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can't say stay comfy without stake

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our support is fairly decent all thigns considered

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Reminder to just hold and forget you have it until you read articles about it mooning

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Damn already 111 threads since the last one huh?

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Let’s get it popping
Reversal time

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welp see you all when it hits 0.7 again

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There’s no way this coin will ever hit $50 it would make way too many multi millionaires

>> No.29739481

Only 16k holders right now anon, we’re insanely early

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feel so weak need some opium

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we're the elite bot only if you hold it till death and give it on to your children.
keep wealth in your family brother

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I have $2k to mess with in crypto. Do I go all in on FTM?

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I have 25, will I be a millionaire?

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I read something about FTM having issues earlier in the day with some aspect not working. Was that fixed?

>> No.29739926

just bought back my fanties

>> No.29739973

it was read on twitter

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I don’t know what you mean, but was it fixed?

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>-26% growth on my original investment
Should have backed out. Yeesh. Guess I'm holding for another year until it's green or completely dead. Thanks for fucking your shit up, fantom dev idiots. Christ, they had this shit locked up and they fucked it up.

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What did they fuck up?

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Fuck you cunts in this thread who have absolutely 0 awareness of the last 24 hours. We’re still gonna make it though

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Yes it was fixed, the team is fantastic

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binance ddos apparently

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As soon as the market calms this shit will explode again, 30% corrections are normal. Don't forget Fantom is the golden crypto this bull run, all eyes are on it.

King reporting for duty. Stand fast men.

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Is the pisdrinking guy in here to today?

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surely 20k is a make it stack

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I would be super happy if it hits $10

>> No.29740692

what happened with the validators earlier, still hazy on the fuckery that went down

>> No.29740702

fuck this, i'm trading all my ftm for reef

>> No.29740716

Has it consolidated? Is it safe to rebuy now?

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should reach $10 easily, looking at the MC

>> No.29740846

We haven't reached 0.000 yet

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I love how despite a 35% 24h dump, fantom is still the single highest 7 day gainer at 173% being almost 100% more up on the 7day than the 2nd best performer, holo (this all being top 100 coins ofc)

>> No.29740921

perhaps, the weekend might cause an even bigger dip

>> No.29741094

Fantbros... I don't feel so good...
Not selling though

>> No.29741109

yeah i'm tethered up and waiting for the weekend to see if there's an opportunity

>> No.29741230

man I hope guys I would be a millionaire at $10

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I've only been trading for a few days now and I feel like every waking moment needs to be focused on the market in order to not lose large sums of money. How do you guys do it?

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Can u please stop making this retarded post every hour?
I'm tired of seeing this anime girl and this shitcoin being shilled.

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dont daytrade, invest in coins with good fundamentals, sell when coin reaches your goal pricewise

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Crypto newfag here, I can't wrap my head around marketcap and what it implies for the coins. If the MC is high but the value of the crypto is low then it means that there's potential for larger gains?

>> No.29741382

hide the thread

>> No.29741418

cope and seethe more

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Only market cap is important u brainlet. The market cap from ftm now is already incredible high.
Pajeets just shill their shitcoins all day, so that they can dump on u

>> No.29741541

he always makes the thread early because he wants to get his OP pic in

>> No.29741550

Where can you see the amount of holders

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Listen you little cunt.
I just want all Anons to make it.
And this coin is how we are going to do it.
Now kindly fuck off to a thread you prefer bitch.

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Mmnhmmm delicious piss

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have you tried VOO?

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Transactions on the blockchain stopped for ~7 hours due to issues with the 2 largest validator nodes. This caused the price to doomp which on top of the general downturn today has pushed it down a fair bit.

Still pretty bullish myself, but it's definitely not a good thing.

Feels good to have got in at 36c. It should bounce back unless any further bad news comes out.

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>This caused the price to doomp which on top of the general downturn today has pushed it down a fair bit.
false information, this was an issue that started 4 hours before the dump and the dump itself was a mirror image of bitcoin going down

>> No.29741797

that's what they said about AVAX

>> No.29741798

Don't even know what that is. I only hopped on the crypto wagon earlier this week and I'm only now gathering more info since I'm a wagie

>> No.29741857

you got in at 36 in a 11 cent coin. what a fucking smoothbrain hold my bags down to 7 cents

>> No.29741917

Kys asshole i hope you get heart attack

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I have 7500 FTM. How long do I stake for

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FTM decreased from ~16 sats a day ago to ~12 sats right now. Speaking in relative terms it definitely did decrease more than BTC did.

