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BNB or ADA? Which one flips this first?

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bnb of course

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Well you can't buy BNB without KYC so...

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SEC security vaporware vs chink scamcoin hmmm

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BSC vs ADA daily blockchain transactions

The choice is obvious

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Yes, you can actually. Many bridges exist.

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Cope eth will always shit on so called eth killers. Check em for proof.

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If it happens, ADA. Gotta remember its likely that ETH 2.0 comes out in a few months, which will of course pump ETH. Would you rather buy ETH for a good deal or ADA while it's mooning?

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probably bnb in short term but cardano will will in the end

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Sorry, sir, this is a retard-free thread. Please kindly remove yourself from the premises.

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>it's 2015

>guys, litecoin or XRP, which one will replace bitcoin xD

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eth 2.0 wont come out until 2022, dummy

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None of them work, all buggy and unreliable.
Post a webm making a swap from ETH to BNB and show Tx

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go 50% ADA and you choose the rest

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i dunno why but im more comfy with my 300 bnb than my 100

i love bnb

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100 eth

to elaborate it feels like early uniswap...

trying to stack as much bnb becasue bnb will eventually hit 500-1000

eth will have a hard time getting throgh 2000

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ADA, you mean

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ETH has about 10 positive news stories that are going to pump the shit out of its price including eth 2 phase 1 (sharding), eth phase 2 completion, eip1559 (summer), uniswap incorporating rollups and more. it's just going to be an endless marathon of cointelegraph articles promoting ETH for the next 2 years while cardano still struggles to even launch

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So ADA, the one with more room to grow?

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EIP 1559 isn't happening, miners won't let it. Unless you mean in the form of a hardfork which will disastrous for ETH's prices as well.

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ADA is an easy 10x by the end of the bullrun ,not even joking.

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My biggest pot is BNB but come on, they're totally faking transactions.

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>miners have control over ETH's dev progress

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what do you think will happen to the price when uniswap and erc20 flipping comes to cardano, which it will this year?

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BNB will do it faster. It’s a working product and they continuously burn coins

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kek when bnb dumps it will be like tipping a pail of water

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Yeah bro, this has been working so good so far, wo bro im so so glad the hype is here for eth when the results fail

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Charles tweeted a pic of Elons fork in the road!! That means Charles thinks Elon is going to invest in!!! Its that easy!!! Charles is sooo fcking smart for noticing that. It means Charles and Elon are connected telepathically!!!!!!! Two snart guys connecting telepathically!!!! We are going to win soooooo hard guys [email protected] nothing can stop ADA. We are goibg to 1.00!!!!

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Even so, 37k daily transactions for a 40b marketcap coin (ADA) is pretty pathetic. A lot of hype with very little substance behind it thus far. What happens if they don't live up to this hype it'll get ugly fast

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do you want to support chinks or fatburgers
i for one respect flavor over ants

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and i love you faggot

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Ive been stuffing my ass with a dildo trannie style. It is meme majick to make ADA price moon and ITS working!!!!! Buy a dldo and work your ass for Charles and let's get ADA to 1.00 and well be rich ADA brothers. We could hang out online cause were ADA winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fck yeah....... remember buy it and work it. ;)

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yeah, only up 1500% this year

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You seriously think people will support the centralised chink coin over the extremely decentralised based coin?

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this. and instead of propping it up, king chink will be the one to tip the pail over. every fucking time.
but you know what? he'll buy it when its in the dirt. or else he could just mint a new coin, since it basically does nothing that cant be moved to a new chain.
people thinking an eth copy and paste with 21 validators are going to replace ethereum are the people that thought xrp was going to kill bitcoin. also same people that still think crypto wont go anywhere because why would paypal+banks allow it.
please dont listen to anyone this foolish

my guess for those who were dumb enough to ape into this and are now underwater, there will probably be at least one more big chink pump. get the fuck out.

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miners can't do shit about it. And if they tried, they'd just be committing suicide by choosing to sink the ship that they're making money off of.

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ADA if its successful, bnb will never flip eth
if ADA fails, then it will be DOT (Kasuma, Moonbean)
Idk about ALGO

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BNB is actually good though

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>still no webm of ETH > BNB swap
That's what I thought you chink piece of shit shill

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Yeah obviously. Only autists care about decentralization.

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wtf are you talking about i moved my ETH to BSC the other day and sold it before it crashed to 1400

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Show TX and wallet

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Choose your fighter:

Copy-and-paste DPoS chain with a total of 21 validators controlling the entire network!


Smart contract-less testnet vaporware chain with the IOHK foundation controlling the entire network!

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I have my money on BNB and for no other reason than that I think it's a very safe bet that the chinks will do whatever it takes to control DeFi...as oxymoronic as that sounds

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Yeah don't even acknowledge retards like this. If he can't figure it out hes stupid as fuck lol I've swapped funds back and forth from BSC to metamask using bridges multiple times this week.

And no faggot you're literally just stupid as fuck go figure it out nigger

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bnb you fuckin retards. Why would ada without a fuckin product even be on top 5? mind boggling af

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