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money won't change your life. trust me.

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Same. 7 mill. Miserable af.

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dude trust me

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I'm in depression over debt and shit, yes it absolutely fucking would change my life fuckhead shut the fuck up pajeet larper you don't know fuckall about shit

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14 million and still sad

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i hit the lotto
i own a literal mountain

if moneybhasnt changed you
you just do not have enough

greedy faggot

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3 million just numb eating mickeydicks

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just go bankrupt then...debt gone.

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> i still come here
dont worry youll lose it all in no time

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I got 20 million and still a sad motherfucker.

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This is why I'll have a "discretionary thot fund" that I can pull from to make IG models do weird shit whenever I'm sad

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Hello fellow millionaires I also am a millionaire

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fuck off. My 4k that i managed to save getting liquidated as we speak, that is sad, not being millionaire...

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Imagine being this retarded. Some of us never want to wage again, we dont need fancy cars or rolex's, we just dont wanna cuck anymore. That alone is life changing, the need to not surrender our time to corporations to survive day to day and actually have more time to smell the roses or wallow in despair, with money either choice is yours.

Some people dont deserve money, give up all your assets, guarantee youll miss having millions, fuckhead.

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couldnt watch 4 seconds

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you'll just have to try a little harder, anon

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Im not trying to change my life, im trying to make money.
What? Did you really think that most people would be dumb enough waste their youth making money instead of changing their life for the better, making meaningful connections with others and growing as people? You set your life straight first since that is the more important thing, and only then you focus on making money.

You would have to be a real dummy to be blinded by money and neglect the things that really matter, and be left with nothing but your money.

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1.5m stacklet here

I feel mostly the same as I did at 200k.

I have not made any lifestyle changes. 1m isn't lifestyle changing money. It's just a little boost in life.
3m is the threshold at which young people should start consider retirement, if their earning capacity is low. If you make a high income, it might make sense to keep waging up until 10m.

I won't buy a house because I can't get a mortgage, and I don't know what else to invest in (I don't trust indices, literal plebbit-tier financial advice), so I'm staying in BTC/ETH.

Instathots are disgusting, kys simp

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I make $18 per hour and have less than 10k in the bank, I'm 30, don't tell me that having more money wouldn't change my life

>Some of us never want to wage again, we dont need fancy cars or rolex's, we just dont wanna cuck anymore

exactly this. I'm 30 years old, if I can turn the 5k I have in crypto into 2 million I would be completely set for life. So far I've lived through my 20s on these low wages.

If I had 2 million dollars, I could live a 30k a year lifestyle for the rest of my life. That's 300k per decade. Assuming I live until I'm 90 that's 6 more decades of living I have to pay for. 6 x 300k = 1.8 million.

I know that inflation exists and rents/mortgage plus other bills will grow in the future, but as a rough outline this is what I've determined I need to fully make it. Sure, if I ever get there I'll probably want more, but it would just be so nice to know that I could have the option not to wagecuck

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Shit, give me 100k and ill be the happiest flower in the bunch. I think people dont know how to be happy with money ia because they dont listen to anyone that could enable them to live well.

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kys, thanks

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>paying IG models to use them like the fleshlights they are is simping

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then give me your money and kys, depression solved

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That's peanuts. Billionaire here. Bought BTC in 2011.

I still visit /g/, /biz/, /pol/ every other day.

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Give me 10% of your money and I will allow you to watch me fuck your girlfriend, wife, or sister. Your choice.

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3mm here. Trust me, poverty aside, if you aren’t happy now you won’t be happy when you make it either

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trillionaire here. OP is right, I am still sad

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this anon gets it

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Get into any of these
antique PM jewelry
antique weapons
estate management (I like making little forests, I made a miniature of the 100 acre wood with the bridge for playing poosticks and owls house and piglets house and rabbits house and poohs house in 25 acres). Now I'm building a limestone curtainwall, arch stone bridge and my own galleries for displaying antique weapons and art).
Get a nice blonde.

