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I have 3 ETH to dump, shill me a coin that will 10x in 1-2 months.

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what is the name of this man and how large a penis does he harbor?

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No advice for tranny

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Post a link to nudes of this gentleman and I will tell you

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It just jumped, too late.

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I just buy shit that's at 5m or less MC that is in active development.
For instance, I just bought ASKO today

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It's been going parabolic today and yesterday. Thinking it's still got space to grow, but DYOR. I just added 1k more to my stack, hoping for an eventual Coinbase listing next month. Good night.

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MILK2 from Spaceswap
CEO has LinkedIn, and proyect has a solid roadmap, they now joined BSC besides already being on Uniswap, so no pajeet scam, DYOR


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NEX (Nash Exchange Token)

Contract: 0xE2dc070524A6e305ddB64d8513DC444B6a1ec845

Telegram: nashsocial

- compliant and licensed Decentralized Crypto Bank
- legit project with real product ( nash.io )
- hasn't pumped yet
- strong community
- Brainiac team
- built quietly for 3 years
- low M-cap and Circulating supply
- token gives daily dividends in BTC, Link, ETH and more
- just hired CMO and CEO for growth phase
- 10x to 20x possible this year

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$sale . Will get a big boost on the 28th

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You will never be a real woman.

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ClinTex (CTi)

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Jupiter Project $jup

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Delta Financial - engineered to explode

Delta is the new project of the CORE devs. It will be integrated into the upcoming coreDEX for options liquidity. Many people got rich off CORE, which went from $130 to over $9000 within a week of its launch. Like CORE, Delta will have almost no sell pressure initially because it’s fairly launched, this time by way of a Limited Staking Window during which you can buy rebasing LP tokens with ETH, and nobody will own Delta upon launch.

However, several key features of Delta basically guarantee that its launch will be an unprecedented success:
- Delta has a 14 day vesting mechanism, only 10% will be available immediately after buying. This means there literally will be no sell pressure for days, resulting in the biggest green dildo in history.
- Delta has hyperdeflationary tokenomics. In addition to the abovementioned 14days vesting, other vesting, re-staking and burning mechanisms will result in most of the supply being removed from circulation.
- The Delta rLP is programmed to rebase itself 30 times upon launch, which will result in billions of trading volume on Uniswap. Yes, of actual trading volume. Combined with the green candle of the Delta chart, these ridiculous numbers will attract every ape in the crypto space.
- Only 1500 ETH of the thousands of ETH already raised during Delta’s launch event will go to Uniswap liquidity, which makes the price relatively easy to move (CORE had MUCH higher liquidity and still exploded).
- The mint price of new Delta rLP will increase by 10% per day, effectively supply capping rLP tokens.

In the longer term, Delta will play an integral part of coreDEX, as this vested liquidity standard will be used for options trading and allow for liquidity provision without impermanent loss. Delta LSW is open until 4 March. Then Delta launches on Uniswap. Be there or be late.

Use my referral to get 10% bonus to your LSW contribution: https://delta.financial/join/510

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Eh you won't do it anyway

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how do i profit from cosplay

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BAT obviously, will take over online ads. IOTA is also a good bet.

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delta, will definitely 10x. Use my link for a 10% bonus too. https://delta.financial/join/567

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Stop shilling this crap, core devs are faggots

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see you in 5 Days 10 Hours 35 Minutes

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mobiepay (mbx) its corporate shit that is hidden so far due to them only focusing on development.

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Urbit star is gonna guaranteed 3x-4x at some point in the next 6 months. Just read their website blog, tlon & urbit foundation are divering, hosting services are springing up, it's the future. Already own 2, looking to pick up a 3rd on my next paycheck

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Dxsale SALE https://dxsale.network/

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bntee shop, buy a shirt, 70k eoy

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COR from Coreto
extremely low buy in price for what it'll be in just a couple months. Put in $800 except $10k by then.

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mandala exchange token. 10x is a bit high... but 5x doable in 1 month. It is only building momentum. It will do better if bnb does well.

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Urbit Stars are an excellent long term investment, but the price is likely to be suppressed until Urbit finds a long term solution to ETH gas prices. The gas costs to generate new planets are a considerable drag on the growth of hosting solutions, especially when free comets can give users 98% of the current benefits of being on the platform.

Now is great time to invest in Urbit Stars, but the price is going to be crabbing for much of 2021.

t. owner of 1 Star

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$GLCH because people still think its a scam

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Public Mint, ApiaryDAO

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-Proof of Stake

-Competent devs

-African Contracts

-Lowish fees

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Have a good look at PLT and UNN.

PLT has a very small marketcap ($5m) so there is massive potential for short term growth. It is currently undergoing a rebranding and will spike massively after.

UNN is a brilliant project with a $30m marketcap. It has had steady growth and hasn't mooned yet. Its in the fuelling stage. Load up now.

