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>ladies, if he says he's a day trade, break up! it's not a career
she's right you know


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oh lord

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her voice and face are so annoying

she needs to stop day tik toking

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She is right. Just say you're retired and don't answer any more questions about your finances.

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Imagine being such a hollow, parasitic human being that what somebody does for a living factors into whether you will 'love' them or not.

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>tiktok investors
Wait, am I being punked?

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"Im not saying they have to have a career but if their career is a day trader run."

She is obviously retarded.

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she has the pussy
she makes the rules

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>white history
>bring niggers over and actually free them
>enable them to their rights and privileges
>literally die for jews
>send their kids to die for jews
>sell economy china
>account for greatest amount of participants in homosexuality, beastiality, inbreeding, welfare claims
>forefront pioneers of racemixing and self diluting heritage
>absolute lack of culture
>genetically unable to have a sense of responsibility or initiative. Will literally blame a rock to feel better about itself
>greatest nigger and jew enablers
No fucking wonder niggers are way they are

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it's a boy stupid

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>for a living
that's the problem anon, no day trader makes a living out of it and she knows it

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she is cute

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that's a sexy man

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has tomboy face, oh wait
It's a cute boy

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biz actually seething at this, lmao

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why do you care as long as he makes money and supports himself?

I mean damn sorry Warren Buffet get a real career lmao.

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I unironically told the last girl I met on a dating app that I was a day trader and she stopped replying.

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1 Post by this ID.

Why bother making these threads on /biz/? Go back to /pol/ they are the ones you need to worry about.

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I have never traded in my life. I could give a fuck but it seems like a pretty dumb ass thing to say especially the way she worded it.

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The first error is revealing your personal activities and hobbys
Next time just say you work at starbucks , and her real intentions will vaginaredpill you

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>wanting a career

women want stability. if you didn't care about women your risk tolerance would be way higher. women have cost you so much potential gains.

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yea but i dont use tik tok or make statements showing my face to the public has if my opinions matter

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I was having trouble following your greentext and then I realized you were a nigger. Cheers.

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That woman is too based for words.

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warren buffet isnt a day trader you baboon

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it's a boy

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retired at 30, lmao sounds legit

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you should try it, maybe you'd be less of an incel

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She's not wrong

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Fuck this stupid whore. She's probably just mad she got pumped and dumped by a fellow day trader chad.

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based! lmfao @ chubby ancap libcels seething ITT

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If your girlfriend was a prostitute would you care?

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cuck spotted

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it's not dumb at all
there are careers
saying "if their career is a day trader run" on its own may imply she necessarily wants a man with a career
she specifies it's not about whether you have a career or not, but rather whether you make being a daily trader your career
it's basic logic. did you fail highschool greek philosophy? imagine getting outsmarted by a tiktok roastie, jfc

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>she needs to stop day tik toking

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Shes correct. Guys who call themselves a 'day trader' are just gamblers with a big ego. Also has a strong point with 'their fav movie is wolf of wall st'. Those guys are literal NPCs who only care about image.

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She sounds high-strung at her best, and probably hysterical at her worst. You can almost see the veins in her neck bulging out.

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Post tits
You will never be a real woman

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>yeah Im a day trader
>a couple months ago I made 5k, got about $200 of it left

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imagine her ego going to the internet like she is better then anyone else

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>no day trader makes a living out of it
except for the people that do

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If you met the perfect girl but found out she's an onlyfans girl with a legion of simps that pay her bills, would you be okay with that?

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They call themselves 'investors', not day traders.

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lol, what are you talking about, poor boi
>these jews got all your minerals
don’t be so dumped and believe in every shit on topics
eat a cake and go to JustLiquidity and their julswap
any token can show you benefits from holding

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/biz/ will seethe but roasties are correct that crypto/stocks is basically astrology for men. when i see anons here guessing at whether a chart is going to go up or go down it sounds exactly like roasties talking about their horoscopes

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That would never happen. If a girl has an onlyfans she is not ever going to be perfect in the first place. You can't compare day trading to being a whore.

