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How does this coin always manage to stay in the top ten?

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Its fast and cheap

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chad coin, doesnt give a fuck about fundamentals nor price action. just stays at top 10 just because it wants too

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Every based chadfolio has a little LTC. There is value in the security and trust of a 10-year-old blockchain.

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>he doesn't know yet

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Cus it is an OG coin.. One of the 3 Kings, BTC/ETH/LTC. That is how it is, has been and will always be.

>muh 'insert alt-shitcoin here" is better.
>yeah, good for you.

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i'm about to capitulate after losing 30k on this. well played whales

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There are literally only 2 king coins. BTC and LTC.

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Basically this and a touch of these

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i bought 1 this morning

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fast, cheap, on every exchange
the wide adoption makes it probably the closest thing to a "currency" in crypto

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Its like bitcoin but you can actually use it.

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Doesn't know about all the bag holders that picked this shit coin up for $400 a piece?

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You mean like all the BTC and ETH bag holders that were created in 2017/2018? How are they doing today?

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Every store that accepts bitcoin accepts litecoin and bch

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Hahaha top ten?

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It’s actual currency in crypto, it was basically just vapor ware being used for transactions for purchases but with mimblewimble and other shit around the corner I’m relatively optimistic. I bought in relatively low though, so I’ve got nowhere to go but up unless this thing ranks below 150.

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try selling at 300 and having rebought earlier this year at 40. seethe harder faggot nigger

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This except i got in around $25-$30.

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Still hanging on to BTC's coattails but that can only last for so long

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incredibly based

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>got in at $10
>joined a mining pool
>threw the laptop out
diamond hands, literally never selling

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haha, nice trash
my bro will never go for this shilling on 4chan
we are not a tards

>JUL -all on yields on Julswap and Justliquidity trading

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It's like this one cool uncle. You know he's already past his prime but he's still way cooler than all the zoomers you know.

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I have different bags of coins for different things.Makes it a bit more fun inn my head.LTC is my house bag. I got a big enough bag that if it hits half of the eoy projections I will have a nice home. LTC one of my 1st coins when I 1st got into crypto all those years ago. Will always keep some.

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What price should I try buying at this year? Can't be a no coiner any longerand have been hoarding all my money

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I sold 397 ltc last night for a shitcoin that was deeply underwater last night. Sold it this morning bought back 442 ltc plus have extra 1000$

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Litecoin will be $1500 by June. I know something.

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Sure anon. I know you know.

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i am sick of these lying asshole whales saying shit like this while this fucking piece of shit coin no one cares about keeps dumping on the btc pair, maybe you will finally catch a bid at 0 btc hope you can manipulate enough gullible losers to buy this piece of shit until then

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Easy. They put “coin” in the name.

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