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>the number of 100k-1MM wallets (excluding sergey's) have been offloading through feb (-6%, ref pic)
>arbitrum nowhere in sight
>staking nowhere in sight
>outperformed by everything during the bullrun
>still debilitated during the correction
>team almost bewilderingly slow for the amount of hands on deck

It's brutal out there.

No one should be surprised it's dumping after OCR was announced though. This is not the kind of announcement that dominates news cycles. This is a technical announcement regarding the health of the system that will increase network usage. Chainlink network usage is well correlated to LINK token price. Everyone seems to have established this as the short-term hopium.

Where's everyone's head at?

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>Where's everyone's head at?
link at $10 or $100 doesn't change anything, not selling.

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Link at $1 doesnt change anything

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I don't really care anymore I'm numb. Never fucking selling.

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Yeah LINK at 1000 eoy or 20c eoy makes no difference.
Jfc. It's the dire straits of cope out here.

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uh oh stinky!

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The market can remain irrational longer than one can stay emotionally invested.

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>It's the dire straits of cope out here.
the only cope here is you trying to get us to sell, fine if its at 1k eoy I'll sell you 1000 linkies.

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Source for whales offloading their link? I was under the impression they were still accumulating.

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How about you go to etherscan and see lazy ass?

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Hey there guys.

Can you check out Mochimo?

I have seen it posted all over but I need to know can I get in now?

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Support has arrived

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How about you lick my nutsack, peasant.

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Does this mean it's a bearfaced lie?

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Fuck off you fucking senile dickhead. I'm trying to be honest about the bullshit and generate some conversation about sentiment.
Here are some ways you could suggest that the bullrun has another leg up to go. You could equally go find some lines that have crossed historically at the peak that crossed before this correction and obviously there aren't a lot of data for these cycles yet. The questions are, if this is to happen:
A) Will it restart in March or after a slower dip over the course of a few months?
B) Will LINK actually be able to make moves against BTC during the altseason window this time around if we get another one?
I'm not very intimidated by a 30% correction. The amount of people losing it in the days before the correction over a -3% move made it somewhat obvious this had to happen, not to mention how much leveraged long bullshit there is around the 40k mark. From LINK's perspective it's definitely in a better position post-OCR but I wouldn't say $36 was exactly the benchmark I was hoping for.

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Well, that guy telling you to look at etherscan to verify is right. That's the real source.
That particular chart though is from here:

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That same article also indicates that it looks incredibly bullish

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You are talking with a deranged discord tranny, why even try to talk to him. Team wallets are still subsidising nodes, that's basically /thread.

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Selling all my LINk. Thanks OP

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honestly someone please just tell me if link is going to moon this year or not, i’m at my wits end and demoralized, please i just want at least $100 link

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This thread is yet another sign its bottomed and either soon to moon or will not go much lower.

All these whiney depresses crybabies are now convinced it cant even go up or at beat extremely skeptical of it due to “considerations” like other alts or whatever BTC does or even the team themselves.
A shit load of linkies capitulated or are still over the past 5 days particularly. We are at the depression stage now and once it tests 65-70k sats in a few days we’ll literally be at the “this really will fail” stage.

It’s been amusing if not annoying watching stacklets and newfags going through this.

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I would suggest everyone just calms their tits. Unless you're concerned with short / medium term volatility, which is dictated by BTC anyway, then I wouldn't care much.

Chainlink just smoothly shipped OCR, signaling that they keep on working and delivering in high quality. It's the backbone for DeFi not just on Ethereum, but on all possible chains.

Just be patient and follow the development with joy. The fundamentals, the memes and the adoption is here. Chainlink has it. Just be patient for fucks sake

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token still doesnt do anything. anyone holding link needs to think about this

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We don’t know bro, all I can say is we’re in this together and I’m not selling until we’re in triple digits. And before one of you faggots chimps out, I intend to sell a small portion of my stack. Not everything.

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Explicit staking

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stake coin get more coin still does nothing

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I have finally accepted my faith really. Currently I have about $450k in LINK and LP. Plan was to wait for $60 per LINK and then sell 10% to finally move out before Summer into a nice apartment and go on a vacation as well. However even if LINK dumps to $10 at which point I'll have about $200k, I'll just sell 20% and move out to a bit cheaper apartment and go on a cheaper vacation. I'm past being angry at LINK's underwhelming price movement during these past weeks of crazy bullrun. My ID bags have also crabbed and dumped back below $0.7(my entry point). Feels like god just doesn't want me to make it off "easy" even though I've been living like a poorfag holding LINK for 3 years. Whatever happens happens. Don't care anymore. LINK might pump in March like Ethereum did in 2017 of March, but the more time goes on the more deluded it sounds.

