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Did you think it would be easy? Getting rich is fucking painful anon and most people can't stand the pressure

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>getting rich with fantom
Sorry wrong horse. Horse dead.

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ooga booga nigger

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Come back in 6 months senpai

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Im not invested in this coin at all, but why is it that every thread has pesamism shills. STFU. Litterally just make the board shit when every hardship is met with "its over" "its 2017 crash" sell sell sell. ahahahhah.

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They're trying to buy your bags, remember rule #1 do the opposite of what's said on this board

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because any time anyone asks a simple question that people could answer, they try to be a smart ass and go "dyor", so it's easier to FUD the thread to all hell and make absolutely stupid and outrageous claims about the coin until someone else comes along and corrects you

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also, werent you FTM retards saying this was going to moon or something? what happened? why did it go down at all?

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>made a typo
>OP must be African
The absolute state

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>Everybody convinced BTC is going to crash
And therefore it won't

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The coin has a 1.5 billion market cap.

Fuck off u damn ftm pajeets. This shitcoin already pumped like crazy. Stop shilling

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type ooga booga into google translate. It will think you are a somali nigger.

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>mocking the pic
>never said OP is african
ooga booga nigger

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right right, you probably shouldn’t buy any then!

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Market caps are indeed set in stone and won't ever increase. Not buying your FTM, trannies.

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I bet you are all in Rubic
>stay cubic

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They're just dopamine posting.

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If I fud people will say um fudding to buy cheap. Truth is this is not a good project. It was however a masterclass in biz psyops. But fact is it 20 nodes. Its literaly a shitcoin. There are a million similar projects. At some point somone important is gonna saybeait a sec. This is a masternode shitcoin and then it tumbles down. If you are smart and made a fortune from the pump get out now. Reality will hit eventually.

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Dumped on your asses at 85 and waiting for Jigstack launch. COMFY.

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$10 at the very least

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>2.5B circulating supply
>3.175B max supply
>36 validator nodes
>"issues" with two validator nodes brought the network to a grinding halt yesterday
>shills will blame the influx of newfags for the bug but there is really no excuse for validator issues in DeFi especially with so few validators online
>shilled by cronje to pump his bags
>i-its going to $50 EoY right anon?

buy now everyone, FTM it will make you rich

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more nodes are coming with lowering the requirement to become a node validator. next fud

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yes sirs more nodes come ranjesh setting up node now,,, we still know FTM coin is going making big move soon, very trustworth. we promis more node soon yes sirs

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>i BTFO the fud
>counterargument with the usual brainlet tier pajeet fudding
it's all so tiresome bros

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>he thinks he BTFO'd the fud by quoting a hollow promise from devs who have done nothing but make hollow promises for years on end
>he probably also thinks his ERC20 ghostchain with 10 min transactional finality is the real solve to the blockchain trilemma

kek, FTM counterargues itself, Lachesis is not even a real breakthrough in consensus, it's a modified version of consensus that already exists. but you knew that right anon?

but more validators are coming you say? more than 36, half of which are owned by the foundation? wow I'm sold. $50 EoY isn't a meme! I'll buy your bags if you get off that hopium

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how many people do you think care about the technology behind these shit coins?

u think the technology is what drives the price?

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when it comes to real world adoption, yes
when it comes to speculating on the next shilled pamp, no

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I'll be real with you all, I believed in FTM, but after the performance yesterday it's really hard to believe in the product they're selling.

I managed to 2x my investment, and if it actually goes to $10 like some people claimed I'll have missed out on 300k and will probably feel bad, but as it stands I don't feel the risk outweighs the benefit.

Best of luck to my FTM chads, had a good time in these threads

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if that was true BTC wouldnt be worth 46k rn, there are better alternatives out

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Based wgmi

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Can't wait to see more and more of this personally, the mentality of shitcoin "investors" is beginning to mirror the mentality of actual traders more and more. You're getting better!

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I just bought more

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I've done this.

