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>l deserve 20 dollars an hour.

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>I deserve billions of dollars for doing nothing
I would rather give it to the mac donalds employee desu

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Wtf is silver onion?

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you try making a thousand burgers by yourself

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99.9999% of burgers come out fine but nobody posts pics of them. kys

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gotta love the employees that literally put extra of whatever you ask for none of

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Sliver ya goddamn dyslexic

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Back to work wagie..no phones allowed

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They literally have instructions to make the idiots job easier.

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>time on receipt


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They are based honesty. If you want to pull some OCPD bullshit make it yourself.

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they aren't sending their best

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then dHEDGE will exceed your expectations anon (if you are doing it right)

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>i want to choose how others conduct ethical business

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>xtra salt

Go ahead and

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>Clean it up paypig

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Elon deserves trillions, Jeff.

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who cares? imagine being one of the knuckledragging dregs who spends $5 for mcshits and then posts on ebin social media about how his mass-manufactured trashburger wasn’t made to his specifications by the worker drone making minimum wage

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>I deserve to make custom orders instead of just getting what's on the menu

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my blockchain is perfect
>niggers try to show trash on /biz/
>they can’t see how pos and pow algo works on ENQ
only smart guys may get it and have profit

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>noooo you didn't follow my special instructions for my McBurger

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Wait what the fuck. The sandwich already is salty as fuck

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stop buying nigger food made by niggers, they have jobs because of your fat gorilla nigger face

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>shitty nutrition-void slop burger
>cheese that has to colour of yellow cake
>soggy looking burger roll
>BPA-S coated checkout receipt
Tell me why people eat large chain fast food again

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wow a fucked up order, omg the horror someone badly screwed up! better take a picture and post to the internet about someone working a job from my parent's basement!

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usually doesn't work out for them, i generally go inside and ask for it to be remade :)

even gotten some free meals out of this

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Because I’m weak anon.

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I don't think literally anyone in America deserves the wage they get paid. We're literally just a nation designed to consume from other countries.

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lmao fast food wagie detected

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Well hopefully you get cancer and die.

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>extra salt on a food item that is already 10% salt

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hrm, maybe you should follow instructions when someone asks you to omit an ingredient from a sandwich, that way, you save yourself a lot of work. everybody wins!

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I’m not a wagie I just hate princesses.

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custom orders ARE on the menu NIGGER

I know this is /biz/ and full of entréepreneureal types but I doubt OP's parents are running a Mickey D's out of their basement

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Maybe you shouldn't get the sandwich if there's something on there you don't like

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having a low wage for a job is not an excuse to do it wrong.

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Maybe the restaurant shouldn't give me the option to remove it then lol

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It says "Sliver", you reverse dyslexic.

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Almost makes it harder. When work is so monotonous it starts to destroy your mind.
Have a read of the article Banana Time by Roy. Guy goes into a factory and observes how his coworkers create routines in order to stave off insanity.

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not a ring or diced onion

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The people who make my Spicy deluxes at Chick fil a every other day probably deserve it

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Fucking faggot

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buying and posting images of your mcdonalds hamburger online is the intellectual equivalent of working for minimum wage, in fact I respect the worker more because at least he crafted an object (poorly) while the consoomer just shits his pants in rage over the quality of his $3 burger

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kek this. im not surprised tho, ameritards comsume 50% more salt daily than the RDI

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Imagine being such a stupid seething nigger that you create more work for yourself just to btfo customers epic style. Thanks for the free meals you dumbass wagecucks

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i had no idea there were so many food service workers on /biz/

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Wtf is silver onion
Do Americans really put extra salt on their burgers?
Where do you even sprinkle it so you could taste it?

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lmao wtf, I'd pay to see that in live action
>I'll take a happy meal
>okay, mam, is that for a boy or a girl?

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>one quarter pounder with no flavor please

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>job that will hire virtually anybody

Most people have intelligence, develop skills, or both. Sorry that you're a retard

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He asked for XTRA salt and didn't eliminate the other naturally occurring flavor, cartoon yellow mustard.

>one mustard quarter pounder double salt thx

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It's S L I V E R not S I L V E R
It means they're putting slivers of onion on it

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I do actually believe this. McDonalds you can make 1 request per item max (eg. No pickles OR no onions). If you try to custom order at taco bell i hope the nuggets who work there spit in your food

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If MCD didn't want custom orders why are they options on the ordering terminals?

