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>that'll be 0.1139 ETH plus tip

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use loopring

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use coinmetro

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Pls think of the poor miners https://stopeip1559.org/

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+ 10% donation to PoC surely? #FairFi

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at least you have the decency to tip your liquidity provider, there are so many assholes out there who don't tip you wouldn't believe

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Do Americans really tip on uniswap, or is it meme?

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The future of decentralized exchanges is coming, and it will be sooner than you think.

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use sneeds feed and seed formerly chucks fuck and suck

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>literally dumping

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Fuck off nigger

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Not much time left to buy the dip :->

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Post reeks of curry

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>Trade didn't go through


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does this gif suggest uniswap is for trannies?

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>literally dumped from $500 to $400 after going from $200 to $500!!!
what a shitcoin amirite?

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I like how this shit always tries to ignore orion. You know the one that has both CEX and DEX liquidity and doesn’t take custody of your coins.

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You really are this stupid?

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Literally who?

Do you do gasless trades then? Or did you spend $50 on gas to buy chi gas tokens first to "save" money?

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For trannies by trannies

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>he thinks 1inch is only on the Ethereum network
The absolute state of quickswap shills

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Shilling a centralized scamchain to anyone with knowledge about crypto is a losing battle.

Consider also that it doesn't matter, since moving the logo of 1inch a column to the right still makes it worse in every regard. Here's your update, faggot.

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If its too much for you, don’t participate poorfag. Others are and will continue to do so. Go get a day job.

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>Shilling a centralized scamchain to anyone with knowledge about crypto is a losing battle.
>losing battle
My portfolio certainly isnt losing. Follow the liquidity or stay poor

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>worse in every regard.
Show liquidity stats in your image

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>follow the liquidity
follow your own advice. Quick tripled in liquidity in the past few days.

So fill me in, why did people start using Pancakeswap over Uniswap? Uniswap had higher liquidity, right?

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Anyone paying ETH fees right now by not using quickswap is absolutely retarded

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don't be a retard, 200 dollars to send virtual tokens should not be defended

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>still using niggerswap when uniswap exists

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