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I'm tired of these fucking boomers man:

> Make sure you spend your youthful years in college learning shit that will have absolutely nothing to do with what you'll do at work, Obviously you can't afford it up front so take out a 7%+ private loan from Sally Mae for around $30-40k which you won't be able to pay back until your 60

> Buy a 300,000 house at 3% interest which actually means buy a 600,000 over 30 years

> btw you'll need 60,000 as a down payment plus $6000 for closing costs, or else you'll need to pay mortgage insurance

> Also if you live in Jersey enjoy at minimum $8000 per year property taxes

> Also make sure you can afford an average car which at minimum will cost you 10,000 unless you want it to break down on the fucking highway you have to drive on everyday of the motherfucking week to go to work for some fucking Boomer Jewbag, also car insurance costs like $150 per month





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lower your standards

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Hitler was right

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Holyfuck man...i hope the bullrun isnt over for your sake.
Fuck boomers.

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> Go live with niggers in Camden and North Philly
> Get a $2000 car that breaks down on the highway
> Never pay off student loan


Why can't my standard be a normal life? I did the college, I have a nice job, I've been saving for YEARS. Gonna be in my mid 30s soon. How the absolute fuck can I save for a house while paying $1300 in rent? While putting money into a 401k.

It's all a fucking SCAM! Fuck you, just you fucking wait boomer, the day of the pillow is coming!

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>Lived in Warsaw
>Worked remote and payed in CAD
>Rent cost me $600/month
>I literally lived off of $100/week, ate out every single day and lived in a brand new furnished apartment. I got drunk for roughly $10.
>No fat people anywhere
>All the women were beautiful
>Old people were very friendly
North America has been tapped dry. It's time to leave.

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Why the fuck don't you live at home until you get married like a normal person. Jesus fucking christ. Americans are braindead bugmen.

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fuck jersey. move to the south better weather and cheaper rent

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the fuck would you get married for? so you can lose half your shit after she cheats on you when you are working your ass off

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Have you met american women?

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My boomer parents sold the fucking house and live down the shore anon. As soon as I went to college. They didn't even give me a fund and just told me to take out the loan and they'll cosign.

I can't get a fucking job down the shore anon, you think I didn't think of this?

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Getting married isn't the point, the point is living with your parents until you do (forever if you don't)

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Kek you sound like me. Union County here. I'm just never moving out

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>I'm tired of these fucking boomers man
You misspelled Republicans

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rent costs are significantly cheaper if 2 people share 1 bed.

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I hate republicans and don't vote but I hate liberals who want to castrate children with a burning passion.

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jesus, i moved out when i was 17 fuck that noise.

not aint lying. i just got my rent down to 1k.

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Yes, marry to save money for yourself, not because you love someone.

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Only stupid people who share bed with another do that. How are going to have sex with girls with that kind of setup? Fuck that. There's no way I'm gonna share the girls I picked up with a fucking roommate.

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i feel you anon. my parents essentially forced me to go to college. my dad has been largely absent for the majority of my adult life despite being married to my mom, so i have never really had a masculine male role model. when i wanted to drop out and change trajectory, my mom forced me stay in college and finish up my worthless degree, wasting 2-3 more years of my life and totally fucking up my future. i am now a 26-yo NEET with no clear path out. i feel you man, i feel you.

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Couldnt agree more.
Worse is that the boomer could actually afford to do that back in their day and have tons of cash left over because their wages had a lot more purchasing power.

Boomers made the earth shittier for their children so they can never have a normal life, i really hate fucking boomers they are all cancer.

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Oh fuck off retard

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Sorry to break it to you but that's your own doing.
>my mom forced me
She can't force you to do shit, if you had conviction you would have gone your own way
>my worthless degree
So why didn't you pick a more useful major?
Declaring that your life is over at 26 is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stop being a pussy

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>i moved out when i was 17 fuck that noise
And I bet you're putting your parents in some retirement home when they're too old to provide for themselves. Am*rican """"family values"""" everyone.