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those saying you're buying more...

you do realise the whole fucking chain was frozen for over 4 hours and vulnerable to double spends.

Delusion is real.

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i do it all the time, it's a great shit test. either you're right and no one can refute your claims and you know not to buy, or someone comes along going "NOOOOOOOO NOT MY BAGS" and will instantly tell you everything you need to know

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that will make it even worse. More nodes so higher latency, but the delegation concentration will still be just as high. nobody is going to trust their shit to new pajeet nodes. topkek. it's going to die again, watch

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I can see that many of you fudders are waiting to get in in this goldmine for a good price. Guys don't be fooled by fud, they just want to buy your bags. Stay strong! We still have a good trend if you zoom out.

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8 hours*

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Zoom out faggot. You had 2 years.

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Don't just measure a product by profit.

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yeah thats when you got rug pulled initially i know

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>it will be better in the afterlife goy

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>wants to invest
>doesnt like risk
Huh? Why are you even investing?

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I'm jealous - you guys have had an insane run. Well done. It is hard to hold them through the shit
>t. OG Linktard

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Turned $370k into $4.5M. Thanks Fantom! Too bad that you halted like an absolute shitcoin because I was expecting to make at least $20M

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Hows 5000 sound

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I'm not, I'm measuring it by if it works or not.
A product that is aiming to be the end-all chain that would encompass the DeFi world stopped working for a total of 8hrs because the devs were stupid enough to not forsee the 33% problem.

No efforts done to prevent this, no team communication on the staking mechanisms to warn newbies that this could happen, Cronje said himself that a total of 100 Validator nodes would put extreme strain on the network.

Not very bullish for the product, no matter how many deals they spout on twitter.

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Best 7 day chart among top 100 by a huge margin, and we won't be going further down.

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I sold at .007 cents back when I tried swinging
I hate myself

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The node failure thing was such a.. idk what to say man. I don't wanna say much but I have an embarrassingly high DCA on Fantom. If we could go back to 70c after this BTC dump is over fuck that would be great man.

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Should I sell?

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>Cronje said himself that a total of 100 Validator nodes would put extreme strain on the network.
>meanwhile, AVAX hold over 800+ validators with measures being build to make be even easier

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FTM is over and even the nuthugger of this tranny POS coin know it. You had your chance to get out with 100x and you think it’s going to recover but reality is it will keep slipping cent by cent until you sell at 20 cents and justify it was a good trade because you got in at 0.03

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We're going up.

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If you don't believe in the project go buy something else.

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$MCM Mochimo for the legneds

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From 0.03 to 0.20, pretty good trade anon

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>/biz/saying to HODL
Ok, sell it is.

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850 actually. and Ethereum moved $14B past 24 hrs, so Avalanche hit about 30% of Ethereum's on-chain volume just on the X-chain. big news

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this place sounds exactly like gme on reddit now. sad.

i cant believe its fucking over

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good thing devs confirmed partnership with avax to be announced soon then, huh?

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whatd u buy at

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ERC20 / BEP to/from Opera fee lowered to 50 FTM.

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too late sadly. this shit is going to be a fucking really good coin soon if everything keeps going but right now its a fucking nuclear disaster. so fucking sad

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Yeah, they fucked up just before the bullrun to 1USD, oh well.

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Any other projects doing this?

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i just dont get why they didnt cock block people from joining nodes. when a node got too big they should have disabled newer people from joining and made them join another one

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I’m happy I got out at 0.68, but all the momentum’s gone. I don’t think I’m buying anytime soon, at least until it dumps below 0.30

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Could have been worse if they failsafes didn’t work and they double spent

>> No.29754609

because like a good decentralized protocol, theyre allowing us to vote on that via governance. its a minor speedbump, and good it happened before we're in the top 20

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>be me
>I don't do taxes

888 sats!!! HERE WE GOOOO!