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>Link support thread

Haha that's funny because link chart currently has no bottom

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>I'm trying to be honest about the bullshit and generate some conversation about sentiment.
Your 1st /biz/ thread? People don't want truth here. This is /pol/ 1.1. They want delusion and lies.

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Last time these threads came up we were at 12 dollars in Dec
We are almost there. I think scam wicks to 16-17.5 will be the finale.
One more thread by uncle at 22.3. Scam wick down and we are free.

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>China is wanting to destroy a vital infrastructure to crypto
>Just because it's not their copy-pasted Etherium called Binance coin
Giving China any economic footing was a mistake. They're going to send the whole world into the dark ages because they cannot handle themselves.

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something something buy when street on blood
i forgot tho

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how fucking new are you?

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i sure am worried, fellow og link holder (ticker:LINK)
i'm definitely thinking of selling my 100k stack, and will be losing a lot of sleep tonight wondering if i should do so
the return from the investment i made from when this internet coin was only .30c is simply laughable, and i feel completely ashamed for being conned
s and h

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Fuck, you people are truly depressed.
Read my posts.
Let me be clear: I have not sold a single LINK. I held all the way through 2018, all that shit. I would not counsel anyone to sell a single LINK right now. But, performance this run has been shit. It has been rough for us so far and we haven't exactly set a high bar so far for performace. You are not convincing anyone that you aren't feeling it too. I'm trying to get thoughts on what happens next for the remainder of this run (if there is a remainder) and get thoughts on what kind of range we can reach when/if we get the chance to go higher.

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OG linker here just sold 100k we're finished

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Number of wallets holding 100k-1MM coins fell from 280 to 260 lol, its just exchanges dropping below the 100k mark or a couple of whales splitting up their holdings in AMM's etc, it's nothing.
Arbitrum is supposedly still targeting a March launch, though I wouldn't be surprised to see it stretch out til May-June. Like OCR, Arbitrum won't lead to immediate price appreciation, but it will set LINK up nicely for medium/long term gains.
Overall I'm confident there will be a second bullrun later this year, LINK will have it together by then and the groundwork is in place for a much more impressive run. Not selling anytime soon.

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Calm down schizo.
No one can predict the short term future. Too many things to account for and not enough information.
We can all just speculate on the future in the long term by observing past and present trends. Just fucking relax and stop worrying about markets when it's all built on speculation alone. It dumps and pumps on the irrational feelings of speculators.

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I went through 2018 I'm not going anywhere. Fun to see it nearly got me 7 figures but I know what I'm holding.

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You had over three years.

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Nobody gives a fuck about your sentiment.You're a smooth brained moon boy.If you weren't such a new fag you'd know it was ALOT worse @ $1-5.

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>You are not convincing anyone that you aren't feeling it too
no retard we're really not worried. short term price movement means absolutely nothing. no one cares. obviously our faith about its long term potential isn't shaken. there is no
>b-but it's not going up in a straight line
that's just you.

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I'm only fucking around. The only times I've sold were in 2018 to try and swing for more, both times I ended up with less.

I'm up and I'll keep holding until the next bear market if necessary

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based and same. I've got a little 3k stack and it was fun to even see 6 figures recently. I'm holding.

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1-5 dollars felt like hell because we still didn’t really know if it would cross the chasm. This feels boring but not really bothersome

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I agree. I only have a a stacklet but I bought my 1k at ~$1 and bought another 1k DCA all the way up to $30. IDGAF but Reddit is shitting up this board. OP needs to make a gay fake ass YT video.

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>I'm trying to be honest about the bullshit and generate some conversation about sentiment.
well my sentiment is that I am tired and want to retire before I turn 30 (1 year) but I will hold this for 10 years if that's what it takes

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Literally just buy more... wtf lads

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>Where's everyone's head at?
Everytime someone sells their bag because they can't handle the swings(I've seen 70k+ loss in a single day", your bag becomes more valuable. Weak hands transfer value to strong hands, time in the market will always beat timing the market.

I've never felt better about my chainlink bag desu.

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I'm in the same spot, but assuming LINK is used and does go up significantly I'm willing / hoping / excpeting to wait 5 to 10 years. 3k stack here. I need LINK at around $300 which is a pipe dream, but we'll see.