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Society allows people to do a lot of behaviors that are just plain rude. It's like listening to music on your speakerphone on public transportation. You can do it, but everyone else thinks you're a subhuman

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quarter fat ass with cheese

>No onion
>no pickle
>no ketchup (yea im on diet)

extra salt and and extra spit all over for extra moisture experience

That will be 3 dolla hour , thanks have a good day Sir , you need me to open your door on the way out Sir? You just step on my foot on purpose while I was holding the door, oh no matter if you didn't even say sorry , have a good day Sir and always come back

burger house daily social interaction it's a open warfare battle every single day

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All I want is a supreme taco with no sour cumsauce at least one time

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>you try making a thousand burgers by yourself

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Then go to a Mexican place, we've only imported a billion fucking Mexicans into America. Or get the exact same taco and don't get Supreme which means "give me the cum sauce"

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I love it when man children complain about not getting their fast food exactly right. It's fast fucking food you dipshit, it's one degree away from a bug burger and onions

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honestly those pictures side by side make his character arch look badass

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the employees at my local mcdonalds hate me

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that isnt saying silver no?. but what is a siver onion "sliver"

sliver as in sliver

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Hopefully they die soon of heart failure

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point is that people working in fastfood are already in the bottom spectrum of capability
so yes fucking up a task as simple as making the right burger is pretty bad
and perfectly illustrates why minimum wage is a joke

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single handedly created reusable rockets, get rekt faggit

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glorious survival make it stack

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This made me laugh, thanks wagie

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extremely based

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>DUDE 25 bucks worth of hamburger kek so randumb

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>fuck ton of McDonald’s
>fucking onions
>fucking s o y l e n t
This is fucking repulsive

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Unironically, unequivocally, irrevocably based.

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if got to bulk up, YOU GOT TO BULK UP. Smash those like buttons.

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How about you just order something you like instead of changing something?

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>so yes fucking up a task as simple as making the right burger is pretty bad

Those persons were already broken, they were already subject to deal at being society punchbag. Their minds were broken to the core, they just exist .
High functional individuals would never subject themselves to robotic tasks at 4 dollar hour rate.

But watching others doing that boosts their power and ego.
It happen to me , I am broken , have no morale, life has no much meaning.

So every time a person that eats at this places die , that boosts my joy for life now

Now I feed from others misery too especially the middle class ones

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I'm not arguing this isn't a big fuck up for an order but damn you people act like they aren't humans also. who knows what the situation is. somebody with disabilities, someone just got yelled at by their asshole micromanaging manager for a tiny reason, somebody died recently in their family. who fucking knows. shit happens, stop whining like a bitch about it on the internet trying to put down minimum wage workers who are a necessary backbone of any functioning economy. I'd love to know how many people on here shit on others "waging" when they were given their original investment money or inherited it and live rent free.

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Fucking disgusting faggot.

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>pink id
Dont invest in Nintendo

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>25 bucks

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best society collapse make it stack ever

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Based as fuck. Fuck little bitchass faggots who can't handle onions or pickles on their hamburger. Eat it and like it you fucking bitch.

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too late

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Reminder that it doesn't matter how you feel about minimum wage or whether you think other people "deserve" this or that.

What matters is how you plan to deal with millions of people who feel they have nothing to lose

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>Eating at McDonald’s
>Expecting real food and good service

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>for doing nothing
you are an ignorant retard if you think that

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With that money I would have 3 or 4 nice meals made at home by myself , this people are lazy as hell and complain about bad orders

Make your own food mentally lazy cunt.

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Thanks for reminding me to write a good review for a Wendy's burger I got a month or 2 ago.

>> No.29821809

A solid 6 grams of protein right there

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>win the global race because you have the most geniuses in the world
>waaaah that means everyone else has to be the losers ;_; not fair redo redo redo!!! NO ONE is allowed to win anymore!!!!!!!!1111111111111 unless my country wins and suddenly invents or discovers something crazy, then we're allowed to :)

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milk jugs have 8g

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Obvious he works maybe not physically but mentally , yes we already know his importance in society is far superior compared to a loser like me that will never produce nothing significant in this reality.

I guess majority of people like me are just a genetic DNA error.

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Jesus. Dairy is awful you, m8.

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The simple truth that so many people cannot cope with is that wagies are meant to be slaves. There is a decent size of the population that cannot think for themselves, these people are meant to be nothing more than cheap labor, as simple workbots. These subhumans do not deserve better pay or better working conditions, they deserve to be ruthlessly ridiculed in order for them to realize their place in the world as nothing. Wagies are replaceable, and any wagie who thinks otherwise is coping.

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seriously though mcdonalds pays pretty high for fast food. they start at $11/hr here in the rural midwest. IT jobs at the local university and hospitals start at $12 and require a degree+certs.

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i have the exact same hair, can i get that result with a 3-4k hair transplant in turkey like advertised or did he do some way more expensive other shit ?