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how low can this go? hoping this pos dumps back to 0.2 or 0.3 so I can acoomulate

>> No.29754800

>vulnerable to double spends
Kek nice fud I'm sure some retards will eat it up

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uni on ftm

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>browse /biz/ 2017
>get scared off by crash in 2018
>come back December
>see what happened to LINK and everything else in that time

You know how fast two years actually goes by? My bags are almost packed for the long haul. I just have to do a bit more accumulation, delete my blockfolio, and then sit on my trezor until 2024. I can understand the rush of seeing number go up but I'm not smart enough to time it to avoid seeing number go down.

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this is a good idea but ill be too old by the time i finally have anything

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Buy now or will there be a weekend dip?

>> No.29756180

$8 end of year, always be buying

>> No.29756195

Never selling holding until 2025

>> No.29756258

What happens in 2025?

>> No.29756274

Who bought the dip?

>> No.29756279

The only reason it hasn't crashed yet is because it takes a week to undelegate

>> No.29756361

Don't know, it seems to become stable right now but that can change when btc dumps again.
You can do 50/50.

>> No.29756485

ill probably grab a stack to hold for a few years too after watching it for awhile.

>> No.29756553

I've got just under 1mil fanties, why would I sell. It's basically being a bank, I can mint money to loan to you at interest

>> No.29756788

Flend isnt even out yet and i dont want my money frozen in your Piece Of Shit wallet that is vulnerable to 33% attacks

>> No.29757026

Stakes fantom to get free fanties, gets mad that fanties are locked from staking them.

>> No.29757032

Fair enough, some dumbass might though

>> No.29757046

youre worried about flend when there is an aave contract live on the network? think a little bigger chief

>> No.29757236

No i dont mean staking, i mean the entire network being down

>> No.29757355

In the End it doens't even matter

>> No.29757390

I hope you panic sellers buyed back up

>> No.29757398

>not buying at 888 sats

>> No.29757625

Network wasn’t down, just not making more blocks. Can you not regurgitate shit that someone else said? Dur dur dur hows this cyber monies work? Shits crazy man!

>> No.29757655

7 minutes

>> No.29757748

you Really want the 888sat buy in huh?

>> No.29757839

Oh well, see you tomorrow frens

>> No.29758006

Lol what are you talking about?

>> No.29758028

ftm going up again this coin never can stop pump

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>anons later when missing out buying in at an undisclosed percentage above the absolute floor at 888 sats

it is what the oracle has decided on! it can't be changed! 888 sats! I am your prophet!

don't miss 888 sats! don't miss it!

>> No.29759086

>it just wasnt making some blocks uwu
>ftmscan was empty for hours but no worries

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>muh nodes
>muh small hiccup that was fixed faster than competitors ever have fixed their own problems

The sad thing is /biz/ is so retarded that some Anons will miss the moonshot thanks to this retard level FUD.
And even more sad is that even with all this FUD the price will not go down, so not even the FUDsters get what they want. Sad.

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>have $100k+ in futuristic technology projects that you have researched and see potential in

>> No.29759460

do people actaully gamble real world money because some schizo is pretending to be a prophet talking about 888 sats lol

>> No.29759595

hahahaha this is fucking awesome

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Doesn’t know how ftmscan works/how to tell time

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Ftm holders have some of the lowest iq on this board

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I sure hope they do! they better! or else.... you know, they will miss out.

just a couple hundred to go!!

>> No.29760532

cope i turned 1200 into 17k

>> No.29760662

Nice ford taurus

>> No.29760741

feels good to hold fantom

>> No.29760758

Alright well my low IQ got me $100k off of a $2500 investment
Cope faggot

>> No.29760969

>thinks about money in tiers of egomobiles
ngmi until you start shrooming and returning to nature

>> No.29761004

my low iq turned 500 into 50k

>> No.29761052

See, low iq can only respond with price gains + “cope”, like pottery

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File: 1019 KB, 1280x720, 1544623873048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Binance STILL in maintenance?
I can't get my FTM transferred to my wallet yet still. Anyone else have this problem?

