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LINK has followed my posts and shorts to the dollar. Some of you listened and shorted with me, some of you mocked me. Just know we're now $34,000,000 richer. Thanks for playing, this is the game

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Suck my big veiny bull cock, nigger.

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Post your shorts

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Show proof

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You fucking idiot you're going to burng yourself next month you one-trick meme pony

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#1 biz retard faggot larper.

The guy who said Link would never be over $1. Never be $5. Never be $10. etc. etc. etc...

The guy who told everyone to short last month a day before we doubled in price.

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It's going right back down where it belongs. With the $34 million we will reinvest right back into LINK shorts once we close out. LINK will be $10 by next week

How am I an idiot for making money? The goal is tres commas, anon

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>unironically link
>guys, link will never, ever go above $1
>guys I'm shorting at $3.60 (shoots up past $5)
>guys I'm shorting at $14 (shoots up past $20)
>g-guys I mean it this time im shorting at $24.50 (shoots up past $30)
>Oh no they're laughing at me again, better get on my Schiff trip to back myself up
You have established yourself as the dumbest tripfag on the board by far, and an extremely incompetent trader. But I mean who are we kidding, the trades never existed because you've never posted proof of any trades in the 3 years you've tried to run your braindead nigger larp.
You're going to abandon the thread soon as per usual because you have no arguments, so here's a s and h for the road.

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Wasted dubs. No evidence baka. Sage

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he did call it the other night when it went from 29 to 21 you cucks and it saved me, thanks, you hiring?

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Thankyou uncle oldfag, I greatly appreciate your wisdom. I too have profited, thanks to your generous advice. If only the other clowns here listened to someone who knows what they're talking about. Link $11 EOY.

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>uncle makes the same thread for the millionth time with the same 3-4 pictures
all the TV shows is fucking reruns these days

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He said sell at 29 that it will go to low twenties target short with him that is exactly what happened the question is how did he know

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Based uncle as always, how are you doing brother? They never listen, we’re hitting peak degeneracy levels now, we keep posting, we keep making impeccably flawless calls, they don’t listen though they never do. I saw your post days ago before I was boarding my flight. Immediately without hesitation I opened up a short position after consulting with my team of analytical masterminds plus various algorithms. I called LINK $20 EOM we are right on schedule, as always! Got a flight to catch lad, see you later brother. Posting papa nazarovs lambo as always as well, it triggers the ponzimarines like none other.

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>how did he know
Me and uncle are a part of the handful of shills, shitposters and conmen that have millions, are true whales and have made correct call after correct call for years, where have you been lad?

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>It's going right back down where it belongs
imagine being this emotionally attached. pathetic.

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based uncleoldfag telling these link shills how it is

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>schiff literally lives on airplanes

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What's up uncle! Alway good to see you here shitting on delusional stinkers. Keep up the great work.

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Thank you kindly anon, I try

Schiff old pal, I hope you made huge profit off last Thursday's call. Keep shorting, the momentum has completely collapsed

When you're worth 9 figures, you meet the right people. Whether you like it or not

Checked, happy to help

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I’ve got places to be brother, people need me in person, I’m always flying!
Not nearly as much as you’ve made, I just piggyback off your calls, keep posting brother, I know you take these deluded bagholders opinions with a grain of salt, but don’t let them dissuade you from making this posts, I’ll be shorting as soon as the flight touches down

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Good to see someone on this board with SOME common sense. Unironically, LINK is a scam folks.

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New here, oldfag, don't even know how to reply to poster, how the fuck do you get to 9 figures, do you really work for CMB?

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By investing in antshares, dash, bitcoin, xmr and ethereum early lad

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>tres commas
Please go back to warosu and research how oldfag actually writes, you’re so bad at this.

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the whole fucking market is tethered they will all move together are you saying the whole market will crash?

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>Just know we're now $34,000,000 richer.
Are you a discord tranny too? Uncleoldfag... I'm dissapointed.