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O and I had eyors gloomy spot in a marshy spot next to the stram)

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Zillionaire here, all your base are belong to us and I'm still empty inside

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I understand that but I can at least get out of my shitty state and ride a boat.

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I am a happy person already concerning everything money does not touch.
If I can never have to wage slave, own property, and fund my hobbies I would 1000% be happy, fuck you. Give me your money then

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Good. I like who I am, I just hate having to wageslave.

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then have a read here - https://cryptohuff.com/

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Almost 40, I don't own shit. Have no savings, and the measly $200 I started trading with has been raped in half the last week. Not selling at a loss, but this is just another reminder how much I suck.

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unironically even though I'm 10 years younger than you and also poor this makes me feel better, I believe in you anon

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>He thinks he's the only one

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I doubt that I'm sicker than a dog only reason I'm here is to try to get a pulse of making some money so life isn't so awful.
tl:dr I'd not be spending time here.

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good investment

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I really need some help I’m in a shitty Homeless shelter and needing to get a motel room somewhere anywhere but this place if anyone could help you would be a angel man, thank you all and god bless

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I believe in me too, I've been pointing shit out for stocks and crypto all year, but never confident to pull the trigger. I finally buy a couple stocks and flip some crypto and immediately get rekt. I was up...

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Seen this in another thread kek

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Post a timestamped pic of you at the shelter right now and I'll send you money

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try lifting some weights and walk in the sun for once
if it doesn't work go get some blood work done, you might have some fucked up markers

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Send me 10k so I can see by myself.

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Might I suggest learning gardening and cooking/preserving your own harvest. It's very rewarding.

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how much BoringDAO do I need to pay for them?

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Correct, it woudnt change my life because I'm already rich. All that would happen is more of the same

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Yes, it is. Instathots are worthless, you shouldn't spend your time on them unless your time is worthless too. They are human garbage that make a living fucking dogs and eating Arab shit.

Only a normienigger would even use Instagram, let alone actually talk to one of these goblins. Paying them is completely retarded. You have no self-respect.

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not a larp, wifi keeps dropping

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I wish I was born a rich oil arab. I was born a poor olive arab and it fucking sucks

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You guys get laid more?

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anyone who says "there's a lot to unpack" deserves to be eaten alive by rodents

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I have 60$ to my name and life is so beautiful and I am happy anon. Happy all the time.

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need a better picture, that doesn't show you're at a shelter..

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Then give me some for me it will change it.

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Don't have any spare scratch, but good luck anon. how did you end up in that situation?

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I love her resume. I respect a professional at their work

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Doesn't need to. Have wife, kids and just need something better than waging and not ever having to worry about money would be a godsend.

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this poorly drawn homemade pepe represents both my lack of knowledge in art and crypto. Please take it in exchange for teaching me how to make it.

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really doesn't. software engineer making $350k TC/year and still lonely and want to die every day.

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Yes it will. I'm ambitious, I've worked hard. I'm hopping to hit a million this bull run but it will be hard. Want to get into real estate and start building my empire

You guys just lack vision and dreams. As much as you say you're miserable I bet you wouldn't give me any of your stack even if I asked.

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Millionaires is only middle class mate. A good house in good location will cost you 2 million, you need a good car and a family car which takes up 500k. You living expenses for the next 50 yeas is about (3 million assuming you spend 60k per year). You will also need 1 million in your bank or Defi to keep it rolling. 7 Million gross. Before tax you need to have at least 10 million to be "rich"

This equation hasn't included multiple divorces and a few other investment assets that pay good dividends. If that so, you're looking at 20 million

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It’s weird, I have literally spent my life being poor, no matter what I’ve tried. It’s like God just intends me to be stuck in an unhealthy poor lifestyle.

When I read stuff like this I just think BS desu. Money in and of itself won’t buy happiness, but it gets you access to everything that can increase how happy you are.

I know if I won the lottery or pick a moon coin, I would immediately be off the anti-depressants and happy as can be.