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>See, low iq can only respond with price gains + “cope”, like pottery

>> No.29761165

>doesn’t understand it’s a meme
See, no ability to think beyond the surface level, low iq

>> No.29761187

double digit iq

>> No.29761295

>I posted basedjack that’ll show em
Based low iq poster

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Cope and suck the dick of the Pope.
Mope more and get the rope.
Nope not selling, Fantom is dope.
Hope I can someday turn you into soap.

>> No.29761393

The rhyme of a low iq zoomer

>> No.29761436


>> No.29761460

>y-y-y-you can only respond with how much money you made! Yeah you made money but you did it in a low IQ way!
Cope faggot

>> No.29761530

just let them cope lol. they dont even hold the coin and it was the biggest fucking gainer on this board hands down and they took time out of their important day to come here and shit talk all of us for making money

>> No.29761551

My stack and iq is larger than yours :^]

>> No.29761743


>> No.29762013

cope more u stupid faggot

>> No.29762334

>I have a "large" IQ
Yeah, I doubt that, anon

>> No.29762468

It’s too easy

>> No.29762699

39 nodes*

Honest mistake, right?

>> No.29762749

What's easy? Botching basic English grammar? Your stack and IQ ARE not IS retard.

>> No.29762997

How does $20 sound?

>> No.29764182

Lol at thinking 1.5 billion is a high market cap. NGMI. Have fun trying to find the next gem.

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It's over. check yourself: https://explorer.fantom.network/staking

Node 28 is down again. the issue with opera persists. Wallet will go down again and access to coins gone once again. better sell before then.

>> No.29765095

>knocking on the 0.9 and 1.00 sell walls
>then the nodes get fucked
>then BTC shits itself

I’ve never seen such shit luck before

>> No.29765216

im gonna wait until this shit is over to buy again. you cant even see the rewards from each node

>> No.29765386

nobody knows the problem will just keep coming back. they cant hide next time, confidence will be shattered. the funny thing is you can see it coming on the explorer right now. its there for everyone to see, downtime rising for the second biggest node. i am moving my shit to binance now so i can be ready in case it dies again

>> No.29765415

Avax dumped like 70% post halting. Once your network halts like on a shitcoin, the confidence decreases and the fud takes over

>> No.29765462

>Why HyperBlocks?
>We guarantee 100% uptime. Hardware security module (HSM) key management enabled. Sentry node DDoS protection. Our team works 24x7x365 to guarantee your peace of mind.
uhmm fantom chads. this is not a node in someone's mom's basement. this node being down so frequently could imply that there could be bugs in the implementation code, or even worse, in the protocol itself.

>> No.29765492

might have to wait until btc takes the big sht to get back in but im scared of btc mooning to 200k or something

>> No.29765586

holy shit you aren't just fudding
what the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit

>> No.29765641

like someone said youre alpha testers. biggest risk for the biggest gains

>> No.29765699

If BTC starts its bear run, Fantom will also be the fastest dumping shitcoin lol

>> No.29765768

its a centralized database. of course it's fast and cheap. try increasing load or number of nodes and it dies, fast.

This is why ETH is king. do you think if it was so easy to fix that you could just hire some chinks to put together a new consensus then real developers of ethereum wouldn't have done it yet?

Reminder that you can literally go to the explorer and see this for yourself right now, not fudding.

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File: 76 KB, 818x893, 4L_zFm9FIbO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29765867

anon it is 4885 now

>> No.29765893

downtime is increasing faggot. the node is down

>> No.29765895

Lmao. Fudders are getting desperate it’s actually hilarious.

>> No.29765939
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Someone inject me with hopium NOW
FTM is now flatlining but >>29765071
is gonna spread and explode.

>> No.29766048

It says "downtime" though.

>> No.29766076

>newfag saved my pic

>> No.29766078

Fuck this shitcoin im out

>> No.29766128

it's hilarious that they defend this.

