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Gonna be real awkward for all those idiots who bought housing in shitholes expecting to work remote forever.

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[laughs in programmer]
One way or another I'm not going back in the cage.

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Goldman Sachs is absolutely based.
Love those chads.

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so we aren't going to be genocided yet? i'm okay with it.

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i guess if you're a kike thats something to be proud of, but us humans look down upon these types of people

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It's all so tiring

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Working from home is the latest corporate scam. Instead of providing somewhere for you to work, they get the use of your place, rent free. Dabbing on you numpties yet again.

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>us humans
you aren't human, you're a nigger

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big real estate needs asses in offices to collect rent

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>There are people retarded enough to that being a slave in your own home is good

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working from home has been such a blessing. we even leased out our office and I never have to go back. it feels so good.

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WFH is a fucking meme.
See the posts here and on reddit about numales jacking off and playing vidya all with only 15 minutes of actual work.

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It won't be fully adopted until tracking software that micromanages the fuck of you is normalized.

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You have to use your own electricity, network bandwidth, heating.
My work used to provide free veggies, coffee, 50% discount on any food order once a day.

Now it's like oh but you don't have to commute. It was 5min on bike you dumb fucks.

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Actual NPCs on my fucking board. Disgusting.

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I've been working from home for a year now and I absolutely hate it. I wake up, get right to work, work through lunch since I'm already at my desk (home), then work well past 17:00 most times until 20:00 each day, then study on the weekends. Constantly being interrupted by family members breaking concentration, really fucking sucks. I feel zero connection to my team and no culture exists now at work. I went from loving it to hating it quick.

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Some people have 1.5 hour commutes one direction for work you bitches can't handle actual luxury? Eat my ass.

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this is someone tripping on power
when they're not in an office environment with people, they lose their control

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Find work you like doing. I snoop through people accounts looking for crypto, cash, etc any sign of possible tax evasion, money laundering and report it to my countries "IRS".

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Jews do not know the meaning of an honest day of work

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Kill yourself, glowie.

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Good bait but imagine actually being a grubberment simp

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Nah, I'm good. The cubicle is for subhumans.
Still working from home and will do so for the foreseeable future.

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Hes right you won't work at all because automation

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Dude have you not been reading the work from home doing nothing threads, god the only reason I wage is to have some sort of income and no defi is not at income you anons. The people who work hard DO NOT GET AHEAD, all that matters is if the person above you likes you or wants to fuck you. You fucking passionate wagies disgust me , literally happy with slavery.

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Goldman. Sachs. Solomon.

I vow to sabotage any workplace that treats me as a wagie after I finish my PhD.

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Nobody was doing much more productive in the office anyway, they just had to be more discrete about slacking off and had more meetings.

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I've been a NEET with passive income for 11 years now. Games don't do much for me anymore. Watching series/movies feels pointless. It's 11:10 and I'm just waiting for the clock to reach past 12 so I can kill some time making lunch.

How do you deal with the feeling of being useless?

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Start a creative hobby. Drawing/painting/making music/animating ect.
Creative flow, when it clicks, is like crack for The soul

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Exercise or learn something that's useful to you such as gardening or help neighbours with (de)construction like knocking condemned buildings.

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Most of the world is back to normal its legit only burgers who aren't

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Do something good for people. Give, help, improve the lives of those around you.

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> goyim cattle, go back to your cagie. The tribe had enough of that.

Absolutely and utterly based and jewpilled. Put the goy vermin cattle slave subhuman trash back to work.

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I've been working from home for a year as well and I fucking love it. I will most likely quit if they ever force us back into the office.

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This. The only reason Schlomo cares is because he’s got long term leases on commercial real estate and doesn’t want his buddies property values to plummet because they’re all empty.

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I'm a NEET so I just zoom ARPA and get accompanied by my Bella baby

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Salty & seething

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Then quit. Who would choose to work for goldman sachs anyway? Been offered to interview for a couple of tech lead gigs there, never bothered. I don't work for kikes.

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This. The remote cucks like doing it for free.

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Yeah but wagies counter this by doing literally nothing all day.

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the amount of money you saved living in a "shithole" should pay for the rest of your life if you have basic investment understanding

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Play PoE, fag.

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Self-employed work from home masterrace here.
5 years now.
Used to do it stoned all day before I quit weed.