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Fighting with my wife about poltical bs and covid and she flipped shit during an argument and kicked me out and was able to get a shitty prepaid phone waiting to get ahold of family but been here three days, sorry phones shitty quality you can see the window in my room i can't go out and my bunkmates are asleep trying to be quiet.

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Well fuck I guess it isn't the key to happiness

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you're all feminized beta males

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lmfao your "vision and dreams" is just real estate bullshit to make more money. Don't sniff your own farts. People with real "visions and dreams" only have money as a tool. The create valuable things, discover something new, or accomplish something great. You just want to be an over glorified landowner

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It’s easy to be happy anons and I only got $60 bucks. Is it easy to be as rich as it is to be happy?

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She raped 14 year old boys. Fuck her. I hope she gets arrested.

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The ones who tell you it isn't are usually kikes

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Shiiit, just had an argument with my wife last night, I slept on the couch, I'm thinking of getting an hotel room or something. Why the fuck didn't I listen to you guys? I can't move too far away because of my kid, oh god. What do? I only have a bit of crypto, the rest is all hers, why oh why

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I fucked a hooker in Amsterdam when I was 15

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Actually those 14 year old boys drugged her and she had no awareness of it until she saw the video the next day. But they are under the legal age of consent. Idk what you would call that legally desu

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"I've fucked 14 year old boys to make them men".

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>You have no self-respect.
I have no ethical qualms about paying a physically attractive bimbo to let me cum up her nose or sit on a bowling pin while I fuck her face until she pukes
It's the bimbo with no self-respect who accepts money to let me do such things to her.
You have no idea what a simp is, stop using words that you don't know the meaning of.

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it will if you have problems that money can help fix like health issues like expensive medicine and a surgery i need. so shut the fuck up you smug arrogant little bitch you arent some enlightened sage you are just a vapid little cunt who feels hollow because he has no purpose and has been lucky enough to never been cursed with an autoimmune disease

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I do not think most people waste their youth trying to get rich. that's why most people are not rich...

getting rich requires a lot of time and sacrifice unless you get lucky.

i wasted a lot of time in my 20s getting rich and i don't regret it. I can now start a family and never have to worry about money and have more time to spend with my family.

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That’s how they explained it to her. Can she even sue for rape? Or would she get in trouble for getting raped by a 14 year old?

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It's okay if you guys can't wasn't really expecting anything but was a good distraction.

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Damn, dude. sorry to hear that, even though me saying that probably means nothing. I guess you know what you need to do

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It does but not in the way they think it will

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your wife cant kick you out. Call the policr and stop being a cuck. If she owns the place you live and pays the bills she cant evict you after 30 days.

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Oh it's definitely over shes a psycho bitch luckily i dont have much so whatever

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Given me monay im poor

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Fuck it, I'm begging. My Cashapp is $Buyingaps5 and I'll literally take whatever you want to give me. Your money probably doesn't matter much to you now but any amount you will give me will literally change my life.

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Time stamp with your networth or whatever extremely valuable stuff you have for all you millionaire fags

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Charity can make you happy.
Please give me 5k.
I haven’t worked in months due to UC flare and put all my money in btc (red wojacks)
Btc address

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>we're in the begging phase of the /biz/ cycle
we haven't even begun to pump, we're still in 2016

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Give me 1 buck mate.

>> No.29740301

My broke down 2004 Mazda 6 would like to have a word with you. Money would make my life so much easier. I just want to buy a fucking car and put a down payment on a house.

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three fine looking men
i would have sex with each of them

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It is an odd quirk of the law that a child aged ten but under 13 can be convicted of rape, but cannot legally say “I was not raped”.

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Link marine from 2017 reporting in. Also 7 figure hell. Nothing has changed. I haven't even bought a new car or moved into a nicer flat.
Money doesn't change anything. I'm still feeling good, still loving my gf. But I don't see how upgrading anything with money would change anything for me.

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tfw 20,000 net worth at 24

it's pretty over isn't it

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Would you be interested in hiring a wealth wizard for a few k? I have a unique thesis on true wealth and value, I could show you how to spend your money/position yourself to maximise your (potential for) peace and happiness.