>> No.29742026

end of decade

>> No.29742094

FTM will draw-back to 30 cents. Hope you sold 85 and tethered the money for Jigstack launch. ^_^

>> No.29742312

I might buy in because I've passed on link and fantom looks legit enough

>> No.29742390

i aint buying anything with this shit BTC volume constantly dumping

>> No.29742557

btc hourly green, FTM hourly red
FUCK, why did this shit need to happen. why didnt they lower the amount needed to become node validator earlyer, why didnt they direct normies to other nodes,

>> No.29742631

yeah lmao hindsight so obvious now

>> No.29742704

Honestly it's as much fault of FTM as the validators themselves.

Why would I go to Anonymous node #12 when there's something called GoFantom (which to the layman could be construed as an "official" node).

If validators had put even a modicum of thought or effort into their nodes, they would've been more appealing for the mass of stakers.

Also FTM team would never say "guys please stop going to these nodes as it can cause a 33% attack", their credibility would be instantly shot (which it ended up being, ironically).

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Kek, anon you are bullying him.
Assume a good project can go to 1 Billion mcap. Take 1 billion and divide by circulating supply. Theres a price target. After that who knows. Didnt expect ADA with no working product to be at 30 billion mcap but here we are. A 30 billion mcap divided by circulating supply of FTM is $11.8. So $10 puts it comfortably in top 10 at like #6. Entirely possible for a good project.

>> No.29743004

Back to .80 EOW

>> No.29743088

kek wouldnt that be something

>> No.29743200

Prob just too much hopium, but with 60% or so total amount staked ppl can't really panicsell, so with things resolved as quickly as they did there's a decent chance I'd say

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>> No.29743333

god imagine this + curve if we didnt have the nodes go down
we'd be popping champagne at 1.3 lmao

>> No.29743380

my soul is crying rn
also, checked

>> No.29743455

basically this. you can't blame the newfags for staking to a node too much, you have to blame the system that allowed it in the first place and is now blaming those newfags instead of taking accountability for their fuckup.

>> No.29743472

desu it always needed fixing, a little loss in momentum but will be better long term imo

I'm drinking my own piss at $5 btw

>> No.29743482

Fuck this shit, I sold. It least I made some profit

>> No.29743507

yeah imma drink my piss at 5 too. cheers m8, maybe in a month we'll be laughing about this. or maybe we'll capitulate. here for the ride

>> No.29743530

i am blaming the system tho

>> No.29743594

i considering that, what made you sell? are you out of crypto completely?

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not him, but also a brainlet

So basically we are underpriced atm, since the fully dilated MCap is 1,814,103,418 / Circ. supply of 2,545,006,273 = 0.712

we are currently underpriced by 0.15$, is that it?

>> No.29743878

No I only sold FTM. I don't think its dead maybe next week it will reach a new ATH who knows. I sold half of my bnb to get into FTM @ .19 now I'm taking my FTM profit to BNB again

>> No.29743975

Get ready for fantom pumping

>> No.29744005

Is there any truth in the FTM x AVAX rumour?

my dads mate said so

>> No.29744014

Putting my money in ADA while i wait for this shit to blow over.

>> No.29744036

Underpriced yeah Id say so. But that makes sense since it pumped to 87 cents, now it cools off a bit. A good price target for any coin that works and has promise is 1 billion mcap. Id say FTM has more than just promise and can hit 20+ billion mcap. Which is at least over $5 basically.

>> No.29744038

yes they are secret lovers

>> No.29744055

I'm agreeing with you

max this coin goes is $10 agreed in the best case scenario but to all the other anons, look at the supply and the tech and do the math yourself. if you think a coin with 3.175 billion max supply will hit $100 EoY you are on some serious hopium

>> No.29744116

define waiting for this shit to blow over. Im thinking about waiting a week for opera fags to dump and to see will BTC go even lower or is it crab time

>> No.29744173

very nice, I just buy coins with the best memes and shitpost quality, so far thats been rubic, link, grt and fantom. I dont check my folio but if I were to guess I've atleast done 500% profits, definitely time to consider selling.

>> No.29744186

Just gotta let whoever wants to dump. There’s too many people in Fantom who’re not confident in the tech and just bought because of the pump. Need to stabilize.

>> No.29744249

sorry for the retarded question but how does the marketcap increase? is it just by people beeing willing to pay more per coin or is it something else?

>> No.29744336

can you not use the fucking google? MARKET CAP = PRICE OF THE COIN * NUMBER OF COINS. Price goes up, MCAP goes up.

>> No.29744364

Mcap is just last traded price X circulating supply. It doesnt actually correlate to dollar to dollar increase. An MCap increasing by 1 billion, doesnt mean 1 billion dollars enter the coin. A Mcap can increase when the price increases, but it can decrease as well if coins from total supply entering circulating supply is too fast. Not an issue with FTM, circ supply is like 75% anyway. Total supply was a concern for coins like BAO but its supply coming from total to circ wasnt 100% of farmed amount so people bought in.

