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Me? Gonna make it. You? Had 2 years.

>> No.29798202

I'm gonna make it i have 450 fantoms

>> No.29798215

FG? worthless meme coin
You? gonna hold it back to 15 cents

>> No.29798242

i panic sold my stack around .55 i dont think i have the balls to put that entire stack of cash into crypto i usually do a couple thousand max and thats dca'ing in

wont btc totally ass rape this thing in a little bit anyways?

>> No.29798252

Me? Bought below 1 cent.

>> No.29798259

Me? sold my bags at 70c you? bagholder

>> No.29799290

Me? 8k stack.
Me? Either ride it to the ground or buy a flat.

>> No.29799451

100k stack you nerds, sleeping comfy bought in at 2c.

>> No.29799661

Me? Got out as soon as this centralized shitcoin crashed
You? Going to do an avax dump 2.0

>> No.29799820

lucky i sold my entire stack panicking and now i have seperation anxiety from it and im a pussy so putting 20k in crypto sounds really scary

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