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This coin is NOT COMFY
The team tweeted out that there will. E news coming up, billions of threads saying theres news this week, we're at the end of the week and all we got was an AMA (a good ama yes, but not the announcements.)

I'm never selling, but dont listen to my fellow prq bagholders, dont buy if you hate being kept up by long, mysterious, possibly false promises.

This coin is gonna moon yes, but fate loves fucking with us before good things happen and that shit will not easily happen as the shills make it sound.

Prq is a painful test of endurance

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You know im right.

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where did you buy in anon?
I got in at .23 and I feel damn comfy.

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at about half past 2 yesterday afternoon

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I think I just despise being told vague timeframes for when something will occur (my lousy dad pulled that shit all the time so it may be a personal tic, I dint know)
I need to stop thinking about it until its time

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I mean you aren't wrong, but I still hate you..

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Fren, I don't want you to suffer if you're easily gassed by hopium like myself.
I.dont do it out of malice.
That being said, I do not recommend selling, the bogging will be the likes of which one can barely imagine, if you sell

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Should have bought GRT

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when is this shit going to be on a real exchange

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>mfw I'm 50/50 DEXG and PRQ

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If you bought this shit months ago like when it was shilled constantly you feel absolutely nothing except price go up haha

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Lower your expectations faggot, all you are doing is piggybacking... Just walk away from the screen and get a hobby

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how big are your stacks anons? let me see how big and thick those stacks are?

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lmao 175 @ 1.30 ish

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Just want to be a millionaire and make passive income on IQ protocol already.
Every minute they wait to announce these news items is another minute I spend in the actual boiling hellfire of my wage cage.
As they dunk the boiling steel cage into ice cold water to keep me alive I am pained, but not surprised, to find that once again I am submerged in the crab tank.
The crabs don't attack because they are hungry, only because they are bored. Bored of life as crab, crabbing day in and day out.
Just before I die from my thousand tiny cuts of the hateful crab- the smart triggers take me back in time.
Not too far that I may remember peace, just to the morning alarm.
To the roasting bars of my cage.
To the cruel dunking and the hateful snips of the crab.

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What hobbies do you have?
Havent drawn or exercised much since I bought in

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I play vidya, lift 4 days a week, and work as a freelance translator.

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What is your stack anon?

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>threads contain no technical discussion, only price speculation
>constant comparisons to chainlink, how the project is similar or superior
>hype for future announcements or developments that never come, and if they do come they're dissappointing
>token holders get very upset when the project is criticized, like it's a personal attack or something
>controlled by whales that constantly dump
just a couple of red flags i've noticed that is common among shitcoins with no future, like parsiq.
the tokenomics of parsiq isn't that great either. a lending pool which will have a lot of greedy neets who want to make money doing nothing of off not that many paying users. a lot of supply and little demand, which will lead to a very small % payout for the lenders, and a lot of seething bagholders.

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43k stack

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sup faggot, you're right, but also not, prq threads have turned into a shitfest since pice started to move
you should have been here in august to dec

i don't post anymore really, so take shit one as a gift to (you)

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At worst it just keeps crabbing, what have you got to lose?

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Pretty sure every in on PRQ already knows the technical aspects of it. It's compared to chainlink because it can be considered 'similar' to it. Announcements are coming according to the team. A lot of people get emotionally invested in their investments, dunno what to tell you other than that. Whales don't control the majority at all, look at holders on etherscan.

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Lifting, reading, hiking, working on an old car and mini painting. A lot of self improvement cope but it keeps me busy while waiting to be rich
>t. 175k snips

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reminder that PRQ has barely dipped over the last week despite the entire market crashing 15-20%

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You’re partially right, the only reason there’s little discussion about the technology is because it’s been crabbing so long, aside from shitposting there isn’t much else to do.
The earlier threads were a lot better.

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this. i bought a week. ago. just hold fagota

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yea but overall it crabs upwards

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prq will never be like grt, seethe nerds

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how much prq are you holding anon

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>> 3 million daily volume.
Seriously, get out while you still can.
This thing is on life support. Nobody wants this steaming pile or horse bollocks.

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this faggot isn't holding PRQ - its a Tranny!!
shoooo shoooo you dirty GRTranny!!!

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Why do you GRTrannies always have to compare when these are completely 2 different projects?

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this Tranny is so nervous she knows we will overtake them in a couple days.

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the crab before the storm

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>freelance translator.
Ewwww... why speak anything other than gods chosen language? I really dislike the arrogance of people to try and speak foreign when English exists.

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Weeks only end on friday for Wagies. For NEETs, the week ends on Sunday evening. We wake up Monday morning relexed, ready to start a new week while Wagie has already been up for hours to make sure Mr. Nosenstein's shoes are shined and that he has his coffee.

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Thats true ! No one wanna holds that long. So I just saw Mochimo posted over biz and is getting great attention.

Cool to see a project actually doing something new

Check it out here too mochimo.org

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I wish I knew about PRQ back then. I'm barely even with my DCA (just started buying this month).

You have any other projects you're watching? I've unfortunately been all in Link and missed out on this bull run

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Hobbies are for faggots and normies. I get no enjoyment out of life. Catching fish is gay. Chasing around a ball is gay. Drawing pictures is for gay children. Video games are for gay children. All hobbies are gay.

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Go to the gym you enormous faggot. You're gonna need gains to smack around Commies when shit hits the fan.

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What's a make it stack and suicide stack? I will buy 10k prq right this fucking instant if you think it will 10x by EOY

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>gods chosen language?
Thats nihongo

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Lifting weights is for faggots. I have no need for moving heavy objects repeatedly.

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this thing oscillates like clockwork. I could be a millionaire already if I had simply set up a bot that buys at 1.15 and sells at 1.35 over and over again.

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last one's to the moon's a bender!

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but we already knew this..... we need another announcement!!!

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not until the pump from this one has settled

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announcement #1

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Bought it at 0.12$ so i am comfy as fuck

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wow what a load of nothing...

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Poompa poompa

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so many fags instadumping on the announcement

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really makes you think hmm

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Stable coin

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we're not gonna pump are we

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yeah fuck this shitcoin im going to shave my dad

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>D..d-don't worry guys there's.. there's still 5 more...
Time to get over your sunk cost fallacy.

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What the fuck was that! A PUMP FOR ANTS!?!

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kek, rolling for 10 minutes

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>le tranny
if you arent holding both grt and prq you wont make it this alt season

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>im going to shave my dad
Shit sucks but damn anon that's pretty worrying

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3.38 hrs

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the bush is coming off!! fuck you! my parsiq makes me fart kiss

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didn’t we already know about this?

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27 hours

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We did, yes. But we are heavily autistic. Non-autistic people didn't know because they just look at the parsiq twitter and website.
Actually we already know most of the upcoming announcements.

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Holder amount isn't changing from announcements it's all priced in atm. IQ is probably the only one that will pump us.

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it was just announced. it needs to get shilled on youtube, move through various communities, etc. it's like saying the game is over after 3 minutes of the first quarter

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game over sell now fartpiss

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only the major exchange listing will bring us up big at this point. people are barely aware of this project

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>2x ID

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Checked based and stable-pilled

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Checked based and parsiqpilled

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They fucked us by announcing during a dump week. Anatoly didn’t want us above 1.50 and he got his fucking wish

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This is great pasta

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