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$1.20 waiting room

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Realist price point end of the year?

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right here with you bro watching this algo grow is soothing as fuck

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I'm seeing some truly bizarre memes for this coin, definite buy signal

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whatever happens at least algo has the best memes and aesthetic

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2-5 doll hairs

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Thanks to this tip I've got my self some more Algo, and I'm sitting at 140k coins. I still hold some Polkadot, as I can't afford to loose that money. But since this bullrun is just getting started, it'd be stupid to pay out right now. I'm not selling a single Algo below $10 though, as I made my few hundreds of hours of research, and I'm sure this thing is the real deal.

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$1.5-$2. the tokenomics are going to force down the price until 2022/2023. This is according to Algorand's plan. Accumulate in the meantime

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I'm still waiting for it to dip a little further saturday-sunday to improve my stacklet... Should I just fill my bags now?

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I am Jewish. My two main investments are BNT and Algo. The algo memes crack me up and I feel confident in my investments

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I hope we can succeed together then.
(Although at my current income it is mathematically impossible for me to make it)

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Wagmi one way or another. 3 years ago I never could have imagined Id be where I am now

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This isn't going back I think. Polkadot is a leading indicator for many months now, and it just went above triangle I made. I'm not a TA guru, but that's what I'm thinking. I myself bought 88k Algo at 94c, with which I'm right now at 140k Algo.

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Not true. I started 4 years ago with $225. Guess where I’m at after swinging and hodling the correct coins?

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Maybe I'm a dumbass but I was waiting until Sunday or Monday to see how much lower it would go

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This. 4 years in crypto is enough to make it. Although each cycle is less aggressive than the previous one, so you can't waste any opportunities in this cycle.

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I bought over 2k ALGO @1.55

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How does .33 sound?

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$10 is certain. It can easily go above that if it really catches with the market. I was buying DOT at $5, and link at 40c. Though I sold LINK way too early ($2.5). Since then I'm not going to EVER fall for the "it's not going above x" meme.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm doing my best to get a higher paying job and making smart investing choices. Also saving rather aggressively. Here's to high returns for the rest of us as well.

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respect to the 150k jews in Hitler's army

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>making smart investing choices
You're exactly where you should be. Imagine people buying ADA vaporware, while you're buying a working product, that's about to take off.

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Always remember, investing will pay better interest than any fucking savings account.

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Bleached hair Taylor swift was peak taylor swift

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i hope some of you bastards put in 300k when it was 20-25 cents...
you're all set.

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Close. 118k right now. After all of the fucking cap gains taxes too. Fucking irs

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>half the market cap of eth is certain

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I just sold a 20k stack for 1.25 earlier today. Was in at .66

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Bnb has eaten away at ETH big time. When bnb burns to 100 it’s gonna fuckin moon.

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>Every March and August
>Coin was alive for only 1 march and august

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We're only getting starded with this bullrun. Bitcoin is easily going to $100k, and total marketcap of crypto can still 3-5x. Besides ETH is a piece of shit, that costs $30 to send a transaction. While on algorand it costs me 1/10 of a cent.

These dates don't make sense, as that's when crypto was pumping in general. Pic related. Besides that was early bull market, when BTC was just waking up. Don't compare it the current bullrun.