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Has Anatoly shat his last shart?
Has the crab finally been boiled?

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it's unironically over

i am ruined

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everything is over

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I really don’t get it. Excellent news, awesome announcements and the price keeps dumping.
What else is there we don’t know?
If Bitcoin reaches $100k by June, where will PRQ be? $10?

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if that were to happen I would have 4000 smackeroos!

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Solana was easily priced in, so while I'm disappointed that it's still crabbing at $1.30, it's not all that surprising.
Things like Binance aren't priced in though because Binance relies on normies - anyone in the know of PRQ will be accumulating, but Binance spreads the word. Binance, that "Asia's largest crypto bank", etc. are all still novel and great opportunities.
Rome wasn't built in a day.

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When do you think we’ll see actual price movement?

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probably when we get on a real exchange, we have like <4m daily volume lol

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Okay bros, any other Canucks here?
My bank seems to have banned CM as soon as I started making deposits there. I can do wire transfers but it's fucking $50 USD per, so it's not viable as I'm not making substantial deposits (more like $200-$300 at a time).
I have a BitBuy account, but that means buying Eth and then transferring; wouldn't gas rape me anyway?

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It's being bearish because Bitcoin is being bearish.

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I just deposit litecoin

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Everyone knew about Solana already, wasn’t much of an announcement
Not to mention bitcoin is unstable at the moment

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How are LTC fees/gas etc?
I haven't actually done much with crypto besides straight EUR deposits to CM haha. Thanks for the suggestion!

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>Buy the rumours, sell the news.

Most of the announcements are already priced in (rumours, that everyone knows), so expect a dump for every announcement they release.

Only Binance would make a difference or any unexpected new.

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Believe, and you shall receive

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Coinsquare to OKEX, litecoin or doge or whatever is cheap.

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Holding this coin is pain, beware fellow traveler.

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I sold my 200 parsnips.. Just go on without me...

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Based Uncle! Hey brother, just got off my flight in me and Anatoly's private jet. He took us back to 1792 and I longed the cotton gin, got back to the present and I'm up 40 million after inflation! Anyway, I asked Anatoly to disrupt the flow of time and keep PRQ right where it is so I could keep on accumulating. Keep up the good work, brother!!

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Great, we can pump now, thank you for your sacrifice anon!

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this, PRQ is a sneaky hold atm, since most people arent even aware it exists. a binance listing is desperately needed before we see any dramatic price action.

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why does binance listing seems so difficult to obtain these days? it seems like many very decent projects are hoping for a listing when back in '17 anything got listed on there?

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This is my hypecoin hodl. It's not an interesting project but the team looks autistic af and the branding is good. When alt season begins in earnest, there will be intense FOMO and it'll moon hard.

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Yeah I sold because of the nazi shit. It's over until IQ gets released end of March no reason to hold.

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What Nazi shit?

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Seethe, you will never be like GRT, the google of blockchain

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See op

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>Wanting to be Google

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Lmao yesss sell your bags you retarded spics

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Have fun with your pajeet the faggots.

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>Yeah I sold because of the nazi shit.
I bought for the same exact reason.

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How many itt?

Face it, you fell for a huge marketing campaign by the pajeets a bunch of Slavic scammers out paid to sell their fake crypto project.

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Lmao learn how to speak English Pablo Rosario Gonzales de Taco Bell

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Just repost this in a 2018 LINK thread

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use XRP, it has the lowest transaction fees out of the ones listed on CM.