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True. I was just shitposting. But the thing that pisses me off is the people who think min wage is supposed to be for raising a family. It's meant for young high school kids to understand how to spend and save money, not for 40 year old Mexicans to immigrate here for.

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What did he mean by this?

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This is the service you can expect for minimum wage anon.

>> No.29822457

Well, I think a little variation can improve or at least add some variety to your food. Not that you should be eating fast food often enough for it to be a problem. Sometimes you just want lots of pickles because it's good.

Any instruction going to someone indirectly should be concise and clear under any circumstance. You can do a lot with just one single instruction, since you sort of have access to all of the ingredients from any other dish (pre-made and in bulk, no less). That said, asking for something to be "removed" should always be observable in any kitchen and it's the shortest and most clear instruction possible.

More complicated requests are definitely better-suited to a real restaurant, but a lot more of the food is going to be totally pre-fabricated/frozen and you don't have lots of sauces and pre-cut toppings to play with. Everything in a fast food place is just sitting in tubs like Legos ready to be snapped together.

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honestly? based nigger

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ay it's the dude who gets a shit ton of happy meals for the pokemon cards to resell from the other night. Is it still going good for you or have you exhausted the supply of all McDonald's yet

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anyone can be easy replaceable at this point, specially if you have a low functional species that replaces high functional intelligence and balance, to have everything you mention in that post.

So basically your are mentally lazy cause you don't have capacity to contribute to uplift the hive intelligence of this species in a balanced way.

It's easy for you to just leave the ones that matter less behind cause you cannot create advanced solutions , you are not a creator you are a lazy taker .

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didnt read, but this is the type of people that custom order.

>> No.29822709

What kind of faggot eats a burger without oignons and pickle anyways, also pretty sure you ordered a vegetal steak too.

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copped six more cases today

>> No.29822745

>be allergic to mushrooms
>can i have this steak but with no mushroom sauce please
>get the fuck outta my restaurant princess!

>> No.29822749

you will never be a woman, but you are feminized like one

>> No.29822765

80% of society tasks are based on low tier jobs, like construction, office jobs, food industry, cleaning, and the list goes on.

Someone has to pick your coffee grains , someone has to process those grains, someone has to deliver the final product to shops, someone has to prepare them for you to drink .

So you depend of those persons like it or not

>> No.29822778

You say that as if there is literal ANY upward momentum in the job market, i have never in my entire life seen some one with a job position ahead of me who wasn't in their 30's and every job i've worked at even at the bottom rung positions you had people old enough to be grandparents working their.

>> No.29822788

plastic, milk and sugar
I´d buy a cow and suck right of her tit´s before i stuff this bs in me.

>> No.29822838

true, I am

>> No.29822847

I'm pretty sure he's buying happy meals to harvest the pokemon cards and sell them on ebay, you can see them in the background of the picture of the receipts

>> No.29822869

I worked at Pizza Hut many years ago and it sucks absolute shit when you are slammed and it's only you or you and one other person.

>> No.29822894

nice, keep at it and good luck with the scheme while the cards are available anon

>> No.29822943

>creates millions of jobs
get the fuck out of here you commie faggot, the free market isn’t your little ego stroking contest. You don’t deserve money for just existing

>> No.29822997

My argument is that they are easily replaceable, which they are. Anybody can do what they do, so they don't deserve huge amounts of pay.

>> No.29823021

And how did you make your money, anon?

>> No.29823052

Thanks anon I am just fucking laughing my ass after I read your post .

>> No.29823076

Why are American fridges always 30%+ soft drinks?

>> No.29823089


>> No.29823177

The state of the burger is where the XTRA Salt comes from.

>> No.29823210

It's cheap as shit, goes better with food than water does, and as icing on the cake it is addictive and heavily pushed on everyone via constant exposure.

>> No.29823229

>doing nothing
kek, this is how you know leftists have braindamage

>> No.29823242

why do you do that?

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insatiable thirst for life
where the fuck else am i supposed to keep milk retard

>> No.29823338

And again you are easy replaceable too, any one can do your job.
If tomorrow you die , there are many babys being produced to replace you straight away whatever is your role in society.