>> No.29744450

It has to do with how market cap is calculated.
Market cap = token supply x token price.
This is why when you read people on /biz/ say "tokenomics make this unviable" or something of the sort, they look at the "prediction" price and multiply it by the supply.

Take a coin with 4 billion supply, if it went to 2.5 USD per token, that would instantly put it into a top10 coin spot.

Then you think to yourself "Is this coin better than XYZ token in the top10 currently?"
This is one of the most basic ways you can arrive to realistic price predictions, and obviously not always accurate.

>> No.29744566

FTM a buy at these levels?

>> No.29744646

Thinking about the same. Any realistic predictions about how low will it dip? What if BTC shits itself again (which it probably will)? Hard to decide between buying back in now or later.

>> No.29744720

well, weekends tend to dip. but whos to say

>> No.29744800

Yes, MACD cross imminent. There is already bullish divergence
Dip is over and it has been pumping regardless of BTC

>> No.29744895

I expect it back above 60c soon, so yes

>> No.29744980

I actually want to become schizophrenic after making it with this coin instead

>> No.29745039

I bought all along the dip thinking it would moon back up to a dollar and it plummeted im now suffering a five hundred dollar loss

>> No.29745042

just picked up another thousand

>> No.29745071

Yeah... and right around the time it hits 10$ the military will probably be relatively near to quarantining yours or my town and vaccine raping us and all these gains will be for nothing.

We are literally going to be getting rich at the absolute worst fucking time in history. It’s like having your dick chopped off right before you are about to have a 3some.

>> No.29745081

its not a loss unless you sell

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>> No.29745103

Im the retard from the thread yesterday who sent the wrong FTM from Binance to my wallet
I got all my fanties back this morning by contacting support.

>> No.29745182

nice bro
you were freaking the fuck out

>> No.29745192

Nice anon. No panic. Just action and solution.

>> No.29745237

After getting the vaccine you have to do a urine fast to get rid of all the impurities in your body.

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Any 0.75 fantomcucks? I'm never gonna recover from the dip
On a scale of 1-10 how realistic is

>> No.29745275


>> No.29745284

tell me about it mate i barely slept last night

>> No.29745332

i bought at 85c... my average dca is probably something like 65c

>> No.29745343

just sell (me) your bags anon its never gonna go back up

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Just two days ago you guys were saying it was going to $50, now $10 is optimistic?

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>> No.29745521

50 eoy still stands have patience

>> No.29745562

How the fuck is wFTM worth 0.84 fUSD still?

>> No.29745594

Tbh I really want to buy some more bags, I don't understand shit but I have faith in my fanties

>> No.29745675

wFTM for some reason always bounces between 0.02 and 0.2 cent above market price

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Can anyone explain the ftm wallet stuff?

>Deposit ftm
>swap to wftm
>minut fusd, swap it for other coins, right now only wftm is possible
>mint synths with wftm? like oil and gold?
I think i understand it but under fmint it shows est pending and stashed rewards. Says pending rewards is 3 wftm and somehow keeping C raito over 500% gets me a reward but how is that? Is that just the devs paying for new users? confused about that part.

>> No.29745762

Exchange ratios (wFTM/fUSD) are determined by how much of each currency are in the pool.

If there are 10,000 wFTM and 10,000 fUSD in the pool, then 1 wFTM = 1 fUSD

But if there are 20,000 wFTM and 10,000 fUSD, then 2 wFTM = 1 fUSD

>> No.29745765
File: 1.56 MB, 6379x2478, EOY PREDICTIONS-02-01-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this is finalised

>> No.29745846

if your c-ratio is over 500%, as in if you haven't taken a loan too large for your collateral, you get a small reward similar to when you are staking. Also yes it's mostly to get in new users and make them try minting, same reason liquidations aren't in yet

>> No.29745871

just check my C-ratio after 24hrs

>> No.29745954

the dump had many casualties but that should fix itself relativly soon

>> No.29745963

Pretty pissed the retard devs didn't do something about the node problem when they saw all the newfags aping in and staking on gofantom. They killed an amazing bullrun at the worst possible time.

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>fell for the connor FUD last night and covered my loan
>now have fUSD to buy this dip

>> No.29745993

>Also yes it's mostly to get in new users and make them try minting, same reason liquidations aren't in yet
Ah ok thats what i was thinking nice. The rest of the wallet is great so far. I think the biggest excitement will be when the fswap has lots of other coins too besides just wftm.

>> No.29746016

After yesterday's fiasco I'll be happy with 2-3

>> No.29746055

Yeah it's going to be killer being able to just trade ERC shitcoins inside the wallet using loaned collateral and NO GAS.

