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>34M mcap
>Stellar based project
>Only on Bithumb Global so far

Unironically going to pull a x100. Retail partners include pic related, Ikea, Nike, Uber and many more. Has been in the works since 2019.

Get in cheap now - Bithumb takes 5 min to sign up and no KYC required.


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Gonna be dropping some sweet breadcrumbs ITT

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Im buying this gem

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MBX is a future top 50 coins and it will get there very very fast once things rolls out in March , this project will blow everyone’s mind very soon !

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Inb4 'muh fake partners'

They are a legal US entity based in California. If there was no grain of truth, they would have been legay smacked the fuck down months ago. Especially because they prominently use the Nike logo in their widget.

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I unironically have some hefty bags of this.

To anyone looking to buy this: make sure you register at Bithumb GLOBAL, not the regular Bithumb which does not list MBX. I made that mistake and wasted some fees.

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same I got a fat bag, and I also went to bit thumb and not bithumb global lol. Lost 50 dollars

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I have been wanting to buy but the site was saying something about purchases not being possible in the USA. Is that true? Any hassle there?

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Not a burger but I think it shouldn't be a problem. Best ask in the TG.

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Amazon making their own currency and forcing everyone to use it to purchase their services.

This is unironically a world-destroying abomination. If you invest in this shit you are subhuman. Gamble on currycoins all you want and get rich as fuck, but if you're actually thinking of supporting Great Reset-esque corporate oligarcy coins you should kill yourself. This is beyond evil.

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hey shill post the direct link to where you found this

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Go to slide 15

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Last week OGN had an Amazon partnership... its not gonna happen

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>Stellar based project
Why shouldn't I just buy XLM?

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lol you wanna make it or not faggot. They have entire corpos on tihier side. We can donate when were rich ig i dont fucking know. And anyway, youre fucking five dollars isnt gonna change if theyre succesfful or not, were just riding a wave lol.

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You are buying bags from a bunch of third worlders

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Psssst, anon.. don't tell anyone.

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Yeah idk kinda sucks. I’ve been trying to get in on Mobie for a while but I keep getting this and the site won’t really let me do much.

I’m gonna hate missing out on this one...

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You just described every tg channel ever.

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VPN much?

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Haha that’s true... I had heard that but I am ignorant when it comes to VPN, but I’ll have to figure out a work around.


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explain to me where to buy mobie coin, and what their affiliation with amazon is

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go to bithumb global and buy there. And idk specifics desu, I wasnt sure if they had anything with amazon besides talking as friends. But they are behind closed doors at least friends from this cant say if that mobile article above is real or speculation though .

go to slide 15 here for their listed partnerships not sure what it means when it says parnterships tho. still its a lowcap gem for now https://mobiepay.docsend.com/view/f7b6rsk

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Bitthumb is incredibly shady and has been busted multiple times on shady shit. Anywhere else to trade?

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Yeah, I'm sold on this project after reading the whitepaper. This looks like a multi-billion dollar market cap coin.

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If recommend waiting a bit to buy the dip it hit 2.5 cents and is now dropping
Put a sell order for 2cents and you will probably get it.

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Also use this referral code

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As someone that's spent the last 5 years slaving away at Amazon and working closely with financials you guys are absolutely mental if you believe this shit I can guarantee it's NOT gonna happen

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/t a fucking grunt

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It's gonna be a better version of apple pay brainlet. Think apple pay, but with affiliate rewards, cash back programs, and the ability to pay with crypto.

Get back to your cage wagie.

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it costed 50 for me cause i sent from bit thumb to bit thumb global lol.

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The cost of sending tether was $50 so I put it in Bitcoin and now have to wait but it was only $7 to send.
I'm poor so I only have 250 to invest

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I suspect the posters in this thread pushing it are the ones talking about 'we can get /biz/ to buy' in this Telegram group. That's not to say it isn't legit or is a scam though.
OP said himself that the Amazon thing was just a rumor. There's nothing to substantiate it, so why are you seething at anons for doubting?

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Holy shit look at that sell wall at 3 cents already
I am definitely going to buy when it hits at least 2 cents flat again

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So you're telling me if I put $1m it will grow to $100m?

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obv shill. Fuck off cunt

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Then it is our duty to pump and dump

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How am I shilling? I literally just found out about this coin and did research on it. Go read the white paper. Sorry this isn't food token #2844

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Secured a suicide bag. Bithumb registration didn't take long but I'm worried by the shady stories.

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What would you call a suicide bag amount?

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Checked. All I'm comfortable to lose right now would be about 20K but I was going to invest 10k as soon as I can figure out how to buy from bithumb.

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That being in tokens, so around $300.

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Do this if you have a ledger and don't trust it.

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EOY price predictions?

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Least favorable scenario: at least 20 cents.
Most optimistic estimate: $0.50 or more!

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Sounds good

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their office is fake. smells like a scam to me

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There are multiple properties there you asshat. How about you turn the camera

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Made me look

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AAAAH I fell for the Bithumb (not global) trap. FUCK.

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so excited for this one, after march this will go huge.

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They've been on it since 2019, it is pretty exciting to see them reveal.

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When Binance

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the team supposed to be working on this doesn't really seem to fit the team on linkedin. And maybe 2 of them seem competent to deliver something.