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She’s right tho. Guys who are “daytraders” are just guys who saved up some money while wagecucking and think they’re set for life. It’s basically being unemployed

That’s why I tell girls I’m a money manager. I manage my money and live off that (300k)

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We both know this is a dishonest argument and yet you made it anyway. Isn't this sad?

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cares too much about finance in a negative way
> not wife material

Expected to hit wall soon

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This. You can convince a woman of anything if you sell it right.

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Ah yet another thing humanity has created for ne to be ashamed of. Congratulations.

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Like chadtraders want a tiktok roastie anyways lol. She probably has an onlyfans and thinks that is a career.

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They call themselves whatever they want. Greg Mannarino calls himself a speculator and he doesn't give a shit

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The reason this girl is making this video is probably because every 17 year old with a robinhood account calls themselves a day trading guru on tik tok now

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horoscope > will I marry with perfect rich prince?

trading > just trying to make some money by my own

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im talking more about "wow my sign says im going to have a good week this week!" is on par with "this is an omega dome top trend, this chart is going to explode this week!" both completely baseless but confident in their ignorance

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She makes the rules for what? Only for those who want to play by those rules. I make the rules for the girls I date (inb4), and they can take it or leave it. Spoiler: the little bitch in OPs video will immediately date a day trader if "there is chemistry" or whatever, just like all these cunts posting anti-white tweets and then ending up dating white boys. The best thing to do with women's ramblings is to ignore them completely. It's not serious.

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Literally who?

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Ok dude zoomers need to fuck off. THAT'S ALL. YOU'RE DONE. NO MORE ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS FOR YOU. You fucking loser faggots managed to make the instagram situation worse, which made the facebook situation worse, which made the myspace situation worse. JUST FUCKING STOP.

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I'm not the demographic your post is aimed at, and I've never had accounts on any of those social media sites.

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Me met few daytrader guys IRL (am daytrader self too)

and it generally good advice
no because it not career but all confirmed sucsessful daytraders (not just people who lucked out on some option) am uber crazy schitzo tier people

they either have insane anger problems or think they have magic powers (some might O_O) or am so obsessed with market they in love withit and will never care for human being as much as they love market

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I try to trade , but for me is not a career, more of a side activity to boost my wallet.
People assume a lot of shit
Anyway I will never reveal this hobby outside in irl.
If someone starts small talk about BTC I reply that it's a scam and a pyramid scheme and ditch the person straight away

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it's a boy

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any wagie makes money monthly for 3 years.
less than 1% of day traders are profitable after 3 years.
people seething itt are triggered day trader wannabes

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>day trader? no, I'm a digital assets manager and liquidity provider to one of the largest exchanges on earth

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same, only person who knows about my link stack is my dad. i fud crypto to everyone else

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>you gotta leave
like she has a choice in the hyperinflation

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The more I walk among humans the more I realize everything is rigged , from economy, to politic, to social interactions and even simple emotions.
It's harsh but I had to become a roach in this social nuclear eternal winter, till human species truly evolves to higher level.

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>whites account for greatest amount of participants in welfare
i wish it weren't true, but most of us certainly are involuntary participants in having our spending power taken for distribution to nonwhites in other countries who neither understand nor appreciate it

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This is the most based post ITT

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>i fud crypto to everyone else
IRL? That's egotistical and mean.

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women control access to pussy
men control access to relationships.
Most women are content just being someone's turn.

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See >>29792898
Your ego is looking pretty big. Could take a few steps down off your high horse.
Research, understanding, and calculated risk. Something that woman will never do as this anon >>29793728 brought up.
Stability is in their dna.
>Doesn't know

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>crypto/stocks is basically astrology for men
Roastie opinion

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chad detected.