Our existence is made of life and death, and we are born and already start dying

>> No.29823500

>having to figure out which buttons I push to make number go up is a productive labor that contributes value to society
>what do you mean hoarding trillions of dollars in bank accounts that never touch the rest of the economy is a bad thing

>> No.29823530

wow, i can't believe fpbp is almost always real. based

>> No.29823662

then why don't you just do what he's doing instead

>> No.29823679

you deserve $20/hour for other stuff probably. I mean really.
everyone gets paid less than their worth. or maybe like 90% of people do.
you shouldn't et it for flipping burgers because a 88 IQ borderliner can do it. dHEDGE asset manager can do it though

>> No.29823796

Not everyone is born rich you absolute retard, any non retarded person who is born in a rich family can multiply their money by doing absolutely zero work

>> No.29823825

Poor you cant handle a mushroom in the belly sniff
Shits on the waggie cause his incompetent and cant prepare your own food properly

>> No.29823934

>"No pickle" is a custom order
>hey can i get a size M t-shirt in green

>> No.29823947

lul anon was born in to a poor family, better luck next time you dirty savage

>> No.29824011

I think he meant to say that Musk does not get his hands dirty changing tesla tires and changing oil .
But obvious he works

>> No.29824159

>what do you mean hoarding trillions of dollars in bank accounts
ACTUAL fucking retard.
this is the perspective you expect from a 19 year old college student, not someone browsing a finance board

>> No.29824203

I am not anon you reply

But fuck it it's not about even being poor, but about existing in the lower level possible of civilization.

Basically a dog eat dog world full of misery, wars , depression, fear, instability, greed, people killing you over a iphone.

Yeah enjoy it

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i can think of a dozen low-effort ways to 3x-10x spending less than $100. you're just lazy.
too many people dont understand you gotta delegating the small stuff to focus on more important shit.

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File: 137 KB, 1080x1080, elon musk in istanbul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He went to Turkey

>> No.29824370


>> No.29824381

Only if you help the company earn $60 per hr

>> No.29824498

well i am sold, i was gonna go at some point but then covid happened

the only concern i have is how longterm this is. wont i just kill the top hair sacks with my tense muscles again.

>> No.29824588
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Also you live in a savage civilization enjoy it since you are such a civilized immaculate soul and despise savagery

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>changing oil in a tesla

>> No.29824716

ill never understand why people are so against other people making money, especially on a board based on making money

>> No.29824727

You deserve to die before your NigBurguer is done.

>> No.29824854

I have low iq , nature didn't grace me with intelligence

>> No.29824915

I have low iq , nature didn't grace me with tesla intelligence

>> No.29825068

I never understood why people are so against other people wanting to have they're wages raised for a more pleasant and sustainable life.
specially if it is based on making money

This thread started with a ironic remark about waggies deserving a certain amount of money

>> No.29825266

Also you need financial freedom right?
Waggies want to be financial free too go figure

>> No.29825350

I thought that was going to be an Austin Powers clip by looking at the thumbnail

>> No.29825366

Just one more

You want decentralized blockchain platforms right?

I guess waggies want decentralized wages

>> No.29825412


Shut the fuck up soiboy

>> No.29825887

Shit doesn't work like that. I worked on QC technical certificates company. Sometimes, i need to go to clients places as a "technical expert" and i get and extra payment for that. But the real situation is that company factured like my monthly wage for the visit.

Money usually don't go down.

>> No.29825897

You're gonna stay poor forever lol

>> No.29826096
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you woulnt believe the retards i work with
and they make 6 figures a year

working at mcdonalds is a fucking choice
playing tetris IRL will make you some money

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take a (you) for triggering all the elon fanboys

>> No.29826283

If lower wagies get more money, Then Hi-IQ priceless job worth less. And if your are bizness owner, low wage rise is a bad new because push other wagie salary.

And because salary rise is communism.

>> No.29826416

>single handedly
>a brainlet poorfag retard who doesnt understand our rocketry history.

>> No.29826543

>making fun of somebody with a disability
cringed, ngmi

>> No.29827563

It was a joke

It was a joke. I love Elon. Fuck all the Musk haters. Here's to the upcoming Doge fork he's going to create, wagmi.

>> No.29827656

based, you made reddit willy wonka's fans seethe

>> No.29827787

Keked and checked

>> No.29827856

If you are biz owner and cant afford fucking wage and cry about as it gets high, might as well close
And we are talking about mcfucking donadls , billions of revenue every year

>> No.29827861

using inhereted - slave powered emerald mine money
damn man, what an accomplishment

>> No.29827887

How much test did he inject, do you think

>> No.29827905

fpbp, op btfo

>> No.29827930

If you’re a picky eater as an adult you’re a burden to everyone around you.

>> No.29827949

fat fuck

>> No.29827987

onions are fucking nasty

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Pic related is disabled as well. Just like you.

>> No.29827995

thought i read somewhere they operate on only something like a 6% profit margin.

>> No.29828069

Motherfuckers forgot to add nuggets when I ordered drive thru. Got me into a fight with my wife. Fuck MCdonald employees. They are absolutely garbage.

