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I feel like I should still be a kid but I’m almost 30

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Are you frog posters hired by Idf to demoralize? Stfu you gay faggot stop expressing your emotions to strangers on internet you weak homosexual

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Me too, missed out on something formative, now I just play Valheim and refresh my blockfolio

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My older brother is turning 30 this year and all he talks about is steam games and children’s cartoons and it infuriates me

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i'm 33 and feel like i'm mentally 28 but live like a 18 year old

its ok i guess, we live in a world where we can afford to stay immature and in some cases necessary to stay immature and dumb so we can absorb and keep learning

most boomers stop learning and absorbing things around them when they hit 35

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I'm 28, but still look, sound, and act like I'm 18. I am definitely smarter though. Guess it could be a lot worse.

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I'm 24 but feel like I'm 35. Turns out having to support yourself since 18 with zero help coming from a poor and retarded family matures you pretty quick.

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i enjoyed my childhood/teen years
now i'm a gross old man who wants to enjoy other people's childhood/teen years.
god bless the dollar

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Kek. I’m 23 and I feel the same way. I don’t want to end up like you.

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Lol, I support myself and own a house but still feel immature

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Whatever you say, coon

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I would argue that if you own your house, are financially smart and have multiple streams of income you aren't as immature as you think, or at least not a complete manchild who plays steam games all day and still lives at mommys house eating doritos and smoking weed all day.

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>should have made it 4-7 years ago

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I'm 35, but feel like still in my early 20s which is starting to lead to a lot of psychological stress as I see my body definitely showing signs of not being young anymore.
I didn't "mature" until like fucking 26 or 27 and I made an interesting realization the other day about how you can tell when you have done it --- remember being a freshman in school and the seniors seemed like they were 10+ years older and all adult-y and shit? I realized I viewed what should have been my peers like that for most of my 20's, and always felt like an immature buttmonkey looking up at older siblings. One day it just clicked -- I guess that's what they call hitting your stride.

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Have sex /pol/cel

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You’re not ready to be here yet. Please spend a few more years back at >>>/pol/

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34 here, I think this is a pretty common thing for people in our generation. Reminds me a lot of older Japanese friends in the music industry.

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i feel like my life ended when i turned 24 now its just limbo from here on

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Valheim fucking suuuuucks

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It really doesn't. Why do you think it does?

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I don't think people ever feel 'grown up' and it's pretty likely to be another area where modern life has muddied the water

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just enjoy the game bro. i cant even fucking enjoy a single video game anymore and havent in years. my life is yours without even enjoying a game. i enjoy nothing.

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Only game I've enjoyed for a year. Scratches something in the reptilian section. I know the feel though. My poorfolio went up to half a mill, then 250k, and I felt nothing either way.

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maybe get a blood test to check your testosterone levels? eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle? pretty self explanatory

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its fun but only with a friend
otherwise its just a soulless grind

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I have no friends, I've only grinded solo. Only place I talk to people is here.

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Same, I’m actually 30 and don’t want to commit to a relationship, a job, an apartment or even a fucking country. I stopped caring in the middle of the lockdowns when I realized society doesn’t care about me or anyone else, and nor should I care what society thinks or says. I saw these miserable couples forced to endure each other full time durite pandemic. Any semblance of happiness there used to be displaying to others shattered. They are a miserable bunch, those 30-somethings who “own a house” (on a mortgage so not really) and have “settled”. Miserable slobs for the most part. I am a miserable slob too, so we’re even. At least I can drop the pretence and fuck random sluts when the occasion presents itself. I can also dedicate a lot of time to crypto autism and try to make money on the side.

told;dr you’re not alone, other folks in their 30s are also miserable they’re just pretending, stop caring and do what you want.

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Is it due to the fact you wage at a shit job and do the same thing pretty much everyday?

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have you made it far solo?
protip use maces

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I broke down thinking about killing myself today because it feels like it's all over. I'm 20

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I have a portal in the next biome, but I only just found out you can add notes to the map, so now I'm going back through black forests taking note of dungeons, trolls, copper and tin deposits.