Either downtime is increasing and the node is fucked, or their 'active/online' tag is broken and then you really have no idea who to trust with this centralized vaporware. Pick your poison

>> No.29766150

anon it's not looking good

if you have a low entry point may as well stay in if you believe
if you FOMO'd in higher, get out and try to get gains somewhere else

I am going to ride and swing https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xfca090c1868004bec9c91f53db013288dc21c55b personally

>> No.29766159

you will be kicking yourself come 5 years when Im parking my lambos on my hundred million dollar mega yacht, with supermodel sluts posing on each one, and you have an old, in need of repair, few million dollar ranch house and maybe one butler

>> No.29766231

ohhhhhhhh I like what I'm seeing!!!
888 sats sooner than expected~ GO GO GO!

>> No.29766407

My man are you just watching the nodes to be ready to fud the moment one stops contributing to consensus? Yes. It stopped. But blocks are still being accepted because the consensus isn't breached. GoFantom is still live. Probably another ddos attack.

>> No.29766484

cope harder. vvaporware exposed.

>> No.29766531

You: Ahhhhh networks down!

Weird I’m still about to do everything in the wallet though!

You: Ahhhh it’s gonnna failllll! Ahhh I’m coomminggggg with dopamine from shittting on someone else’s bags.

>> No.29766537

Theyfuriously refresh the website so they can fud biz asap this actually bullish. You can tell this faggots sold and are now fudding.

>> No.29766622

seething brainlet

>> No.29766767

i sold like a pussy but just on the sidelines watching lol

>> No.29766881
File: 193 KB, 1132x1498, 4L_f54KIFUg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go rub those two walnuts together. Maybe you’ll have an intelligent argument. Generic shit like cope harder and vaporware. Monkey see, monkey regurgitate.

>> No.29767005

are you retarded? i literally sent you proof of the link and screenshot. you're the one unable to say anything intelligible. Fucking retard

>> No.29767118

Correction is over, it's following BTC at this point. Once BTC next leg up, it's $1 and beyond for FTM. FUDers will neck. FTM brightest outlook for 2021 and has already landed on Mars.

>> No.29767309

Your link to staking? To not show that it was online and active? Then gives generic ultimatum like you even know what the fuck your talking about? Get I’ll need one of those walnuts back.

>> No.29767464

it's not online. the downtime is going up as we speak. Their UI must be broken, just like their chain and all their other products.

DOWN. time. so time down is increasing at present. therefore it is down.

Like you are DOWN syndrome, fucking hell how stupid can you be?

>> No.29767528

Seems just like one node is having issues, so the network is still fine and operating as it should

>> No.29767558

I'm DOWN with this token. I just bought more because anon is fudding so much.

>> No.29767635

Why should this make me sell? They will fix it and that's it.

>> No.29767773

It must be! Your right! How can a server possibly be online if the service is down? It’s impossible, I’m know what I’m talking about.

Calls someone seething brainlet, is actual brainlet.

>> No.29767902

the service isn't the only thing down. topkek. you have no idea what you're talking about, and meanwhile downtime (time the node is down, in case you're struggling)

is........ increasing

while FTM price

is........ decreasing

>> No.29767928



>> No.29767962

The fact that you had to come here and post that pep talk bullshit is a huge sell signal

>> No.29767971

'your' right

>calls someone actual brainlet. Learn to spell you preschool cuck

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File: 475 KB, 2412x1717, FTM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep building the Fantom empire upwards!

>> No.29768214

Downtime increases when a SERVICE is offline. The NODE (server) is still up. It’s really that easy to understand.

Price has literally been sitting in the same area all day. I’m gonna need the other walnut too before you overheat and ruin it too.

>> No.29768302

If FTM is so bad how come it reactivated my tranny fetish? Checkmate bobo

>> No.29768325

that's bullshit and you know it. learn how a fucking consensus mechanism works before spouting bullshit to protect your bags KEK

did you learn to spell four letter words yet?