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Boomers call millennials 'entitled,' but they were the ones feeding us the lines of shit saying, "do X, and you'll get Y," because that was their experience. Now since they took all the opportunity and hoarded it and continue to hoard it, there isn't a fair amount to spread around to all the people they 'promised' shit to. Fuck boomers, early retirement should be forced to clear the way for the next generation

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I think the answer is to stop moving, wait for them to kill you, and pray you incarnate somewhere else

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switch n. philly to w. and replace car with septa, and that is literally me lmao

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let the hate flow through you and let it power you

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i thought i was getting cucked paying $1000/mo for a 1 bedroom cuckbox in coontown (suburbs of philly.) but then i looked at padmapper, etc. and saw that i'm actually getting a good deal and market rents are around $1200-1300/month. i make $72k a year and i feel poor as shit after my bills. i have no idea how the bottomfeeders even exist.

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oh hey you're a fellow nj anon. i live in morrisville PA, next to the thriving niggerpologis of trenton!

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Your parents are retarded and brainwashed by the debt jew. There is little hope for them.

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Reading Americans complain about rent and home prices is hilarious.

Imagine paying $1300 starting for a studio in the ghetto and 600,000 for a 70 year old family home 3 hours from a job.

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>mfw when I pay like 10% of my income on rent

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W Philly is the home of the overeducated underemployed perpetual renter with roommates kid who grew up in the suburbs and 'did everything right.'

>t. GradHo anon, good job, own house, married

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Yeah, just tune boomers out at this point, the system is going to die along with them very soon. And they'll be sitting there asking themselves "How could this possibly happen to good goy slaves like us? We did everything you told us to!" Not realizing that that is the exact reason why they will get what they deserve in the end.

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I'm also stumped, how the fuck anyone who makes $15/hr is paying the bills is beyond me. Do they sleep under a bridge or something?

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Live with 20 people in a house packed likr hogs in a hogshed

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I can only assume the government gives them everything they need. Imagine a nigger/sheboon filling out a tax form and doing simple arithmetic.

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$1300 gets you a lot if you don't live on the coasts. These faggots are inclined to live there for some reason when you can make the same amount anywhere else.

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Oh, those are central Canada prices lel

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lack of high paying jobs. i grew up in a town of 3000 people. housing WAS cheap. now it's inflated to fuck with the rest of the market. so yeah, today you can buy a house for $150k or rent a room for $700/month. if you're not a 100% remote codemonkey like everyone on /biz/ your job choices are factory, warehouse, slaughterhouse ($15-18/hour) or dollar general/fast food/walmart ($9-12/hour.)

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How do we get out of here anon? This state is hell, and the nigs are closing in from all angles.

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>All the women were beautiful

no chyba nie.

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Not only this, they assume that because they're so wealthy that they must have worked incredibly hard to earn it, and are therefore entitled to a long and comfortable, luxurious even, retirement. Disaster is looming and they won't even consider it because it's too uncomfortable for them. My dad is like this. He thinks the story ends with his generation and that he just deserves to enjoy it while it lasts.

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how the fuck are you paying 1300 in n philly, you can get a decent joint north of temple for pennies

t. renting in s philly and its way too much money

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>muh rent

Move somewhere cheaper you stupid fuck. Not everyone needs to live in the most expensive city centers in the country.

Also if you pay 33% marginal income tax rates then you make more than the average person, so if you have trouble paying bills then it's your own damn fault.

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unironically learn to code while you still can. it's what i'm doing. it's the only way to make good money ($100k+ with just a few years experience) and not be a slave working long hours, getting treated like shit.