>> No.29746289

2 node failure lul

>> No.29746357

I boughted the dip

>> No.29746377

if they can figure out how to add perp futures and options with even small leverage then I honestly believe ftm will go top20

>> No.29746451

Thinking of buying the dip too but its litterally gambling at this point

>> No.29746454

fanties... I don't feel so good. I'm holding on, but my grip is weakening. I feel like a baby bird that's fallen out of his nest... I am exposed and vulnerable to the powerful predatory powers of this market. What should I do?

>> No.29746482

literally just stake, prevents any rash decisions

>> No.29746520

>Fantom General #777
How the fuck did you beat the schizo's ?

>> No.29746534

Sell your bags and fomo back in at $2

>> No.29746547

Fantoms, I don't feel so good.

>> No.29746681

>How the fuck did you beat the schizo's ?
xrp? Because FTM actually has products to use the coin on. What can someone with XRP do besides hold it and stare at it?

Xrp is older than eth yet no smart contracts still. Amazing.

>> No.29746686

I got no fucking sleep last night. Sold all my fanties. Wishing you all another moon but I’m out

>> No.29746750

Newfag here, what's staking? Fantoms are my first crypto investment, I litterally just bought them and hoped I could sell them at a higher price
So far I'm loosing money but I'm holding

>> No.29746803


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>the price went down everywhere else but actually went up on fUni
the fUsd jewery is unprecedented

>> No.29746835

hold and refer this handy chart

>> No.29746847

id feel more depressed with the "what if" than losing all my money, at this point its just one fun ride for me

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>> No.29746866

>Fantom uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to validate transactions and secure the network.

You can participate by staking your FTM. In exchange, you are rewarded with FTM tokens.

>> No.29746918

i presume you have heard of bitcoin mining right, imagine that but instead of getting a pc to do calculations to get rewards btc you give your FTM to a validator node

>> No.29746965

congrats. turned $370k into $4.5M with Fantom. Was expecting to make $20M+, but then it halted like a shitcoin, AVAX style, and I couldn't get past that. Not when I've made fun of AVAX for weeks

>> No.29747063

I'll be buying fantom, but not for another 8 days, at least. i think it should be possible to enter way lower than current price

>> No.29747123

Thank you guys I understamd now
I'm holding anon, it's all or nothing for me

>> No.29747233

>FTM price 52c USD
>wFTM price 85c fUSD

This shit is ridiculous.

>> No.29747259

yo this shit have made me 80k so far lol imma buy the dip

>> No.29747271

Did you manage to use those products when 2(two) nodes went down yesterday?
I bet you minted and staked a lot during that period right friend?

>> No.29747275

The smart investors are holding back waiting for the lowest possible entry point. This mishap was a dream come true for them.

>> No.29747349


>> No.29747367
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>> No.29747398

What would be a good price to buy some more fanties bros?
You guys really think we can recover from this?

>> No.29747408

not with btc dumping like an ox

>> No.29747508

if the team gets it together definitely. momentum definitely dusted though until next bit of news. pretty bummed but better now than later I suppose. we coulda been too dog

>> No.29747566

True, why is it still not coming down

>> No.29747610

it is coming down, wFTM prices were up to the dollar already

>> No.29747702

god i wish that were me

>> No.29747722

Loads of near whales and swingers on fUNI who do not want the price to move down. It will slowly but it will be a painful crawl.

>> No.29747742
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Convince me not to try my hand at swinging with this coin now that it's going mental
I'm crypto newfag btw

>> No.29747824

Because you'll lose in the end.
I'm holding this $600 0.80 bag until it crosses $2 at least though, so I know nothing.

>> No.29747909

btw burgers if you move your fanties over to mint shit it counts as a taxable event. it swaps ftm to sftm which is considered a transaction. just to let you guys know

>> No.29747930

would have killed myself already if i had the misfortune of being born in the land of the unfree

>> No.29748062

To wait for a miracle to happen and this coin to recover or to sell the bottom and start swinging and actually get some gains, what should I do?

>> No.29748099

ha yeah it sucks. now I gotta hope fanties gets to 3.5 dollars for me to break even the realized gains for the amount I got from fucking around in fUNI. in fact it can be argued for burgers fMINT rewards is a negative because swapping to get sFTM incurs the tax and you're probably just better off holding it for delegations as ftm

>> No.29748143

Any advice on how to best do taxes on staking? haven't been keeping track.

>> No.29748170

getting taxed for crypto to crypto is the most bullshit thing ever. here in eastern europe you don't even get taxed selling for fiat if you sell after holding for over 2 years

>> No.29748206

Crypto to crypto taxes are fucking outrageous. Just don't tell them anyway.

>> No.29748232

bought some more today, will buy more if we drop further. It doesn't feel like the bull is over, but if it is... rope awaits

>> No.29748261

if you make it though and they audit you you are more than fucked

>> No.29748281

yooooo! what is going on! I'm back from my run and it fell even more... soon, I will buy at 888! soon, brothers.

