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how do i invest in this? (racism, not niggers.)

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Why does this board have to be racist? I just wanna make money and fuck white women with my medium sized black cock yet when I see these threads it makes me feel like shit. Fuck you

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because brown is the color of poop

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Oh, it's that poltard again.


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I own this NFT sir. Leave

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what coin is this

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It's literally just a word. Why are niggers so fragile?

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Is there a nigger NFT holy kek

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I’m an American in dire need of a good Christian brother to extend a helping hand, if you can spare anything you will be saving my life and faith, thank you and God bless America.

Niggers are gay are so are jannies Jesus is Kang

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How do I profit from this?

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This is why White extinction is a good thing.

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Yes sirs I will donate 1 million dollars if you post hand

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4 U

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Niggers are phags

- beanerbro

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Finally a good thread

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Nevermind. Figured it out.

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You know niggers and chink will still say nigger right?

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>muh white wimminz
Why do you include this? Are you trying to impress us? Make us angry? This is just fucking cringe. Niggers are so fucking cringe and stupid it’s unbelievable. You are a dumb, knuckle dragging ape. You are subhuman. You understand and accept this on a subconscious level, don’t you?

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i like this thread

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Yes and I'm never selling. It's the final piece at the end of my gallery

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Blacks and Asians can coexist.

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on my phone lol better be telling the truth gods watching.

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Why are they so hideous and stupid? Why won't disease wipe them out for the sake of the world?

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Hahahahaha you have to actually be kidding

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Seething niggy

If we had our way like we used to any uppity negro would be swinging from a lamppost. Jewish subversion is the reason you’ve been able to get away with so much these past two decades.

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timestamp faggot

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We Were Kings

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The more u say that word the more white women I fuck. Cope

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Nigger forever admitting white women are better. God you negroes are low iq.

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I like nigger threads.

Scares away Reddit phags and brings
To light the degeneracy of the black community.

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you give the word power, just stop caring, bullies leave you alone if they get no reaction

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Welcome newfren. You are here forever now. Good luck.

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