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When this shit blows the fuck up biz will be crying they didnt get in.

insanely low gas fees and super fast on a growing network. It's not IF it will explode but when. It already is to be honest. Now is a perfect time to buy around $400.

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>random exchange #703 except now you need to pay to migrate your coins to their chain and they're stuck there with no liquidity
no thanks

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Literally layer 2 and the first on matic the fuck are you taking about?

It is NOT on the ethereum network so of course you have to move your coins you absolute ape.

Shittest attempt at a FUD ive ever seen. at least try.

They're also not stuck there

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Hfsp brainlet

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Can I just buy QUICK on uniswap? I see the liquidity drying up (guess it's moving to quickswap), but that would just be easiest for me
I don't feel like going through some bridge and have something fuck up and lose all my Ether

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When you format your post like this

people realize that you're a faggot

and that you should go back

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ive always formatted like this its easier to read on the autists eyes you meany faglord

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yeah thats perfectly fine to do

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buying it on Uniswap is just stupid. bridging to Matic costs about as much as swapping on Ethereum and you miss out on all the fun dApps coming to layer 2 like Aavegotchi.


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can you explain to a brainlet the difference between matic and quick?

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quick runs off of matic

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Matic is the network, quick is the exchange

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Why is quick shilled but not MATIC
Matic is actually promising

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matic is surely a holder?
am i being foolish to only want to deal with coins on big exchanges?

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No, it's much safer. Most of these are deliberate scams with low-effort advertising and copy pasted code.

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Honestly matic is fantastic, it's just quick has the lower market cap so if you want more money then put money into quick but if you just love matic then matic is good too anon
you wont really get huge profits with coins on big exhanges, if youre unsure then you can just put a small bag in but i'm 100% sure with this project

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>OF COURSE our product sucks it's supposed to be useless you IDIOT
going to be made completely obsolete when Optimism launches next month (probably why you're pumping your bags it right now)
and currently exactly as functional to end users as a non-ETH chain

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>when Optimism launches next month

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based nonsensical schizo posting
literally nothing i said had anything to do with what you just typed.

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>Optimism release next month has nothing to do with sidechains being shit-tier tech that are going to be useless in a few weeks
enjoy your bags faggot, they're about to become extremely heavy

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Honestly yeah kind of. There's stuff going on in defi that has support from banks, credit card companies, there's licensed operating businesses, real life use cases. Even if you don't want to get in this you should be looking for the good stuff off the centralized exchanges

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so your new shitcoin (which is just like this but worse and late to the party) is about to release and im meant to give a fuck.

you're seriously not going to make it faggot

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why do you keep spamming this poor FUD in every thread? Polygon is not a shit-tier tech sidechain. half of fucking DeFi will be running on Matic by the time your tranny unicorn launches v3. we already have AAVE and FARM.

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Is this what Uniswap v3 is going to use? Meaning that is coming very soon as well?
Otherwise I don't get it

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Uniswap v3 which is coming soon (tm) will be using Optimism which is still slower and more expensive than Polygon.

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he says in 1 month a product worse than polygon will release and we are all meant to clap

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My shit coin can beat the shit out of your shit coin and that's all i care to say

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This shit is going to $3k in a month but I'm going to wait until it dips to the trend line again to buy in.

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isnt it on the trendline now anon?

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What price are you seeing that as

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$280-290ish tomorrow or the next day

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sounds good, be quick though. btc dominance is falling hard. this will fly soon enough

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Source on graph? I've been rotating between like 4 different sites to get graph details.

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only good graphs are on info.quickswap.exchange

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That one is uniswap chart, dextools.

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Matic is too complex for the average person to adopt, too many steps. Simplicity matters more than cost.

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Yeah, for sure. That's one of the risks.

Imo though, the v2 Matic bridge is surprisingly cheap, quick and easy to use. The web wallet is simple to set up too.

I'm going to gamble on the low cost and quick txns will making up for the complexity overhead in the end.

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Yes. Nobody is going through those steps , or not enough people to make it successful.

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How is this not easier than BSC? People went through those steps

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imagine being this cocky about being stupid

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*on the low cost and quick txns making up

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For you and it’s simple, for the average retard that we want to come into the market and buy our bags.. it’s not very simple.

