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This guy has made millions. You haven't made 1 (one). Sad.

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Sure but what self respecting person with dignity and empathy would do all the things this sniveling wet back did?

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And do I want to be a fat spic with a sub 90 IQ? No, I'd rather be white, intelligent and poor, than some faggot rapper. Eat shit you faggot OP. Make more effort.

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He also got aids from getting dp'd in prison

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doesn't matter how much money this guy has.
he is only a puppet for the zionists to corrupt the youth
he will never truly make it in life

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you're right, i havent made 1 million

i've made more than 10 million

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he's set for life. sure, he's a subhuman and will piss it away prematurely but in theory, he's set for life.

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I gotta say, 99% of tats look gay or just like absolute shit bros. Glad I don't have any

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I have this exact same body right now, how do I lose the fat?

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no alcohol, no soda, no juice
smaller portion sizes
maybe try taking more walks

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This guy really think the sex number is THAT funny?

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>he is only a puppet for the zionists to corrupt the youth

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don't eat 3 hours before going to bed and 2 hours after you wake up. if you sleep for 8 hours that's 15 hours without food. take a 1 hour walk and you got 16 hours without food. eat lots of protein during the time you eat. fill up on eggs, red meat, potatoes, butter. you won't feel hungry and your t. will rise.

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sorry meant 13 hours without food. plus the 1 hour walk and that's 14 hours.

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Holy trips

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Plus he has a song about it lol

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Who cares even if I haven't. I'd rather be poor than be this retarded nigger.

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no he hasn't lmao, do you have any idea how little musicians make these days?

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>download (4).png

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Yes, but at least I am not him. And that's worth all the money in the world.

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das rite

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Why is there an awkward white guy with glasses in the background?
Seeing blacks act like clowns is normal but seeing wiggers like that is weird

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compound lifts, HIIT, rolling 72 fasts, no sugar or booze.

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Lurk moar

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I want this spic nigger to die painfully.

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Work out every single day you gross fatty

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1200% the most based Mumble rapper that has ever lived. SCCCCCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMM GANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
God I wish he posted here and dropped chainlink fucking memes in his songs.

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I have actually. I earn ~250k a year on compound, celsius, and other yield opportunities. Im also staking some ETH. It's pretty based. I root for every anon on here except OP and his demoralizing bullshit.

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"This is the ideal make body," says the tweet, "You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like."

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Go back faggot

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id rather be poor than be a snitch

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AI bot

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ok retard

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You just happened to be lurking and refreshing this shit bread to post within 30 seconds eh?
Kys shill faggot

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Yeah but he had to hustle for a living and I take naps for a living

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I wish I had the crazy amounts of confidence this dude has.

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Face it. He blew you the fuck out.

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im just quicker than you downie. go suck on trumps cock

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i don't know about that anon. a lot of it is just an act. the guy is probably a massive faggot in real life.

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the fastest way is to get an electrolyte supplement and then water fast until you're skinny. should only take a month or so

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>the guy is probably a massive faggot in real life.
Most people are massive faggots and are just plain un-enjoabyble to be around in real life the difference is this guy got rich and famous from his "acting".

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Yes I have made at least 1, and I look normal.

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people win the lottery every day

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Correct, take an uneducated kid, make him famous and rich with a fabricated rep for being a gangster which he isn’t, then let him destroy himself . This dude ends up dead by 40, overdose. Screenie it

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He looks horrible, isnt he like 22 as well?

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>download (4).png

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Didn't he get ass raped in prison?

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Did this millionaire rapper spend all his millions on cheeseburgers. Hes fat as fuck.

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Oh look another tranny shill comes to support him

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There are unironically generations of young burgers idolising this guy who’d trade lives with him in a heartbeat, why?

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Kill yourself

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80% of people are lemmings. they cynically side with whatever will give them status contemporarily.

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He's embodies the current meta of what is considered "cool"

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is he balding?

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I'm not an artistic genius and cultural icon, so yeah I'm okay with this

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the horrors of racemixing

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>download (4).png
kek, the absolute state of JIDF glowniggers

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And lost his dignity and respect in exchange
Ill earn these millions my way and be able to enjoy it fully

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are you serious

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I had a mutual friend who knew this wannabe wigger rapper who hung around in the slummiest parts of Chicago. He ended up getting his head caved in by niggers, probably just cuz he's white.

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based advices and easy to follow guideline.

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I’d rather be dead than a snitch. I swear his videos are just bots saying he’s gangsta and upvoting but the average person thinks he’s an idiot.

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Some of the 69 shitposting was godly

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1 hour walk every day

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You aren’t an anime character

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Jesus fucking Christ. All these songs sound the same, they’re all about murder, and they all have a lazy ass beat that was made in Ableton in 20 seconds.

It’s so fucking lazy. I can’t imagine listening to this all day. Even 1 minute and I feel like my brain is rotting. Rap music used to be good, and now it’s just acting violent.