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you're the one justifying your own enslavement

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This. My body is fucking wasting away sitting on my ass for 8 hours.
Humans are meant to move.

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thanks, time for lunch

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>get to jerk off whenever I want
>get to play vidya whenever I want
>get to watch moobies whenever I want
>get to trade whenever I want

Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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Shitholes? Housing has been bought in nice quiet areas with lots of greenery and outside space. Quite the opposite of a shithole, basically. Or do you love high density living with traffic and crime and diversity?

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this. i can do whatever i want during the day and still get paid. its comfy

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I really want to go back. There are these new girl on the other team that I want to meet in person, if you know what I mean :^)

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off yourself

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I kinda miss some aspects of being at the office, but the perks of wfh dramatically outstrip it. From what I've been told by management, I'm likely never going back either.

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There’s literally no real point to spending 8 hours a day at the office besides giving “people managers” a reason to have a job and pay rent to Landlords.

Rather be at home work at your own pace

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>hurr working from home is a scam
>but having to live in some horrible city and spend hours in preperation ration and transport to go to the wage cage is not a scam

They are just protecting commercial real estate

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ya if you mean africa, SEA, and latin america, but all of the developed countries are still under some form of lockdown, and with the media already starting to mutter about COVID-21 you can bet your ass the lockdowns will lift a bit and then slam back down again. gotta make that great reset happen

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Oy vey, how dare you not rent office space!

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Yep it's just a popularity contents, thankfully the person I report to is really chill with me but we both know I don't work as much as my colleagues yet I still received a great pay rise this year. If you go to work and "work hard" they will literally give you so much more to do, I learned this in my first job when I had no idea of how it worked.

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I like diversity but I dont like traffic, crime and homeless. Suburbs are heaven.

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Are you retarded? The whole point of working from home is to leech off your your company by working maybe 1 hour and doing whatever else the rest of the day.

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Now I understand why the USA has to borrow $2.5 million a minute.

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these are all true. the only reason this kike is saying this is to provoke strong pro-wfh sentiment. like cunt parents who do that 'anon doesn't like x does he? we won't give this to anon. oh ok, here you go'. imagine choosing not only to imprison and subjugate yourself but to enable it, pay for it, administrate it and do so willingly.

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Cringe. Why are there so many basedboys on here now?

Rural living beats urban living by a mile.


Just fuck off back to plebbit.

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Exactly. When I got my first job I was more productive than basically everyone else. I looked at the other employees and thought they were lazy and/or dumb because of how slow they were and how sloppy their work was. Then I started to notice that hard work doesn't get you ahead barring very rare exceptions. You get the same raises and promotions everyone else does. There's no point doing more than the minimum.

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This, city living is fucking hell

Noise pollution
High cost of living
No space, no privacy

Nothing beats living in the country

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>give people a small taste of freedom
>immediately rip it away
Is there no end to their cruelty?

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There is people who is not confortable working in home because don't associate home with working and they are so wagecucked that feels guilty when they are not "unpleasently working hard".

Others are like NEETing while get payed.by doing actually nothing. But probalby those parasites did the same at the jobcage.when boss wasn't on their heads.

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>code monkey is smug because instead of being a piece an obnoxious faggot in the office, he's being an obnoxious faggot at home
Code monkeys need not apply.

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>"Create a need and then take it away, that is control."

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Way too many of them now

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he's right tho
the whole zoom bullshit is pure cancer

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oh well. It was a good year to be a wagie. Must have cleared 6 figures doing absolutely nothing playing vidya

Can't wait for the next scamdemic bros

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of course you won't.

You will be replaced by a indian willing to work for 100 rupees.

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These kikes can’t stop what’s happening. My company is going 100% work from home and many many other places are too. This is unstoppable and will almost certainly be the biggest win for the wage cuck since the invention of the 8 hour work day.

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but I don't have to commute 4 hours everyday. I make more in 4 hours of scalping shitcoins than the cost in electricity. And I don't have to eat lunch anymore.

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What the fuck is this creature? What is wrong with you?

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If you have kids and are married then working from home fucking blows. I went back to school to learn an actual trade. Building shit for a living is way more satisfying and rewarding than working behind a desk like a faggot.

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Fuck you. I'm never going back to the office.