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>ADA 10x in 1-2 months
oh sweaty...

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Sw... sweaty?

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Partnership with Morpheus.Network was just announced (after UREEQA and Ferrum Network).

>Versoview provides an ecosystem around publishing with an engagement and rewards platform.
>3,6m marketcap
>30,000,000 of the 40,000,000 circulating tokens staked or locked.
>only 308 holders
>fully doxxed team. The founders are well connected professionals running a successful publishing company (agencyFish)
>Pending AI patent to seamlessly convert PDF into openview
>partnership with a 5 star hotel NDA
>Warner brothers and HSBC ties

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Based, I'm in HBAR and ONE.

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If you get NSBT you can get rich soon. price is about to explode.

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>shill me a coin that will 10x in 1-2 months
Buy GRT at 30 cents in December. It's going to $3 in a month.

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My sister used to go out with a retarded soldier who would text her say "nit nit sweaty" every night.

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Unique usp
Bad marketing
Small McAllen
Launched this year

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GFARM v2 u nigger

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>they dont know about the inter-dimensional (((vampires)))
your friends ngmi

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lol, what are you talking about, trash boi
>these jews got all your gems
don’t be so dumped and believe in every scam on topics
eat a cake and go to JustLiquidity and their Julswap
any coin can give you benefits from yields

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uninronically Flare

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$dag + $ltx. true layer zero. the only layer zero.

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>OP says he is dumping ETH
>pajeet scammers shill ERC20 tokens

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Ahem, sneed. 0

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Mirror protocol

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actually the best one of them all is BOND for this 10x. bonded.finance

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Check out Mochimo.org and tell me thoughts on it.

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AGI. It is gonna be on cardano

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Avalanche protocol:
>The third consensus protocol after Nakamotos Proof of Work and Classical Protocols
>This is not repackaged shit with minimal tinkering here and there, its a completely new family of Consensus Protocol
>4500+ REAL TPS (no bullshit account tricks, batching, or L2), sub 3 seconds finality
>already more decentralized than everything else in crypto running a Node is really easy and hardware requirements are low, anyone can do it
>basically consensus is reached by probabilistic sampling thousands of independent nodes over multiple rounds
>Resist 51% attack (need 80% network control to take over)

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didn't you see? the community abandoned ship yesterday

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SALE - good devs. They're working on Polygon partnership for the next week and then after that they'll start working on BSC bridge, which will drive the price up.

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>uninronically Flare
Where can I buy some?

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Yeah, you'll need a shower from how sweaty you are going to get from your gains. The guy's a yank and can't spell for shit.

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1st of March we moon

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go back

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Try $MCM
> Fast
> Scalable
> Quantum secure

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mandala Exchange Token. thank me later bro

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you shall see the Kleros joy

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Who is she?

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>despite being historically a pump and dump pancakeswap is utilizing graph protocol because they couldnt steal the source code efficiently enough
>pancake swap is the main hub for bsc trading
>the sheer trafic from pajeet and co rugpulls on pancakeswap will cause the graph protocol use to shoot through the moon
>graph being used more means more graph tokens being used
>more tokens being used means higher value since more reason to buy the token
>graph has dozens of subgraphs coming
>pajeet and big binance are literally generating use cases for graph
>pajeet will always try rug pulls because no real work is required
>graph will literally always have usecases because pajeet wants to rugpull you

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>shill me a coin that will 10x in 1-2 months
Rubic, good entry expecting explosive returns in the next month or so

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If you put it into some shitcoin instead of MATIC or ID then good luck to you

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you are stupid if you buy anything else.

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What utility does the token have

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>Everest is a decentralized platform for a new economy, incorporating a massively scalable payment solution with a multi-currency wallet, and digital + biometric identity.
>biometric identity
>biometric identity
>biometric identity
>biometric identity
>biometric identity
Exactly what the parasitic class wants for the sheep.

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Check octofi

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BAT last night it was the highest gainer while everything was still crashing. Check out their roadmap 2.0 big news for the brave team. Plus they literally pay you to use their browser. Its free money plus a guaranteed 10x this year and 100x in 5 years top

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Unironically Matic

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why would i tell you? read the rules. No Begging nigger

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do me a favour anon - x25 your stack. this is about link to 1000$.
Did you make it? Are you retired now?
Yeah, I didn't think so.

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anti censorship coin on BSC

buyz mah nigga coinz on pancake swap

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still below ICO price, dex is in mainnet beta with full launch within the month. Team is promising new listings by end of Q3. A lot of signs point to CB. Easy 10x by end of q2

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BAKE, perfect entry position.

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Based, we’re going to a dollar.

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Quickswap still early

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>African Contracts
>Something to boast about
ADA retards are worse than XRP schizos

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Buy the dip, retard
>they said more and more
Then shill this shit on /biz/
>fine I have bot ocean subscription and use algorithms for trading and low risks on DEX

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Seek help or ngmi

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