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Anon who shilled QUICK at $200 here.

The dust from the miner flash crash has settled, showing the strength of /ourcoins./ Barely a scratch.

Both MATIC and QUICK barely took a hit from the crash.
MATIC has already rebounded to predump levels and QUICK will follow shortly and continue its push to $1000 end of month.

I expect $1 MATIC by mid March and minimum $1500 QUICK by that time.


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Sadly i only show the shill at 500$ and now it's around 400$ i hope you're right

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the first decentralized exchange on MATIC has been released at: https://quickswap.exchange/
governance token (not needed but similar to UNI and mooning): https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/quick
previous threads: >>29493461 >>29389799
how to use:
>go to https://wallet.matic.network/
>deposit ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 (matic mainnet)
>pay gas fee once to transfer on/off layer 2.
>add Matic Network to Metamask (instructions here: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/metamask/config-matic/)
>your ETH is now on layer 2 and you can use Quickswap and swap tokens for less than a penny. takes a few seconds.

Quickswap has devs from top projects like aave, 10/10 pajit team

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>Copy/paste threads
Smells like curry in here

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Should I move my 1500 fanties to QUICK?

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>Only working layer 2 solution
>Only working layer 2 dex

This shit is a no brainer guys. Fuck avax, fuck dot, fuck ADA. This is the real play.

>Aavegotchi being released on Quickswap soon
>The next BSC but decentralized

MATIC will do a BNB very soon as everyone will want to get in on Quickswap shitcoin moonshots. This will drive a SHITLOAD of demand for MATIC and everyone will quickly realize how good the MATIC network is as a layer 2 solution.

I am personally all in on QUICK / MATIC for these reasons. Will we flip Uniswap? Probably not. But could we do $2billion market cap? It's very possible. Even at $1billion, which is half that of SUSHI right now, we will have a 15x from here.

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OP here,

In my opinion you should wait for FTM to recover before you sell it. I think it's a good project which will recover shortly. Up to you though.

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how kind of you to not call me retarded for holding scamtom. thank you, I highly appreciate your input.

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Aavegotchi will release on 3/2 and will shift the Matic network to overdrive which in turn means more transaction for Quickswap.

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Not only more transactions, but a shitload of demand for MATIC, GHST and QUICK.

Smart money will buy now, stupid money will buy in after all these tokens have mooned.

A toast to those smart pepes who bought before the great moon shot!

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Bought yesterday and bought more today in the dip this is a nobrainer

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I want to believe. But I don't understand how matic can be valuable when there are so many and gas is cheap. What else is it used for?

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add DB (Dark.Build) to the list, will make us rich!

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It's like ETH so can be used to purchase on the MATIC network.

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$1000 EOW
most big coins do this man...

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It's PoS, so it's needed for running a node and delegating to one. Besides, most people treat these coins like stocks. Even the token is not needed, it'll go up massively just from successful integrations with more and more products.

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Think about how much of that $650M TVL of FARM is coming over...

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every day

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Buy the Fucking Dip

Last chance before new floor at $500.

Meanwhile, MATIC is trying to break ATH to go for another run.

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I hold MATIC and Rubic, thinking of getting quickswap for the L2 trifecta.

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its gotta be supremely comfy farming quickies in the MATIC/QUICK pool rn

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Matic/Quick are solid holds and I've got a bag of both from $200 doing liq mining. But everyone be aware there are other "working layer 2 solutions" - so remember to diversify.

Also Matic/polygon is a plasma sidechain, not L2.

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So MATIC is the token used to pay transaction fees on this network? If the fees are so incredibly low, what will drive the price of the token up? I got a suicide stack btw.

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>Also Matic/polygon is a plasma sidechain, not L2.
That's exactly what the rebrand to Polygon was for. They'll be much more than just a sidechain.

Staking nodes

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>Staking nodes
I see! Validator nodes eh. Can anyone create one?

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whats a suicide /make it stack for both matic and quick?

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Polygon the internet of Ethereum.

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I believe so yes, although I'm not sure on the specifics. Binance actually created a node recently.

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150k make it
20k suicide

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10 quick and a lot of matic

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What r u gonna do? I checked your ID, you fucking shiller
>Go home poor nigger

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I'm guessing you're talking about matic.

I have 11 quick right now and only 1200 matic. I should stack some more.

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Based ranjesh

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>QUICK will follow shortly
well hurry up already

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It's lower liquidity due to being unlisted on major exchanges. Just give it a few hours

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Cheapest way to buy?

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On Quickswap itself

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I used ramp.network and paid with my debit card to have the MATIC deposited in my Matic Wallet. I paid a fee of about 2.5%. KYC only took a few minutes but the transfer of tokens took several hours since they are swamped with transactions right now. But customer support seemed pretty good and I generally trust them. Just have to be patient.

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Regarding setting up a validator node, it looks like anyone can do it but you need to go through a morshu beatbox's worth of coding to get there


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add Matic to your Metamask (see image)

move funds from main to matic wallet(you pay fees ther)

use quickswap (runs in L2 matic) and buy the coins:

now that you are in Matic network the fees are so cheap that 1 matic can last you forever.

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don't forget to use the PoS bridge. some goofs are still using the Plasma bridge and getting cucked hard.

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no idea whats that I'll look into it, thanks

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You can use either PoS or Plasma to bridge tokens. Plasma takes an eternity and should only be used for the MATIC token. It's really simple but not properly explained anywhere on the site itself.

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