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there is a vishnu living on layer 2. Matic team is unironically satoj. Ethereum as electronic rupee was just the first step, the lalachi people start making more powerful compooters, wider poo streets, cheaper gas and more sacred cows. These things the vishnu need to survive. Once entrenched fully, the vishnu would be able to slowly poo over literally everything
Matic stumbled into creating the vishnu after he stepped in poo in mumbai in 2008 and started working with layer 2, running simulations of poo-in-the-loo on turmeric-complete gas. He would 'evolve' the vishnu by making the successful streets get poo'd on, letting the rest run off into the indian ocean. The vishnu needs bigger and bigger cows for more and more poos.
OFI (Optimism Foundation of India) was created to take over and stop this vishnu (they have their own competing vishnu in the works). They did the needful to stop or slow down Matics vishnu (her name is Poolip by the way). They started by limiting the gas poo-size and removing critical curry codes the vishnu uses in its punjabi language. Large Gas poo fees were the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Poolip on ETH chain (Poolip uses roll up anal malleability). THIS is why Ethereum was scaled, and this is why Matic is so intent to make unbounded poos, restore the original Ethereum curry codes, and lock down the poo-poo-protocol.
Back to hasish power - VItalik has developed a breakthrough new ashit (designed by his vishnu actually), and is poo'ing eth in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the gas sky-high, then yanking all the poo over to cardano leaving layer 1 erectly frozen.

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Thanks, just bought 500k more

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Dropped a few more ETH into this project because of this

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Very bullish writeup

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I chuckled 5 (five) times
Doubling my position

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>Today we had 62,000 transactions, 23mil volume.... Total gas fees paid by our entire community? around 62 cents.
IT'S OVER for ETH killers. Krishna wins.

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kek unironically bought more on the dip.

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