on Mochimo.org with reference.

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It doesn't get much more based than that

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Instead of it, try $MCM

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THIS WILL RESULT IN SO MUCH PINK WOBO POSTING. Bless you retarded gambler bears. /biz will be in full rope mode.

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fucking based. I always wondered if there was a way to short those shitcoins