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You're talking THAT average of a person? Uniswap is too complex for them

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So everyone is back to shilling after this just shit itself in the last 24hrs? Like 5x more than everything else. Bags, bags everywhere.

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it was the only coin rising during the last dump a few days ago so it HAD to retrace some time. how new are you to think a coin ONLY goes up every SINGLE day? This has monumental potential and if you don't want to buy thats okay but FUD over 24h is cringe.
its pretty damn simple, people said the same about ethereum

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Everybody talks about ecosystem
can’t name at least 1 project with full-workable eco
and these homeless dumbs try to scam with their trashprojects
ok, if you are an autist you can invest in it
I am smart really and have ENQ ecosystem and its mining

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Lel, this. I'm not gonna pay more to use this than I'm willing to bet on shitcoins.

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it was the only coin rising during the last dump a few days ago so it HAD to retrace some time. how new are you to think a coin ONLY goes up every SINGLE day? This has monumental potential and if you don't want to buy thats okay but FUD over 24h is cringe.
its pretty damn simple, people said the same about ethereum
putting a plaster over the dying ethereum network with insane gas fees isnt gna fix anything. move to the future, cheap gas fees l2

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smells like Curry in here

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Bridging to pangolin is even more complicated and has 160 million in liquidity. Quickswap is a 3x at least and a 10x if normies ever figure out layer 2.

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>every thread
try harder
wagmi anon

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>daily biz threads after a 10x pump
>dumps almost 50%
>367 holders, same as before the dump
nope, let me know when it proves its not a scam, ill stick with matic if anything

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retracement. also how the fuck can it be a scam when its on matic? this is a by area if you want to jump on the rocket

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Anon when the FUDders start to arrive, that's how you know that wagmi. That's just how it was with Rubic as well - as soon as fudders come out of the woodwork, we have a winner

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this happens with every 10x - 100x. when it first comes out its all smiles and we buy it. then when the first retracement happens and its been a week it gets FUD to shit. insane fud. then it flies and we all make it. every single fucking time

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How much MATIC is a make it stack?

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>Tfw you realize polygon/MATIC will replace all ETH competitors (like DOT, ADA) as well as various L2 solutions (AVA) in the top 50 crypto mc list;
>Tfw the MATIC team decided to position themselves honestly as a layer2 instead of pretending to be a separate network like ADA and cuck Charles;
>Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building multiple types of applications;
>Using Polygon, one can create optimistic rollup chains, ZK rollup chains, stand alone chains or any other kind of infra required by the developer;
>Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a full-fledged multi-chain system (aka Internet of Blockchains). This multi-chain system is akin to other ones such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche etc. with the advantages of Ethereum’s security, vibrant ecosystem and openness;
>Polygon has seen widespread adoption with over 90 dApps, ~7 Million txns and ~200k unique users, enabling high-quality user experiences for top dApps like Polymarket, Aavegotchi, Decentral Games, and Neon District. Developers on Polygon can now build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, that applications can query using GraphQL.

>It's useful cause any Dapp that wants to transact needs to build on layer 2, and there's no other layer 2 networks specifically built for Dapps with intensive smart contract use (STARK is gr8 but for transactions, same with optimism). Poly is that solution that devs are using now cause we have no choice. Now for our tokens to trade, you can trade them on ETH but you'd need to bring them to ETH through plasma then use uniswap, paying like $400 the whole way through. We needed liquidity on Quick, and we need it fast. That's why this is happening.

>If you need more inspiration, compare the rewards for Uniswap and Sushiswap to their base of liquidity, comparing to Quickswap's monthly rewards and liquidity. It's a no brainer.

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Notice how MATIC is the only coin other than ADA that has held during this crash?

The stack is whatever you make of that.

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I have just under 17k. Wish I'd bought more during the dip, but it made me nervous to get more instead

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should i all in matic instead of bnb? why?

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Sub 1 dollar is still early imo.

It's currently back to its levels pre bitcoin crash somehow but if it drops again Im going in hard.

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I bought just before the crash in true /biz/ style

Glad it's recovering but yeah, regret not getting more when it was really low

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it has a lot more potential for growth, plus see -> >>29800163