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What boomer stocks are you investing in for long term, now that tech stock market is crashing?
Apple, AMD, Intel?
Please shill me my best options.

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>Apple, AMD, Intel?
Yikes, these are a bit too millenial for my tastes. If you truly want to make a solid 7%-12% a year in boomber gains with no risk you got to go for much more traditional stocks.

Try T, WMT, GE, XOM. If you're feeling really adventurous you can add in BA or even MSFT.
If you aren't literally spending dollars at the company at least once a week then you probably shouldn't invest in it!

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I went all in for the NASDAQ list soon

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General Electric. Thank me later.

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second largest landholder in florida
just killed earnings
real estate developer, makes money from HOA fees after selling, owns their own timber business. vertically integrated