>> No.29740525

i will need a sauce of that ass

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wehre is the vidoe

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lets see where this goes

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Yo fuck this poor faggot, I got 10k and i need more
Also reported that queer.

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Money buys you security but only up to like 30k a year, after that it's not about making more money it's about knowing what to buy.

>> No.29740605

maybe she only responds to big shots

>> No.29740606

You're supposed to be dead Jeffrey

>> No.29740682

Domestic abuse laws at fucked in my state, once you're out you're out.

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>tfw $10 net worth
feeling kinda comfy, though some extra money wouldn't hurt

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protip: you can start living off the passive income from your stack. toss 500k wbtc onto bancor and you'll pull up to 40% off of it this year. I'd expect the rate to dip a little as they grow, but the BNT you get paid in will also go up in value, so tl;dr its minimum 6 figs, maybe 7 figs if you don't cash it all out.

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this is what I think, I kind of believe God has a plan for all of us and some of us are simply destined to be poor. I knew about Bitcoin in 2009/2010 and never bought it because I was able to get drugs irl. Never thought to mine on my computer or anything because I thought of it as a currency like the dollar, not a store of value. Changed my tune on this when it hit 1000 in 2013 but then it dumped so I figured it was just a flash in the pan thing. Dad gave me $3,000 to invest when I got out of college in 2013. I told him I wanted to put it all in Tesla but he repeatedly told me how stupid I was for thinking that and convinced me to put it in some conservative growth mutual funds

>son, 3-5% returns per year are incredible, you can't beat it!

Paid closer to attention to bitcoin in 2016 after Trump got elected. Saw it go over $1,000 then $2,000 and was kicking myself for not buying. Told myself, "I'll buy when it dips below 1000 again". Bought late 2017 at $9k per btc. Got 2k worth, used that to invest in altcoins, at one point I was up 150% or so, my 2k had become 7k, but I didn't sell, I kept holding. And then my crypto was worth about $200.

Didn't pay attention to crypto for years. Started following again early 2020. Sold my mutual fund stocks (the 3k from 2013 was now worth 5k in 2017) I bought into bitcoin right before it dumped and then put all of that into an altcoin that just pumped. The altcoin then dumped, and btc dumped to 3500 at one point. I have since been holding that alt, managed to increase my stack by using litecoin which I bought at 30 and sold at 60. From my crypto investments over the past year I am breaking even right now after being underwater for about 6 months, not sure if I should keep holding this coin, which I think will moon soon, or if I should tether up because market will dump or just sell out of this alt into others.

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this. The money is obviously important, but its not enough. You have to understand these type of pseudo escort psychology. You have to be an official high status person for it to seem non degrading to her. Like a Saudi Prince. Not joe bob from down the street with 50k

>> No.29740730

Okay wealth wizard retard, give me $30k and I'll know what to buy.

>> No.29740802

You have no self respect if you actually want to do such things to anyone

It's just eternal cope for your pain by defiling others

>> No.29740805

Have you thought about helping others?

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>falls for fud and fomo
no, you are just following your emotions for investment decisions, which is like the fastest way to go broke

>> No.29740842

Learn to read first

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How??? Moving from the ghetto to a lower-upper middle class life style has drastically improved my life. I literally don’t have to worry about starving or about purchasing water because I have hundreds of thousands now, I don’t have to worry about getting robbed or murdered because I moved out of the ghetto.

If you can’t manage to solve your problems you’re not utilizing your funds correctly.

>> No.29740934

Look at all you beggars fighting not like these rich people give a shit they left the thread

>> No.29741018

HAHA faggot KYS you didn’t get shit, all you beggars deserve to die slow.

>> No.29741024

Glad you got out of the ghetto anon, currently living in one and I'm fucking miserable and fear for my life everytime I go out. Money can change stuff if you have ambition or a goal I think, anyway, glad for you anon.

