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Based SATOSHI gonna kill this faggot's business model.
>fuck goybase

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Dead people don't speak

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>inb4 creg sanjay

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Nah that kike of adam back wont reveal his identity nor sell his bags

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This. Hal Finney is dead people.

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i am satoshi ama

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Should I buy chainlink

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Everyone knows Hal Finney was Satoshi. Do they want people to say it?

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craig is bullish for bitcoin, because him being a massive fraud conman gives more support to the theory of satoshi being dead

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yes if under 25$ long hold

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Ah yes, Zenon ZNN.

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satoshi is in prison, will be out in 25 years... if his fat ass survives..

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if you truly were, I'd ask you to hold out a little longer until your coins were worth so much you could buy nations.

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So Satoshi is trading on gox but obfuscated to be an "early whale". Provides liquidity then wants out and pulls his coins but then gox had been cooking the books and didn't have any liquidity so it became unbacked. They blame it on a hack but say they will pay it back by fees. Then later they send a bunch to 1fee and say that's the attacker and settle for some get to embezzle a profit in the ensuing chaos. Now the world thinks Satoshi is the hacker and karpeles walks away with a stash.

Of course Mossad Maxwell would go after satoshi too.

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Was Satoshi a weeb?

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If Satoshi's identity were revealed, what would follow? Let's assume he doesn't sell all of his BTC.

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We all know Satoshi is either one of the original cypherpunks (could also be Nick Szabo or James A. Donald) if it isn't simply a collaborative endeavor, and none of them is going to talk, none of them is going to sell.

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Satoshi here

Anime should be banned from this website

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can someone explain me the Zenon-satoshi link. I read the whitepaper and looked through the github of zenon and I am getting satoshi vibes all over the place (or someone just copie pasted a whole lot of bitcoin code into the project).

Now I see zenon posted in a satoshi thread. am I going schizo?

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What naughty things have you been up to Greg? Will u/maxwellhill snitch on you and u/__contrarian?

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Don't worry, Satoshi is a nice guy.

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Elon musk is satoshi, we all know that.

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Hi bro.

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Satoshi here, i lost my password.

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Satoshi here. Dumping as we speak.

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ok but not too long

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I think Satoshi is likely dead. And I don’t think it’s some grand conspiracy I just think the guy died. People die in car crashes or fall off ladders all the time. He probably passed and no one will ever know.

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30 billion in bitcoin... lost forever...

Pretty bullish if you ask me.

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I thought coins from the genesis block could not be moved anymore

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sergay will dump after he runs out his reserve link

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They're going to assassinate him and will forever remain a cold wallet.

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Imagine making it as the billionaire creator of a world changing currency model only to die falling off a ladder changing out a lightbulb

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Good god it's clear none of you live in reality...

IF this dude wasn't anonymous and was a huge threat to the system. They'd have him black bagged in the night and nobody would know. If there was even a chance someone could find out? They'd turn it into a Sandy Hook situation, or Mandalabay, or when that fellow tried to escape NSA HQ- well you get the idea. If anyone has video and pictures to show anons, you can see there.

Imagine all the shittiest youtube blooper/poops you could ever shit out. Then imagine it being layered like an onion in sounds and moving imagery. Now imagine you're tied to a chair in a dark room that's lit by intense strobing lights and your eyes are forced to stare into this screen while you're on research chemicals forcibly injected into your body at low doses so you still have coherent understanding but are unable to really do anything about it. Your eyes cannot be closed. Someone comes into the room every so often to move you around and check up on you but you don't ever actually see them. You're fed but only at the limit at which wouldn't let you die. You're here what seems like eternity for you but for them only a few hrs of shifts. Somedays you wake up in your bunk again from countless nightmares fueled by the forced drugging and weird techniques of mental manipulation via overwhelming your sensory input with frequencies and overloading your brain on so many of its chemicals that your fried and already dead inside. Worse than any hooker beaten by niggers after she wants out after they stop paying her good money and only in drugs. ;^) This isn't even as bad as it could get for some...

Never forget your enemy and who controls the flow of information in the media and masses whose window is mostly controlled by... Whatever you do, make sure, you live in love and walk through life among others, are well known and well loved.

You cannot be touched as easily if you're nobody, but, if you're nobody you are also just as dangerous to them.

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If you can find articles on it... There are papers written about drugs being used in Israel created in Tel aviv, where, they claim they can make a user experience 1000 years in a short amount of time. :^) The applied uses for such a thing are quite vague in its terminology. Just food for thought, anons...
But this is really if you're just that dangerous of a dude and have nothing to lose. But you have something they want or need, etc, they doesn't always have to be a Jew, either. It could be Russian, Russian Jews, or non-Jewish goys who believe they're allies of the Jew, etc.
Ya'll really have no idea. Things I described are pretty tame too. Just use your imagination as to what is possible with torture in today's realm.
If you have nothing to lose and nothing they want but are a threat and are not publicly known then you just get to die without any coverage whatsoever."
I mean there's so many possibilities but they all depend on so many little facets of said scenario.

But neets will rule the world anyway, so, fuck em, Fuck Jews, Niggers, Kikes, Jannies, Faggots, etc.

