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A strange game.

The only winning move is not to play.

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>The only winning move is not to play.
Only because youre so shit at it lol

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based and redpilled

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tinder and bumble are amazing, u can literally fuck prostitute for the price of happy meal

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Happy Meals have Pokemon cards right now, you are throwing away millions

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>Waste hours of your precious time on tinder looking at photos of herpes ridden thots, then spend hours trying to impress them so that you might be able to have sex with them
>Spend your time trading the markets and securing your future, then just order a 10/10 escort to suck your cock while you trade whenever you get horny

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Kek my buddy bought 10 happy meals the other day saying they will be worth a lot in the future

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Fucking normies

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I liked bumble better, girls had to make the first move. Which can be nerve wracking for the self conscious female - and when they do I ignore them leaving them wondering what is wrong with themselves.

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100% certified based

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My hero.

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Are you me?
Honestly, Bumble is great because it shows how boring and empty most women are. They think that with a "hey" or a peace fingers emoji they can start a conversation.
Doesn't work like that cunts, you always say that that shit's boring so be more creative.

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Based. But even more based
>find a nerdy hot and trad latina GF to trade, have sex, and chill with all day long
Where to find a hot latina gf, you ask? Well, IYKYK.

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Honestly even if you have game it's not worth it for most guys. The app is designed to scam men

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Or maybe youre just ugly lol

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Dear G-d you beast!

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Race mixing with a goblina


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this, it's a business. and keeping men using it longer while paying is more profitable than letting them find the one and deleting the app.

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You definitely used bumble. I had the same thoughts about the hollow openers. Every time its such a vacuous "hey".

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enjoy indirectly tasting Tyone's dick on the weekly

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audaciously based

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My current strategy on bumble is to swipe right on all (not waste time sorting through profiles, takes about a minute of spam to get through the daily allowance) and only respond to girls who are worth it.

Still it feels more difficult to transition from app to bed than it used to.

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nah, you just suck at it

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>get tinder plus for unlimited likes
>run a bot which spams likes even while asleep
>tons of exposure means tons of likes
>check site every couple of days to only reply to grils that are actually interested

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Pretty sure those apps use an ELO system and know when you are just swiping right on everyone, they actually rank you lower, and you'll appear less on womens accounts

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I'm happy that you're happy, anon, but your post is still cringe

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>>29817635 That doesn't feel true for bumble. I'm getting the same amount of matches I have always gotten before I started doing this.

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I live in a small boomer town. It's like playing on hard mode

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I went from around ten likes a day, to on average one per week when I stopped paying. Zero other changes to my profile, just cancelled my subscription.

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devilish anon, I kneel

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Nah even ugly people can get dates, unless of course you're one of "those people" that shouldn't even be allowed in public. It's all about how you take pictures and what is in your bio.
Got a shitty hairline? Wear a baseball cap.
Got a weak chin? Grow a beard.
It's easy to cover up any weak parts of your appearance, a lot of these guys aren't even trying really.

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look at that id
what coin are we talking about anon?

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I met a complete slut that wants to play dress up for me and everything so I'm happy

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Everyone does this. Women comment on it in their profiles.

It's because women on Bumble are old and unattractive so you get a message from them and just can't be bothered replying.

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I dont know how to communicate with other people

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I am incel

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Happily in bed right now with my gf of 3 years I met on tinder

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Same but I’m gonna change. I’m a newfag and maybe not too far gone from normieism

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>open grindr
>just open it, don't even interact
>wait five minutes
>+20 messages
>pick one or wait for another
>ez bj by the close of the hour
Shoulda took the gaypill OP

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I tried Tinder. I swiped right on almost everyone. Literally the only matches I got were bots.

I am 5'11, I have a degree in computer science, I am decently looking, I am fit and I have a networth of 800000 USD. Still can't get a match. This is the state of dating in western societies right now.

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Go back, fucking spic.

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Someone tip this man 15% for his incredible service

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>I swiped right on almost everyone
This is why

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If that's what you really think you're beyond saving. I'm sorry to say but if you feel anything but revulsion when using Tinder you are most likely human garbage.

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After I got back into dating in my mid 30s, it was much better. Successful attractive men can pull 18-40 pretty easily

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If you feel this way about a dating app, you're most likely a bitter virgin.