>> No.29741054

I personally didn’t much care for money
Until the point my sister was born
I may not be into big houses exotic cars but my sister might and she only has one shot in life so might as well make it worth it for her

>> No.29741093

Yes he does. You’re a fucking simp you daft cunt

>> No.29741140

Based, you got a wallet?

>> No.29741164

You’re black?

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Sounds incredibly random and stressful anon

You probably would have been better off making 4% a year since 2013

>> No.29741296

Jesus Christ glad to see older people are in a even more despairing situation than me

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Forgot to change the starting value, I have this so I can set it up at different amounts

>> No.29741336

gibs me you faggot

>> No.29741357

>i own a literal mountain

>> No.29741360

>I'm a miserable fucking loser so you will be too
Okay buy me a house then I'd be plenty happy with just that.

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Please if some of the richfags in this thread aren't baiting any money sent will make a difference. I'm missing out on the bullrun because my bank fucked up and I had to cash it all out. I hadn't much to begin with

Onegai anons. I'm desperate

>> No.29741388

Good luck bro, i know how hard it is and how the stress gets. I ended up having to pull a gun on them a few times but fortunately never caught any charges for my self defense. I’ve not yet made it, I moved to a safer area but not yet in what I’d consider *my* community since I replaced being surrounded by violent blacks with being surrounded by Indians. Much better, nothing against the Indians they’re nice enough but I dream some day of being around other people like me and having a wife and kids and having neighbors that I can be friends with and talk to in the same language. I can’t imagine how amazing that must be like to have a family and a community

>> No.29741404

Checked. This is the truth, all you anons who have made it but are still fucking complaining about ‘muh depression’ and ‘muh lonely no muh girlz’ are fucked if you don’t change your mindset. I would actually help you if you want , but I need a fucking 100x minimum. I’ll give you the first tip - if what you’re doing isn’t working then stop fucking doing that thing. You fucking anons are so smart to make millions but then worry about women. Honestly wtf

>> No.29741407

Hey rich anons I’m just a rich man in a poor mans body, do the right thing and elevate me to a higher status more rewarding of my nature, I will piss on everyone below me and record a video of me burning money and show my face.


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Also almost 40, in debt, don't own a house.

I have an OK job, though, so I have a nice enough life.

I started looking at stock when WSB hit the news - I made a few hundred off my tiny investment, and took profit and have been dabbling with pennies since.

I have doubled my investment but it's such a small amount it will make no difference to me.


>> No.29741480

>8 years for those "gains"
now compare that to putting 20k into the eth ico, putting 25% of that +10k each into the link + bnb ico's, then putting half of that +20k into Rubic at <.01

>> No.29741496

I'm a student with absolutely no money, and the money I did have suddenly disappeared yesterday with the market. Still happy as fuck, even if my clothes are ancient.

>> No.29741505

this. she wouoldn't tolerate job bob shitting on her, getting her to eat his poor people shit. she wants big money bags shit on and inside her body

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>falls for fud and fomo

I disagree, at least regarding the FUD, if anything my problem is sunk cost fallacy. Regarding FOMO, yes and no. I fell for fomo when I bought this altcoin last year, but only because after reading about it for a week or so I really believed in it (during which time price kept increasing).

And in 2017 when I lost money it was just because I held. I only fomo'd once in that cycle and I made my money back and then some. Had I told at the top I would've profited 5k off a 2k investment. This past year has almost been worse and similar because I've watched btc and eth skyrocket while my altcoin that I'm all in on hasn't moved hardly at all in the grand scheme. Drives me mental, at this point I'm so invested that if I sold the coin I had and broke even I'd want to put it somewhere else but idk where. At this point unironically thinking about going all in on doge and setting a $1 sell order or something and hoping that happens eventually

>> No.29741568

That sounds great anon, I hope that you manage to move to a nice neighbourhood and start a family and settle down sometime. I hate living here, I got involved, being a dumb kid and all when I was 14 by dumb luck and got beaten up by almost 20 people, shit traumatized me, I'm mentally fucked and all, I hope I can move from here sometime, someday, family is dirt poor. Lets hope we make it. I wish you luck and financial freedom friend!