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>they can make a user experience 1000 years in a short amount of time

so how much would I have to take just to skip ahead a couple of bullruns

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Why didn’t satoshi black hole his funds. I was thinking about this since the creation of BTC and it was a huge relief when I read the SEC filling, FINALLY, someone fucking wakes the fuck up, finally some non idiots are looking into the risks. I’m actually amazed that this fact wasn’t discussed more when institutions fomoed in. You would think someone owning 1/21 of all coins in existence would raise more alarms.

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he's dead, but if not, some guy who decides to create bitcoin on his own and give it to the world for free isn't going to need to dump 30 billion dollars worth of bitcoin to be content in life

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>make a user experience 1000 years in a short amount of time.
people already have trips like that on standard hallucinogens, especially DMT

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A huge dump, because it'd confirm he's not dead and could sell all his coins

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Satoshi here, I'm Nakamoto actually

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Nah man, Satoshi's identity has been long known: Adam "you've got to go" Back. Look it up

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Smoke DMT if you're that curious or take the rightful path which is through proper fasting, and meditation, as well as, breathing in form.

Drugs aren't the answer, anon, but if you wish to understand what I mean? Go find some market on the web and look for a series of drug labeled as nBoME with prefix of 25i, 25c, 25b, and 25d respectively. Be very careful with dosage on this as it is similar to fetanyl with lethal doses at hilariously small percentages. But not as extreme as fetanyl is, but, it's similar in that compared to LSD it is like the fetanyl of LSD. But anyway this drug mainly comes from China or Israel. It was at one point entirely legal and had no laws on it whatsoever. This sort of thing happens more often than you think, as, the US really is just one big rat experiment. But yea if you want to experience what I mean? Find someone who will watch you for a good while. Be careful if you choose to go down this route, anon, as this is not the same as LSD. It is only similar and it will most definitely have unknown effects on your brain later in life. Go ahead and take the dive of doing 10 tabs of it (even though it's recommended only to take 1/4 of a single tab for your first time and then maybe even 1 for your third or fourth time.) You might experience a little bit about the passing of time becoming excruciatingly painful. Just know you'll be begging for it to be over in only hr an in.

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Im not Frodo guys, stop saying that

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Coinbase is actually a pretty good scam filter.

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One is being purported to cause that effect alone and with great ease while most people doing psychomimetic drugs are never going to experience what I mentioned about in those articles.
The passage of time is quickly something forgets about or cares too much about on these drugs.
In fact most people don't even have any visual effects from doing things due to all the pills they do for fun or meds they might be on for whatever bullshit reasons.
DMT can have this effect on some in which the passage of time could seemingly go on for what seems like a long time. But that isn't nearly the same as a bunch of Jews purporting to have created a drug that exclusively does this and for what purpose? Just read between the lines, my guy.

I'd go onto argue that most people experiencing what they do on these drugs are often in bias due to a lot of different stimuli and popular culture pushing certain patterns.

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I forgot to mention that most people even without the prescription drugs in the mix do not experience the things that people write about on a place like Erowid for example.

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Things such as intense open eye visuals in extremes. For example looking at the corner of a room and seeing it melt as if it was made of wax all while the rest of the room is breathing in and out whilst not melting at all, or looking at a corner and seeing it stretch infinitely while being coherent and fully functional. Your average person trying to do a psychomimetic drug will not experience such things.

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feds investigating "i am satoshi"-posters as we speak

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>feds investigating "i am satoshi"-posters as we speak
I am satoshi!

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>load ze Satoshi FUD

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Shatoshi's wallet value:
>46,857,729,800 USD
holy shit. He trully is the god of all HODLers.

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isn't Satoshi confirmed to be the NSA?

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Craig Wright here, coin base is next on my sue list for not acknowledging me as the creator of Bitcoin

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His heir is now.

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Stop saying I am Satoshi, I am not!

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Jeffrey Epstein is still alive?

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He left because of retard like /biz/tard that wanted a Ponzi scheme instead of building a new internet build on a full private model.

Expect to see him crashing the all market and moving to another coin.

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Just a switch to prevent someone take full control of the coins.

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cuck base fears the kabloshi

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Satoshi is Elon Musk but unironically.

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Fuck Goybase, fuck Chinknance, fuck Scamfinex, fuck Krapken, fuck Gaymini, fuck Crypto.con, and fuck jannies

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Anon, I..

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interesting idea, where you got that?
and do you have any thoughts on bch/bsv?

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But Hal finney is dead

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Dubs of Death

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when he is to be released from his cryogenic suspension?
that's when bitcoin will fall, before that we can keep gambling

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halfway through this decade he will be the wealthiest man in the world by FAR

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Sitting on 30 billion dollars is the gayest shit ever. If I became giga rich I would do cool shit with it like Elon for fun. Maybe look into building floating cities or some shit.

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>sells 30 billion worth of bitcoin
>increases the total circulating supply of bitcoin 5-6% over night

yeah itd be destabilized for awhile but a 20-50% drop in bitcoins price is literally what happens on a tuesday afternoon. people would forget about it a couple of weeks later and the price would go back to doing whatever it was doing.

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Doesnt everyone in crypto at this point know sn=sn?

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You realize the latest drop resulted from just a few thousand BTC being dumped into the markets? If satoshi's wallet would start unloading (will never happen) it would unironically go under 1k

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>will never happen

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man what is this blackpill
and all this coming from a biz poster, how tf do you have that knowledge