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what farms are you in atm biz?

new projects to look out for?

my blue chips

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how bout you suck on deez nuts bitch

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Thinking of putting more in absol though, since they're releasing staking next week

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egg in the viking pool

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Subtle shill. Not buying your pokemon coin. gb2 telegram.

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does it pay better than this?

if not you should move those egg to squirrel.finance

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That Wooper token did a 800% when they released farms, Absol will likely do the same

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be rude not to go nutzdeep sukhdeep

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yes, I'm still losing money though

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ah LP, yeah can be risky sometimes

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I'm farming NUTS atm

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>yea I am a noavaxer why?

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Farms are scams. Period!

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>Bought bnb at 273

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smart, squirrel.finance is my fav play atm

tg seems solid

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scam pajeet shill

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Any WAULT boys over here? Are we mooning bros? $100 EOM is actually possible?

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im doing farm.br34p.finance/

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how is squirrel.finance a scam?

>trusted eth project for 6 months
>actual onchain insurance
its new shit anon, easy 10x once CZ notices it

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I'm going to invest in mochimo. I heard they are going fire. Why dont you try it too! Thats a great profit to earn

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Zero utility. Just a backup of coins as collateral just in case withdraw fails. Any farm can do this

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Lotus has 5000% apr in staking at the moment

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>missed pancake
>missed viking
>missed taste
You better not miss out on this:
t . me/bunnyfinance

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Vikings and yIMPS

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Shhhhh, let us farm

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I picked up a few Tulips after the airdrop (sold my airdrop then bought back after crash)

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$MCM $DAO $LINK and launchprotocol.

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when bnb @$500
also farming earth and viking pool on autofarm

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>the concept of onchain insurance is zero utility

so UNI & CAKE are useless as anyone can just clone their dex?

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Delete this

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bear and teddy making serious moves today.
staking for both shortly with expected high APR. take a look, dev is doxxed and team is solid.
no poorfags allowed coin is over $450 each atm
bears dot finance/farms

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>want to look for legit or semi legit shit to profit
>enter tg
>full of pajeets and nigerians
>wen coingecko
>when cmc
>we applied stop asking
>1 hour pass
>I invested yesterday and it's down! this is scam
>I put my life savings at the top
>shit releases and it goes 5x like every other project that releases, then goes down because there's no support
FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. I'm so fucking mad fuck these niggers pajeets monkeys.

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this is only the beginning, once more niggers and pajeets find out about defi it will be a hell of a cesspool to navigate through as long as u found reliable non-nogged groups and members

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tried @SquirrelDeFi ?

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>bought BNB when it was at 297
>only losing money since
Should I try buying some of the bsc shitcoins to farm or something?
I feel like a dumbass for buying so late into BNB.

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Pretty solid portfolio, considering the amount of shitcoins on BSC

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VIKING, EGG, CAKE and BAKE. I've been early in all of them except for BAKE, which is the only one that has left me with small losses, but it was also my smallest investment. I cashed out initial investments in all of them and have just been farming out the tokens now. I'm also holding a bit of LASAGNA and TACO, mainly for the meme, LASAGNA already paid for its investment and TACO should as well by tomorrow morning if it doesn't rugpull (they are both a fork of EGG, so it should be good). Overall feeling pretty comfy with my BSC returns, can't wait for all of it to go to shit.

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Check out RAKE
AUTO clone, very high apy pools. It's fucking PRINTING right now

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fucking retard, you should have swapped to BUSD and swung on the way down like I did.
you're ngmi

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>no Viking

yikes, enjoy the losses on goose as people rotate

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you should checkout NUTS, lets you farm with most tokens people mentioned here


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slime finance

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Bdollar and BOLTdollar
>farming shares with stablecoins
>farming stablecoins with shares
>swapping the gains for USDC every day and tucking them away
Almost made back my principle already, also:
Cake (beefy x auto)
BNB-TEN (tenet.farm)

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with prices low rn its the best time to dump your LP as you will get more eggs(whatever shitcoin your in) then stake in the pool. then when the price swings up again you can go back into LP. this is the best strategy to avoid the impermanent loss and get maximum gains

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egg, viking in nuts, also lotus

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Put a lot into 1inch. 1000% APY promotion on a well-known project seems good.

