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Bought $1000 worth at $1600 we pumping soon right?

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There is no bottom

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I bought one full ETH coin at $1520. Can you guys please pump it already

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Remove a couple of 0s.

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#1 skill an ETH investor needs is patience

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There are literally only two posts about ETH seen on /biz/ for the last 2 weeks; people who hate ETH and recommend BNB and other alternatives and ETH shills desperate to have people hold their bags. All of this in a bear market. That's a bad time, bro.

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Was $1355 3 days ago, will see it again if not tonight then definitely over the weekend.

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if it goes any lower it's over. protip: it will go lower.

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The stock market has been exploding since 2010 with bitcoin right in tow. If you think they aren't related you're retarded. Now that the market is about to suffer a 60% pull back you will see some serious shit. Expect $1 or $2k bitcoin for a long time if not a black swan event and the death of crypto forever.

You're about to see Cathie Wood jumping off a god damn building live on CNN. Welcome to hell.

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>bear market
shut the fuck up bobo

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>Calling me bobo
Joke's on you, faggot. Not only did I lose some money since I had money in BTC, I don't know HOW to profit off of this and after the GME shorts fucking over millionaires scares me anyways!

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Eth bottom is 0

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Nope, bottom of the big crash will be $240.

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It's $600

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You don't know how to profit? How about you stop being a paper handed bitch and ride out this dump, we are consolidating before we shoot the fuck up again

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oh fuck what have I done

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>Sell now
>Gonna buy back later

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>sell the bottom
>get left behind in a few days

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Should I buy some BTC and ETH during this dip? I am doing DCA so it wouldn’t be a large lump sum

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>Sell at the bottom
>Sold at 51k
>Currently at 45k

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Bought at 1950 for 550$ to pay for gas lol. Gone in 2 days, every transaction 80-130$. Moved to Matic and Quickswap now, transactions are like 0.00003c or so.

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i sold at 55k and right now its

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>bear market

god, nocoiners are pathetic

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Remember people: We can purchase again starting at $40k BTC. Any loss after that shouldnt badly impact the other coins. Figure it was going to be on saturday but we might hit that goal in 4 hours.

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>2 posts last 2 weeks

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Amnesia also helps

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Oh LOL, no. No, no, no. Nobody is happy with ETH. NOBOFY.

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fucking moron right here

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ETH bottom is $1,250 USD
happening Sunday 8:45pm EST
you have been warned
check em

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