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how will this effect stonks and shitcoins

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Buy DoD contractor stonks

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How accurate is pic related? fuck fuck fuck

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nice i bought military stocks after he won, knew these old pieces of shit wouldn't disappoint

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Feels good to be ridin with biden

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Soon to be dyin' with Biden.

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I wasn’t here when Obama bombed Syria. What happened to coins and market?

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Bullish. When arabs die whites win.

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Dude I think you just figured out how to short humanity.

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sick bro

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israel is happy, so they will pump everything

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seethe ahmed

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shalom fellow white man

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I’ll let you faggots in on the best kept secret in oil small cap stocks. Buy CDEV, ENB and SM energy. Just look at the 5 year charts

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such as

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Back during the Obama presidency, Biden's family made a killing off of contracts awarded to them for rebuilding things that constantly get destroyed in Iraq and shit.

Invest in Biden's family's businesses. I'd assume they aren't publicly traded companies though. Perhaps with some digging, someone could figure out which publicly traded companies have close dealings with Biden's family's businesses.

Pelosi is a big inside trader, if there's some way to track her investment choices, just mirroring her investments would probably be quite profitable when it comes to war profiteering until the next US federal election.

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this is fucking hilarious

pic related is (You)

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Perfect picture, actually, because it will go down until the market suggests, just like the bottle.

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I hope Russia comes over here and cleans this fucking place up. It's apparent that Americans no longer have the balls since we've had a fake president in the White House since January. I pray for liberation.

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First for PIPP

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America is now a Balkanized nation of Latinos Africans and white mitts controlled by a group of satanic chink cock sucking pedos

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Bullish for Raytheon

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>do anything
China's already basically taken over, they just need to keep buying property and land.

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>hey im the president now and i want to test out our missiles can i bomb something
>sure mr president we can bomb some random village in syria

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lemme juz change nuh name to A'Hadameen Gonzales bruh
Russia is a badass that everyone overlooks because they hide their powerlevel. Ruskies will mop up the chingchongs soon enough.

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Russia is overextended and can't project power like you think they can...

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Defense contractors have to get paid after all.

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You're in for a surprise.

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Should I buy tomorrow?

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BAE Systems
Lockheed Martin
United Technologies

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You're an idiot. Russia is a paper tiger and a complete shithole. The most based Russian immigrant I know said you couldn't pay him to return to that shithole. They can barely feed themselves let alone make progress anywhere else.

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Weapons manufacturers are immune to COVID meme lockdown orders.

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Give me a good reason not to throw 15k into Raytheon and LMT tomorrow

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Yea, that's what Hitler thought. I notice not too many countries fuck with them. I wonder why?

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I have a buddy that works for Raytheon and out of the defense contractors that I know, and that I have worked with, they seem to actually have their shit straight. You would be surprised how disorganized and generally inept a large group of MBA's and engineers can get at other government contractors.

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It's their land mass which is irrelevant today...

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Riding to Basic with Biden, zoomer

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I thought he said he was going to stop the forever wars?
There you go, now you know that you fucked up.

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Can this post-pone the hyperinflation dilemma? Naively it would seem to worsen it because they'll have to print more money and go further into debt

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You do realize that despite all the hype and bullshit Russia and the USA are really the only 2 world superpowers today, and it's been like that since the 60's, right? And guess what... the USA is on its last fucking leg. This place is in shambles and any 3rd world country that really wanted to could probably successfully invade us. Russia on the other hand...

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Short humanity go long defense contractors.

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The world isn't a game of risk. There are a million more factors to it than "my army can beat yours at the moment".
What the fuck are you gonna do when you invade Russia anyway? 99% of the people are retards and most of their land is useless garbage. Literally nothing to gain lol

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Actually life is a game of risk.
How do we profit from the deaths of strangers. I want it to rain blood money. I've been seriously considering bathing in stolen gold bullion.

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Because the country is a massive vast wasteland full of dirt poor barbushkas and Muslims

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So US military is literally on stock market? Can't other countries buy them out and fuck over US army like this?

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Chinks own the president. You're worried about the stock holders? kek

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No minimum wage increase like he promised but he has congressional approval to bomb other countries.

Obama Round 3.

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Communist propaganda did wonders. Despite having barely any food and freedoms in USSR people there got convinced that evil Nazis will literally eat their children alive and were afraid of them more then they were of their own government. And if they weren't, NKVD would convince them otherwise or they got shot

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Because biden is to wimpy to start a war

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I doubt it will actually start a war. This is just more of the same proxy shit we've seen before, such as with Trump's bombing of the Syrian air base. The reality is that starting a war with Iran is political suicide and will unironically start a Civil War once the draft hits. Pull up Millennium Challenge if you want more information on this. The game in the Middle East isn't to knock out the bad-guys; it's to create perpetual turmoil where no side wins and so side loses. Knocking out Iran would upset the power balance America has spent untold trillions to establish.

If war is inevitable, then yes. Focus would be so much on the war effort that there would be no time for FUD. However, once the war ends and the economy kicks back into gear, hyperinflation would become the worst thing you could possibly imagine. The post-war boom would open up the flood-gates, and put the final nail in the coffin of the whole system. The bog-plan is to maintain lockdown as long as possible so that all the insiders can get in on the Great Reset before it is too late.