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I already dod. Bought 5k more yesterday while these faggots were crying

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honestly, i am bullish on link but the crypto bullrun is over, literally millions of elon musk zombie normies have bought in, niggers and women are shilling it, it's headline news everyday. crypto will do a -80% soon and LINK as well but it will still be 100$ EO2022

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$300 Link is inevitable. It sickens me how little understanding there is even among Link holders.

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What's the reason for the whales offloading? Are they moving to other cryptos or suppressing price?

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My wallet keeps going down and i’m in the top 1%

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the bullrun just started. nothing you are spouting indicates that it would be over, at all.

Link is still in a prime position to hit a comfortable 3 digits this year. if staking goes live during the mania phase in the latter stages of the bullrun then $1k will be on the table. BTC dominance is still up from 3 months ago, it was to be expected that btc would outperform for some months after hitting a new ATH, there hasn't been a major alt run yet. it feels like link is performing so poorly since we are used to it leading the market but it is middle of the pack. the "sentiment" around here is fud to make you feel this way

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>some cunt who didn't read my posts.
I have a lower DCA than you. I've held longer than you. I have many multiples more LINK than you. The fact you're shitty at me when I've mostly been posting bullish scenarios is a product of your frustration with underperformance. This is what I mean when I say you people convince no one that you're not frustrated.
To be fair, I think I'd do the same. Do you have a target?
I would agree, however threads back then were some of the best biz has ever produced. I actually found 2018 quite cathartic. I felt I had my chips where I needed them. That has waned some recently. It's mostly that I feel the lack of any roadmap or deadline has been increasingly harder to handle in the context of what's happening this run.
This is broadly where I land. Nonetheless your point about OCR and Arbitrum is exactly right. I have to say the pace of the developments has been below my expectations. Ari, the other compsci PhDs from Harvard and MIT etc, and the rest of the hiring perhaps skewed my perspective.

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$1000 when?

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here are the team wallets, sergey dumping isn't a meme.
1. 0xf37c348b7d19b17b29cd5cfa64cfa48e2d6eb8db (4.09 Million)
2. 0xe0362f7445e3203a496f6f8b3d51cbb413b69be2 (50 Million)
3. 0x75398564ce69b7498da10a11ab06fd8ff549001c (50 Million)
4. 0x5560d001f977df5e49ead7ab0bdd437c4ee3a99e (50 Million)
5. 0xdad22a85ef8310ef582b70e4051e543f3153e11f (37.4 Million)
6. 0xbe6977e08d4479c0a6777539ae0e8fa27be4e9d6 (50 Million)
at this rate he will probably finish dumping wallet 1 sometime in march. who knows if he will resume dumping wallet 5.

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It's more about LINK performance this run - that's all.

>> No.29755348

Lol be mad loser. I didn't make this lame ass post.

>> No.29755390

>LINK at around $300 which is a pipe dream,
A lot of this makes sense now after revealing stack size, no offense intended. I can explain the conundrum you're seeing from the few legitimate worry-posts that's not outright FUD: mid-size stacks (20k-50k), if they haven't left /biz/ or aren't completely too burnt-out or too bored to care like >>29753690 , who are likewise also privy to crypto market dynamics (both of (You) aren't sorry to say). These posters are frustrated at seeing the horrendous performance vs. other top alts and are worried about the highly urgent cut-off between making it this year/having enough security for passive income (2 mil + for the prior, leaving the bull-crash-to-bear with ~500k for the latter if you can stomach your ENTIRE stack being in a pool or custody lending service) and waiting for another 5 YEARS. That's the fear. LINK corrected by 80+% last run (hopefully, being matured, it's only 60-70% this time), and that means if we correct at say $50, we go to $10 for 5 years. Saying "I don't care, I am okay with waiting 5 years" is *completely* retarded in the context of this cycle, because LINK absolutely should go high enough not only for mid-size stacks to make it but even some stacks below 10k. XRP went to 100 fucking billion dollars last cycle. Look at BNB/DOT/ADA market caps and multiply by 3-5, and consider what that would mean for LINK. Larger stacks (75k +) are just chilling because they're already in a fairly good spot.

>It sickens me how little understanding there is even among Link holders.
Tell me about it. Every time I see posts like this ("I really hope for $100 LINK this cycle", without knowing that LINK would have already been nearly $80 with BNB ATH a few days ago) I am flung into rage, only thing that affects me now really, that people can't even bother to think for one fucking second or are this absolutely oblivious to 2017.

