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I was having sex the other day and I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful the bancor protocol is.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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I bought this shit at $1 and now have a comfy stack. I don't know what defi is, so obviously I have no clue whether this is a solid project. Do I sell now that the pump seems to be over, or continue to hold?

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bought at $5.5 but yield farming makes up for it

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I wish you didn’t scream “Bancor” as you came inside me

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>I don't know what defi is
hey king

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Anyone know how I can set up a defi bot to swing BNT-USDC between 4.8 and 5.2 on their app?

Do you have to write limit orders in solidity or something?

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I saw some retards here shilling it who said that was going to pump because it had a relatively low market cap. The fact that it is on coinbase is an obvious advantage, as it make the coin more marketable to normans (e.g. me), so I chucked an undisclosed amount at BNT and watched number go up.

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Real high IQ play is swinging with your vBNT while having BNT staked and making mad rewards

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if vBNT ever stops trading between .65 and .68 BNT, sure

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This is the only low cap shitcoin I see that has a chance of making the top 20.

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If you fucks keep shilling this shit, I might actually be tempted to sell

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please sell faggot

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do it, i made 2x and i want to get back in cheap next week

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hold it, it definitely goes to ten by mid-march

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no liquidity yet. a big order and you're selling cheap or buying high

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i had same feel when bought ICO and every cent price move up was aroud $ 10 k profit for me, turned 15 eth to 25 btc within year

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Other protocol LP: swinging between euphoria and crushing depression during normal market moves. Always questioning himself. Might earn less than he put in, despite sacrificing his capital and time. Probably balding from stress. Other men pity him, women are turned off by his virgin gait. Has either a useless governance token or a fee token with an ROI so pathetic even a beggar pities him. Will host countless rugpulls to prop up demand, only has liquidity because he buys his own bags with bots.

Bancor LP: Always green, in his lane, moisturized, immune to any and all market movements, engaged with his community, attracts bizlets and women by his mere presence. Men seek his counsel, women desire his gaze upon them. Always keeps eye contact. Will fuck bad actors with a chimney sweeper. token has his back and provides him amazing ROI. Governance token acts as leverage, not afraid to put his money and his voice on the line, believes in true decentralized finance potential. Will suck up all the liquidity in the world, and more.

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shut the fuck up NIGGER there's like one active thread at most which isn't even up 100% of the time

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its doin something on coinbase

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My lil bancoon doin sum

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they're planning on adding limit orders