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>An unfinished product is in the top 3

Clown world

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>this project is sub 5m mcap

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People are fucking retarded.

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an unfinished product is in the top 2.
>clown world

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seethe maxi.

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just imagine when it’s done

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It's almost like people are betting that when it launches it will be great. Of course they can always go to the real working product like ethereum and pay $100 in fees to buy some useless meme coin.

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That's two of them.
Get ready ethers, you'll be flipped this year.

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How long have they been saying that retard? Still no fucking smart contracts. If Charles is a gigabrain he would have figured out how to creat smart contracts.

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as much as I hate chinkcoin it made more sense as a top 3 coin

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It will go down as the Enron of crypto. It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t a shill that it’s an actual scam

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I read somewhere that Tezos designed, built, and deployed their smart contracts in like a weeK
>6 years no smart contracts

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It's neat because there are over 17000 wallets with a quarter million USD worth of Cardano. BNB has about 150 wallets with that amount or more. DOT has about 2000, LINK 3500.

If any kind of fiat profit taking happens with Cardano, it's going to be apocalyptic. If it's to BTC or ETH then shitcoins, it could well trigger the next leg of the bullrun.

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Do you want some zipple?

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All crypto is an unfinished product as far as most people are concerned. Eth is at best a failed beta test. Any worthwhile projects will migrate to ada by 2022

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Nothing is complete but not even the most basic smart contract feature acter 3 years... at some point you have to stop promising and deliver something

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The ADA,DOT,KSM triple alliance will not be broken

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For sure but thats what everyones expecting and it just so happens to be timed during a huge bull run.

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Staking makes is worth keeping. I say that as someone who has 65k worth

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Already has more utility than bitcoin and can already do transaction cheaper than Ethereum. Plus it's hardcapped unlike eth and you get staking rewards. Smart contracts in April. It going to do a Binance and go up 100% on the week when that's released.

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Retard alert

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Fuck your ass ADA bros!!! Its the meme majic that will make us rich!!! Ive been ramming for the past 2 hours to make the price go up!!!

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6 months to copy/paste ethereum code is nothing to brag a about

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Trannies are what makes ADA great bros, dont be racist. Lets do sex majic together!! Well make price moon!!

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KSM, nice testnet you got there

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When tf do I take profit on this shitcoin

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I know its a bit kink but id fist Charles big ol butt... Whos with me ada bros!!! Do be racist either, please. Thats not what King. Ops i mean Kink Charles. ;p

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staking in ada gives u like 5% APY. I made that on the first day of PNG launch on Avalanche, +40%'d my holding in the first week, through compounding i'll be doubling my avax stack in one month. When avax pumps, cause being the state of the art in blockchain architechture, it absolutely will, the profit will be incomparable with anything cardano. This is what defi brings.
Yeah bro, utility and transactions ? Nano can do all that instantly and for free (free/v.cheap transactions are bad.), it's still a shitcoin. doesnt make it or break it. It's been too many years and too many bagholders for cardano, which has less network transactions in 5 years than ETH did last week.

When this is all said and done cardano will just be another BTT / Doge / Crypto Enron

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Are you really going to sit there and say there’s no difference between the current states of products like Polkadot, Hashgrapg, and Ethereum compared to Cardano? They’re all just works in progress right? No mind that Cardano has been “in development” since like 2016
At best Charles is dragging his feet because he has found out that it is more profitable to be “in development” than to actually build something.

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You called?

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Did you see what Charles tweeted to Elon musk about Elons picture of the fork in the road??? He thinks Elon was tweeting about ADA. That means that Elon is investing in ADA!!!!! Yeahh!!!!!!!!! Fcking Charjes is the snartest!!!!!!! Vweee gonna be rich ADA bros.

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ETH stakers are making 10% a day and ADA 4% but whi cares. AdA is going to take over the [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its meme majik.. we are the ADA winners!!!! We are powerful !!!

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Holy Mother of cope.
You gonna rope very soon

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Keep going. Your wanting this to be a shitcoin so badly is the type of cope I can get a strong erection over. Smart contracts are literally happening over the next month and those who are doing their own research can see chubby Hoski has built something that corrects all of ETHs mistakes.

Eat shit and enjoy being depressed whilst those who saw what was coming make it you fucking mess of a human being.

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meanwhile, ada is mooning

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>clown world
No it's how crypto works. When you don't have a finished product, speculation runs wild and price can boom. When you release a product, only then reality kicks in.

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bugs for dinner

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>when it’s done
That truly is the real question

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>6 years
>no mainnet
>no smart contracts
>no functional use
>no use case
>no developers
>no developers even considering
The absolute state of ADA shills lmao

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Native assets are like 2 days away, smart contracts will be on mainnet in a couple months. Charles has won.

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People love the idea, even though most of them aren't smart enough to judge it. Charles is an amazing salesman and people blindly listen to him like because he's an "academic". This is the same dude that tells people he co-invented Ethereum even though he had no part in writing the white paper or the initial implementations and was just 1 of 8 founders of the Ethereum Foundation from which he was quickly kicked out of for trying to take venture capital and centralize control over Ethereum development.

But since so far Cardano has made everybody money nobody cares if there is no substance behind it. It'll crash and burn hard if it doesn't live up to all the promises.

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I can build a house in a week, doesn't mean it's gonna be a good house

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Ah yes they’re gonna migrate to a platform that doesn’t support their dapps, let alone smart contracts AND uses fucking Haskell

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I could spent decades building a house, but by the time it’s finished the people who paid me would be dead.

It will be 2120 and prople will still be saying “S-smart contracts next week!”

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Based wagmi

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>newfag doesnt know about NEM

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ETH IS AN UNFINISHED PRODUCT !!!!!!! they promised POS back in 2016 !!!!!!!!!

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You say that but it replaced Ripple so anything is an improvement.

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