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Agreed, fuck cities

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Sadly, this is probably accurate

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>I like diversity but I dont like diversity

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Yeah some places are like this. Grass is always greener Anon, if you could get away with doing nothing in the office - imagine wfh- literally paid to do nothing. But for some poor wagies they still have to bust ass - Just slack off and pray they fire you. I truly believe as a low level white male corporate gigs are fucked - not even applying as a Trans will get you a job anymore

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unless they become a superpower by 2020+10 nobody trust indians i know CEOs and i asked them why they wouldn't hire cheap Indians they said they dont trust them

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All that does is prove that most jobs at companies are completely fucking useless. Besides, most people are fucking useless, incredibly inefficient and spend most days on their phones.

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That’s what tracking software is for Anon, the problem is when they outsource to India they have they fucked 3rd world mentality - it’s in a lot of 3rd world places dog eat dog world. So they scam the system HARD, it costs them millions to deal with the mess caused and Daddy Gov is cracking down to out sourcing to the street shitters for these exact reasons.

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most wfh losers are going to be losing their jobs to outsourcing by the end of the year, already happening at my company where we are transferring most of the jobs of the people who chose to wfh to an outsourcing firm in Eastern Europe, it turns out it was a great way to find out which jobs are easy to outsource.

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yeah my job did that and now we cant close a project normally, literally endless stream of bugs and errors

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>tfw company I work for moved people around and started giving them additional tasks without an increase in pay
>then fired those same people
>didn't look at me at all because I sandbag to avoid such pointless increases in responsibility
>got a fucking raise last week
Work from home has been excellent and I will quit outright if and when it is announced that we are required to return to the office.

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Boomers are retarded. I'm never going back to the office.

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>I like diversity
>I dont like crime and homeless
uh, anon...

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I agree working from home is the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t have to worry about any fucking micro aggressions or sexual harassment lies. The best thing is that I can shit in my own bathrooms. Office toilet paper doesn’t get you clean and tears your asshole apart.

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Wow you are a nerd

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Your company won't care, it's still cheaper. That's all that matters. Them getting decent code the first time but costing millions isn't worth it to them. They do not give 2 fucks.
My company is saving $500,000 a month on cleaning services alone. They are slowly firing people person by person as to not cause a companywide panic/exodus before they are ready. They just had a corp meeting "We need everyone to work faster". They even tried this summer an internal restructure to take non-remote jobs and "teach them to code". They gave them 1 month to learn how to code, and ended up firing them all.

>> No.29750333

This is wrong though. Companies have been trying to outsource to places like India and Eastern Europe for years. It doesn't work because the talent quality reduces significantly, since all the talent in those countries already emigrated to the west.

>> No.29750336

>you need to congregate in a central location to do your work
>everything lives in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere

>> No.29750344

I dont work at a big company and I know they do care
big corps are different obviously so idk

>> No.29750413

If your company actually exists it won't for much longer

>> No.29750428

Tell me how much to invest to get 6000 Euros a month and I'll quit my job
Yes, it does have benefits, but I'm just so tired. Constantly responding to slack messages afterhours. Reading pointless docs, making spreadsheets no one will read.
"Those who do not work, do not eat".
It's not by choice, if I don't keep moving I standstill and standing still means that I'll be fired.

>> No.29750504

>but all of the developed countries are still under some form of lockdown
thats not true at all lol you live in a a bubble.

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>I like diversity
Please go back heathen

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I'm never going back. My commute was 1 hr 40 minutes door to door one way between train subway and walking. Now, I get to see my kids grow. This is heaven on earth.

>> No.29750626

If they cared they would not have outsourced.

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Am in a similar field my friend

>> No.29750813

name one that isn't. even sweden is thinking of going on a lockdown

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lowkey want soxl to be giving people false hope so i can buy bags

>> No.29751123

Exactly how most of biz feels right here, we work to make initial income to get rich not find ourselves by simping for some ceo

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Unironically, my wife works for Goldman Sachs and her boss says she's working from home forever.

Its hard for you to realize this with all your conspiracy theories, but in a company as large as Goldman, the top executives have next to zero control of the middle managers and tenured employees on the staff. My wife liked going to the office, but if Schlomo Shekelberg in chief said "YOU MUST WORK FROM THE OFFICE OR ELSE!" my wife and all her colleagues could tie that order up in years of HR review bullshit about feeling unsafe just like the teachers unions.