Is there some site that makes this chart?

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you should get the fuck out of BSC and into future altcoins because all these shitters have been milked dry and the mania is dead
its possible the hysteria moves from the memeswaps and food shitcoins into NFTs soon too

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Crosschain ETH farming + emission halving + token burning mechanism while maintaining same yield soon. https://pancakebunny.medium.com/frequently-asked-questions-feb-2021-3d2e211bf38a. This is as cheap as it’s going to get.

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I don't think this will happen. Viking literally doesn't have a single feature planned it seems. Egg is about to release incubators and layered farming.

I'd like to know a reason to put money in viking but they're not giving me one.

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>go to a centralized copypaste clone of ethereum to gamble on rugpulls
>act surprised most of the audience is 80 IQ thirdworlders
literally slapping your own face

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Can I get a quick rundown on AutoFarm

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>I don't think this will happen. Viking literally doesn't have a single feature planned it seems. Egg is about to release incubators and layered farming.
>I'd like to know a reason to put money in viking but they're not giving me one.
they're literally just copy/pasting egg. whatever egg gets viking will follow. viking is going onto NUTs tonight just egg did yesterday

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wynaut and meowth farm.

Ya I know it is scamcoin but I am making around 1200 meowths a day and it tramslates to around 120$ a day.

As long as it goes it goes....I allready got out with my initial investment and got pure gains now

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Anyone here in taste.finance? Launched only a couple of days ago and already over 40 mil TVL, haven't seen a single thread about it on /biz/.

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taste -> viking -> goose fork, apparently solid

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Easily the best of all bsc projects, and I've been in a bunch.

Devs and community active on telegram, farming any day https://apoyield.xyz/#home

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anyone good at understanding impermanent loss?

I have a theory about how to make money farming LP tokens on Autofarm, and I was looking for someone to help explain why this is dumb.

1.EGG is not a rugpull and will be the Sushiswap of BSC
2. EGG pumped, will have a strong correction, but will rebound hard and push to $1B MC

Theory to shit on:
1. Create BUSD/EGG LP tokens at $100
2. Farm on Autozone
3. Collect massive returns in the form of LP tokens
4. Price corrects and dumps to shit, making impermanent loss look very scary
5. Whole time collecing large amount of LP tokens
6. Price rebounds over a period of time (month or two)
7. Sell all my farmed LP tokens at $100 for solid profit

Why is this retarded?

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yield aggregator. auto compounds for you.

i've made a shit ton of cake on there

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so if i were to stake stablecoins, autofarm would be a good choice?

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Not interested in a shit tier eco system..

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Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke Smoke


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glacier swap of course!

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I dunno, it seems a little suspect how they've got 40 mil TVL in like two days without any hype. I joined the tg and the first thing I saw was the main admin posting "We hit $14.5, let's goo. Pump pump" which is never a good sign. Apparently the site is bugged and displaying 10x higher APR than they really are lol. I think I'll pass, at least for now.

Yeah, auto is very comfy, I put my VIKING and EGG LP tokens there. Let's me follow my earnings on yieldwatch.net too.

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>>>trusting the chinese

You already lost your crypto

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you just gotta rotate these shitcoin farms to get the best apy, i went from goose to viking and will probably return to goose once incubation update comes. keep an eye on lower mc shitcoin farms like saltswap and yieldnyan also

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>15000% apr
>still barely outpacing the fucking price dumps

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I think this taste.finance is a total scam, the APRs were fake, the market cap is fake, probably even the TVL is faked.

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These cheeky fucks, they just faked every number on the site and hope nobody notices lol.

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staking meowth X)

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>EGG pumped, will have a strong correction, but will rebound hard and push to $1B MC
no guarantee it will rebound

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is it actually 1000%? once I click on farming it show 120% APY ot something

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Trust me I hate these niggers too. Especially the
>make a 4chan!!
retards. I want to exterminate them all

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