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$20 meal in Chicago, Illinois

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looks bretty gud

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>1000 calorie meal

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Do you guys really call kielbasa a "polish no homo" or is that strictly a black thing?

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fucking disgusting grease pit

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God damn I’m gonna have to get me some of that today

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imagine not getting one of those delicious cold beers they sell there as well

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lol the sandwich alone is probably over 2000 what are you smoking and he's got 2 sides of sauce, fries and whatever's in the cup

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Ewwww, why do you eat that shit? And $20? I get a proper meal served in a restaurant for that. You literally can't justify living in Burgerlands, guns just don't even it out anymore.

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american cuisine is disgusting

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>walks out of restaurant
>gets shot
Chicago has the best food because of the murder rate. No one knows when a meal might be their last.

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Yeah that’s a 5kcal meal

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>living in Chiraq

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lol wut? Portillos is overpriced and bad. Why don't you just go to Butera or Jewel?

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Looks Fire to be honest.

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I have a portillo’s down the street from me and that meal is probably $9 after tax. But i would pay $20 for it yes.
Btw shoutout Chicagobros

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Portillos or whatever is all over the Midwest now. I like the beef and cheddar croissant.

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Further proof Chicago should have been left in ashes after the cow burned it down.

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$20 meal in FL

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Looks like a bag of puke.

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Dang is this a viral ad for Portillios? Doesn't matter I'm going to have to get some of that tonight.

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nice digits. They call it polish sausage. But at portillo’s they serve italian sausages. No homo.

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whats with those wet hot dog buns
why do americans spit in the face of our ancestors by not even respecting the basics such as bread?

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is this is sanford?

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totally clear beer...
jeezus what in the christ is going on over there!
i still dream of going to texas and larping as a texas ranging shooting a big iron but this is making me lose hope of even that
i just wanna... ameri-can d-d-dream :( *sniff*

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its a frosted glass m8

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is the cake shake good?

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Please return this Jägerschnitzel back to its rightful owner in Germany, thank you!

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Oh yes my god sergey...........most pungent..........BRRRRPPPAPAPPP....ah yes.. give me more I’m a true link marine sir yes

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portilos is the biggest fucking meme in chicago. their food is extremely mediocre and turbo normies will line up around the block to pay way too much for food just because the building looks ye olde time.

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i've heard it referred to as a "glizzy"

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It's not just an American thing...
Italian beef sandwiches are often dipped (the ends) in the beef sauce before serving them.
But yeah I agree that it becomes a soggy mess. Too much sauce/filling is not good IMO.

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Isn't schnitzel from Austria originally?
Yes master nulinkers deserve death. Please binance me again.

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you misspelled Lou Malnati's

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fuck that place too

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> without taxes, extra charges, tip, niggerfee

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>Isn't schnitzel from Austria originally?
you burgers are hilariously uneducated

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ngl that looks preddy fucking good
im a yuropoor we dont get delicious sandwiches like that here :(

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Based Portillos. Although, it needs more Italian beef with cheese on a croissant in this picture...really the only choice

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anons dont listen to this guy hes just trying to be contrarian. Portillo's is good as fuck.

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normie alert. how many tattoos do each of you have?

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That's what my german coworkers told me.

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>But i would pay $20 for it yes.
>Btw shoutout Chicagobros

yeah, that's about $10 post tax with hot peppers :)

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Looks disgusting and shouldn't cost more than $5 wtf

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fuck you niggers. Lou Malnati’s has the best thin crust pizza in existence. Giordano’s has the best deep dish.

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That’s the point. We live in a totally jewified society where a poor man’s meal is $20

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retard alert.

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You supposed to take the picture before you shiting it

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wtf is with these threads?

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Almost 10% the monthly minimum wage in my country

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Shill me your best thin crust and deep dish, faggot

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Eat at home if you're fucking poor.

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let me comb through all of chicago's pizzerias to change your mind on a chain restaurant. ill pass.

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That’s why you’re a retard and probably not even from here. Get from round here nigger!

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imagine being proud about being from this shithole city thats also in america's worst state.

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You're full of shit.
Big beef w/hot and sweet $10.11
Lg Cheese fries $3.64
Lg soda $2.95

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No, it's fucking not you dumb mother fucker. Shit is so expensive at Portillos now. The quality has dropped significantly since Dick sold the company to the fucking chinks

>> No.29760165

and there goes monica, who went and bought a new car

tsk tsk tsk

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isn't portillos like the most touristy place ever?

>> No.29760772

Exactly and after tax you can say goodbye to that Andrew Jackson funny money

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I am not proud, I’m ashamed of my city. What am i gonna do, run away? I’m an optimist so as I grow and succeed here I will try to root out the black and jewish corruption

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Legit everything looks terrible except the drink. God I love ice drink sodas. Guilty pleasure.

>> No.29760982

both. if you're in a polish neighborhood you can buy it by the kilo.

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Sure. I don’t really see many tourists at portillos though. Just niggers. How do niggers afford to eat there every day? Claiming 18 kids on welfare right? Has to be.

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>What am i gonna do, run away?
yes. there is nothing for us here dummy. jb pretzel is just trying to set himself up for his failed presidential bid, lightfoot talks out of both sides of her mouth like a true chicago mayor, neither illinois or chicago lawmakers can pass a law that isn't unconstitutional or know what a constitution is. this state is and has always been run by retards, but we are retards for continuing to live here. im planning my exit and i hope you are too.

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I never see niggers at my local portillos, probably because I don't live near them.

>> No.29761180

you dont have to live near them, niggers do this thing now where they carjack someone in chicago and go on robbing sprees in the suburbs because they think suburb cops are like chicago to where they cant chase a fleeing car.

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No, I’m gona stay until I can buy a penthouse condo and take a nice SHIT off my balcony onto the homeless niggers below, and then I’ll go buy maybe 100 acres in Indiana. And Jb pretzel? Use JB Prickster next time.

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look, i think its funnier to make fun of fred flinstones weight than just call him a prick.
i dont think you've won anything by paying ridiculous chicago taxes that just go to fund niggers.

>> No.29761398

That is true, I’m pretty sure they won’t chase you if the possible damage caused by a chase is worse than what you’ve been suspected of doing.

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its true in chicago, they dont chase. suburb cops can chase but whats the point. nigger crashes car, they all spill out like roaches, they nab one or two and the DA cuts them loose a week later cuz they good boy they dindu noffin

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I’m currently a student and will never have an actual job. Only taxes I care about are sales, nicotine, and wee—-goddamnit i hate this fucking city

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Somebody put posters around downtown that says Kim Foxx is a kid abusing crook. I wish they just wrote Kim Foxx is a dirty nigger.

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Tisk tisk, how could we let these digits go unchecked

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