>> No.29828111


>> No.29828114

I have some retards I work with that make 6 figs. Bros why does life shit on my like this?

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>> No.29828165

Onions boy hang yourself

>> No.29828186

They definitely don't deserve that much, but at thr same time, stop being a bitch about whats on your sandwich.

>> No.29828399

>99.9999% of burgers come out fine but nobody posts pics of them. kys
you just pulled that out your ass. I'm not picky so I never customise anything and it's always fine, but one of my family doesn't like salad and literally more than half the time they manage to fuck it up.

>> No.29828505

I agree, but then why bother offering the service if they can't deliver on it?

>> No.29828525

if I had a chance to change something I’d like to shoot this nibbas who shilled there this trash
have already lost 2000$ for their shit bot
who this fucker that made this stupid retarded algorithms
sounds like it is better to wait for full-ecosystem release for Bot Ocean and their strategies
my wallet is weeping

>> No.29828635

the most cring and bluepilled fridge i ever saw

>> No.29828665
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its fine for a quick breakfast

>> No.29828767

Anyone notice that millennials are literally retarded babies now? They all love star wars, Disney, miyazaki and now they're collecting Pokemon cards? Literally end your life worthless fucks

>> No.29828852


>> No.29829783
File: 17 KB, 400x577, generational-hell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i can see them playing out the final part of the cycle
for all the hell and toil boomers and their television whipped brains have produced, their faggot hard done by kids have only exacerbated it, instead of realizing the hell world theyve been placed in and pulling themselves out of it theyve decided its much less difficult to just not try. they spit out pleas that theyll never afford a house, then piss away anything they could of owned with consumerist bullshit, they rattle on about socialism but do the most conniving, shooting your neighbour in the foot shit imaginable.
instead of pulling the plug on the boomers visual warmth crystal, theyve convinced themselves it will give them peace if they integrate it it into the infinite digital space and let its bloated corpse restructure. its devastating, their parents were strapped into a live sucking mental morphine chair and now their children are pushing their soul-sucked death fearing husks off, only to sit in their place and imitate.

>> No.29830155

based as fuck
ITT Reddit fags who think elon musk has ever worked a day in his life and personally invented car batteries and reusable rockets

>> No.29830852

Shave it and cope dont bother wasting money on some “treatment”. My advice is avoid standing near microwaves and try to keep your phone outside of your pocket and your laptop off your laps as much as possible. Only drink rain water and eat home grown vegetables etc. just do what some middle ages geezer would do

>> No.29831457

i thought he invented paypal and sold it and used that money for the other stuff

>> No.29831563

Before paypal he still had his hair and was already worth 400mil from selling a fucking website. Silicon valley is craazy. Anyway he most likely got the best of the best of the best. Must have spent 50k minimum

>> No.29831723

Love it when prople do this and then also have the audacity to complain that the dish now tastes like shit after they ruined it for themselves.

>> No.29831779

He literally did. People saying Musk is doing nothing and magically gains money are either trolls or redditfags who can't understand the most simplest principles of economics.

>> No.29831781

i usualy think "le based black man xddd" shit is cringe as fuck, but this guy is indeed black and based.

>> No.29831808
File: 50 KB, 652x524, 151AE277-4C76-42C5-B20C-E1EB3F8E1A4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Retard cherry picker. I'll dumb it down for you republicans. Pay of employees should be based on individual businesses i.e. the profits of a specific store. Shouldn't be a flat rate. Should be based on the profits made. End of discussion, bootlicker


>> No.29831851

i know you missed the sissy cage but this guy enjoys being called a faggot just fyi

>> No.29831918

You ever watch a commercial for a restaurant, and they show the beautiful burger and perfectly cooked fries? Then you go there and order what you saw on tv and it looks nothing like it?

If restaurants and fast food places actually made their food look like it does on TV, id have no problem paying them $15/hr to make it

>> No.29831991

I read a lot of shit too, once I read that one menu costs the company 1 or 2 dollars and then they sell it for 6 bucks or more
Don't forget they buy extra large and actually produce own meat at industrial rate

>> No.29832040

That's what he said, you opposite reverse dyslexic

>> No.29832099

Imagine going to a fucking McDonalds or who the fuck cares where and customizing your hamburger like it's some gourmet meal.

>> No.29832163


>> No.29832169

anon, does dairy not make you bloated?

>> No.29832195

who cares you getting old and nobody will miss when you die
The future does not need you

>> No.29832223

That you will forever be butthurt that America came out on top

>> No.29832258

Post boipussy, fag.

>> No.29832267


Who are you to dictate what someone deserves?