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>have my job automated via python scripts
>get paid to just shitpost on /biz/, play vidya, and watch animu
>Have time to make dinner for my fiance by the time she gets home
>she loves my cooking , especially when I have time to prepare a 10 hour slow cooked brisket like last night
>she's looking for remote work too so we can move to a comfy quiet location

yea, I'm "slaving" alright

>> No.29751571

well they are hiring locally again so that's a telltale sign that they do in fact care
why are you so angry

>> No.29751589

not if i code the needful before they do

>> No.29751671

Some people do. Back in my retard degenerate days I dreamed of living in a cuckpartment in the city where I could go out every night and “have fun”

Dumb immature nonsense.

>> No.29751955

You do that brisket in a smoker or a slow cooker, bby?

>> No.29752013

Just got the call to start going back to the office 'soon. Thinking if I should kms before that happens. I fucking hate the office.

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Diversity = Crime, Homelessness and High Cost of living you retard

>> No.29752155

What’s really fun is when you make it and. Can build your own movie theater, bar and amenities at home and invite bitches over on tinder

>> No.29752181

Are you afraid though that they will just outsource your job to India or whatever? I’m not trying to be a dick I legitimately worry about this. It’s pretty easy to do if everyone is working from home

>> No.29752478

Americans, you heard your boss say it. So get back into that wagie cage. Also, if you don't listen to the foreman robot we will cut your credit score in half. Your pay will be 3 Tron per day. Bitcoin is only for bossmen.

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City population levels were always cyclical.
50/60s, you had White Flight, people fleeing from the advancing negro hordes. 70s, throw in (perhaps, not unrelated) crime waves, NYC was bad, Detroit tipped altogether. Now, even before coronachan, you had a real-estate price nomads, people selling up and fleeing to the country and those who couldn't afford city rent. London is majority non UK white and less than 20% in some areas. People always have fled to green, sooner or later, given the choice.

>> No.29752773

I absolutely hate companies that outsource. Even this late in the game, company after company getting burned, yet people in management still fucking try it. My favorite was reading that the Boeing 737-MAX software was written by poo programmers getting paid $7/hr. I'm angry because I've had several jobs where I have to train my replacements in India or some other shithole, and people replacing me didn't know shit about anything dispite having all master degrees in computer science.

>> No.29752850

The suburbs are neither. That's the problem, most professionals are caught in the soulless complexes of suburban living.

>> No.29753149

I don't hate the office but I do hate the fucking commute

>> No.29754543

I don't mind going back in a couple of days a week. Few things I miss, applying for some new jobs which are fully remote however

>> No.29754699

Screw that. I am never taking a non-remote job again. Working from home saves me lots of time and money.

>> No.29754933

This guy is redpilled on the QE menace btw. Was on a zoom w/ him not a week ago.

>> No.29754962

The key is that once work from home is standard enough that you can reliably get new remote work as easily as non-remote work (obviously this is career dependent). Then moving to some rural area on 30 acres and working with ElonSatalite internet becomes feasible.

>> No.29755078

A wfh/remote class of workers is good, it will reverse the hyper urbanization trend we've been on and buff up some small towns.

>> No.29755167

>all these commercial real estate bag holders seething

You and goldjew got burnt. You ain't getting your money back.

>> No.29755204

working from home is based. my favorite part is hearing all of my coworkers whine about not having any room in their "home office" because now they and their gf/bf actually spend time in their $2000/month 500 square foot cuckshed and, surprise surprise, there's not enough room and they've been paying shekelstein for a closet.

>> No.29755263

Home office is basedjack shit and usually endorsed by the same retards that want UBI.

>> No.29755737

paying some kike $1500/month to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in the suburbs/city and commuting 30 minutes round trip each way with no expense or time compensation is more cucked. sorry you're a dumb nigger that has to physically be present to work in a retail establishment or some other manual labor "profession."

>> No.29757531

>t. hasn't purposefully filled his companies flagship program with overly complicated code that would only be readable to yourself in order to have leverage

>> No.29757692

if you had worked in finance you'd know that "home office" is only an option for IT scum and call center employees while everyone relevant will always be required to operate on site.

>> No.29758249

This is facts