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$5 USD stablecoin

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>just announced binance smart chain support
$15 EOM

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Is this not the logo for a football team or something?

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why is it called one inch?

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Cause it gets the best prices from all DEX's giving you a small advantage in your trades. You could even say it gives you a 1inch advantage.

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>making moves in the same horizontal crab channel it's been in for weeks

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This post smells like curry

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why isn't it worth more than UNI?

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its on BSC like Pancakswap now. You can change your shitty JPEG

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That does nothing except move the 1inch logo one column to the right. Still worse in every single way. The BSC fad is over, btw.

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1inch will expand to Matic as soon as they have multiple dex'es

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what the fuck is CentralizedDecentralized Finance???

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Death to eth

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See, now that would be an actual buy signal.

Some buzzword CZ made up to hide the fact that PancakeSwap is Binance with a different UI.

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it's undervalued. that means you buy

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god dammit i was gonna buy it before the tweet yesterday but hesitated because of gas and it was past my bed time