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i pay more for healthcare insurance per year than rent

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>lack of high paying jobs

I mean when you don't have a degree, sure. but that's your own fucking fault. I can apply to an accounting firm across a few states and get the same pay with the moving costs covered where housing isn't $2000 a month for a fucking shack

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We get it, you eurofaggots all live under same roof multiple generations because shit is even more taxed and expensive over there

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>accounting firm
i am an accountant. i have no interest in working at schlomo's 10 man public accounting firm and being treated like shit for shit pay, or working at the bumfuck satellite office of a megacorporation and getting treated like shit by the main office chads. (i am a main office chad and i do abuse the satellite office wagie accountants.)

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Right about what? Killing whites?

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ride the coming market crash and escape to the flyover states with your winnings all in physical assets.
watch the niggers eat each other, and get shut down and locked into their rotten hives by roadblocks on the interstates

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Stop following the script. Everything you described makes you just part of the herd being slowly fattened up for slaughter. Everything in society now is designed for instant gratification, financed at the cost of your future. And for those that can’t afford it we have a massive social safety net artificially increasing demand and driving up costs for everything extracted at the expense of those actually struggling to contribute.

You have to act differently if you want to escape. Find every way possible to cut your expenses. Ride your bike instead of financIng a car. Don’t spend $1000 a year to have the newest phone plus $85/month for unlimited data. Don’t spend $150/month on tv. Live with room mates (or a girlfriend) to cut your rent expenses. Eat healthy non processed whole foods that you actually cook yourself for $2-$3/ meal instead of eating out or door dashing 5 days a week at $25/meal. It’s amazing how quickly you can cut $1000+/month out of your expenses.

Now that you are saving, don’t just throw that money in your 401k to see modest growth while getting slammed with portfolio management fees. Find ways to put your money to work outside of ETFs. Start a business, buy crypto, take classes that actually augment your marketable skills to employers unlike your worthless BA. Look into the trades which are often paying 2x your shitty white collar cubicle job.

There are ways out man, you just have to take the blinders off and step off the conveyor belt

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>Normal life
Sorry anon ur NGMI, you've been conditioned by society to think that's what lifes all about. I do really feel bad for you. GL with your mental illness. Seek God

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>split rent
>still have to pay for all the food, dates, and "adventures" she wants
no thanks I'd rather simplify my budget

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this is good advice.
i agree that there are ways out but it is infinitely harder than it used to be. this is largely because of fucking boomers ruining the world without giving a thought for how their children will cope in the hellscape they have created. they dont give a fuck because they will die.

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Or plumber, electrician, general contractor, or any other number of positions. Stop thinking you have to have an office building and a boss to make money

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anon, move to south dakota. It's where you can make money without being noticed

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>treated like shit for shit pay

the only time I was treated like shit was at a main office. I'd rather take my chances at a job in any comfy city away from the coast where rent is cheap over the coast where rent is a literal prolapsed asshole.

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I agree completely, and then boomers blame every generation they raised and the stupid two party system that only exists to give them MORE FUCKING MONEY.

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>Or plumber, electrician, general contractor, or any other number of positions

again, i'm from a small town. they make jack fucking shit in small towns. meme $100k/year union jobs don't exist in small towns. they only exist in large nigger cities. plumbers, electricians, electricians, contractors, etc. make $20-25/hour with experience in my hometown.

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Some boomer shit right here. Pensions were the only good reason to destroy your body in this line of work. Now with them gutted, there are very few reasons for any younger ppl to get involved with the trades. Mexicans and asians now do it nearly as good for 50% cheaper. Any older dudes I know that are union tradesmen fucken hate the direction their trade has gone and have the bodies of 80yo war vets

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The skilled trades shortage is a meme used to bring in more people on H1Bs and spics across the border

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You should spend no more than 1/3 of your income on rent. If you can't afford a decent place with 1/3 of your income you need to make more or move to a cheaper area

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Find a gay daddy that will give you everything. Trust me.

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Welcome to a capitalism designed by wealthy landowners for the wealthy landowners.
Taxing labour and productivity instead of land and it's resources which where not created by man, yet who's value is given by society as a whole, is nothing but a leash we've grown used to.

