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Why are people buying usdt at $3 on binance?

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insufficient tether liquidity for the people panic selling? I don't get it.
Last time I saw anything remotely like that was when livecoin was hacked.
Is this real?

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>Is this real?
That is what I am trying to see, if these people actually buy at 3x I am financially saved
But it seems too good to be true

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>t. frogposter
opinion discarded. get a real job, pussy.

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Help out this retard as well. Sent mainnet tokens to an eth address. Any chance that I can recover these that doesn't include plugging my seed phrase onto the theta network. I tried that already.

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No idea, but hopefully you figure it out anon

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Sent theta mainnet tokens to metamask wallet**

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Do u know where you are?

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It's a scam, don't fall for it


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Is a scam retard

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I guessed it

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I would try it out but I'm a us citizen which means I can't earn any money.

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>but I'm a us citizen
I am sorry anon