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Bonded Finance
Most of biz will miss out like usual

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are you a tard wrangler? stop trying to help these newfags and sell them into another McNigger coin

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ffs delete I’m still trying to accumulate

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These samefagging posts are making me regret owning MATIC. Please stop.

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Isn't this shit dead?

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Pumped 50% today so, prolly not

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these make me think that a lot of partnerships in general are bullshit

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You shitheads literally use the same "reverse psychology" discourse in all of these threads, you're not fooling anyone anymore gtfo. No one's buying your bags.

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I could have fucking bought at <20 im such a dumb fuck

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wasn't this trash supposed to go live before christmas?

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Hahhaha imagine buying a coin that’s associated with someone named sameep

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He's sameep-fagging his own thread haha amirite.

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Fuck off, OP. Not even fudding. I don't give a flying fuck.

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Based. This will hit $1 the week of product launch. Biz will of course fomo in at 75c.

Hi Tyler!

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please fud and slide
not done with my bag

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Show us your bags (with tens of thousands of dollars invested ofc!) if you're so sure.

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>These are the kind of memes the opposition has
Stinky Barnbridge never had a chance. They will rename their token to BARN soon enough once BONDED.FINANCE is discovered to be the real BOND
You will never be a woman

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will it go to 1$

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you are damn fucking right nobody is buying any of my 1M bondies

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you traded your way into that bond right?
there's no you actually sat on this shit for the entire bullrun right lmao

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Why do you hate money?

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I am so excited for you guys

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Oh wow the clowns keep getting off of the car.

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Sage, the LinkedIn profile are fake for a few of the staff members the only ones being real are Sameep and some bitch woman promoter.

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You're so retarded you can't even write your own sayings right. No wonder you fud bonded.