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Hopefully soon

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what fees liar

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I think he means the fact that when you tx funds to Bithumb, and you afterwards find out it's not listed on there... you have to register at Bithumb GLOBAL and then transfer once more to there. Waste of time and money.

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When was this taken? Cos it's going to be big once it hits binance. I just bought a suicide stack, maybe I should actually load up my bags.

Also unironically this coin is exactly what China wants. Chinese investors will gobble it up once it hits mainstay Chinese exchanges

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Unironically this

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Stahp anon. I can only get so erect.

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Too many coincidences for the Amazon connection to not be true. The OGN one is the icing on the cake.

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Few more days until the marketing and announcements for the partnership integrations begin, get ready bois

March is going to be crazy for Mobie, welcome to all the newcomers

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Seems interesteding, I could throw a couple bucks at it just in case. That being said, should I actually open an account on bithumb? Never heard of it until today and I'm not sure if it's good practice to open accounts on several locations

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Is it that you're worried about your data being spread? It's not ideal, but if there's a profit to be made I can make an exception.

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dropped, plus it's already pumped as the shills already bought early.

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I did the trustline thing mentioned here. Got my MBX stored on my Ledger now. Comfiest 2021 hold.

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>can't correctly spell the name of the exchange


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Do you really think a project of this magnitide will stay at 34m mcap?

>> No.29839586

Let them cope and seethe in two months

>> No.29839856

Mobie is quite new they were only listed on the 21st of October. I'm expecting to see this pump in the next three to four months.

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very nice just copped a suicide stack with $150

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How much is that?

>> No.29840759

MBX I mean

>> No.29840812

about 5700

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Thanks Smerit. KEK.

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Just buy AMP and support flexa.

This is curry garbage

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Yeah have fun with your 854 mcap coin

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how dumb do you have to be to believe this? lmao

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Unironically the chances of this all being legit are a lot bigger than it being some quick cash grab at this point. I'm pretty pissed I didn't invest when some anon was low-key shilling this two months ago, but it does seem too good to be true.

I aped the fuck in when I read the blog from OGN where they confirmed their relation with Mobie. The fact that this is only available on a shady as fuck exchange (USDT withdrawal fees are 50 USDT or some bullshit) is a blessing and a curse in this case. Luckily withdrawing MBX is only a few cents.

Created the Trustline and put them on my Ledger. I'm going to sit on these until they inevitably end up on bigger exchanges. Increasing liquidity and getting listed on more exchanges is literally on their roadmap. So far they delivered everything on point so I feel pretty confident.

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To clarify: I thought it was too good to be true at the time, but I unironically believe they're going to drop some nukes next month.

>> No.29843950

I think I was in the same thread. I grabbed a bag back then myself and have been increasing my position ever since.

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i was the only one shilling it months ago, sorry im really bad at it but wanted to share it with frens anyway

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This is a pajeet thread. Bithumb has been hacked like five fucking times. Do not put your money in there. Google it and you'll see plenty of stories.

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If you don't trust it then just buy and withdraw there.

>> No.29844950

Let me guess. You didn't hear about MBX until today. The only pajeet here is you.

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Giveaway above!

>> No.29845585

$200m market cap before June!!

>> No.29845655

I had the chance to buy at 2 cents but I didn't because I thought there was another exchange to buy it on.
I just bought now at 2.44 but this is going to skyrocket.
Imagine travelling to another country and not have to go (((exchange))) your currency?
You can instapay your employees.
The price has nowhere to go but up but I anticipate a dip but its not worth it to me anymore I want to be stress free.
I went back to sleep this morning and I thought of this coin hitting 9 cents overnight because CRO went from 13 to 27.
I need to find a way to stake these coins I have little over 10k right now

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This is my most comfy hold. ERC bridge and Uniswap listings eill make it available to a lot more people. March is going to be huuuuge!

>> No.29845679

I think if they release partnerships staking and exchanges in March we will see 0.10$ very fast.

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Staking next month.

>> No.29846445

I wanted to be a part of pre-staking but I guess better early than never

Will staking be on their wallet directly? I'm thinking of transferring out of bithumb and since I'm a poorfag so I need to save every cent
To be honest I didn't read the white paper in its entirety and just listened to the interview they had years ago.
The partners are what sold me because this can easily be adopted by all large merchants and this was the (((World Currency))) that we would actually like.
Im sad I could only get 10k because of how little money I have right now while awaiting my license to be renewed.

>> No.29846672

This looks amazing. I'm buying 10000$ and possibly more 10000 on Monday if I can liquidate some stocks

>> No.29847132

Should I ape?

>> No.29847213

Eastern European Scam incoming

Ya'll niggas about to get xns'd

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I thought that this was legit for a second but these very obvious shills are kinda dissuading me now. You almost had me, but the twitter link and the very obvious yet subtle giveaway (not that giveaway) tipped even me off and I'm a total newfag in crypto. Anons, pay attention.

>> No.29847489

its the telegram normies, don't worry about them

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I'm also a newfag, it feels very fishy to me. Is this a scam?

>> No.29848169

forgot to say but the only shit i can find on this is the same article copypasted on different irrelevant cryptonewssites (like this one https://crytonow.com/2020/10/02/why-mobiepay-is-ultimate-mobile-crypto-payment-app/)

>> No.29848284

Wouldn't rule it out just yet but I don't think it's a flatout scam, it's probably a "sounds better than it actually is" product and they're trying to get some early whales to get some cash in.

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