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Are you making BANC?

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Seek help or ngmi

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This coin is SHIT
It dumps 10 times as fast as it pumps

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Looks like there's a proposal for $GRT rewards on the Bancor voting section.

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Vote it down

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>he faps when someone posts a girl on 4chan

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Bancor is going to make us rich

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>311,859.99 BNT needed to free up space in LINK pool


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Can it hit $100?

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did the badger shit get stonewalled?

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>did the badger shit get stonewalled?
its kill
for now

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Diluting rewards to a coin you can already stake on GRTs own platform.
Very low volume so fees don't help.
Don't really why you would use the BNT platform to swap it anyways since it's readily available on Coinbase

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I think it’s hitting 50. It could feasibly hit 100 (it would make it top 10) but honestly who the fuck knows

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good work lads.

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The APY is so high for LM that it will attract millions of dollars of liquidity.
It's actually at a high volume for being whitelisted for less than a week.
You can buy USDT, LINK, ETH, and BTC on Coinbase, but they have high volume on Bancor.

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I would swap it if they have Arbitrum or L2 enabled, GRT is a great swing trade coin

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allright, I'm about to get a nice BNT stack, however I have to sell some other shitcoins for that. Would you rather sell AKRO or QNT for BNT?

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https: discord.gg TnkVJW5p

next 10x meme token

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It is kill for now.
There are 3 new ones
unironically, the only one would be uni, wtf is a rook, and grt has its own staking so fuck that pos.

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you can not use the same argument for every coin, ROOK has a lot of liquidity added in a short time and GRT is so cheap that it makes a lot of fucking sense to swing trade it. Problem is that the fees are so high right now.

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if you had to pick?

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Top 10 coins will have great volume anywhere. Not comparable.

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What’s a make it stack

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Are we in a bull trap right now or a bear trap?

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Doesn’t matter. Just stake for a year

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I think in both cases you want to stake it here, unless you want to sell your ETH, LINK, or BTC. In a bull market you profit from the price rises and in a bear market you profit from the IL protection.

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Lol at the idiots trusting the imf to make them rich.

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Better way to think is mcap. Bnt should be where UNI is at, minimum.

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Lost some bancor earlier swinging, how do I recover?

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Trade it for vBNT, wait a few weeks and trade back to BNT when peg is closer to 1:1

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Didn’t think of this. I have 1000 or so staked but another 250 sitting around. Trade for vbnt and trade back when we’re nearer 1:1 might be a nice play...

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can I stake with 150BNT?

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Yeah but you will need Eth for the gas and they need to be locked up for a long time to pay for the gas.

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This guys buy order is not a bot rugpull, he's holding up the price on his own as btc falls.
14k left to fill.

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>makes more revenue than most top 50 defi projects including aave, balancer, snx, curve, ren etc etc

wtf how is this still so undervalued?

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It was on its way steadily up until btc took a shit

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So, I am going to receive APR + Rewards per year, right?

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>mfw BNClets got REKT by the death spiral price movements and are having a DAILY SUPPORT GROUP THREAD
>mfw the legendary Dr. BearWolf is not surprised at LOW ENERGY BNClets
>mfw massive coordination attack on the immortal CryptoMessiah by BNClets with personal attacks and death threats

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I own 162 BNT

Dont Bully me I just keep buying and holding cause I dont know how to stake

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>up over 2.5x this month even during dip

>massive coordination attack

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>>mfw BNClets got REKT by the death spiral price movements and are having a DAILY SUPPORT GROUP THREAD

yeah nice death spiral there, just happened to hold up better than 95% of the market, total DEATH SPIRAL BRO

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What you have failed to consider is that my bancies remain danky

Also I bought at sub $2 so get fucked

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>Diluting rewards
what is the meaning of rewards?