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rent free

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Errrrm misogynistic much

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>Dumb whore says some controversial shit for clicks and views
>omg the audacity
OP is the cunt in the video.

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I take them to my $1,000,000 house and could tell them I'm a fucking dog walker and they couldn't give a shit. They see the house, the cars, and don't give a shit about anything else.

>> No.29797447

She said nothing controversial xD
daytradecels are losers with their head up their ass simple as

>> No.29797526

desu I didn't even watch it because it's click b8. Simple as.

>> No.29797535

Imagine being this desparate for pussy, that you'll accept any conditions placed upon its access. Lmao.

Btw Chad doesn't have to play by those rules.

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Why does /biz/ share (with vapid women it seems) the idea that day traders can't make money. I guess if you spend all your time in your bedroom it's hard to believe, but there are many thousands of institutional traders that all make a killing and there is a fair selection that do it from home as well. And when you're making excellent money 10 years in a row trading 3+ days a week it isn't luck, or "astrology", it's a skill. The problem is low IQs are like cargo cultists, they think if they buy a bunch of screens and start looking at charts they will become rich, but oh no, they're retarded, so they lose everything and walk away decrying day trading as a myth. It's so embarrassing, before I did day trading I did physics, not once did anyone tell me my work was impossible or like reading tarrot cards, trading markets requires much less knowledgeable and creativity than physics but everyone (online) tells me I'm lucky lmao. Absolute crabs in a bucket, when there's money involved people just get weird and can't cope with someone making money at home in their underwear.

>> No.29797978

Also yeah day trader is a shitty title, I call myself a hobbyist investor even though I do day trade, because investing is more fun, but people who say you can't swing etc at the finance equivalent of flat earthers, god I'm mad

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The man's career only matters if the woman is trab and wants to stay home to raise HIS children.

>> No.29798033

It all evens out, in the end, most day traders wouldn't touch a retard that takes her cues from tik tok, anyway.

>> No.29798617

>just want to clap some girl’s cheeks
>don’t have a career
can we legalize prostitution please for christ sake my balls are blue as hell

>> No.29798749

This guy gets pussy.

>> No.29798806

This. The babble was completely incoherent, then the image revealed that he was a nigger

>> No.29798850 [DELETED] 

follow Dex for Jul
don’t make fast dump
>go 500$ on holding
>waited a month
>rewarded to 1000$ staking pools
taxes so low, lmao don’t cry about gas on erc

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You're dim.

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Read the third chapter of Genesis

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what a nice lady, it would be a shame if someone cut her throat

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Guys, tik tokkers are not a substitute for personality. If she's big on social media book it.

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Beyond based

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My career is dumping thousands into shitcoin projects based entirely off of how much they are shilled on an anime imageboard, doing nothing for years and watching most fail and a few succeed enough to outweigh the losses by a lot, but I either tell people I am a portfolio manager if I want to sound like I have a career, or an artist if I want to shitpost irl.

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>worthless golddigging whore opening her mouth for any reason besides a cock

>> No.29800793

>Implying Chang wasn't behind that post

>> No.29800908

I unironically day trade for a living

>> No.29801203

I wonder how many of these picky women have a career themselves, a great job, motherly instincts or, god forbids, at least are going to arrive virgins to marriage. The burden of wealth, knowledge, skills, usefulness and support always comes from the male. Being a woman means you won the moment you were born.

>> No.29801260

She sounds salty. Knowing how some women act she probably got dumped by a day trader and is trying to get revenge by saying that.

>> No.29801335

umm sweaty we live in a rape culture

>> No.29801374

Cope. You're just a simp.

>> No.29801464

I impressed a girl but irl didnt say I was a day trader though more like a swing trader. She was more interested in my other stuff tho. Although she was likely just being polite.

>> No.29801467

you know that's just another thing that can be taken right?