>> No.29755428

Yes sergey keep dumping stinks i’ll fucking take it off your hands.

Why the fuck is the team working so hard if you think they’re gonna exit scam? Why do reputable people actually have their name slapped into this project?

>> No.29755509

Maybe you should buy doge.

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>"IDGAF but Reddit is shitting up this board."
>"OP needs to make a gay fake ass YT video."
>"Nobody gives a fuck about your sentiment.You're a smooth brained moon boy.If you weren't such a new fag you'd know it was ALOT worse @ $1-5."
Oh yep okay zen master.

>> No.29755606

You sound like a knowledgeable OG, thanks for not trolling when I was on here early last year. Managed to get a 12k stack since I read the writing on the wall.

>> No.29755622

>if you think they’re gonna exit scam?
I don't think that? He's just taking some profits along the way up, and will probably buy back when everything crashes.

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So when we get out of this red zone we should be good right? right?

>> No.29755877

Exactly. It's not hard to wrap your head around any of this. Not everything is a psyop discord group conspiracy whatever. Pretending you don't care about the impact of the impending correction is just complete cope.

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do you use celsius? should i use it? i mean my link is on binance anyways i think earning 65k usd a year is too good to be true

>> No.29756124

I use Celsius and I really like it. If I were you I would put most of that on Celsius or Blockfi and keep a small amount elsewhere.

>> No.29756238

If biz didn’t fud the fuck out of link, we would be at 40B+ by now.

Google chainlink and look how much shit about it being a scam comes up. Biz did a number on the seo.

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I sold my link for GRT in january and it was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. I felt bad for betraying the LINK marines, but then I realised. I had been holding LINK for 2 years, and it had:
>no working product
>no roadmap
>barely any communication with the team
>consistently underperforming the market
>usecase is flawed and even if they do get a working product, only limited growth potential
>fake partnerships
I sold my LINK and never looked back, and to be honest, I was in a cult. whenever LINK would shit the bed or fail to moon, LINK marines would think it is because of a deliberate effort by BTC wales and jews. I should know, I was one of them. The truth is, LINK sucks and I wouldnt be surprised if in a years time it turns out to be a pump and dump of epic scale.

>> No.29756500

>Bought 5k more yesterday

how? wtf..

>> No.29756600

If we ever get out

>> No.29756709

LINK is like an abusive relationship. after a while you just give up trying and you're too afraid to break up with it out of fear so you cope by telling yourself deep down it loves you.

>> No.29757031

Great stuff, and very impressive stack for getting in 2020.

I don't currently use Celcius but I have been strongly considering it for a while. Will probably split a third of my stack between Celcius and Gemini. It's all up to you if you can stomach the risk of insolvency during the crash or rehypothecation investments going awry in some other way. I would suggest considering what amount of passive income would make sense for you right now (annual expenses, re-investment options, etc.), weigh the risk against the percentage of your portfolio and the potential value post-bull, and make the decision off of that.

>> No.29757197

GRT needs chainlink to succeed and its currently dumping. You're a dumbfuck

>> No.29757244

>I actually found 2018 quite cathartic. I felt I had my chips where I needed them. That has waned some recently. It's mostly that I feel the lack of any roadmap or deadline has been increasingly harder to handle in the context of what's happening this run.

I sympathize with this and I think the quality of discussion and posting around then was what gave us a sort of peace of mind. You have to realize though that the team has always been basically silent, nothing has really changed other than insane adoption and usage. It is just happening within a different market context now. I think its really the downward shift in the board and the discussions which has triggered a feeling that there is now a distinct lack of roadmap even though nothing has changed. Or rather, the change has been that actually link is now securing billions in value on chain which is bullish

>> No.29757530

Just bought 10 more today.
I am slowly but surely accumulating.
I think triple digits is inevitable now.
Just gonna accumulate until I am satisfied.

>> No.29757535

/biz/ doesnt influence LINK price action
The only thing we did was meme redditniggers and the dumbfucks out of a suicide stack of 10k LINK

>> No.29757598

>downward shift in the board and the discussions which has triggered a feeling that there is now a distinct lack of roadmap even though nothing has changed.
Pretty sure this is what they cant reconcile with.

