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Just ordering some rope on amazon

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just bought 4K more :)))

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Thanking God for giving me the opportunity to build up my stacklet under $1 this late in the game.

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surprised at this shitcoin's support, its fighting like hell to stay about .90, meanwhile equivalent coins are absolutely fucking tanked.

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Obsessively watching my portfolio in Exodus while watching real time price movement in Cryptonose, and scrolling through /biz/. My wife cannot understand what it's like to hold through big dips and has never even invested in anything her entire life (except a savings account), so she just thinks I'm being unnecessarily anxious. Nerves are brittle as fuck right now.

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Your wife's got a point bro. ALGO is for comfy long-term hodls, not daily trading. Either you learn to watch it with humor or don't watch it daily.

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I'm holding other things too my man. ADA, XTZ, BAT, HBAR. These are long-term holds for me without a doubt (I've actually been in XTZ for 2 years already). But the temptation to sell it all now and buy back in later if SRHTF is higher and higher by the minute.

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Waiting for 0.50 to buy more

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Algo's going down to .50 cents and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
>i'll just buy more
ok bagholder

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It's already too late. IF it goes back above a dollar during the week, sell and get out. Algo is anything but a comfy hold when the developers and whales own 80% of the fucking supply, fuck with the APY and dump millions of coins with no warning whatsoever.

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But it goes back up after that?

R-right algobros?

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your comment made me buy 5k instead :)))

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Nigga every time I'm sure it's done dumping it pumps only to dump again days later, I can't keep up with this shit each time I decide to lock in profits it goes down

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literally just a shitty version of ADA made by pedophiles

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bought 30 more algos tonight.

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Guess the entire crypto market has to wait till btc decides to stop shitting itself before I can buy more. It’ll probably stop around 35k. Then both btc and alts can resume mooning

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I took profits (2/3rds of my portfolio) out two weeks ago before shit started getting sketch, but there's still a substantial chunk left in there, and every bone in my body is resistant to selling at a loss, so yeah, I guess I'm holding these fucking bags man.

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Same. This APY is like the milky that never stops milking

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Stupid fucking coin. Graph go high. Expect algo to catch up. Throw some into algo. Algo go down. Shitty coin

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Just FYI, these are the same two filipinos from the previous thread >>29689270 who has apparently decided to do an all nighter spreading FUD about Algo, because they are coping that they didn't buy at 0.30.

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Literally nobody gives a fuck dude LOL.
keep holding silvios sack, faggot.
I don’t think they’re done “diffusing tokens” yet. Don’t you love how Jews make dumping bags sound so nice?

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Silly nocoiners. Now might finally be their chance as shitcoin bitcoin crumbles and brings everything down with it for some reason.

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Look what the cat dragged in!

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>tfw profits from mining rigs get converted to algos for steak
this is the comfiest coin

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holy fuck, I didn't expect to be laughing at algolets fuds so soon. Buy signal

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What? You do realize there’s more than three people on 4chan right?

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you're definitely going to need to provide us a legitimate source on that bold claim.

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Considering throwing in some more cash to fatten my 1.2k stacklet. Just waiting for price to go down even more.

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You can legitimately get better gains by getting a vanguard ETF without some faggot whales dumping on you because 'too many people are buying' fuck algotendies, even the official leddit has been worried about the coin with it's dogshit tokenomics.

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they are on the API3 train now

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I am quite amazed that you're still awake to cope. But it's not like filipinos has anything better to do? Personally, i've been enjoying 8 hours of good sleep, waking up to my ALGO wallet having produced one very promising ALGO for me. Such a nice surprise for my 25th birthday.

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I’m glad you get your 8 hours, rest is important when your pajeet coin continues to crab downwards towards the $0.60 it’s actually worth.

I wasn’t even on that other thread though? I’m assuming you were the dude seething at anyone that said anything even remotely negative about your poor investment though.

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It's not like you rice-fuckers has anything better to do. Do you admire my morphophysiology?

Let me give you a hint, kiddo. I may be the guy who got his majority at around $0.30. So if your outlandish FUD prediction became true - i'd be happy to triple my stack.