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Product of the jewish controlled media

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Standard Mexican aging accelerated a bit by alcohol and drug abuse.

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Yeah it's not sustainable or going to age well, from the lyrics of most modern rap right now it's all a race to the bottom to see who can act the most sociopathic or become the most drug addicted.

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Unironically fasting. Not only will you lose the weight, it will unfuck your body as well.

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Just looking at the dude, he could have easily made something of himself, even with the shitty tats. But no, instead rap about murder and then get murdered inside some crack shack.

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he makes good music and he's talented
I'm not

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This is bait.

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good morning, Tel Aviv!

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>set for life
>just your own

Who cares? Generational wealth or bust. If your dreams can be accomplished in one lifetime or even several, you're dreaming too small.

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fast dumbfuck. rolling 48s or 72s depending on what you have to lose. don't skip refeed day trying to speed it up, it does the opposite.

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it's 2am in tel aviv. i wish you anti-semitic retards would at least be a bit more creative

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((they)) take a few uneducated niggers off the street and give them wealth/fame and weaponise them so millions follow suit and ruin their lives chasing the gangbanger/drug dealer life which even the rapper larps about living. Sounds like a clever way to mess up impressionable burgers

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if communism is so great why are you on /biz/ trying to make money you niggers

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>I am not impressionable!
>In fact, I am so hurt, I will be contacting my lawyer working at Shekelstein Law(TM).
>Let me just take your details on my iPhone so I know who to sue.
>America is a free country, we are not impressionable *takes a sip of delicious Coca-Cola*

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This dude has really had a sad life. Instead of hating you should be thanking God.

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SS + GOMAD, git /fit/ brah

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textbook golem

>> No.29799221

Never post again

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kek, serious question though how are jews for a minority that can’t even fight(historically since the dawn of time) getting so powerful and it’s predominately in burgerland?

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Yep, this is the system they create and the "culture" they push. It's obscene. Anyway, it's not fair but I'm not jealous of such a buffoon. He has it easy, I don't really care.

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>This guy has made millions. You haven't made 1 (one).
wrong. Im his tattoo artist.

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>Sad life
What are you basing that off of?

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Look up how he found out who his biological father was. Or watch the documentary.

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I'm not mad at this guy at all.
>makes millions from joggers by larping as a gangbanger
>calls everyone niggers when he's not even black
>meme body and face tattoos all saying 69
>multicoloured hair
>gets robbed by his crew of joggers
>rats them all out and basically gets off Scott free whilst they rot in prison for the next 40 years
>triggers normies and joggers everywhere "b-but muh Street code"
>gets publicity
>music making more money than ever
>gets fat just spends his days fucking in his giant mansion where he's under house arrest

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First sentence is a literal old wives tale, rest is good advice

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That guy is also a registered sex offender.

>> No.29800730

Does it get any more based?

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He's also disliked by everyone except a handful of people in the rap game. Lil Pump was always /our soundcloudrapper/

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>This guy has made millions.
But at what cost?

>> No.29800815

did he say "Skullcaine" at the beginning lmao?

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Wasn't 69 a snitch? What's stopping the crips or bloods to get him on snitching?

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Nice dubs! Have a gold stranger!

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>lil pump
Now this guy is truly a brainlet faggot.

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Yeah it does... I heard not molesting 13 year olds and posting it on instagram is coming back in style

>> No.29801113

He make money because of Jewish music producers that want to push degenerate music on people. He is a lackey of the Jew and is completely unaware

>> No.29801126

This guy has also definitely taken it up the ass and is swimming in STDs.

>> No.29801276

>Wasn't 69 a snitch? What's stopping the crips or bloods to get him on snitching?
I always find this hilarious. Yeah he snitched and anyone with their head screwed on would have done the same. What exactly are these gangs going to do? Get past his full security detail and kill him? They couldn't even kill him when they were literally his security after they robbed him. You give these retards more credit than thye deserve.

>> No.29801280

He's on house arrest and probably has security

>> No.29801355

cope harder

>> No.29801364

it's like anon went into rap instead of crypto, no? imagine it as a story someone tells on 4chinz, it works really well

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You take a pill and it make fat go away. Do not listen to people recommending diet and exercise. Diet and exercise is a proven scam.

>> No.29801463

satoshi69 isn’t look so good

>> No.29801612

I'm actually surprised he has a gut
95% of rappers are either clearly overweight, slim build, or they clearly lift

>> No.29801625

> What's stopping the crips or bloods to get him on snitching
unironically CIA

>> No.29801725

Jon Gossling REALLY let himself go.
> Jon & kate plus 8 TV show.

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For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul?

>> No.29803802

Ummmm, hello
Based department, is that you?

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>sub 90 IQ
mhurr durrr

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why do normies like that genre of music. i dont even know what its called. niggerbeat?

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so black people are the demons?

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