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Yes and a lot of that is under the table and you can write off a hell of a lot of personal expenses.

Also I think you are low balling what they actually charge per hour, at least if they are in business for themselves

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I'm waiting for some useful advice then. Any fucking retard can look at a situation and say you made a bad decision. What a smooth brained conservative faggot.

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2nd this as good advice. We are all finding out that the boomer ways don't work anymore. You need a new strategy. Need to take MORE risks! Find convexity. Look for anything that has asymmetric upside gains (think options, yolo trades, leverage) and avoid things with catastrophic downsides (getting married, buying a home at the ATH with a mortgage, 401k).

Also do you not have leaf-made Honda civics up there? Paid $900 for this shit in 2018. Still driving it.

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OP here on my phone if anyone feels the desire to help you would be making my life easier and I can actually invest instead of always paying rent, thanks guys

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Because you live in a neoliberal free market capitalist system with constantly reducing regulations and money constantly moving to the upper elysium classes of society who buy property, buy land, which decreases supply and increases demand while the poor & middle class lose all buying power but are told by those same elysium class members every night on the news that it's all their fault. The elysium class also purposely keep housing empty to falsely create shortage to skyrocket prices, but that's just the free market. Just Capitalism doing exactly what it's destined to do, just pull up your boot straps and work more jobs, you wagie.

You retards really think it's anything different than that? Marx predicted literally all of this in Capital. Maybe read a book.

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I remember back in 2008 when many people were foreclosing, real estate firms would buy up the properties cheap at auction, and then turn around and RENT it back to the former ownercucks. Happens over and over

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this thread made me depressed

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CERB ruined the local auto market here. Prices are inflated to fuck because all these teenagers started buying cars with their free 2k checks

>> No.29785811

>tfw my rent up by $150 over the past couple years

Moving out next month. Fuck these kikes.

>> No.29785940


Those look like a bunch of hard working, humble, productive guys that would make great neighbors

>> No.29785971

I agree. You have to reframe your life's narrative entirely if you want to have any hope. Doesn't mean you have to be miserable; you just need to completely disregard the path set out for you.

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Rent is expensive everywhere. And taxes are high everywhere

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>we're in the endgame now nigger
Should have signed the line to kill sandniggers for the kikes.
Working for jews pays.
It's not selling out, it's buying in.

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Yep, that's what Hitler was famous for killing...

>> No.29787673



it was painful "waking up" for me too. but it was worth it.

as we speak, my mom is saving up for my down payment for "a really nice honda accord on carmax. don't go for these dealerships anon. ya gotta build credit so you can get an APARTMENT." i cannot in good conscience take the money when i can get a 100,000 mile 2000s Civic for 5 grand and cheaper.

you have to understand. these people grew up in the 70s and 80s. they have no sense of the future or consequences. they grew up in a time where the fucking ford plant in detroit gave pensions to their rivet screwers.

usury is not your friend. unpaid debt and interest rates will fuck you.

>> No.29787740

Oh yes because it's not the wokeness that's created this cancer... No, sure buddy.

>> No.29787815

>he doesnt know that both sides are in on the scam

>> No.29787820

Well, he was right about one thing.

>> No.29787969

>upper elysium classes
Why are leftards incapable of talking about any subject without making stupid references to terrible movies?

Other than that though, you're partially correct. The middle class is getting squeezed out of everything, but you're wrong about why. Regulations are increasing, not decreasing, and the free market is basically dying out. For all the narrative about muh 1% and muh "elysium class" supporting a free market with low taxes and few regulations, if you actually pay attention you'll notice that the largest corporations and 1% members overwhelmingly support center-left parties worldwide. The reason is because once a company becomes large enough, it can eat whatever taxes and regulations the government throws at it. However, small to midsize companies and small businesses can't, so they end up going out of business or getting eaten up by the big fish. Basically, companies like Amazon use governments to eliminate their competition and give themselves a monopoly. They don't care if the minimum wage is $15 or not; they can afford to pay it, and when the employers who can't are gone, they'll figure out new ways to squeeze workers and minimize costs.