>> No.29748320

yeah it makes it a lot less fun and way more stressful. a lot of things I don't do because lol taxed. this country is a joke

>> No.29748548

Is fucking around in fUNI considered taxable crypto to crypto or just the minting part?

>> No.29748558
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Anyone else watching the fUSD/wFTM LP contract? Pretty interesting, seems like whales are covering their fUSD while small fish are still leveraging up a few hundred fanties at a time

>> No.29748737
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When will it start going up again fantbros

>> No.29748815 [DELETED] 
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Umm guys. What are these Uniswap contracts on Fantom?

>> No.29748866

is -24% right now, everything else is only single digits minus. anyways, I want it to go even lower and the crazy thing is it's actually happening

>> No.29748889

Delete this

>> No.29749138

did you use your staked fantons? how many?
number of staked fanties sent over * price at the time

if you had 10,000 delegating bought at .1 and you send 10,000 over to fUNI at .65, congrats you incurred a capital gains tax on 6400 just got doing that. god bless america. fortunately the mere act of moving them this way counts in reverse, so if fanties keep dropping you can just do a quick mint/unmint to occur capital gains losses. this needs to be done within the same year.
if you mint and occur said 6400 worth of taxable capital gains, and then it dumps and you hold the asset and never sell, you still owe for those taxes, unless you trade that asset at a loss, and you wanna do that during the same year.

>> No.29749223


>> No.29749242
File: 27 KB, 471x388, 1613674723916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fortunately the mere act of moving them this way counts in reverse, so if fanties keep dropping you can just do a quick mint/unmint to occur capital gains losses.
what a joke of a country

>> No.29749286

Never mind btw dying again.

>> No.29749293


>> No.29749329

I will be more specific. when you go to your delegation node and it was "mint sFMT" that is the moment of the taxable event. so whatever gains you've made from fantom you just realized cuz you're basically swapping your FTM for sFTM on a 1:1 ratio, which murica considers fair game for taxing. the actual minting process, where you mint, I got no fucking clue to be honest.

>> No.29749330
File: 16 KB, 300x300, 1610658768353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dump it on fUni

>> No.29749331

What does it mean?

>> No.29749346

>if you had 10,000 delegating bought at .1 and you send 10,000 over to fUNI at .65, congrats you incurred a capital gains tax on 6400 just got doing that. god bless america. fortunately the mere act of moving them this way counts in reverse, so if fanties keep dropping you can just do a quick mint/unmint to occur capital gains losses. this needs to be done within the same year.
if you mint and occur said 6400 worth of taxable capital gains, and then it dumps and you hold the asset and never sell, you still owe for those taxes, unless you trade that asset at a loss, and you wanna do that during the same year.

This is absolutely fucked. Still I can stomach the minting tax, I was asking about swapping between fUSD and wFTM, that isn't taxable other than the lump sum capital gain correct?

>> No.29749363

Done. Buy before news gets out

>> No.29749384

What was it

>> No.29749396
File: 424 KB, 828x1307, 1593286791739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>on 4chan
shiggy diggy newfaglets

>> No.29749403

It dipped like 2 fucking cents. Whales are absolutely not wanting to sell.

>> No.29749416
File: 69 KB, 563x750, The_Biting_Pear_of_Salamanca_by_ursulav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Explain the implications

>> No.29749439

Wtf is this

>> No.29749459
File: 151 KB, 800x600, 1588055299686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw had to sell a little bit to adjust leverage

>> No.29749468

Unstaking periods are 7 days. The dumpening is still coming.

>> No.29749473

>I was asking about swapping between fUSD and wFTM, that isn't taxable other than the lump sum capital gain correct?

this is my assumption and how I'm treating it. it's the only way that makes sense and I don't see s reason why it wouldn't be this way.

>> No.29749474

But what do it men? Do I hodl or do I sold?

>> No.29749505

Check FTM Twitter

>> No.29749511

sell, it means we're going back to $0.06. not gonna spoonfeed you anymore, enjoy this one

>> No.29749671

why do americans think they are the land of the free when they are the most cucked? I thought you guys were all obsessed with capitalism and the free market, but you have these ridiculous laws and need a licence for things like cutting hair lmao.

>> No.29749726
File: 127 KB, 1024x683, 1595066955112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because they got literally brainwashed during the cold war, it's sad really

>> No.29749776

I saw the pic please tell me how big it is? I bought the top I need some hopium fren

>> No.29749830

hodl. we will all drink piss at 5$. join us

>> No.29749839

Wtf does this mean. Stop being cryptic

>> No.29749868

how did all of you newfags find this place?

>> No.29749880



This. Stop trolling the thread

>> No.29749887

>A general for the worst performing coin right now
Never fucking change /biz/

>> No.29749910
File: 63 KB, 900x741, fantiesstranding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can OP stop using this fucking image? Seeing that cringe waifu shit makes me want to dump this coin. The schizos do it better.