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Oh I see, you are poor! Ah! Forgive me, how rude of me. I seem to have forgotten that some people can’t afford a $1.60 algo, I bought earlier Algos too of course. You see I’m something of a collector.

And a 1.60 algo is the rarest of them all. We have only seen one of those in our life time. And I have HUNDREDS! But maybe if you get a job and work real hard then maybe you can afford one... that is if another chance comes around.

BAHAHA now go away and ring the maid on your way out.

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Wow, I've seen delusional people on here, but you're really leaning into it, aren't you.
It makes total sense since you claim to continue to buy what has been proven time and time again to be a scam.

That was so neckbearded I.. I just can't lmao. good try though, I think?

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Getting ready to jump up to 1k club soon.

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A neckbeard might do you good, sir! Anything that distracts attention from the limp little mound that you call chin might favor you. Were you to come into my place of business and ask for a job. I wouldn’t hire based solely on the fact that your character reeks of fecklessness and moral ambivalence. Although, fortitude and honor are qualities that are hard to come by in general but and I would never expect to find them in someone who does not collect Algorand tokens.

Algorand, the fastest most secure blockchain this side of the Mississippi.

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lol thanks for the laugh.

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obvious discord/telegram group itt

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go back faggot

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>ID: C0On
>ordering his own rope
Self-lynching niggers. We really do live in the future.

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Which side?

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Just broke 10K Algos. Feeling like an absolute chad right now

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look at this wick rn

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anyone else realize the potential algo has at being a normie friendly "crypto stock" that has predictable moves which are known by the herd, it creates a kind of social conversation where algo traders talk basic technical analysis like it were the weather report.
the thing is honestly if you know this stock well enough you can swing it nicely.

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It's done, anon. It's done. You've already made it. Now have a beer and enjoy the comfiest decade of your life.

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how much of this dip is worth buying

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this isn't even a dip it's just rational what you are looking for is the mega dump when the "foundation" drops another billion supply on your head

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how does the foundation have left? I'm a newb

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What coins don't have this problem? Spy is just mining with less steps

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Why are you retards even talking about what Algo may or may not do. Look at this pic of Algo and BTC stacked for last 5 days. "oooh wow Algos tokenomics or oooh Algo will moon or Algo sucks" Shut the hell up you retards. Maybe it'll become independent in months, who knows.

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Looks like Cardano would have been the one to have life during the last week.

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Though I will say Algo was still better off in the last month compared to BTC ETH. So at least that will shut some of you up. But I'm just talking to myself here anyways.

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i'm here too

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am I the only one who notices we are at the same price point where the last take off happened

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>tfw 18k altos and want to rope because I bought at like 1.4 avg

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the foundation will eventually run out of tokens to auto dump. after that it's looking upwards.

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Only 84% of total supply to go.

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Every dump should be less harmful than the last, right? As volume goes up over time

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holy fucking kek.
just Imagine the smell.

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according to what?

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The good side

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Is there some kind of advantage in keeping the price low for the tokens functionality? I don't get why the devs would pull a move like that to deliberately lower the price when it was doing so well. I'm not selling, hold a lot, and via buying at various times, I'm just about break even right now.

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Alglowies know

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Just bought 2k more. Let's algo!!!!!

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BTC is dumping further this weekend, expect all coins to drop proportionally. Which means more dirt-cheap ALGOs for my bags.

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Can a single one of you pajeets and shitskins tell me what projects are being developed for algo? Or are you just going to keep posting pepes and reaction pics to get someone else to buy your bags?

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are you looking for nation states or companies?

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do you know how to google retard?

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dyor faggot, there's probably 0 coins with more projects attached right now

>> No.29753130

already 50% in circulation. Learn how to google

>> No.29753206

The official website has the projects listed and categorized. Honestly, I have no fucking idea why this hasn't mooned yet.

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its not meant to moon you goddamn faggots. why dont any of you read the white paper?

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Right, so you're all faggots. Enjoy your dead coin.

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BTC futures expire in 1 hour and 49 minutes.

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How do I profit from this

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bald asian youtuber said 46k is the bottom and he predicted the crash 2 days before it happened so i'm gonna go ahead and say you're wrong faggot