Maybe you deserve hearth failure or some cancer or nice covid21

Only nature will tell

>> No.29832275
File: 55 KB, 500x195, consider suicide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you give us your money and you take whatever we fucking damn well give you

>> No.29832284

Idk sometimes it's good. I like to get a McFish occasionally.

>> No.29832321

Had a sore throat and a rash, really overblown that thing is

>> No.29832341

based complete retard

>> No.29832381

Yeah, imagine getting options on the shit you buy.

>> No.29832450

Why not

>> No.29832458

Go to a proper restaurant and order a meal where their is a certain level of craftsmanship involved.

The mayonaise at McDonalds is filled with teenage skin flakes, pimple fluid and sweat and you want to risk the chance one of those half brain dead mongoloids will serve you the proper thing?

>> No.29832467

grow and make your own food parasite , stop relying in cow factories
Hopefully you witness your precious money being spent in a burger made out of bugs or in a 3d printer
Can't wait for that , artificial intelligence needs to come quick, cause with human meat bags we going no where any time soon

>> No.29832502

At the end we all die who cares
Maybe next time nature crafts a better existence then this one

>> No.29832542

Based, I disagree with OP purely on the fact he’s a picky little bitch
Take them off yourself and order how it was meant to be made
Fast food pickles are garbage but I’m not about to custom order like some tranny

>> No.29832617

next time we are all probably gonna be born as starving niggers in africa since we let jews take over and stop natural selection from occuring so enjoy the fast food while you got it. maybe if we're lucky well be born as some chink slave working at a cell phone factory in china

>> No.29832645

just take the pickles out like your fatmerican ancestors did with their own hands

>> No.29832672

I do, that’s the point of my post
>Take them off yourself

>> No.29832704

I don't eat there, it's still a shitty business practice.

>> No.29832736

hopefully the next version of ourselves is nothing like you mention.
I rather be anal scanned by aliens and be their "slave"

>> No.29832758

Unironically why wealth redistribution policies are necessary.

>> No.29832775

I was being ironic

>> No.29832832

you ever tried to take diced onions off a mcdouble? you gotta scrape all the ketchup and shit off too to get them off and you can never get all of them

>> No.29832883

I do IT at a hospital and they started me at $20 and hour. What kind of shithole do you live in?

>> No.29833138

How about you stop whinging about your dead mom and make me a fucking burger nigger.

>> No.29833267

Fuck I hate generation x so much I think you creatures are topping the boomers

Time to die when ?

>> No.29833528

poorest county in the state, heart of coal country
>per capita income: $17,778
super easy to make bank with rentals here. 1200sq ft houses go under $50k and rent for 7-800/mo.
another plus is NO NIGGERS

>> No.29833774

damn that sounds nice im in ms and houses here go for like 25k in the subdivision in my small town but theres a lot of niggers and i dont wanna have to deal with them

>> No.29834051

There's nothing based about it. If they accept the order that way, it's a valid contract and they have to uphold their side. You could say they are based (in your opinion) if they DON'T accept the order and tell the customer to GTFO. But they even wrote it down on the receipt, so they are simply retarded.

>> No.29834113

ask them for some Chinese chopsticks so you don't get ketchup fingers
Lost of Americans suffer from ketchup finger syndrome

>> No.29834220

How do those onions even bother you?
They literally use the safest baby tier onions that taste more like sugar than sulfur

>> No.29834268

Based Elon

>> No.29834285

true , but that is because of company policy that loves to adapt to every single little demand just for the customer have a happy ending while the company gets a fat wallet .

>> No.29834317

blue origin did it first though

>> No.29834325

Lost of Americans

>> No.29834326

i dont like the texture of raw onions

>> No.29834411

I am allergic to more then 6 sesame seeds, If i eat more then 6 sesame seeds I die , next time I hope the waggie makes sure he picks a bun with only 5 on it

>> No.29834447

That’s fair, I love those little cancer pellets at McDonald’s though, my brother orders extra when he gets a burger and it’s great

>> No.29834707
File: 38 KB, 466x496, oho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This image informs one of the Americas dietary habits that lead to the cardio vascular failures seen within the larger demographic. I perhaps am most definitely a faggot of sizable proportions but you prove to me that I am indeed naught in your unfathomable wake. Touché.

>> No.29834764
File: 164 KB, 409x325, 1579017742310.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is not enough that I succeed, others must also lose.

>> No.29835125
File: 69 KB, 300x300, 1614276872672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope the minimum wage increase happens, and most wagies get replaced with robots. Robots won't fuck up my order and I don't have to talk to anyone. Plus robots are cool, people are gross.