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Stop taking amphetamines

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Kys nigger fuck

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It takes maximum 2-3 years to fix any shitty situation you find yourself in, and all that is required is extremely hard work.
2-3 years of discomfort to make sure you can live the next 40-50 years in comfort.

You're only 20, and you have plenty of time to fix things.

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40 year old oldfag here. You aren't going to magically mentally just feel old lads. Mentally, I feel the same as I ever have. Your meatsuit will change whether you like it or not though. Eat good, stay fit, make money, and enjoy the ride all the way to the end. Also, dont let societal norms pressure you into fucked up situations.
If you don't want to get married, dont. If you don't want to have kids, fucking dont! Good luck young faggots.

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Same but I'm 40, though I have the trappings of a 40 yo.

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>tfw mid 30s and still think, feel, and act like a teenager except slightly less horny usually

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holy fuck im 20 and feel like this what do u suggest to not keep this mindset and end up cringy like you

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you dont. you really gotta shock yourself out of it im talkin like toss the computer in the trash and get on a bus and just go live life and relocate to a random town and do something and be forced to meet people. no one on 4chan will do this though.

i tried for fucking years but i was just too fucking poor

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I wage but it's multi skilled laboring, pays decent and have a fair amount of personal freedoms and perks. Could never do an office job after getting this unless it paid at least double

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Live like an old man by the age of 20
>get off my lawn
>dress like any old man you find in google images
>walk around with a cane
>read the newspaper at the mall
>make friends only with the elderly

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I'm 22 and felt the same way as that anon until I started working a job working with the census. Basically, I went to houses that have not yet completed the census to collect data. I always viewed myself as a few years younger and convinced myself that people perceive me as a clueless teen. I mistook the kindness of strangers as them secretly thinking I'm a child in need of guidance (no one would be mean to a child, I thought). After working my job and having been screamed at, threatened, and almost assaulted, I started to see myself in a different light. These people clearly do not see me as a little boy but as a man, even threatening as I had the police called on me. You would not scream at and threaten a child. These people clearly perceive me as old enough to handle this kind of pressure. I felt like I grew up so much after this experience.

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Youth is a state of mind. Just choose to not act like an old fuck. It's that simple.

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But this is not good , people treat you the way they judge your cover, it's called emotional leeching, those people are bitter and toxic.
If I look someone and think to myself wow this person is cringe , I am not gonna jump in quick conclusions and treat bad or some based on my views. Because the person can be cringe but also can be something else good but I didn't discover yet, like for example a genuine friend of the friend .

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Why is that bad? Children are happy by default. They live in the present and have a passion for life. To capture that feeling again would be ecstasy.
Having a carefree child like approach to life can actually be a mature way to visualize happiness and fulfillment.
Obviously this is only after you reach self-sufficiency as an adult. A mix of responsibility and being sensible with taking life easy.

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Holy shit, I need to experience something like this. I'm 23 and still feel like I'm 15 when talking to people.

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I’m 31, I have a wife, a child, a house with a mortgage and a stock truck with a loan payment. I feel 31. My foot hurts

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Wow. Oddly insightful post for 4chan

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You know you're supposed to invest some of your make-it money into anti-aging research, right?

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prob autism

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Exactly if the person is positive and is enjoying her self, why would one want to break that cycle just because he has a opinion about every single detail of other peoples lives. Opinions are like asses everyone has one .
If the person is not doing any harmful to you, just let him/her be herself and stop being neurotic regarding others way of thinking.

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4chan was supposed to be like this, but has become the mirror of outside world many were trying to escape from.

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I’m 33 and still play video games. Feel my mindset is still around 20-23. There are times I think “I’m 33 and a fucking loser with nothing in my life to show for it” but if I’m still the same at 40 then an hero is a valid option.

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that was really insightful actually

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You definitely mature over time. I'm 33, but still enjoy my kid like activities. Biggest difference I find is in physical pain and my frontal lobe being more developed.

Weird how a number of people shit on video games and cartoons, even with moderate intake, but somehow find it very adult like to shorten their life with excessive alcohol intake.

I'm not perfect, but I believe that if you take care of your responsibilities and work towards self-improvement, it's healthy to allow your inner child out.

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