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i've been trading shitcoins for 3 months and only now do i realize how important it is to measure gains in satoshis

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what the fuck was i even doing the past 3 months

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please enlighten a newfag what the fuck are satoshis

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Wtf are u talking about

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Whatever...I buy coin coin go up

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basically crypto value is tied to cow shit market so satoshi is value cow shit denomiatned in crypto so it was founded by sanjay najrawal in 2010

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Lowest denomination of a Bitcoin fren

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Man oh man do I hope alts gain value in satoshis. I was at 1.6 and now I’m down to 1.1. What’s worse is that my value is going higher in terms of dollars but I don’t even want that shit.

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Most never learn anon, you are doing great to realize this so soon.

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Why is that important?

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almost no alts from 2018 made it back to their ATH in satoshis, be careful fren, you have to know who the winners are to buy alts.

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I hate people like you.
you should have said. oh. and that's it. not make a shit post for reddit yous

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eat shit basement faggot

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So its an easier conversion if you're thinking on a bigger time frame im guessing?

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own 250k house having only out 8k down on a house in 2008. seethe bitch

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>mfw RLC has been bleeding satoshis like there's no tomorrow.

I'll never sell but why the fuck did the memes have to be so good?

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you can make gains in fiat, but if BTC beat your shitcoin in the same amount of time then you were better off just buying BTC in the first place.

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You have to measure tokens in ETH also...Very important because you will run out of ETH trading them making the entire effort pointless. Fuck.

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It really doesn't matter though because vast majority of legitimate alt-coins beat BTC over the long-run (at least since around 2017 or so)

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because you can trade and trade and end up with more usd than you started with, but all that effort is wasted if your overall sats value goes nowhere or actually decreases. you would’ve been better off just holding btc. think of sats value as the baseline you’re competing with, not usd gains

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I realize this but when a bear market hits it suddenly makes a whole lot more sense

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Nah it's people like you who are the worst. We're just having a fun little thread and you have to make it all gay and shit

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the amount of newfaggotry in this thread and in my personal sphere of friends who have told me the same as these comments never ceases to amaze me

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fucking cringe

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