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*inhale deeply*




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Zoom out retard. With every paper handed faggot that sells, my stack moved a little bit up the ranks.

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it's already bouncing back

laughing at the jeets who panic sold

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checked, .40 to .29 and catching the knife up to .31 isn't that bad. I avoided rubic because of all the shitskin shilling with no substance. But, anything with attention pumps a little. Good luck fren.

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I thought this scam already died but apparently people came back for round 2.

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Rubic is not a project you should be investing in long term. Reasons:

1. Market cap: $33M !!! For a swap exchange that has a really shitty UX and product, cannot be even compared with 1inch (used by Rubic primarily and has stellar product with $500m market cap and 8b monthly volume). With 99m circulating supply, reaching $10 is not possible in a gazillion years looking at this shitty product...

2. Usecase: Who the fuck wants to swap on Binance chain outside of Binance!? Also why the fuck would I use Rubic when I can easily get the best prices on 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap?!

3. Contant shilling: Pajeets scamming this board with stolen link memes just waiting for you poorfags to pump the price so that they can dump on you!

4. Inexperienced tech: Their dev team/tech is really inexperienced compared with dev teams of the defi world. Check the dev teams at Sushi, Aave, 1inch, YFI, CRV, Uni, SNX. These guys dont even stand a chance.

Worst part: The website was down for almost 2 hours which has happened 3-4 times so far (server load is a shitty excuse)! Imagine website going down during a swap.

That being said, yes the constant shilling on biz might pump the price a bit maybe but this is never a safe long term hold, because either you might get rugpulled or whales might dump hard and the price would never recover and you would be holding these coins forever.

So DYOR. There is no reason for you to use Rubic when there are literally 100x better products in the market.

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Honestly, If I was following that whore... I would catch that knife and buy the dip like mad.

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Wubic iws nowt a pwoject uwu shouwd be investing in wong tewm. Weasons:

1. Mawket cap: $30m !!! fow a swap exchange thawt has a weawwy shitty ux awnd pwoduct, cannot be even compawed with 1inch (used by wubic pwimawiwy awnd has stewwaw pwoduct with $172m mawket cap awnd 8b monthwy vowume). With 98.4m ciwcuwating suppwy, weaching $10 iws nowt possibwe in a gaziwwion yeaws wooking at thiws shitty pwoduct.

2. Usecase: who the fuck wants tuwu swap own binance chain outside of binance!? awso why the fuck wouwd i use wubic whewn i cawn easiwy get the best pwices own 1inch, uni ow metamask swap?!

3. Contant shiwwing: pajeets scamming thiws boawd with stowen wink memes juwst waiting fow uwu poowfags tuwu pump the pwice so thawt they cawn dump own uwu!

4. Inexpewienced tech: theiw dev team/tech iws weawwy inexpewienced compawed with dev teams of the defi wowwd. Check the dev teams at sushi, aave, 1inch, yfi, cwv, uni, snx. These guys dont even stand a chance.

wowst pawt: the website was down fow awmost 2 houws which has happened 3-4 times so faw (sewvew woad iws a shitty excuse)! imagine website going down duwing a swap.

thawt being said, yes the constant shiwwing own biz might pump the pwice a bit maybe but thiws iws nevew a safe wong tewm howd, because eithew uwu might get wugpuwwed ow whawes might dump hawd awnd the pwice wouwd nevew wecovew awnd uwu wouwd be howding these coins fowevew.

so dyow. Thewe iws no weason fow uwu tuwu use wubic whewn thewe awe witewawwy 100x bettew pwoducts in the mawket

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>Things that didn't age well

brainlet post

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Jesus you actually had to take a lot of time to edit it like this, the absolute fucking of Rubic bagholders and how they’ve restored to spending their time

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Lmao falls 30%

Bumps 1%

"Well see were back fellas"

Obvouis pajeet scam

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This is fine. Perfect time to do the needful.

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Lmfaooo it’s still down 15% on the day and 60% from ATH. Massive fucking cope retard, don’t get emotionally attached to shitcoins

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buy bonded instead

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Imagine falling for the most obvious rugpull on /biz/ since hoge

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Nice pasta sir no scam sir
Mucho moons

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