>> No.29757768

Good. Don't come back

>> No.29758035

my head is at your big schnoz rabbi, never selling $1000 eoy

>> No.29759120

The better threads I've managed to create are typically focused on particular fundamentals or technicals but mainly centred on DeFi because that's the good stuff. Total value locked is the still the best place to rest your head for now. Still, I'm already at peace with these things. Drawing it back into the current cycle is the issue.
You're right the team's approach hasn't changed, we're 3+ years on from the 2018 crash and as the project grows it becomes increasingly less understandble for there to be no insight on progress. Throwing money into a black box is one of the more difficult aspects of holding this token at the moment.

>> No.29759289

>this run

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As a serious investor, the OCR announcement has me extremely worried. According to the devs themselves, OCR introduces 10x the efficiency when it comes to gas fees, which means 10x less of the amount of needed Eth, and 10x the amount of data a single Link can process. If you multiply 10*10, you get x100 less need of the Chainlink token, which was already not necessary to begin with. This of course means 100x less value, which would, in it's current state, place the price of a single Link token at $0.25. I'm really worried, should I consider selling?

>> No.29759918

You can tell link is a scam because if sergey was actually russian he'd have an accent. Its all a psyop

>> No.29759924

I'm to stupic to understand what is happening. Just hodl.

>> No.29760119

Big if true.

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Ty anon, almost sold

>> No.29760679

thank (You) for giving me hope. I admittedly bought into some of these coins without understanding them at all, and my intention very soon is to go thru Princeton's series of crypto lectures: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNcSSleedtfyDuhBvOQzFzQ

If you all have other information resources to recommend please post em

>> No.29760864

As soon as you try to understand the market you lose

>> No.29761441

BNB was at $46bn market cap at one point. That would mean about $115 per LINK. LINK should already be at $20bn cap($50). It's really ridiculous that it's sitting at rank 9 below Litecoin even.

>> No.29761878

I should have stated differently - my intention isn't to understand the market, it's to understand the technology.

>> No.29762427

>Arbitrum is supposedly still targeting a March launch
Source on this?

>> No.29762484

seconding this, past month ive seen an uptick in this comment and literally no ones ever provided sauce

>> No.29762539

What is a realistic price estimate in 2 years?

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>Sergey it was a good idea to limit the token of the price to a cup of coffee
Why did he backpeddle on this modifying the whitepaper? did he realize shitcoins depend on mindless speculation?

>> No.29762875

Hahaha, but anon your math is off, it actually works out at -0.25 cents. This is not good for me as an 8k stacklet as i will end up owing thousands to the CL team. I feel sorry for the OG's with more than 20k link as they will likely lose homes over this.

>> No.29762931

How does 10k sound?

>> No.29762958
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>sign its bottomed

>> No.29763004

This is completely wrong, which you of course know as this is a fud post. The value of the link token is tied to network usage, not eth gas costs. OCR and in the future arbitrum are reducing the Gas costs to post data on chain. If they push 10x more data that offsets the 90% reduction per calls, so total gas costs will be roughly neutral, but with 10x more data available. This will significantly increase usage of the networks increasing the value of the token.

>> No.29763025

It's hard to believe this shit will ever hit 100s with so many retarded 1k+ mouth breather holders.

>> No.29763033

Binance borrows your LINK to suppress the price lol

>> No.29763106

I'm hoping for 100$

>> No.29763205

LTO/LINK flippening Q3. The riddler knows something we dont. He got the LTO math right, got the billionaire buyer right and im pretty sure he means the Q3 epiphany is the flippening. /biz really should go and do the LTO math that nobody had done until riddler told them to.

>> No.29763383

God all those 'this fud must mean we're about to moon' copeposters were absolutely anally ravaged.

>> No.29763587

It was said on the discord, I've seen the screengrab. That said with how delayed they've been and how they've acted I have almost zero faith in what they'll deliver. L2 solutions already exist and aren't adopted, i won't be surprised if this is just another.

>> No.29764482

No idea, but I'm confident that a market cap of $100b is very conservative. That means at least a 10x from here. If the supply is fully diltud then it's a 4x.

And that's being very conservative. And don't forget, market caps are memes. Especially when counting in explicit staking, which will inflate the market cap beyond belief (everyone will be buying and nobody will be selling).

Chainlink doesn't even need DeFi to succeed for it to succeed. Any of the countless other applications for Chainlink can make it achieve hundreds of billions in market cap, be it VRF, off-chain computation or applications that merely require data feeds.

If you believe in the DeFi, the future of blockchain, decentralization and the products that it enables then just hold on tight and enjoy.

