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>be me
>first crypto trade
>throw 250$ in
>down 50$ in a few days
is this normal for bitcoin?

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I bought in 2019 at 7k and I was down 50% at one point. Yes it is normal

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Yes. Remember time in the market beats timing the market.

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>bought the top
>surprised when it goes down
never change /biz/

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Let me guess, you decided to get on it because of all the recent hype?
Part of the problem

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yes. just put in another $500

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Crypto's gonna look like shit for the next week or so, then we're off to new ATH. It's just a correction. Don't forget to sell in summer though.

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I feel sorry for you bro.

I have seen Machimo over 4chan biz boards is it a good coin?

can you check

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ParaChain utilizes the SSVM, recognized by IEEE Software as the fastest software execution sandbox, to execute smart contracts.

>>>>>Potential Gem

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ok, i was planning on holding for a while, why do you say that i should sell over the summer?
I was planing on holding for a while, I just created this threat to make sure that this is normal for bitcoin.

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Remeber, if you your crypto drops in value you need to buy more of it to compensate