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>>business & finance
back to /pol/

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>stack trashtokens
>lose after half a year without liquidity
>go for another dump pool
yay, you won't have to suck dick

No sense to try to find a trash, be clever, watch my wallet on justliqudity.
>JULD - this is token for holding, x5 for couple months and moving further

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>not just posting pic of women in general
Cringe and normalfag-pilled

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Move somewhere else, think about it in this way, if the society you are in doesn't value you, is not worthy that you keep working for it, go and settle in a less pozzed country and make it there, that's why I'll do

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as a compsci major you should know that youre teaching the algorithm to give you a shitty deck of unmatchable people. if youre more selective, youll get better matches.

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>I swiped right on almost everyone
You have a CS degree and you dont understand that the tinder algo punish people that are only swiping right?

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the trick is not to be ugly

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Its literally all about pictures. Also just get off Tinder and talk to a women irl. Dating app women are all mindless normies

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One of you assholes told me to try Seeking and I'm out $300 for the membership and around $200 for forced simping. All those hoes are just trying to get paid for selling pics, and half aren't even of them. The best play is they tell you they'll send pics which go towards your in-person meet with them, then ghost you. I can't believe how down to a science these bitches have it. 2 months and my dick is still dry despite being a decent fit dude.

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No such thing as an interesting girl on a dating app. Finding anything more than a fuck buddy is settling for mediocrity

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Fuck do I know how the algorithm works. Yeah now that I think about it it makes sense that they would try to assign an attractiveness value to each person to match high value people with each other. Frankly that is disgusting but it doesn't surprise me.

But my point is that I should be able to get a fucking match. The system is entirely broken, women have sky high fucking demands. If I was born 50 years earlier I would have easily gotten a wife and been married by now just off the fact that I have a stable job. Instead I get nothing. I hate women.

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I think you're a dumb fuck. I fucked loads of girls there too.

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Just set your age range to 30-50 and fuck their daughters

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Oh don't get me wrong there's straight up prostitutes that are overt about it, but you can get those elsewhere without all the swindling bullshit and membership fees. The actual whores are the ugliest ones on that site, good going sick fuck.

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Far from it, but the fact that you immediately resort to "muh have sex" as an argument only proves my point.
It's sad really, that people willingly degrade themselves to nothing more than a product to be used and thrown away.

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Are you implying goy cattle aren't a product meant to be consumed and used for the pleasure of the human (read: jewish) race?

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So, then I'll find a fuckbuddy? I know people who have been in multiyear relationships from tinder.

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All day long? Cmon bro

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Oh no I have sex with other people that have casual sex! How horrible! I'm so bad!
Go back to pol schizo

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>I know people who have been in multiyear relationships from tinder
And I know people that eat garbage out of dumpsters. Doesn't mean I've ever considered it...

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>Me talking to 20 year old I met on tinder
>Sooo how bout those kardashians

>> No.29821330

>Go back to pol schizo
The goy becomes indignant and screeches, "GO BACK TO /POL/ SCHIZO"
I don't use /pol/, it's full of subhuman gentile dogs.

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And those people are fucking retards lmao.

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Thinking every woman that uses dating apps has no personality is fucking stupid. I've even met someone who browses 4chan too, it's not that hard. Don't limit your options.

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I don't care about a woman's "personality". Everyone is the same, everyone. Myself included. You're not unique, you're not special. You're a monkey born into a meaningless world out of an empty void, screeching and shitting and pissing and trying to hump furiously. Everyone's the same, so all I care about is whether their face looks pretty.

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This has nothing to do with business or finance

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Although i ended up dropping 100++ on dates typically because im not a poorfag and enjoy trying new restaurants myself, ive literally fucked or nutted on over 100 women after the first date in the span of 3 years or so.

>> No.29821465

Yeah sure thats fine. Just trying to say being bitter about modern dating and being a virgin are not mutually exclusive. Its fun running through chicks but I'd never be capable of settling down with one of these dating app roasties

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Makeups and social medias have artificially raised women's standard and rating, even a landwhale can get more matches than a decent looking guy.

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Why did you pay to begin with
I got matches and I’ve never paid any app ever

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The only winning move is to be Chad.