>> No.29801550

good thing this whore is already irrelevant to men and will become disgustingly ugly in like 2 years while I'll just be chillin

>> No.29801812

>all this incel seethe
You’re 100% right, makes me laugh at how much vagina-envy all the virgins have in this website

>> No.29801873

ask me how I know you get no pussy at all

>> No.29802042

>account for greatest amount of participants in welfare
Do amerimutt schools not teach the concept of PER CAPITA?

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She is right. Its not a job.
If it was a job I wouldn't do it.
Better dead than wagie.

>> No.29802404

It's the other way around. Ask these women why they choose to target or look down on people that are making money?
The problem in this world is those who can't earn what they spend, not the other way around. That's a lot of third worlders on debt, people with trash careers like art or sociology, which are almost unhireable, and then you got half the world with both hands up waiting to get stuff just from birth right, while thinking they are good at judging people's characters. They are so good at picking that the only time they have more than 1 son of the same father is when they get twins.

>> No.29802696

>who's new here
all you pol niggers, thats who
fucking go back

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I have the biggest shit eating grin on my face. Technically I’m not a day trader but stocks I’m not holding i keep no more then a week. I remember one week I made $4k more then I projected. Decided to go out, went to a high end strip club fucked two fine strippers while one was on top the other was feeding me coke. Not once have I ever felt I made it but that night was stupid fun. Guess what the best part is...... I called my bank the next day said I lost my card and claimed fraud I got all of my money back. Then threw the money into some other stock I would hold for a week or so. I tell women I’m a business investor that I work for a firm and travel to scout out business or plots. Women are dumb and who cares what they think? I tell the older women I that I invest full time though.

>> No.29802962

I have over a million in cash and liwuid assets and own 2 homes. When women ask what I do, I just say "retired" but sometimes they think that means I'm lazy and poor, so I say hedge fund manager

>> No.29802993

Day traders rarely make money. But it’s beside the point of most people’s reactions in this thread. 90% of replies are just mad incel because a woman isn’t affirming their every action and pumping their egos.

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>> No.29803132

>I unironically told the last girl I met on a dating app that I was a day trader and she stopped replying.

Its become a meme. Too many men lie and use it as a means to attract hot women while actually being poor/unsuccessful and they have been tricked too many times. Its like putting "entrepreneur" as your profession. Its a meaningless title nowadays and is seen as a red flag which is a shame because I actually have a lot of money now but live well below my means on purpose and I just swing trade. I don't work.

>> No.29803205

what do you trade anon?

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holy fuck based if real

>> No.29803537

>fucking go back
To the website that I'm on? Why don't you get your own memes, retard?

>> No.29803719

Women want status and get wet on the idea of a career man simply because he has implied status and power over other people.

If you call yourself a day trader, have lots of friends and people wanting to know you, e-fame whatever they will love that.

If you can prove to women that you are a guy that gets things done and have any kind of power or authority in the world they will love it.

>> No.29803781

Sorry I'm too busy paying taxes for the food stamps of those true alpha males these women find so attractive and desirable. Actually, seeing how things are, I may also pay for the food stamps of those women too very soon. It's like being the bread bringer of multiple homes simultaneously without getting the hug of your wife or your kids.

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File: 121 KB, 746x1116, black expain per capita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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traders give their money away to investors.

>> No.29804052

Women HATE desperate guys

If you tell her your a day trader there is a risk you come across as some desperate gambling fuck trying risky shit to get ahead and she will dry up instantly

>> No.29804302

its the sound argument. both makes money for their genders strong suits

>> No.29804655

She could say that all she wants but when she see my house and toys she will fall right in line, yet she is not even close to anything I'd waist my time on. Bet she wants kids "some day" as well. Women are almost all hegemonic. They are driven by that impulse. No reason to hate on women for it, just understand that they have the mental maturity of teenage girls and it doesn't really change.

>> No.29804779

Actual female here. High risk behaviour is actually a masculine high test trait and nothing makes me more wet, day traders are some of the most sexiest men out there and most woman fantasies about them.