>> No.29764570

He does have a slight accent.

>> No.29765515

Don't leave it on Binance you retard.

>> No.29766733

>OCR reducing operating costs 10x
>Staking not implemented yet on eth or link
>People making these threads

It's absurd. Some people could have the obvious truth surgically implanted in their brain and still not get it. Still make these threads. Still act surprised and piss their pants when Link takes off never to return. It's like selling out of your shares before the factory turns on. It's the curse of the eternal midwit.

>> No.29766828

I highly doubt link is going to "correct" to $10 for 5 years.

>> No.29767263

when will this go back up

>> No.29767336

all this obsession over "muh market cycles" is why most of you will never make it. as if we're racing against the clock of some inevitable massive crash

>> No.29767769

He's taking profits big fucking deal.

>> No.29767893

I would definitely say they are a lot more visible now than they were back in 2018. I remember we would look forward to the tiniest of events like developer meetups with the hope of hearing something, since there was no Mainnet and all we had were breadcrumbs at the time.
Honestly how I look at it is like this:
Link has underperformed relative to other coins since bitcoin began its run a few months back. I’m not fudding, I love me some ChainLink and am unironically all in with 36k link from 2017. But the reality is the reality at the end of the day that it hasn’t matched its peers performance
However, given that it seems like everyone on biz feels it’s underperforming even though it’s powering a crazy amount of defi right now, I’d actually wager that’s fairly bullish. I know that sounds absolutely retarded to say but hear me out. we know it’s value, we understand how it fits into the system, yet the market isn’t pumping it like crazy like credible projects such as polkadot, or even garbage like XVS or other random shitcoins. People unironically not being euphoric when we are at $37 meant there was a sense of boredom and complacency, but it wasn’t manic like previous pumps we’ve had. Everyone was bored with the choppy action
Anyways, Link pumped to close to $37, which is 85% gain over its previous ath over a few months. Yet it’s dumping the hardest in comparison to things that did 2-10x multiples in the same time frame
It does mean we are prob still early but unironically I don’t think for much longer. There’s too much on the horizon and still a lack of awareness of how important it is. I think they are doing a better job of being public facing towards businesses, as evidenced by the amount of adopters. It really is just a matter of time. Been long few years but we’re nearly there. Don’t get caught with your pants down anons
Fag quote time: the night is darkest just before the dawn, but the dawn is doming

>> No.29768116

stop caring about "underperforming". a bunch of useless scams mooned, great, that doesn't mean shit. all those coins will collapse soon and create legions of bagholders, whereas link will continue to climb due to actually being a good project.

if all you can think about is link's "underperformance" then I suggest taking a break from /biz/. it's like mind poison if you aren't careful

>> No.29768401

I know... >>29755622
It shows how suppressed LINK is.

>> No.29768445

You can’t deny it hasn’t undeperformed in this market, I don’t really give a shit personally I just chimed in my thoughts in general. Like I laugh when the markets tank and I lose a tony of paper gains and actually bought some more kek. But fact is yeah, it hasn’t done as well as other coins recently but that doesn’t mean it won’t later as we know with links past cycles. All I’m saying is people not being excited by gains usually means people as a whole value it much greater. For what it’s worth this isn’t the case just on biz, I know 20+ different level investors from boomers to millennials who all feel exactly the same way on the same days it’s crazy, and they don’t even know each other. Market sentiment is a real thing, but call me a retard I don’t care but I’m just calling what I see

>> No.29768519

but we are
in case you haven't noticed, link is very much dependent on bitcoin and will be for the foreseeable future
when bitcoin goes into hibernation link will get absolutely assblasted

>> No.29769099

ok well have fun trying to time the market. i'm sure you will succeed.

the smart play has always been to just hold link and wait for the project to be completed. if you can't handle that, then maybe you aren't meant to make it from chainlink.

even these staking schemes like celsius and gemini and whatnot are sketchy as fuck, and i predict many people losing their links in them at some point in the future.

>> No.29769325

the point is all those coins "doing better" are essentially desperate pump and dumps from delusional people who have no idea what they're buying. see: AVAX, FTM, ADA. do you really think any of these coins are going to be around in the future? to make money on garbage like this is essentially gambling at a casino. to make money from link is called being an intelligent investor.