>> No.29749919

lots of peoples first bullrun, plus green line going vertical this month

>> No.29749922

we all bought below $0.01, sorry you missed out

>> No.29749939
File: 196 KB, 600x600, 9c86a60ca7f076c5930f6aa5f4d73ab40d089d64_hq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just sold everything at a loss, that's what that means

>> No.29749962

this is what I have been saying literally ever since it started to dump. it will go to 888 I literally guarantee it and I even know an exact price for the absolute bottom before it pumps again (well with about 5% margin of error)

>> No.29749969

>Unstaking periods are 7 days. The dumpening is still coming.

Theres no reason for a mass dump

>> No.29749985

Because there were 10 fantom generals per day. I bought bitcoin at the top and sold, now I want to make my money back but I bought the top of fantom too.

>> No.29749991

10x in a month u spastic

>> No.29749994

it means that it's over kek you newfags never learn, enjoy selling once we're back at $0.06

>> No.29750036

>what's a good price
i really don't know, we have to wait and see what the effect will be of unstaked ftms becoming available, which is why i say at least 8 days. maybe more. also a lot of people will be cashing out to re-enter later. maybe low 0.20s but this is just speculation
>think we can recover?
yes absolutely

>> No.29750065

why is everyone so emotional god damn it, every time it's the same thing

>> No.29750085


>> No.29750160


Whats with all the fud?

>> No.29750198

888 eod

>> No.29750209

>begs to be spoonfed
>people help him out
>n-no thats fud! tell me what i want to hear!
alright, hold your fanties, we're going to $60 tomorrow, i was just kidding about the $0.06

>> No.29750223

Alright where's the bottom?
How much can we expect this to dump.
In bed ATM shitposting from phone, can't be fucked going to graph it myself.
So tell me when is a good time to buy this absolute shit show of a coin?

>> No.29750260

Explain what it is then i dont even know wha the pic even is you autist

>> No.29750322
File: 35 KB, 527x527, 1587148946222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm out frens i'm getting tired of these tourists, see you in a later general

>> No.29750339

>panic dumping
lmao did you fags go all in or something

>> No.29750347

I was looking through your posts ids and thought you forgot to change your vpn or some shit, like you were replying and contradicting yourself. Almost made me sell my bags go you, until I checked twitter for the non-existent panic. I'm ngmi like this.

>> No.29750448

I did RIGHT before europeans fucking ruined everything. I'm never letting my guard off with euros waking up ever again.

>> No.29750543

something is happening behind the curtain. DON'T SELL

>> No.29750552

Why sit at home all day fudding your own coin on 4chan. Your post IDs reveal you're just trolling. Is it really that fun ?

>> No.29750577

I'm holding because I bought $100 worth of it before it mooned. Who cares about losing 100 bucks?

>> No.29750625

kek I have no choice, if I sell now I will be financially ruined. I will hodl until it either it hits $1+ or I die.

>> No.29750650

I think this dump (and the bitcoin dump as well) is just purging weak hands and low iq fags from the next leg up. It just wouldn't make sense in a historical perspective for the bull run to end this early.

>> No.29750686

Isn't it obvious? He almost made me sell his bags to him. It's working, I'm just not retarded enough.

>> No.29750729




>> No.29750741

Fuck that guy. Almost made me sell too. These idiots ruin the community and make it less comfy

>> No.29750759

I doubled my FTM since the dump. Did I do good?

>> No.29750825

My portfolio is 50% ftm 50% buidl, this autistic shit will make me rich

>> No.29750860

888 sats.
the prophet is me desu

>> No.29750914

I'm frreeeee freeeefalliiiin

>> No.29750918


>> No.29750961

quck mafs don lie 2+2 = 4 and fantie go 888

>> No.29750970

i tried to warn you, i guess you hate rebuying lower and multiplying your stack lol, you'll learn how it works in a couple of years. just hold on to your little 1000 ftm stacks if you're too scared

>> No.29750985

>Ignored, fucking typicla
Bottom with 5% margin of error.
I just worked a rough bottom out, I have 30c if it falls below that I reckon it will crash to sub 10c.
So what is your bottom.

>> No.29750987
File: 336 KB, 1187x612, dimensional analysis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uuuhhh what happens in march exactly?

>> No.29751097

I'm new to this, lesson learned

>> No.29751124

Why? Justify your autism.

>> No.29751132
File: 105 KB, 810x1280, 20210226_230847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does this mean uniswap is coming to fantom

>> No.29751134

never telling :) my fanties all mine!
...but 888 sats that is actually a bit above my magic sats... just to be safe :)

>> No.29751161

Market cap would be insane at that price doesn’t really add up

>> No.29751216


I'm stuck in this piece of shit.

