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What are you listening to /biz/?
For me, its Lorde.

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TIL there are teenage girls on biz.

I'm bumping some dj yung vamp.


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For me it's banqs

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Unironically enjoy this, thanks anon

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i unironically love every song on that album

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In the same boat. I love melodrama just as much.

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>teenage girls on biz
Ok low test sheep


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Actually a great album, favourite song is White Teeth Teens

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Same boring cheap commercial metal as always, anon

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It's a good album, I like melodrama a bit more.
Listening to death grips while working out today then probably gonna nap.

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Jesus christ I guess it's not that hard to imagine this board is full of braindead zoomers that spend all day brainwashing themselves with top-40 miley cyrus gucci gang style jewish garbage
Enjoy being propagandized midwits and conforming to kike-lead pop culture trends. I bet you post about your favorite lorde song on facebook with a bunch of fire emojis too

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Lorde is probably the best pop artist since fuckin' idk, cher? I've seen her live twice and she was absolutely incredible both times

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You're literally listening to pop music for teenage girls and the most popular album of hers at that.

You're unironically a normie.

Glad you liked it man.

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Bad bunny

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>You're literally listening to pop music for teenage girls and the most popular album of hers at that.

>You're unironically a normie.

This, /biz/ is apparently full of retarded normies that listen to pop music on their beats by dre they purchased with their lil bitcoin stocks

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Obviously you didn't get my joke you subhuman kike Jesus christ I said a root beer brand. You're just as braindead as the rest of them

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Lorde is actually talented though.

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What are you listening to buddy?

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>why yes, I love niggers and their ethnic hairdos, how could you tell?

Yeah, you are right, I should keep track of every new smelly tattoo negro with dyed dreadlocks that comes out and immediately identify fakes

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yt channel cryochamber

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Hate Forest

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Heroína by Sumo

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Seethe more retard

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same desu

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For me, it’s Pooh Shiesty.

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>copes, seethes, dilates
>it-its da jewzzz da jewsss
Honestly very cringe. It’s just an album.

Lol ok you can go on 4chan and still enjoy an album that is mainstream. You guys think you are elite because you post some drain gang trash on youtube with 3.5k views. You try to classify everyone as a “normie” and you guys are the ascended ones listening to Yung Blade or whatever gay drainer shit it is this week.

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Woops meant to tag this guy

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vamp is so ugly bro and soudiere and smokey are eons better

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Julia Holter https://youtu.be/k5uwPaCvbhA

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>I made an autistic reference to a goyfeed brand I like and someone didn't pick up on my "joke"
>Seethe more retard
kek, OK nigger

Keep projecting and listening to your mainstream trance goodgoy trash. I agree with you about the "drain gang" shit or whatever though, all modern music is complete worthless garbage

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>Lol ok you can go on 4chan and still enjoy an album that is mainstream
No. You absolutely have to go back.

+ Yes I am an ascended elite and have better taste than you.

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>copes, seethes, dilates
>it-its da jewzzz da jewsss
anon i think you're reading into things too much I said I like Lorde

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I agree about smokey. I pref vamp to soudiere but like all 3.

And ugly? Who gives a fuck. Im listening to music not jerking it.

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Anyone who listens to something like "Lorde" should be executed. Not because of musical preference, but because it's a perfect litmus test for low-IQ cattle

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I love browsing /biz/ while listening to them

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got some more lofi hiphop?

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Ok so to sum it up, you listen to Beethoven and everything else is jewish propaganda. Please seek help

>go back
I can smell your zoom-zoom a mile away because you post that drain gang trash. You need to go back to whatever middle school it is that you go to when they open it back up, and your mom needs to cut off your internet access immediately.

Lol ya my bad, i tagged the wrong guy

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post your portfolio and we'll see who's really low IQ anon. And no, blockfolio larps do not count.

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Based, yea post the blockfolio.

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the heavy horses

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Listening to rubber soul today, in my life is a terrific song. Also been going through Led Zep again. Dazed and confused is such a great record

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I'm not reading that. Seethe more retard

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>Please seek help
>who hurt you?
>i tagged the wrong guy

No seriously, go back

You first faggot

>I'm not reading that.
>noooo don't make fun of me!!

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Go check the Trappin in Japan playlists by Ryan Celsius.

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Wait...so you're an old man.....listening to Lorde?

That is the saddest thing I've ever heard.

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Fucking lord lord lord nigga

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right now?

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holy based

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For me, it's Machine Girl

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>Om Namo Narayana
>Om Namo Narayana
>Om Namo Narayana
>Om Namo Narayana
>Om Namo Narayana

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based and red pilled lorde is great

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any Zoomers here?

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this is a nice album, ty anon

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For me its this
Delete and killshot - disco weapon

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Survivor's greatest hits CD

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Sie trägt Jogger von Zara
Kein Dolce Gabbana
Augen wie auf 'nem Cover
Auch ohne Mascara
Sie ist modern, doch hat Mentalität
Wenn Mama zu Besuch kommt, macht sie Kaffee
Glaub mir, sie gibt mir Kontra
Wenn sie merkt, ich bin am falschen Weg

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Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya (1982)


Closing bell just rang, made some money, Friday block party jams. Have a great weekend /biz/bros

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>blames the existence of music on the jews
>won’t post blockfolio
Poorfag and nocoiner. Seethe, cope and dilate.