>> No.29769466

I don't really disagree anon, I have been here since 2018, day in and day out

However I am not in a finanical position to baghold through a bear market like ETHlets did. Some average joe wagecuck that lucked up buying ETH under a dollar and didn't sell when it was a $1k probably had a very tough time psychologically and I can't let that be me, no matter how much conviction I have about the long term. Fundamentally, ETH is still on the right track for the long term but even right now they're still right at where they were in 2017 price wise.

If you managed to get 50k LINK or above it's not biggie becase you can collateralized, but us $10K suicide stackers that have stayed all in this whole time have some tough choice to make in the months ahead.

>> No.29770030

I just don't think we're going to see the catastrophic crash to $5 link that lasts for a decade that you people think we're going to get. I think you're just being pessimistic for some reason.

>> No.29770320

Not $5, no, I think we unironically go to $1k this year and then crash to $50 the next

>> No.29770661

one day i stuck one of those chainlink cubes up my ass and had trouble getting it out haha

>> No.29771138

you do that with everything you get your hands on

>> No.29771247

my gf just bought 77 link is she gonna make it

>> No.29771277
File: 122 KB, 638x676, 1534975699229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like LINK is recovering and the major dump is over.
Guess the whales are exhausted. We are back on schedule to retest ATHs.

>> No.29771607


>rentcucking with half a mil

Just buy property

>> No.29771746

>>the number of 100k-1MM wallets (excluding sergey's) have been offloading through feb (-6%, ref pic)
WOW, trying to fud based anons who bought ICO for 10k$ now sitting and 3MIL and are cashing something out.

>> No.29772765

It is just really brutal to see Link underperform versus Cardano and stuff when Link is objectively so crucial to the ecosystem. One would have to assume that at some point the market will realize this

>> No.29772842

It's at least $150k for a nice apartment and it's not worth it at all. Apartment rents here are around 7% so if you decide to move somewhere else or just upgrade your living then you need to go ahead and sell it which is more fees and more hassle. That money is better spent on investments like LINK. Although if the banks are willing to give me a home loan for low interest, then I might consider however I have never waged so they won't give me any loans any time soon.

>> No.29772891

>then I might consider however I have never waged so they won't give me any loans any time soon.

You can get loans with your assets, even crypto.

>> No.29773842

im taking my linkies off binance. unbelivable how very soon i'll be 65k usd a year doing jack

>> No.29774619


yes, after the bullrun in the bearmarket. People will buy the only coin that historically performed well in the bearmarket. SO chainlink

>> No.29774673

Nope this is a return to normal signal. We’re fucked.

>> No.29775034

yup totally agree anon that’s what I’ve been expecting more or less for the past 3 years of watching and analyzing over time. I think we peak somewhere between 500-1200 in an ultra bullish scenario, before correcting down to like 40-100 or something

>> No.29775322
File: 262 KB, 867x881, 1584745629905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw only 4000 LINK
Will the ride ever end for me guys? Will even I make it?

>> No.29775479

shut up youll make it

>> No.29775821

again, you're just allowing yourself to be too pessimistic. but by all means, sell all your link at the first sign of a big green candle

>> No.29776267
File: 154 KB, 326x326, 1597984233027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are there so many fags coping in this thread? LINK broke back into the old uptrend from last August the other week and is looking extremely bullish despite being affected by BTC correcting after months of almost constant pumping. $70-100 by early summer is more or less assured at this point.

>> No.29777165

Imagine selling before the network is fully built and staking is live.

>> No.29777327

Yes, unfortunate the niggers, normies, and media are in on it, but it won't have much effect because crypto trading never stops, versus the 24 hour cycle of terror normie fomo/panic/fomo/panic that is the stock market.

>> No.29777359

Zoom out to the weekly. Link does this over and over again, but sometimes , bigger forces are at play. After the June 2019 peak, a long consolidation, getting primed for liftoff, but March said pool's closed, took Link a long time to reenact that pump, with the Zeus thing. Ok, correction, consolidation, iada iada, getting ready for moving, the exact week Bonds chose to make an appearance. Every fucking thing got btfo. We're still gonna move, but alas, Link is a walnut in the high seas of Finance, and you can't get any bigger than the Soveign Debt market. We have no other choice, than biding our time.

>> No.29777428

Show yacht and vagen

>> No.29777439

Thanks for the blog. BUT
VALUE does not equal PRICE.

It doesn't matter how VALUABLE link is, if it doesn't pump before the final BTC blow off top, we will go down HARD.

>> No.29777988

post your memelines please

>> No.29778384

Same. Everyone is acting like a homo and I see nothing to indicate that Bobo is actually at work here.