>> No.29768386
File: 238 KB, 1206x911, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29768400

Needed to correct grammar because that way they will be right about at least one thing.

>> No.29768485

The wallet seems to be a lot snappier did they do an update?

>> No.29768495


>> No.29768509

Please educate everyone on aBFT since you have mastered it.

>> No.29768552


>> No.29768634

Googles your friend

>> No.29768694
File: 51 KB, 700x400, 98ECE403-C504-4DED-B90E-E7489D85C2FC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it is, anon.

>> No.29768729

i bought at 20 sold at 13c. fuck my anus.

>> No.29768782

Are you in tg? I know someone who did the same kek.

>> No.29768803

no one:
absolutely nobody:
still nobody:
not a single soul:
literally no one:
not even big chungus:
random incel on 4chan: comfy sneed thread
[everyone disliked that]
baby yeed: wait that's illegal
brie larson: ok that was lowkey on point
pickle rick: slaps roof of car luke did i ever tell you about the time i turned myself into a pickle? it was an epic moment.
luke: is retarded
CIA: Bane?
sans undertale: hey don't google HP Lovecraft's cat name
[OP googles hp lovecrafts cat name]
CIA: congratulations you got yourself caught!
stan lee: flies past in a spaceship ooooh i dont care what universe you're from that's GOTTA HURT
[everyone laughed]
keanu reeves: you're breathtaking!
area 51 guards:i bet i can take keanu reeves
keanu reeves: you sure about that
keanu reeves: kills all area 51 guards
area 51:wait thats illegal
[Everyone liked that]
CIA: am I joke to you?
Alt right incels: there's no way star wars can be good agai....
Baby Yeed: hold my beer
Big chungus joined the chat
Drumpf has left the chat
Kek Redditors: good thing theres no more cringe in her-
Fortnite Devs: allow us to introduce ourselves
Minecraft Steve: kills fornite devs
Fortnite 12 year old has left the chat
Chris Hemsworth: because that's what heroes do
Avengers: assembled
Thanos has left the chat
4chanlets: 'Yeah, I'm thinking this is kind of epic based pilled, maybe a bit of a coom moment?? Idk think I might post a frog.

>> No.29768905

dca in or youre not gonna make it. i dont really panic on dips because i just dca in

>> No.29768982

Fudders want to fud Fantom to 0.13 so maybe you will get the chance

>> No.29769061

not reading shut the fuck up

no anon. btc has been going up for 10 hrs. ftm is the same price as 10 hrs ago

>> No.29769182
File: 29 KB, 1385x229, KEK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its real
my sides are in orbit

>> No.29769267

Because the same node that started the shitshow yesterday went fucking down again because it is run off a fucking toaster and potato's in some shithole basement somewhere.

See you at 0.25

>> No.29769338

Getting rich, The beset way is to get in to alt coins.

I am seeing Mochimo.org all over the biz.

They are working hard and the price started to go up.

>> No.29769345

No it isn’t
t. worked night shift during the dump
It isn’t great but at least it’s slowly crabbing upwards
All things considered that’s pretty fucking good bro

>> No.29769404

>a node fails
>the network halts
CeDeFi at its worst

>> No.29769420

fuck off racist retard these are fantom threads not for your incel seething

>> No.29769471

it just broke support dumb nigger

>> No.29769509

Damn imagine not owning Fantom right now, this is going to be a life changing event and it’s still so fucking early.

>> No.29769755

I tried to tell them it was a ghostchain right when the validators went down and the entire thing went belly up, but they were so high on the hopium you could literally take a shit on their faces and they would eat it up. FTM is done lads. pack it up already. now look at this shit. this is what centralization does for you. think you'll see widespread adoption with these kinds of issues?


>> No.29769757

i will never have the stack i had because im a poorfag and will never invest 20k in anything and i made 20k on fantom. it is physically impossible for me to push a buy button with 20k worth of dollars.