Fantom fucking gains.

>> No.29751225

That's still below the XRP 2017 market cap, so entirely possible

>> No.29751262

>i tried to warn you, i guess you hate rebuying lower and multiplying your stack lol,

wtf are you on about

>> No.29751270

dont tell him

>> No.29751419

He means it already has gone 10x this month not a prediction

>> No.29751430

What method did you use at least.
Im Here to learn how to trade git gud and talk shit. Not play guessing games with poo coloured IDs.
Not looking to be spoonfed, just want justification for why I should buy and always willing to learn a new way of calcukating an entry point.

>> No.29751464

KEK the absolute state of nu-fantlets(the guy you were replying to)

>> No.29751502

Thread ruined by an autist. Im out

>> No.29751504

Lots of shitcoins went 10x in the bull run.
Why should it continue?

>> No.29751531

bro... I like the number 888. it will go to 888 because I like the number. this is how it works every single goddamn time lol
I'm never wrong it's astonishing

>> No.29751599

>telling them

>> No.29751602
File: 4 KB, 240x240, main.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ur not good at this anon, come back back when you afford to grind up the neurons to get what's going on

>> No.29751658

Dear god, it's retarded.
But in all seriousness this like that manifest destiny shit?
If you will it to be then it will be?
I have a female friend in her mid 30s trying to will herself a husband with that shit.... Needless to say it's going as well as you would imagine.

>> No.29751660

Fuck off

>> No.29751694

brainlet btfo

>> No.29751721

dude I'm the next messiah... literally!
watch it go 888 and think of me~ lol

>> No.29751727

We're not dropping below 0.5c right bros?

>> No.29751790

just market sold everything i wish i could have done it sooner but crypto is shit. i knew when it went up last night it was a dead cat bounce

I CANT BELIEVE ITS FUCKING OVER. i thought it was going to a dollar for a fucking year and helf that shit. i guess crypto is shit and shit just goes wrong every time

>> No.29751793


>> No.29751818

Just get all the information you can and make decisions based on intuition.

>> No.29751859
File: 614 KB, 600x336, hodl-fantom-hodl-.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29751882

Regardless of what it does now most people here have already made bank. I put down 10k on a whim in 2019 and now my stack is worth 100k happy to hold for another year or two

>> No.29751903

Anon I....
Look I reckon 30c approx.... Just did it on my phone and im tired. Expect a bounce or a crab or something. If it falls through 30c.... Prepare to go back to 10c

>> No.29751953
File: 12 KB, 326x383, 1612017193620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>selling at the bottom
never change /biz/

>> No.29751961

Is this newfags first dump? This is very normal in crypto especially after so many days of 20-40% gains. Please don’t sell newfags and if you can’t handle 20-30% drops don’t trade crypto

>> No.29751996

Do I buy now or wait for it to dip more?

>> No.29751998

cope we're going to $0.06 and all oldfags know it, i hope newfags keep holding the bags all the way through

>> No.29752009

>The Messiah is trading shitcoins
And bless-ed are the meme makers for they control the pumpening and dumpening of the shitcoins.

>> No.29752011

It's not gonna flatline though right? I'm assuming it'll eventually recover

>> No.29752017

see, you're the reason I made so much money :)

>> No.29752076

>i go from 1200 -> 17000
>youre the reason i made money!

god damn incels are fucking retarded. oh well what can you do every time i come to this website i have to talk to brain dead incels all day im used to it by now. you people are dumber than women

>> No.29752096

look bro wtf! it's 2021 u gotta make some $$$ somehow
it is not a meme. the oracle has decided. I'm the one.

think of me at 888 desu~

>> No.29752141

i sold at 75c, so im smarter than you, by definition

>> No.29752148

Me, bought 100$ at 0.75
So far I'm loosing 33$
>t. poorfag

>> No.29752154

We dropped to .51

>> No.29752178

No, that is dumb.
Everybody could be screaming buy buy buy.
Look at 15 min chart it screams buy.
Look at hourly chart it screams buy.
Look at daily chart and it says son your fucked.
On average it takes approximately 1/2 a day for a coin to moon. If the daily says it's not going to happen it probably won't. And you sure as shit won't see a moon coming on a 1 min or 5min chart.

>> No.29752224

I'm holding my little bag though, 100$ is a loooot for me I hope we recover even if it's in a month

>> No.29752251

i got trapped in a shitty wallet or i would have too. youre not smarter than fucking anything lol you just panic sold. have sex incel

>> No.29752274
File: 89 KB, 600x468, 1606585763878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29752279

Kek, ive been holding for over a year, sub 1c. Nothing scares me, opportunity to buy more, were not going that low tho, not what whats actually happening behind the scenes, and all you fags worrying about liquidations with FMINT they are going to give plent of warning and opportunity to re balance yourself, and by that stage FTM will be on coinbase front page with a tutorial and opportunity for even more new fags to complete a quiz we will see FTM sitting at $1.50 by that stage, so everyone fucken relax and buy the dip because this is literally your last opportunity to do so before a massive moon and leg up to $1.

