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What the fuck is the point of diversifying your crypto when every single fucking altcoin follows BTC?

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Exactly crypto blows

BTC and ETH need to die

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so they can rug you,moron
i thought that was common knowledge

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You diversify in bull market because shitcoins moon faster
Now only retards have anything except btc

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Thats what I am wondering too

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btc is your base. The trunk of the tree. The branches of your tree should be alts to get the fruits faster

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far more volatility in shitcoins, they can 10x or -10x in days or weeks. BTC doesn't do that anymore.

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This. the ultimate goal is shitcoins is to hit the lottery with an insane pump you can use to trade into BTC

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The whole crypto market looks like a fucking joke, doesn't it?

Can't diversify, because everything ultimately ends at BTC.
Some autistic billionaire's tweets crashes or pumps the market, as well as whale's pumps and dumps.

Is this supposed to be the future of money? It's the same bullshit all over again. Just a scheme where you can make tons of FIAT by good timing on a shitcoin mooning.