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How do I recover from my Rubic losses. i'm pretty rekt here bros

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How much did you lose ?
Depending on your funding, you can drop a few hundred bucks in Lotus, released yesterday and will surely 3x-5x from now in the frothcoming days/week

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You could buy more Rubic

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Do not sell, do not lose

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Take the Mobie pill

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This is my comfiest hold right now. How are you losing money on this? It's been completely stable with a couple small spikes for almost a week, despite the crash. What fucking price did you buy in it?

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Go into $ZNN

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hold it you pussy, you dont deserve to make it

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this is fake

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Look at the charts bro, it's fact

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Cool to see mochimo $mcm finnally starting to blowing up. So few projects like it these days.

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How did you lose? I bought like 3 days ago and I'm up almost 2x

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Just hold, not hard to do

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Invest in shitcoins with low market cap, not this shitcoin with no more potential of mooning in the medium term.

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>rubic losses
don't they release their limit orders TODAY?
Just hold, you muppet.

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If you ask nicely, the shills will let you in on when we're about to dump.

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just dont sell and wait
L2 is being solved in real time and youre shitting your pants

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measure your losses in satoshis and its not so bad :)

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that is the positive aspect of deep level shit tokens, they are so far removed from the crypto markets that they don't get badly fucked with during buttcoin bloodbaths.

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>dont sell
>buy more

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My rübic stays cübic faggot

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rūbic cūbic

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Best piece of advice i can give you regarding crypto, do the LTO math before the herd does.

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What is LTO?

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Use some of it and put it into BEPRO now, hold the rest. Just look at the chart and the project. Thank me later.