>> No.29805028

How is it dishonest? You're just mad because you're wrong

>> No.29805249

>not dating a doge coin day trader
Her loss

>> No.29805581

LMAO based

>> No.29806634

investors make money through passive income
day traders are degen gamblers that are just as delusional as poker players.

>> No.29806808

this is actually me

t. millionaire

>> No.29806883

You tell her you daytrade, she will be disappointed.

Tell her you daytrade crypto, panties drop.

>> No.29807246

tell her you got rekt in a BSC rugpull, her boyfriend beats you up

>> No.29807321
File: 478 KB, 370x594, SC6_chad.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why yes, I spend 10 hours a day flipping shitcoins so I can continue growing my stacks of Chainlink and GRT

>> No.29807372

per capita is a white cope

>> No.29807433

these same bitches will whine and scream the loudest when the sex robot revolution happens.

get rekt roastie

>> No.29807706
File: 163 KB, 1702x1384, 1614042102664.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based xsn chad.

>> No.29807888

Based xsn chad strikes again.

>> No.29808067

Sir please remember to take your pills

>> No.29808079

C-checked. Stakies I

>> No.29808098

She'd still be all over Buffet's rod if she had the opportunity...

>> No.29808149
File: 764 KB, 498x278, B9B3D0D5-6362-456C-A76A-805C6291A547.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29808672

Tits with timestamp or you're full of shit

>> No.29808918

Are women gold diggers that only look for money or do they look down on people who make money?

>> No.29808931

>letting women know about your money

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>> No.29809117

Kek, the one day trader I know made $4m by the time he was 23. Dumb ass cunt

>> No.29809151

depends. If you have like $100k in the stock market and just made a VERY safe 1% gain on an ETF once a week, that's $1k a week.

>> No.29809202

Son you dont need pills when you fuck sexbots, unless you mean viagra.

>> No.29809234
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She's just salty she doesn't have enough money to get past the day trader restrictions

>> No.29809271

this. unless you are a small hatted market maker actually on wall street you have absolutely zero control over what happens and are literally just guessing whether line goes up or down

>> No.29809672
File: 109 KB, 500x629, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29809714

>when there's money involved people just get weird and can't cope with someone making money at home in their underwear.
You nailed it. They have to write it off as an impossibility so they don't think about it every second during their 90 minute commute and 10 hour work day.
>X% of daytraders lose money!
>ah that feels better

>> No.29809722

It's not that difficult base your trades on what other traders are thinking not the company or what it does none of that matters and is a waste of your time.

>> No.29809840

what etf provides that?

>> No.29810021

doesnt change the fact that nothing is in your control. if you trade often enough you will find yourself in a "guaranteed trade" that goes south because some fucking news conveniently "leaks" at the right time or some other bullshit happens. im not disagreeing with you in the sense that you can get a pretty good chance of success trading when you get skilled enough but nobody is 100% not even the top traders. the only 100%ers are the people with connections to the inside knowledge

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>> No.29810206

Crypto and memestonks

>> No.29810466

Fellas do not get too bent out of shape. What she is doing is spreading false rumors to drive down demand for day traders so she can buy the dip.

>> No.29811159

>Are women gold diggers that only look for money or do they look down on people who make money?
There is a difference. Nobody said you have to date a person based on what income does he make. That's your call and I'm not going to judge. Some care and some don't. I'm just saying you shouldn't criticize a person that can actually make money peacefully.
The problem is these comments are always targeted towards the same demographic of men that they are not going to date anyway. The so called incels, the programmers with glasses, the online investors and so on. Like a way to rationalize or excuse yourself of why you don't date a profile of people you don't like and giving a shitty reason for it. There is nothing wrong with the way a person earns money, as long as it's not immoral or illegal. In the end it's women who date the killers, the dictators, the drug cartel lords, the fascist leaders of 3rd world regimes, the thieves, etc. Those always have women around them. But you go tell some normal person you find ugly that you aren't touching him because he makes more money than you in a way you find unfair, when you'd be jumping on the dick of a thug beast you find attractive after he comes home from beating up those who couldn't pay back a loan. It's just about being honest, no bullshit. Say they are unfuckable and we're done here.

