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>got rugpulled on Chainlink
>got rugpulled on Strudel
>now got rugpulled on Rubic

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Adhd retards like you will not make it

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>sell low id

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why did you buy rubic....

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learn what rugpulling is then dont come back

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im still holding all of them because im a little cuck boi bitch for the chad whales on this place
but im down around 100k

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Rugpulled on Link w0t

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the price literally just came back, to the neadful and kys please

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Honestly whats your iq ? Falling for obvious scams
How do you even though investing in a blalant scam as rubic was a good idea?
And that strudel thing just wtf..

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i thought i was high IQ but now realizing im a midwit and getting blackpilled

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I'm not sure why you are at all surprised at the volatility of crypto. When BTC shits its pants (which it does when the stockmarket shits its pants), all of Crypto dumps and it dumps hard. Look, you shouldn't be putting money that you need for rent/mortgage/food/gas into assets in the first place, and as for the (unleveraged) money that you do have in the markets; you shouldn't really be thinking about it at all beyond what you think it's going to be worth several years down the line?
Do you think BTC is going to go down down and stay 3k a decade from now? Seriously nigger? LINK is a lot more speculative because I'm not really sure the dev team will actually be able to deliver the product that they are shilling us, but would be worth a lot should they actually do so in the years to come.
No idea
Wtf did you expect faggot

Stop thinking short term retard. If it's eating you up that badly, literally just stop looking at fucking meme lines all day.

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Look this nigerians stole your money
Well live and learn and not invest in over shilled shit they are usually scams

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fucking kek also off by one

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>>got rugpulled on Chainlink
??? just hodl retard

the other two are kind of your fault

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you'll be fine with LINK. The other two is your fault since your off chasing low mcap shitcoins

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and now you're left with this crypto gambling while the the entire crypto market is getting rugpulled

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How dare you mention LINK in the same breathe as those shitcoin scams

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>i thought i was high IQ but now realizing im a midwit

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Hahahahahahaha and rbc already recovered never change biz buy high sell low

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>thinks everything he buys is a rugpull because he's low iq and always buys the top, then panics when it naturally dips and sells. Too stuck in his retarded level of thinking and ape brain emotions/fear to see what he is doing is making him continually lose money


Unless you just turn off your computer and phone for a year and then come back. You're fear is greater than your intelligence. You can't handle it.

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I do not believe you're using that term correctly. You're posting on a board whose loyal members have become fairly to extremely wealthy because of LINK

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bro you are fucking retarded.
buy stocks with high cashflows and low debt. its actually fucking simple.

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Uhuh. Sure. Totally a rugpull.

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BUY everex and ygmi

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Nice subtle link fud there nigger

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wait is strudel unironically a rugpull?

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$SASHIMI fixes this

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wish you fags would stop calling everything a rugpull. You bought at the top like a retard. deal with it

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I got a 4x on rubic. there was weeks of opportunity take profit from it. How did these faggots lose money?

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