>old man
Sure bud. Keep thinking your drain gang music makes you unique and ascended when every other depressed pathetic zoomer consumes that garbage.

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Kid Cudi and Kanye. Also some based american country singers like Trace Adkins

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Lorde is based.
If you take all the music ever made and put it on a playlist you'd be listening to it for another 2,000 years so your opinion is shit.

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Fav bands

Tool, apc
Smashing Pumpkins
Iron maiden
Dream Theater
Collective Soul

Fav music genre
80s synth pop, 80s jap funk city pop
Vaporwave synthwave

Fav singer
Maynard james keenan

Fav guitarist

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>blames the existence of music on the jews
I blame the existence of your trash music on kike producers promoting degeneracy. And it looks like it worked too, as you, a degenerate, go this far to defend it

>Poorfag and nocoiner. Seethe, cope and dilate.
pure projection, you are the poorfag midwit who consumes goyfeed on a daily basis and thinks "oh why not, it feels good to consume trash after I have been conditioned to do so my whole life"

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For me it's the dubman


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Weird that screenshot doesn’t look like blockfolio. Guess you are poor.

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100% I am richer than you, but it's irrelevant. Feel free to post your poorfolio if you need to compare dick sizes, but I feel no urge to make the effort. Also, no blockfolio larps, wallets and brokers only
Keep consuming that degenerate propaganda while you gather those pictures m8

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Russian psychedelic is awesome

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>wallets and brokers only
>can easily go on inspect element and change everything
Good point though I guess I don’t really need to compare dick sizes with you lol. I already know you are pathetic so it doesn’t really matter.

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Stumbled on this one recently.

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>you are pathetic
t. lorde listener
I suppose you like miley cyrus too? keep coping low-test beta male

>can easily go on inspect element and change everything
blockfolio lets you add any transaction you want to it nigger

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Is that a pic of you? Wow very high test

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No, that's michael moore, he listens to lorde too actually

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redpilled about what?


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>Thinking anyone cares about a randos opinion.
Do you listen to music to try and be popular anon?
I-is it working?
Taste in music can't be faked anon. It either gives you the tingles or it doesn't.
Pretending is just... sad.

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top-40 degenerate pop music gives you "tingles" the same way a faggot posting "black lives matter" on twitter gives them "tingles"
or the way a north korean citizen gets "tingles" when seeing kim jong un speak
it's involuntary and only occurs through extreme stupidity or brainwashing
it feels good though, amirite?

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Not those kind of tingles you dick loving faggot.
Not the dopamine kick.
Not the shitty serotonin.
I'm talking about the tiny burst of adrenaline that makes your hairs stand on end and you feel it travel all the way up and down your spine.

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Eno Hyde - Lilac

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Ok nigger, keep listening to normie-tier top-40 trash music all day
I am sure it doesn't brainwash you and there is no agenda
And it's definitely not just these two guys writing every lyric to every top 40 song for the past 30 years:

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If you are not listening to this you should leave this board


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You have no clue what music i listen to other than the one's i've posted anon.
You're not that different from them anon, you're not some special snowflake. You're just a little autistic like the rest of us here.

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I am only arguing against top-40 music like lorde you retarded faggot

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Nah, you're not. You're sperging out over lorde.
Move on man, let people enjoy their shit, you're more obnoxious than the normies at this point.

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lorde is top-40 your dumb nigger, read my posts if you think I am not talking about top-40 garbage like lorde. I literally said "top-40" like 10 times
Keep listening to normie-tier top-40 trash music all day
I am sure it doesn't brainwash you and there is no agenda

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oh shut the fuck up. Pure Heroine is one of the best albums of the 2010s.

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The drink you spilled all over me......

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Since the bear nation attacked mostly heavy metal

>> No.29794419

The only real music is minimal techno. If you can't appreciate Ricardo Villalobos you are a brainlet

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Yayaya I am Lorde Yayaya

>> No.29794490

>Keep listening to normie-tier top-40 trash music all day
I'm not.
I listen to music every other day. Last time i listened to lorde was about a year ago.
I've been listening to some grandson but he's a bit all over the place with mood. My go tos are led or stones, sometimes beatles or marley if i feel that way.
>TL;DR I'm telling you this because you're having an argument with someone who doesn't exist.

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Ribs is the GOAT Lorde song

>> No.29794641

>Ribs is the goat
Fuckin checked and agree

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I listen to atmospheric noise captured over a UHF antenna

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no bs this album slaps

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lmao why do you have these pictures saved on your computer

>> No.29794918

tennis courts is my favorite on this album

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We get it jimmy you’re mom was a prostitute and thats why you hate women. Just put down the razer blade and take off the dress jimmy

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>Dream Theater
>Children of Bodom

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Then why are you arguing with me if you don't listen to top-40 shit faggot?

Because they are hilarious newfag

>take your meds
keep projecting schizo

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Based Eastwoodbro

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