The world is not moving towards either free market capitalism or Marxist socialism, it's moving towards a hybrid market socialist system in which everything is owned by a small number of companies. These companies are heavily taxed in order to dump money on a permanent underclass, who are forced to turn around and give that money right back to them. These idiot proles are now dependent on government to support them and monopolistic companies to provide what they need, meaning they can't rebel against either. They're so dumb they think that voting for more regulations and more taxes on muh 1% is going to help them, the same way they're dumb enough to buy GME stock and hold it.

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Over 50% of all taxes go to Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security. If you want lower taxes, then kill your grandparents.

>> No.29788245


There is no way out of this other than complete environmental destruction then. Well fuck.

>> No.29788349

I think a good example is the healthcare debate happening.

>healthcare has gotten too expensive
>therefore we should give it to people for free
These people don't even question why it's gotten expensive. There is no investigation into why the average person is unable to pay for health insurance or healthcare. That part is skipped.

>> No.29788661

that's exactly why (((they))) had to destroy him and germany

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Buy XMR.

>> No.29788676

Am burger, have traveled to Poland and loved your country. Keep up the good work; you'd be my make-it country if your gun laws didn't blow.

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Just stack silver now and after the great final inflation take a fat doomp sell of your silver on dumbass boomers and ape into crypto for maxass gains. Fucke em.

>> No.29789033

how come you were paid in cad?

>> No.29789058

US healthcare is a different story IMO.

the clusterfuck we have is a result of lobbying and a full-fledged propaganda effort during Nixon's presidency. and it worked. we now have americans who immediately associate public healthcare with soviet communism rather than a modern western country that cares about its citizens.

>> No.29789169

retirement homes or nursing homes are the worst fucking places imaginable. never send your loved ones there. it's like a prison, especially now with lockdowns. the poor residents aren't even allowed to leave their rooms and they can't see family.
it's hell. anybody who sends their parents to one deserves to be killed

>> No.29789350

anon did give you some advice.
stop being a pussy. simple as that.

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Im renting from a chink tax evader. 550$ a month including electricity n utility.

>> No.29789531

People also don’t realize that the number of treatments, surgeries, drugs, etc has grown exponentially and they just expect to get all of that for the same people used to pay. Back in the 50s and 60s, you would just die of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

There are obviously serious systemic issues that could be addressed to reduce cost, but I’m alway surprised that the additional services available are never discussed when analyzing rising costs

>> No.29789590

>Buy a 300,000 house at 3% interest
why would you do this? just buy a $110k house at 2.5% interest. Maybe you need to move somewhere, I don't know, inside your price range?

>> No.29789594

Why would you need a gun in Poland?

>> No.29789753

to shoot communists

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down syndrome

baby boomers are the pampered bitch generation so they try to fuck you over and then they bitch when they don't have all the leverage. Nothing we can do against the generation of overgrown brats. They needed a good slap on the face. They have no humility and are beta as fuck. Just the way the world works
Because of these retards, you can't actually move out unless you make middle class wages
Just hoping my bags pump more. Not satisfied to move out with what I have since it isn't retirement money. At beat it will let me retire for 2 years. Could be enough for a business though

>> No.29789922

that's true as well.

kind of a leap, but this all ties back to obesity. i'm fully convinced that if obesity rates went back to the 50s and 60s, big pharma and insurance companies would be hamstringed and forced to downsize.

>> No.29789970

>payed in CAD

yeah now try to doing that working and getting paid in the local ccy. shits fucked everywhere

>> No.29790137

Yep. It's a scam and it's slavery.


>> No.29790260

Dude youre shitposting from the same town as me wtf

>> No.29790374

rent is not expensive all around the world.
But it is in americuck.