>> No.29769843
File: 370 KB, 1125x633, FANTOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep fudding bro nobody gives a shit

>> No.29769899

if people had that attitude AVAX would be flying right now. unfortunately that's not how the market works newfag.

>> No.29769928
File: 55 KB, 1438x1438, Hodl$FTM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

push it with 10k

>> No.29769950


>> No.29769994

Strap in.

>> No.29770054

Fantom and Avax is forming a partnership right now. There’s no need to seethe and fud each other to death. Only retarded nocoiners should he seething right now.

>> No.29770071
File: 676 KB, 800x600, Hefty Chuckle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29770188

lol at the Fantom team... shilling Cuban to recover from this failure ROFL

>> No.29770206
File: 303 KB, 799x799, 1613383224156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a feeling it's going up my dear fantomchads
Fuck fudders, 100$ eom let's go baby

>> No.29770239
File: 716 KB, 1024x798, wtfwt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29770266

>when she sees my big flocculus lobes

>> No.29770287

stop with your curry posting ranjesh the phones have been ringing off the hook and you are needed back at your desk. while AVAX might be a double minted failure at least it's not a centralized ghostchain that goes belly up when two validators go offline

>> No.29770344

Fantom is literally already climbing back up. AVAX was dumping for a good while untill now where it just sits around $30

>> No.29770413

here let me post a link to a collage of all the partners AVAX has and you can quickly cross reference that with the exponentially rising pri- oh wait

>> No.29770421

because its CeDeFi

>> No.29770458

Mark Cuban shilling it right now strap in lads

>> No.29770561

honestly the resiliency of the price has just gone to show how much confidence there is in this project, feels good.

>> No.29770643

im gonna fucking vomit

>> No.29770651

Mark Cuban has at least 2-3 blockchain flops that didn't go over $10M in market cap

>> No.29770697

now here's a theory:
the dump happened so the price is lower when cuban starts the shilling so more people buy in

>> No.29770776

>real world adoption
Anon pls

>> No.29770778

more people would fomo in if it was just spiking non stop and then mark shilled it. they probably wanted to fix the network problem because the coin got more serious

>> No.29770835

I swung and got in again

>> No.29771153

Awwwe where did aTECYAC9 go?

>> No.29771348

Cuban probably ddos’d the network himself so he can accumulate more lmao.

>> No.29771405


>> No.29771473

he has 200 grand in it. thats like 20 bucks to him i doubt it

>> No.29771519

Idk if its comparable with avax i don't know nothing about avax

>> No.29771624

Give them time to lower validator cost. FTM is decentralized, they gave users free will and the masses herded like sheep into 2 nodes. Even still there was no problems until this mass frenzy with fantom. Both bitcoin and ethereum had issues long after there first year of main net. Having too many people piled into 2 nodes is fixable, especially with 30 available.

To pretend that because validator 17 and 28 had too many people crammed in and therefore it will never work is ignorant. You must either invest in competitor coins or want to buy low. This was literally nothing, and Fantom can 100% fix this problem by capping the amount delegated to each node.

>> No.29771628

59% of total supply is staked, over half the people that were directly affected can't sell. Unstaking has a 7 day lockout period.

People in CEXs continued to trade normally.
It's disingenuous to imply that price was unaffected when nearly 60% of the supply was held hostage for 8 hours.
Do with this information what you want.

>> No.29771629

>TFW when I’m gonna be waaaay richer than this stupid faggot who sold too early HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Keep fudding and kee seething on Fantom General threads kek

>> No.29771740

just bought back in and already made $100 in like 1min. feels good man

>> No.29771792

It happened because I bought in early. Nothing ever good happens for me so I'm not surprised it shit itself when I started getting confident in actually making some fucking money.

>> No.29771827

I'm one of those stakers with a LOT of money in and I didn't even break a sweat, I just threw more money in at the dip.

Do with this information what you want. Stakers know what they're invested in.