>> No.29778683

We get it - you are trying to FUD to make it go up. It won't work. The whole market is about to take another leg down. It is fine. We will go back up again after that.

>> No.29778694

>suicide stack of 10k LINK
you mean 1k you subtle demorilize nigger

>> No.29778793
File: 1.56 MB, 480x480, download (20).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1000$ EOY
1000$ EOY
1000$ EOY


>> No.29778805

more desperation "OMG WE GOTTA MOON NOW AND SOOOOON OR ELSE POOR FOREVER" nonsense. just kys

>> No.29778857

>the number of 100k-1MM wallets (excluding sergey's) have been offloading through feb (-6%, ref pic)
Nice maybe I will make it to the top 1000 again someday

>> No.29778875

What a faggot.

>> No.29779048

You underestimate my autism then.

>> No.29779078
File: 12 KB, 1068x47, top1k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see, the cutoff is already below 30k whereas a few weeks ago it was above that

>> No.29779272

What’s this reverse fud? I wrote 500-1200 peak this market cycle? If you think deviating from trends don’t cause corrections then you’re delusional. I’m not saying that will be ChainLinks future peak kek. I don’t know if I can reasonably make that judgement given what we understand of it today. Regardless, when I do sell I already have a rule where I’m keeping 10k link regardless. So realistically if I do sell it’ll be 10-20k link for 500-1000 which would allow me to do what I want while leaving the rest to sit for a long time. Or who knows maybe I don’t sell and just stake through my linkpool shares. Just because I’m telling you what I think will most likely happen in an ultra bull scenario this year doesn’t mean I’m negative you brainlet
Not 100% true, yes we need bitcoin to pump to benefit from this bull cycle, but when bitcoin drops we should only temp drop. Alts usually peak mini cycles the month after bitcoin peaks (roughly)

>> No.29779684


Where you pull these numbers? Just some psychologically round numbers out from your ass?

>> No.29779797

>arbitrum nowhere in sight

?? do you not follow the development? It's literally weeks away, they're on final audits now

>> No.29779886
File: 1.32 MB, 450x247, olive-garden.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29780029

Nah 300-1200 is more the range I follow based on links current behavior and general TA and have for years when tracking link. I’m not guaranteeing anything since in bubbles irrationality can change a lot of factors, it’s more if it keeps doing what it should with the shortening market cycles between peaks then yeah I reasonably expect compounded with bull market effects. Call me tard call me whatever idgaf time will tell, I made my bet

>> No.29780097

But don't get me wrong

$100 Link is a number that I see possible during this year (depending if BTC can keep the bullish momentum)

Why? Because of piece of shit like Cardano is at #3

Link was ahead of Cardano just last summer, just like Link was ahead of Polkadot. Chainlink would be $98 with the current mcap of Cardano. Certainly see possible to hit $100 per Link

But the thing is. You should not be too fixated on numbers or "I will not sell before this target and that"

I mean when you see it hitting $97-99, if your original plan was to sell at $100.. Do play it safe and try to get out with your price targets at something like 99 dollars... psychologically it can be devastating to see it never hit $100 and you are missing the sales

>> No.29780340

I get what you mean but I’m not selling based on price, just more so what I’m expecting this current cycle. Who knows maybe I’m wrong kek. I’m selling based on timeframe overall however I’m also holding long on it too

>> No.29780513

3135 wallets have 10k link or more
17837 wallets have 1k link or more
76736 wallets have 100 link or more

>> No.29780593
File: 406 KB, 720x404, ocr chainlink.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3135 wallets have 10k link or more
doesn't include exchange wallets or chainlink locked up in defi loans or used for liquidity pools

>> No.29780894

You're going to lose all your link keeping it on one sketchy exchange. At least divide it up and stake in different places if you really want to risk it all for peanut gains.

>> No.29781050

you'd have to be pretty retarded to keep 10k link in an exchange but defi shit is a good call
doubt it's more than a few hundred tho

>> No.29782273
File: 77 KB, 480x640, 027D394C-2658-498B-9028-CEA3971D4504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are we going to be creating threads like this everyday?

Just move on and sell Link

>> No.29783265

Then I would have to pay taxes

>> No.29783543


>> No.29784161

Superior tech doesn't guarantee economic success.

You can love what Sergey is doing, and be all in on the fundamentals, but you're delusional if you think pissing away sats or dollar is a good sign during a bull run.