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what /r9k/ retards don't get is that everyone on tinder is 7/10 at best

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>The app is designed to scam men
This. You'll always be sitting with 10-20 pending likes that you have to pay to see. For some reason the app keeps around that many, and then the rest expire in 24 hours. The vast majority of girls you swipe right on never even see your profile, and the girls that have swiped right on you you'll never see their profiles, until you pay to unlock them. Tinder sold out and no longer actually works as a dating app, bumble copies their swindling strategy but at least gives you more matches with the free (ad laden) membership. They'll eventually give you less and less. Everything is about fucking money even if they're already making a shit ton. Something needs to replace these scams, it's seriously causing mass shootings.

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Have you tried going outside lol.
>buh muh covid

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this is just not true. all of these theories are bullshit.

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hate this fucking shit
i still use it though when i run low on self discipline

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>Fucked 64 girls

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>Anons telling how successful they have been on tinder, on /biz/

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I lead uggos on for a night and then leave them on read and ghost. they never unmatch, still waiting, truly pathetic

>> No.29822337

havent used it in a long time but it was pretty based
as long as you dont look like a troglodyte and know how to do some basic flirting, getting laid was the easiest shit

>> No.29822408

>undervaluing virginity and marital exclusivity
yeah most of /biz/ is literally incapable of appreciating high-worth assets.

>> No.29822467

I'm dead broke living in a California college town and I literally get a dozen matches every day. This is the state of dating when you're a fuckin chad lmao.

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holy based i do the same thing
pic related

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enjoy your aids

>> No.29822564

If you think all there is to life is sticking your cock in random holes I feel sorry for you.

>> No.29822570

Yeah it’s almost like if you’re attractive women turn into incels, but if you’re in the bottom 80% you can only pay for their welfare and affirmative actions

>> No.29822675

>I’m lucky to be attractive. Why can’t you be attractive like me? You must suck lol
One benefit of being ignored by thots is you have more time to think, so you don’t end up retarded like this guy

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>met my autistic redpilled on the jews gf on Tinder, had to make sure she didn't have a dick
>broke up with her because she kept cutting and starving herself and had a bunch of indian orbiters, got fat
>got Hinge a year later, met current gf within a week
>she lost a bunch of weight, got into weightlifting and outdoorsy stuff, wrote me a really nice card listing 30 different things she loved about me for my 30th birthday, accompanied with pictures of us together
>her dad made it as an investment banker at JP Morgan, now lives off passive income from investments and does whatever entrepreneurial stuff he wants with his day, great guy to talk to
I have become the 30 y/o bloomer meme

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Holy shit post nose and then go back

>> No.29822861

I once catfished local polish whores with a nigger resulting in better chicks than any of even the chadiest people I knew here had. Another time I had a chick desperate to come after I told her I have a diarrhea. As long as betas are accepting it, while alphas are just content fucking, this shit will be broken till the collapse.

>> No.29822868

Incredibly based

>> No.29822937

Did she fuck another dudes? Did she fuck other dudes after you broke up? She’s crazy and potentially a whore. Great wife material mate

>> No.29822962

Anon, I...

>> No.29823027

kek, imagine being anything below 6'2, why live?

>> No.29823034


Maybe it's your personality, anon. Ever thought that you might be a boring fucker or a bit of an oddball?

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>be me
>download bumble and tinder
>list my height on the first line
>spend 5 months swiping here and there, usually from thursday to sundays
>get 1-2 matches per day for a month
> then it stops
>buy the subscriptions, because that's my only shot at getting matches
>matched with around 140 girls in total
>95% of them never sent the first message (on tinder)
>i made an effort to message at least half of them
>got around 14 phone numbers
>went on 4 dates
>cancelled one of them because the girl was fatter than her pics suggested on facetime
>got laid twice
>140 matches to 14 numbers to 4 dates with 3 girls
It's fucking over for us midgets. We never had a chance

>> No.29823135

Maybe you are a tranny faggot reddit spacing cunt but hey

>> No.29823149

>casual sex has no consequences
>venereal diseases
>every partner higher chance of divorce and cheating for women
>having sex with virgins to basically make them useless like other whores
Yeah no problems. Keep eating candies for lunch too. They’re tasty! Don’t think of diabetes and obesity just pleasure yourself.

>> No.29823190


Imagine getting so few matches on dating apps that you can be bothered writing custom openers to each person you match with.