>> No.29835220

This post triggered the wagies

>> No.29835361
File: 51 KB, 596x561, asdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

continually surprised how many people drive by shitpost and can't figure out what im doing.

>> No.29835444

cope and double digits IQ
your disability to follow simple instructions is directly correlated with why you're a stupid poor wagie

>> No.29835753

The name of that new altcoin based on silver

>> No.29835767

idc. the only revolution that is coming is big tech fucking with governments and nine months later the techno fascist antichrist baby is born. fucking commies and nazis assisting in that scenario as useful idiots.

>> No.29835918
File: 102 KB, 1200x800, 1183883122.jpg.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/pol/tards are just liberals that don't like jews

>> No.29836047

get the fuck out you commie faggot trans asshole i swear i hate you you want to aegue about muh minimum wage but don't understand economics they should have aborted you three times kys

>> No.29836049

I'm disabled too, but I don't need a fucking robot to open bottles for me. What the fuck.

>> No.29836100

why not just pick the onion off you lazy retarded fucker

>> No.29836239

Triggered picky eater detected

>> No.29836388

People perform up to the standard their wage sets. If you pay someone $7/hr to make food, you're going to get $7/hr worth of effort. I don't think I'd even take a shit in a company bathroom for less than $25/hr, but I also take my job way more seriously because I'm making 5x more than minimum wage

>> No.29836504

I call bullshit on this, ur a sperg with no confidence

>> No.29836518

This is a very american thing to do. As american as red white and blue.

Also pictured is what american USDA considers a "Light Snack" and not a full portion

>> No.29836531

> quarter pounder with cheese
> no onion, no pickle, no ketchup

Dumbass would have saved more money just buying 4-5 hamburgers for a dollar each and get more outta that then a quarterpounder.

>> No.29836932

>They asked for a plain hamburger, better put everything on it
>They asked for no cheese, that means extra cheese right?

you fucking retards mess it up half the time when it's an extremely simple request that would actually save you time if you could read and think.

>> No.29836972

Your comment will be replaced for something more appealing, less negative and more enjoyable, will email you back for newer speech directions.
Thanks for choosing our network

>> No.29837072

Actually if the waggie makes 60 meals in that hour, it's actually 20cents worth of effort for a meal

>> No.29837168

We're not joking guys, most wipipo cab easily drink a quart of milk or so a day without problems

>> No.29837189

I assure you that you're retarded and the company likes selling their product.

>> No.29837214

I think I did the wrong math, let's say instead 30 meals , waggies are not that fast of robots

>> No.29837258

Based, every billionaire gets where they are by getting other people to do the work for them.

>> No.29837266

>not making them at home at this point

>> No.29837296

He was flipping pokemon cards from the happy meals, retard.

>> No.29837308

It’s interesting how OP is putting the kike spin on things.
A better title is
>This is what you get for current minimum wage

>> No.29837403

post nose

>> No.29837485

WTF I love Elon now??

>> No.29837509

They literally keep the condiments in tubes and use ratcheting dispensers like with caulking, you utter retard
Here's another one, the "fake plastic American cheese" never referred to actual plastic, it referred to the quality of elasticity because they did food science stuff to make it melt more smoothly.
Your entire life and worldview is subsumed by "muh fuck capitalism"

>> No.29837523

The "modern" kings, guess who sit all day in a throne doing jack shit while the plebs were milking the cows and cleaning horse shit and sent to death in battles so the king extent his riches and land.
History repeats again

>> No.29837543

That was the worst part in that pic. Wtf is wrong with muricans.

>> No.29837553


>> No.29837576

You need a laboratory for that, not akitchen

>> No.29837633

As a member of the lower class, I plan to deal with it with ammunition.
You see that bump in sales back in June, kiddo?
Wasn't the rioters.
You scream all you want about what bootlickers we are and how dare we support porky, but you make sure to keep those riots contained to city centers full of cuckolds, or you're going to see some wild shit.

>> No.29837644

damn son this better be b8 or ur fuckn retarded

>> No.29837683

100% based. I would be instant friends with this guy.

>> No.29837688

You don't know what either of those even are, you just need collectives to hate because you were raised to incite hatred.

>> No.29837713
File: 734 KB, 843x552, 1538084040295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chick-Fil-A gets my order right every single time and quicker than everyone else. At every location near me.

>> No.29837738

Imagine the sodium...

>> No.29837836


>> No.29837842

Was just about to post this.
Have never gotten a wrong order from Chic Fil A.

It feels like people that work there have an average IQ much higher than that of your typical fast food retard.