>> No.29790446

I gave you golden advice but you are too busy nursing your bruised ego to actually read. Let me rephrase it for you despite how seemingly hopelessly retarded you are: recognize what factors in life you have control over and focus on improving those. Even if someone else pressured you to act in a certain way, if you ultimately had control over that decision, you need to hold yourself accountable or else you will never make progress. You can spend your life in a delusion where you are perfect and the world is keeping you down or you can face reality. Don't be a pussy, you fucking pussy.

>> No.29791089

>tax credits/deductions on student loans and tuition
>what is refinance and equity loans
>what is homestead rebate
>what is basic mechanic skills
>what is a LLC that anyone even wageslaves can make to avoid taxes

Stop being a fucking idiot. Its simple. You complain, pass the buck and don't realize that you blame everyone else for your own failures.

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Found the cucked libtard guys

>> No.29791217

>>my mom forced me
>She can't force you to do shit,

you haven't dealt with boomers. They are crazy. It was likely stay in college or cut off his family for life. If you don't believe the stakes were like that you haven't dealt with crazy boomers trying to get their way with things.

>> No.29791299

serves them right for kicking people out at 18 or charging family rent

>> No.29791354

>recognize what factors in life you have control over and focus on improving those.
boomers give the dumbest most generic "advice" in all of existence
>just improve

>> No.29791511


man I can't stand how boomers talk. Like that pic you have. It takes him forever to get to the point and use of all caps on SHUT UP. They think whatever they are blabbing about is the most important thing ever uttered so it takes some build up to get to the point. And its like they are trying to emphasis points as if they have any worth making. Fuck boomers. Fuck the way they talk.

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found the boomer anons

>> No.29791913

like this retard Lol: >>29790446

>> No.29791932

Just don't pay rent. Serial rent dodgers are chad af. Just gotta be a migrant and every few months pack up and leave.

Cops are eventually gonna give up enforcing evictions, things arent even that bad and theyre already having a problem doing it. Housing is a right, and I will gladly die by that.

This dude is wrong af, regulations are increasing because those with an interest use the 'free market' to lobby for them, thats why so many landlords vote for regulations which restrict building new homes, it increases their investment. Corporate tax is also the lowest its ever been.

>> No.29792031

The whole reason I even replied in the first place was because I related to that anon. I cut my parents off years ago and yeah, it sucks not having family to rely on but I can see that I'm better off. I actually have control over my life. Why do people keep letting others ruin their lives? There's a heavy cost to being your own person but if your family is toxic then you owe it to yourself to escape from that.

>> No.29792067

Some people play the victim. Some people adapt. I guess you are a victim.

>> No.29792103

thank those who caused and bailed out the 2008 financial crisis. things were normal until then.

>> No.29792179

Yeah, why the fuck not. Why should I ruin my fucking life for someone who already spend theirs? As a parent I wont put this bullshit on my kids.

>> No.29792204

>Housing is a right, and I will gladly die by that.

I hope you do, commie. The only true rights are to die in a cold ditch of hunger and thirst. Alone.

>> No.29792248

Actually braindead. Tell me, how do you give specific advice to a stranger on the internet who you know nothing about? The most you can do is communicate a concept and hope it helps.
I'm a millennial.

>> No.29792320 [DELETED] 

Hey anon who was helping me get to my friends funeral the thread got archived by the time I had a chance to respond, I made a wallet if your here your really helping me out I know the family will be grateful that I was able to show up, thank you so much.

>> No.29792431

Move to eastern europe and work from there, white foreigners are always respected(except for Russians) even if they don't speak the language.

>> No.29792839

Can confirm. My mother once drove me out into the forest and left me there overnight as a kid because I hid the overcooked peas I didn't want to eat under my plate. Boomers would rather their kids die than not have power over them.

>> No.29793032

Housing was fine where it was for centuries until you fucks turned it speculative. Now every chink from Honk Kong to Manchuria is buying up the west and selling it back to us at a premium.

>> No.29793209


>> No.29793292

Hes right you know.