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>Fantom bros, are we recovering?
No its over

Telegram pajeets dumping they bags

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enjoy the 20 cent floor

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Yeah baby, I'm gonna buy so much fucking fanties when it hits 0.2

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unironically over desu.
Sell at the first green candle and get back in at an uptrend.

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The dream is over, fren. Peel your face off and eat it for dinner. Get some apple sauce and a bit of salt, it'll go down a treat.

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recovering to 49 cents and then back down

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Low effort FUD, where's your buy order, son?

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Too bad these delusional moonboys on telegram banned me from their marine chat.
I would love to check in now and watch the show there. They laughed at me for saying the pump to 2 billion mcap could never be sustainable, and now with the recent validator issue (almost worse than the Avax hack), big investors are jumping out and leave the boat.
They have realized it was just centralized hot air.

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of course its over, the network failed. the whole point of the project has broken twice now, once in june and another 2 days ago. vaporware centralized chink scam

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We sure are, this is something called a dead cat bounce. I'm not too sure what it means, but it sounds bullish to me

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Network never stoppee dummy

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god i would fucking cream myself, could get to 100k stack finally

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literally did for 8 hours you fucking retard

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I tell you to sell
Other try to bring you stupid rubbish

>don’t believe in this trash, a lot of trash on biz today
my bro always tells me - want to mine and get income - use not eth platform
>take a look at ENQ, this is top eco for this year

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Yeah we're recovering. There's a clear bullcrap divergence, and the 17.5 minute chart is showing clear signs of forming golden cock/balls.

$1 EOD is guaranteed, but it can also go down.

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Can you not use google translate please, Rajesh, you stinking paki?

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>$1 EOD is guaranteed, but it can also go down.
so which one is it

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where did all those sell walls go

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explain anon, wouldn't this be good news for us?

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it looked even sell orders up to 84 a while ago, now one seems to be forming at 54

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depends on the whales

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