>> No.29837970

good, good
Divide and conquer
Division will tear familys apart , till your own siblings join the rebolution on the left side
Hard choices about to be made

>> No.29838045

Welcome to the new age

>> No.29838198

you are free to buy shares faggot

>> No.29838677

having a bad day and a headache. usually not shitting on other anons that way. fuck commies nazis.

>> No.29838770

Not true and even if it was that would be based af.

>> No.29838772

based. why pay for something you didn't order?

>> No.29838823

At least you didn't get the pickle

>> No.29838995

It's ok , we all have our own tribulations.

>> No.29839070
File: 14 KB, 264x211, 1279179325393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody deserves anything. People plain need that much to live, especially when denied full time status.
Those who don't execute their duties faithfully deserve to be fired. A decent prevailing wage stabilizes unemployment and makes this tenable, even for the shittiest positions.

>> No.29839120
File: 1.05 MB, 960x606, wage_cone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck I've gotten pickles when asking for none so many times. One time there were like 6 fucking slices.
I don't hate pickles, in fact I enjoy a good pickle, but McDonald's pickles leave a lot to be desired.
Fucking wagies.

>> No.29839136
File: 70 KB, 620x650, 1588052634862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does everyone always seems to forget about inflation? Minimum wage has gotten LOWER over the decades as the buying power of the dollar decreased.

> Value of $9.63 from 1968 to 2021
>$9.63 in 1968 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $72.39 today, an increase of $62.76 over 53 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 3.88% per year between 1968 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 651.67%.

>This means that today's prices are 7.52 times higher than average prices since 1968, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index. A dollar today only buys 13.30% of what it could buy back then.

>The 1968 inflation rate was 4.19%. The current year-over-year inflation rate (2020 to 2021) is now 1.40%1. If this number holds, $9.63 today will be equivalent in buying power to $9.76 next year. The current inflation rate page gives more detail on the latest inflation rates.

It's no wonder boomers back then could afford giga-houses and large families with shit jobs and no education. Now with their hoarded wealth, they just look down on everyone and say grab those boot straps and get waging. For pennies compared to what they earned.

>> No.29839207

>shitty hamburgers
>meal replacement drinks ( solent and that old people shit)
please dude go watch a video about nutrition or some shit. people aren't meant to live like this

>> No.29839317
File: 276 KB, 632x395, 1535107411739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sergey... is that you?

>> No.29839326

I make a thousand electrical units a day in a factory for years now. Not ONCE EVER have I sent out a unit incorrect. The instructions for the order is on fucking paper

>> No.29839403

>Wagies making under $10/hr while you sell the packs that the store offers for a massive profit.

>> No.29839486

...do you eat them cold?

>> No.29839498

one time i got a whopper from burger king that had three human bite marks around the patty

>> No.29839592

It's illegal for anyone without 8000 hours of OTJ training to do my job. Nice try, loser.

>> No.29839695

So you want a medal? Just go back in the production line, time is money chop chop

>> No.29839767
File: 712 KB, 4032x3024, 1343_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ended up throwing them away

>> No.29839842

Ok winner
Still if you die tomorrow another human model will replace you very fast.
Also I don't even what OTJ means or what type o

>> No.29839872

Could have fed a dozen orphanages with that. Well, malnutritioned them at least.

>> No.29839931
File: 133 KB, 1440x1080, 1612378018979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29839934
File: 397 KB, 1011x739, 1585978773463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank god, you probably avoided food poisoning
also fuck you for being one of those people that put everything and the fridge and let it rot because you're saving it for later
you people should be banned from using public fridges at work
man the fuck up and throw it away

>> No.29840143

*Also I don't even know what OTJ means or what type of job you perform

>> No.29840198

t. Jeff

>> No.29840336
File: 17 KB, 583x386, 11Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i offered them to the local homeless shelter when they were fresh but they turned them down

just put them in there for a photo desu
i dont have a job

along the border


>> No.29840891
File: 20 KB, 483x203, nervous about time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this, I worked in retail for about 10 years across several different companies, usually the graveyard shift. When the majority of your 8 hours is eerie silence, with maybe 5 sentences said to you total per shift from the stocking crew, it starts to fuck with your head. No texting or internet or calls, just you and the unliving product on all sides, with darkness outside every window, trapped alone in your own head 5 to 6 nights a week for years. Atleast neets have the internet where they can communicate with others across the world, in night time retail, you're utterly alone most of the time, and the human mind isn't made for that kind of forced isolation.

>> No.29841071
File: 1.82 MB, 785x1080, that's what I'm talking about.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what, atleast your fridge is relatively clean. You're a nasty fucker but I've gotta respect someone with a clean fridge.

>> No.29841092

Yes masa please medal for me not being a complete fucking retard and knowing how to read

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