>> No.29771842

im too scared to put my whole stack back in. do i just dca? fuck i told myself id take a break from all this shit. i might just take a break and watch it

its not gonna hit 2 dollars in a week right? haha

>> No.29771940

thats what im thinking. if price keeps rising with no hiccups no one will sell. if its stable and theres still panic price drops. this is the fucking flip of a coin and rolling on the roulette table right now

>> No.29771972

Retard, the network is transparent and you can see how many unstaked, we still have everyone staked still. You think a network halt during this frenzy will cause even 1/4 of the delegators to unstake? Go ahead and wait. You're never buying cheap no matter how much you try and scare people on 4chan.

>> No.29772009

>he missed the dip

>> No.29772045

>held hostage
>opted into staking program
youre a huge fucking retard, stakers are in it for long term and arent selling events

>> No.29772118

they need minor fixes. like i cant click on a node and know the difference between the reward rate or whos who. i just see the 2 biggest ones and say oh ok and add in

UI on site needs a lot of work and minor fixes will fix a lot of shit

>> No.29772136

Its going straight to .45 one hour from now. I already sold, I recommend you to do the same

>> No.29772322

lol seething at the reversal are we?

>> No.29772337

Weird how it went to .61 instead

>> No.29772391

lol I just put 5k in it and it is flying , despite BTC (again)... while my ADA bag is looking around don't know what to do at its ath

>> No.29772408

Why would it?

>> No.29772432

i sold the fucking bottom why is this shit so fucking hard. everything mooned as soon as i sold today

>> No.29772439
File: 95 KB, 896x544, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmfao selling before the pump

>> No.29772710

fuck me................

>> No.29772742

weird how a celebrity with a big following shilling something can cause a drastic and unwarranted increase in price, it's almost as if those shilled are fomoing in and don't know the full extent of the coin they are buying

>> No.29772851

When I said held hostage I meant you couldn't even choose to unstake, transfer through pwa, mint, anything.

>> No.29772873

Step 1. Never fucking sell a Fantie below $10

>> No.29772989

i dont have years to get rich tho....this was my biggest money earner tho

>> No.29773121

I sold @ .56 idc if its going to reach one dollar with this shitty pump. It will go back to .45 eventually. I used some complex mathematical theorems and I'm pretty sure its going to dump hard very soon. Enjoy your little profit sweetie you are going to lose it soon.

>> No.29773175

Weird how I don’t see any visual receipts. You talking about shit that’s not from today?

>> No.29773339

moron. just leave

>> No.29773623

Yeah this.

As I started to understand how fantom worked last year all I could think was they need to distribut the staking on nodes and the GUI doesn't explain that

>> No.29774306

i agree its frustrating, but it's an easy thing to address. at least it's not something structural or part of the design.

they just want it to be as decentralized as possible, so it makes sense that they've taken a 'hands off' approach to this.

>> No.29774740

You could probably argue that they didn't expect the exponential growth we got.

They're definitely going to have to change the fantom requirements now for hosting a validator. I'm hoping 100k but it will probs go to governance

>> No.29774848


I went up 5000% in 3 months, it was due a correction

>> No.29775211

>You could probably argue that they didn't expect the exponential growth we got.
Yeah I think this definitely played a part, the interest spiked REALLY fast, I think faster than any of us imagined. They've said it will be going to governance soon.

>> No.29775709

- >>29775523

>> No.29775804

>Goes up 5000%
Wasn't this supposed to moon?

>> No.29776360

Selling Fantom at $0.50 is like selling Link at $1.50.
3x the total supply. Stay poor faggot.

>> No.29777874
File: 431 KB, 1080x682, sadasdasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retard why would stakers loose all rewards and sell because of validator being down? fantom is still not final project, fuck of demented freak fudder

>> No.29778718

The opera chain is the final product, you just saw a black swan event that would be disastrous if this was already the size everyone claims it will be.

>> No.29778798

that was their shitty wallet not the opera shit. opera still does what its supposed to

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