>> No.29811389

simp faggot

>> No.29811466


>> No.29811500

T.wouldn’t date a prostitute
Put your money where your mouth is or a dick

>> No.29811515

>listen to my religion for beta males

>> No.29811841

Well nothing is 100% in life that's just how it is you could be driving to your dream job you just got and get hit by a truck and die and all that time and money you invested into learning that trade was for nothing it's just how she goes bud, and your right you will lose sometimes but that's why you don't put your whole nut in one trade. You learn from that trade and make another a move . My best advice is don't get upset about the loss and don't dwell on it or you will lose even more money trying to recover your loss. Take a break a day or two and then jump back in on something completely new.

>> No.29813267

i can respect your desire to have /biz/ be an apolitical board when i live in a voluntarily-assembled white ethnostate with tax policies that i agree to beforehand
even if i say nothing, /leftypol/ niggers will keep forcing their involuntarist excrement down everyone's neck 24/7 until they have absolutely no power from any earthly involuntarily-funded government to leverage any of their shitty ideas against anyone

>> No.29813424

The only response one may have to a thot like her is drawing on a napkin the technical analysis showing her how she's hitting the wall imminently and losing all her value, then proceed to short her.

>> No.29813451

i am a paid shill and i legally need to disclose that

>> No.29814278
File: 75 KB, 750x920, hehe XD xDDD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i am a paid shill and i legally need to disclose that
i am under no legal, social, or rational obligation to explicitly disclose that the lel depicted in pic related is akin to the lel that i experienced in reading your post

>> No.29814379


>> No.29814588
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>> No.29815498

I like how selective rightoids are with the application of per capita

Crime? Welfare?
>Per capita per capita!

Pollution? Coronavirus numbers?
>Per capita is bullshit only raw numberinos matter

>> No.29815533

>Only fans is selling your body and soul for money
>Trading is selling based on information for money
Totally similar stuff, god kys

>> No.29815575

Astrology works though, you are stupid as fuck

>> No.29815640

You on the other hand, will never have a real pussy.


>> No.29815664

No rightoid says that, you just have no arguments kys

>> No.29815683


>> No.29815728

This triggers the plebbiter who was an “entrepreneur” last year and is a “professional trader” this year am I right?

>> No.29816213

Say you are a *retired day trader* living luxuriously off you massive day trading gains.

See if she’s still put off.

>> No.29816543

Astrology never made me $200k while sitting in bed. That said she's right, the Reddit tier wolf of wall street wannabes are cringe

>> No.29816914

Underrated post. You never disclose your actual source of income, amount of money that you have on your bank account or cash, and the assets that you own, to complete strangers on the dating apps.

>> No.29816929

the bottom line is that 99% of you 'day traders' aren't long term winners. i like richard heart because he got me to stop trying to trade before i figured out it was a losing endeavor. its like betting sports, yea you might pick the winner of the super bowl but if you make 1000 bets and the house is taking a rake you aren't gonna win. build a product or service instead and that guy on the other side of the screen, whose money you are trying to take, will gladly give you his money instead

>> No.29816948

if bitches are making tik tok videos and posting on twatter move on they are attention whores who are not worthy of being in a relationship with and no opinion they have about anything is worth its weight in dog shit

>> No.29816993

based black excellence post. kangs will someday rise up and float to wakanda in a tractor beam

>> No.29817415

she cute

>> No.29817563
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>what do you do anon?
>oh you know, this and that, that sort of thing

>> No.29817623
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Joke's on her, nobody's dating me to begin with.

>> No.29817627

why does the truth trigger incels so much?

>> No.29817669
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>> No.29817951

>caring about women

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