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Goddamn i'm so lonely but i'm so ugly and too tall to ever hold anyone's interest. I'm 33 and a wizard and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that aside from the wizardry i'm normal in the sense I have a job, live alone and have a truck, if I were a total neet then I could at least feel somewhat justified why I never have had sex

>> No.29823209

>men and women are the same
The more comments I read the more I realize you fucks are even more hopeless on gender issues than /pol/
For a bunch of supposedly smart people you’re seriously behind. Read the fucking rational male and start paying attention

>> No.29823537

Anon, this is unironically pretty sad. She seems nice enough.

>> No.29823590

Get married

>> No.29823636

Stop simping for ugly whores, do you think any woman would pity you if situation was reversed?

>> No.29823698


You will seethe less when you finally touch a boob, anon.

>> No.29823718

major cope faggot

>> No.29823760

That's incel logic. This is why so many people on this board are ngmi.

>> No.29823789

>The more comments I read the more I realize you fucks are even more hopeless on gender issues than /pol/

Polcels talking about women is like blind people talking about colour; they have no frame of reference for any of it.

Like if a guy who had never even stood on a skateboard in his life started expounding at great length on how to skateboard, you'd be like "this fucker has no idea what he's talking about". That's basically pol with relationships or even talking to the opposite sex.

>> No.29823803

Yeah, marrying used up roastie after cock carousel is great idea.
He will get cheated divorceraped and will hang himself within in a year.

>> No.29823806

Hard to come up with something original when you're canvassing hundreds of people

>> No.29823886


Went on a tinder date yesterday. Chatting on Tinder and other app later for maybe 30 min max.

Date didn't start well. She didn't quite look like on the pictures. Bit bossy..

Went home after two hours, great blowjob and okay sex.

Fucked a roastie for the price of a happy meal.

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File: 99 KB, 1600x900, wojak-soy-boy-thick-glasses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29823976

This, while I do feel sorry for the women being ghosted, the same thing would happen to us ugly fags just as often, if not more.

>> No.29824049

Underrated post. Coomers, simps and manwhores are ngmi

>> No.29824072

wait you have to pay for this shit?

>> No.29824097

>be me, lonely 26 year old. Live alone, okay job, decent crypto portfolio
>Go on tinder and bumble
>get two matches on bumble, a whale and a mini whale
>mini whale looks thick enough to hit from behind and she has a sports medicine degree, so maybe she's well off
>chat with the mini whale, set up a date
>she flakes.. someone in her family died
>says we can reschedule
>continue to have shallow text conversations
>one morning she tells me she's sad because her dad hit her (she's 22)
>find out she lives with her parents
>tell her that sucks and she should move out
>find out she's a cashier at cracker barrel
>immediately become disinterested and I tell her that we can hook up and my place but im not interested in taking her out on a date anymore
>she never responded
Thats my only online dating experience

>> No.29824115

Can't confirm but someone said platinum Tinder gets more matches

>> No.29824144

Treating people the same way they treat you is incel logic? if it was some actual incel posting screenshot of him getting ghosted you would tell him to hit the gym or something, stop defending randoms just because they have pussy between their legs

>> No.29824199

>simping to a company for the right to simp to matches
jesus christ

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immensely based

>> No.29824259

They’re not people

>> No.29824263

It’s why they love Joe Rogan and the violence that runs through his veins

>> No.29824301

Whats wrong with you? You’re telling me there aren’t anyone decent anymore?

>> No.29824353

It's because your minds are so warped that you apply the same logic to all strangers. No matter how much money you make off crypto, investments, whatever the fuck, you'll be back here posting about how nothing has changed because you're still alone/friendless/no family. In reality, it's the average /biz/ mindset which stops things from changing.

>> No.29824737

There are still some decent people but most of them are over 70.
99% of young women are are completely brainwashed by feminism and marxism. They only way to find decent wife is to find her in some third world country but if you bring her home she will become like any other western slut.
It's over.

>> No.29824760

A very small %. And if they’re on tinder then definitely not.

>> No.29824958

Based and redpilled. The less I give a fuck about them, the more they crave me. Too bad I didn't learn this a bit earlier. There are so many simps that women can't comprehend why you are not so interested and excited about them.

>> No.29824975

Holy fuck it's me from the future.

>> No.29824999

I've never met one women that genuinely wanted to start a violent revolution despite this narrative being parroted constantly. Such a shame

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