>> No.29752282

Im glad they all made it.
I also would like to make it.
Need to build capital before I can drop and forget, I really do hope the bull run isn't over should have paid more attention to coins instead of shares. But hey you learn by making mistakes.

>> No.29752345

>Coins haven't died
Look I don't think it's going to flat line, but for some reason right now it is the coin with the least amount of support.

>> No.29752362
File: 415 KB, 828x817, DDC6E52B-1F35-4B9B-B08F-16E34202B49A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get shaken out fag. I got in at 7 cents but even if I got in at 30 like most new fags I would hold. I’m not a low-t risk adverse homo like you

>> No.29752398

>right now it is the coin with the least amount of support.

More dumb fud so he can buy lower. Newfags just close this thread and go outside

>> No.29752402

bought below $0.01 and sold above $0.7, nothing personnel dude. i'll rebuy

>> No.29752434


>> No.29752440

uniswap confirmed on fantom load up your bags fellas

>> No.29752518

it doesnt have much support because it pumped 2300% in 5 weeks, we had to have a pullback and actually find a support

>> No.29752598

fuck i wanted to stay in but this panic is too much of a gamble. it fucking sucks im really paranoid of a massive selloff in a few days when everyone gets unstaked

i wonder how many people burned shit tons of rewards to get out

>> No.29752625
File: 126 KB, 1440x1389, Screenshot_20210227-001058~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>More FUD
Literally the worst performing coin listed on Binance against fiat right now.

>> No.29752650

Kek looking forward to infamous bloody sunday, chinks never disappoint with a red dildo into 7th layer of hell

>> No.29752679


fucking jesus christ can ANYTHING good happen to me

>> No.29752696

This is a good answer. Where do you think the support line is?

>> No.29752838

i think everybody who sold will be very sad

>> No.29752950
File: 218 KB, 220x146, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29753059

i have ptsd from gme narrowly escaped that shit. plus i watched avax slowly die after and bitcoin is dying too.

its a solid project i might pick some up if its way cheaper but im learning to just be happy with 10x and 15x gains. im a newfag and dont really know much gme exploded again maybe this will go up when bitcoin does

>> No.29753135

because its measuring up against its ath. thats not a crazy pullback since a month ago this thing was 3c.
.48 is as low as it goes if theres not a reversal soon

>> No.29753241

reminder that DOGECOIN has been fucking solid thorough all of this shittery and still occasionally mooning.

>tell me five reasons you are not the proud owner of 250k DOGE yet.

>> No.29753491

nobody is gonna buy your bags of the infinite supply meme coin lol

>> No.29753522

lel unironically based coin and that autist ceo might get nutty and land a doge wallet on the moon.

>> No.29753549

My thoughts exactly. Hey! We're rich! Hey! The dollar is worth nothing now because Satan

>> No.29753652

stats don't lie :)

it is only something because twitter desu
but that is perfect! you can do like 135x margin because every tweet is guaranteed pump. you can't make this shit up. free PREDICTABLE money.

>> No.29753688
File: 135 KB, 866x764, fantom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hear some rumors on /biz/ that the biggest two nodes are shitting themselves up
>sell at 0.8
>spread fud all over /biz/, Discord and Telegram groups
>watch the retards sell their bags
>buy fanties at a discount
>double my stack
It shouldn't be this easy

>> No.29753772

The fact that my stack hasnt been undelegated yet means I dont need to stress about selling. Its in god's hands now.

>> No.29753790
File: 8 KB, 260x194, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29753803

so sad you overpaid... should've bought at 888!

>> No.29753807

didn't he tweet about it yesterday, where is this pump lol

>> No.29753857

Congrats for doubling a stack of a coin for a product that doesn't work.

>> No.29753930

I just sent this to like 5 of my friends including my dad. Losing money is fun when you think about it

>> No.29753940

lol, respect for trying to bring your buy in price into reality

>> No.29754013


ERC20 / BEP to/from Opera fee lowered to 50 FTM

>> No.29754069

>Infinite supply
This is the only reason I can't support the coin. It's not even infinite supply I have an issue with its the fact there's is no feature to burn coins to counter it.

>> No.29754495

i aint buying back in till the grace period for unlocking ends. I trust in the team and tech but I don't want to be left bagholding and crabbing at .4, we've all seen what happened to AVAX when they unlocked their coins, permadumping and crabbing. It's a cutthroat market, one hiccup and you fuck everything up, I just wish it didn't have to come to this.

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