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Put a flag on it and wave your dick around like has been done since the beginning of fucking civilization.

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Why would a war with Iran be bad?
When arabs die, whites win.
You're aware that half the votes were by terrorists that performed the Jan 6, 2021 war crime Capitol terror insurrection, wanted NOT ONLY to commit mass murder, NOT ONLY to overthrow the government, NOT ONLY to install a murderous fascist genocidal junta, but rape, yes RAPE every single member of Congress they could get a hold of. There were guys with hundreds if not thousands of zip ties. That is RAPE equipment.

The nazi mass murderers who stormed the Capitol wanted to commit not only mass murder, but WAR RAPE.

So, I ask again: What is your main factual disagreemeht with the Capitol Police Chief's (factually correct) claims?

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>Why would a war with Iran be bad?
Google Millennial Challenge. tl;dr: Burgers lose an aircraft carrier plus more, a draft is instated and the middle east goes absolutely nuclear.
>When arabs die, whites win.
Iran isn't arab retard. Wars in sandy land only benefit jews.
>You're aware that half the votes were by terrorists that performed the Jan 6, 2021 war crime Capitol terror insurrection, wanted NOT ONLY to commit mass murder, NOT ONLY to overthrow the government, NOT ONLY to install a murderous fascist genocidal junta, but rape, yes RAPE every single member of Congress they could get a hold of. There were guys with hundreds if not thousands of zip ties. That is RAPE equipment.
>The nazi mass murderers who stormed the Capitol wanted to commit not only mass murder, but WAR RAPE.
More bait.
>So, I ask again: What is your main factual disagreemeht with the Capitol Police Chief's (factually correct) claims?
Never brought up the capitol.

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Weapons manufacturers are on the stock market and sell around the world. General Dynamics just supplied Spain with variety of light ground vehicles, MRAP's and tracked vehicles. BAESY sells typhoon fighters to any country poor enough to want them. Everyone needs weapons, the United States just needs a lot of them.

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Oil and Missiles.

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arabs>jews any day. arabs not even worth killing. they never would have come to the west if jews didnt ruin their countries

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I can only buy Boeing stocks, and that shit is 1.5usd daily for the swap. Doesn`t look promising looking at the charts. What strategy do you plan to use?

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I gobble them all up.

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You going to lose money, have you calculated the daily swap? It doesn't even pay dividends, does it? I am am only finding earnings information at tradingview.

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Keked. The ride never ends.

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>thinking Biden is calling any shots
>at all

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Really easy things to do, any anon could mirror pelosi investments. Just going to google search here, how to acess pelosi computer, I will be right back with her passwords.

Thanks for the tips anon

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You guys are retarded... I miss when biz had people who knew the bare minimum...

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>Google Millennial Challenge. tl;dr
You mean the autistic faggot that made up his own rules / abused how the sim worked, then got butt hurt when they said, ok op for won. Let's reset as we always do and try contiune with other scenarios.

Motor Bike messengers and flash lights do not create an unjamable, secure, instantaneous communications network, nor can you fit Exorcet on the tiny "undetectable" short range ships Riper said, let alone the targeting for them.

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ATAO and SXOOF(might be mispelled) Pelosis son works for them, lithium related.

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Mazel tov, fellow white man. How's the weather in tel aviv?

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This son?

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My bad in the sim it was P-15 Termit, so it hit harder. Of course those weigh 2500kg (just the missle, nothing else).

Small civilian fishing boats and Cessnas will not be launching those, nor will they be able to teleport into the fleet undetected.

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why do americans keep electing israeli agents?

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I accidentally into a weapons manufacturer, cause they were slapping a massive dividend in the AM.
I think I just added 2%.

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Because when arabs die Americans win

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Do you have a version not cut off

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Mossad has blackmail and bribery rights in the US. They have to compete with CCP now though so you see nonstop kvetching about china.

No they don't. The only winner is Israel.

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Oy vey

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Killing arabs in the middle east brings back fond memories of killing native Americans and aztecs in the America's. It'll always be a part of American culture.
That'd be why Americans enjoy these wars so much.

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>oy vey buy my war

Fight it yourself.

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Top kek

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Went heavy into LMT and RTX the week after Biden won.

Here we go, baby. Time for some more wars.

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didn't we moon when Trump blew up that one guy from Iran? So yeah, probably that again.

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We are going to err, you know, the thing with the bombs...
Ummm, who am I again?

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After that F35 fiasco?

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Jews are right about the goyim.

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That only speaks to the gullibility and stubbornness of our Congress. The fact they can scam that much money off of USG and face no consequences is bullish as FUCK.

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fucking CHECKED. only have 70 RTX shares but good enough for now.

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>BTFD id
yeah I think I'll do that.

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kikes are fucking disgusting subhuman won mongering thieves that will be hung and then burn for all of eternity

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This and I hate it. I can't wait until retarded normies finally get bred out of existence by nigs and wall-hitting.

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these cunts suck ass

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>they seem to actually have their shit straight
My friend is an engineer at Raytheon and I've heard the exact opposite. Tons of bullshit and paperwork to move so much as a pencil along with a 'highschool group project' environment where 10% of people do everything and everyone else just kind of hangs around and goes to meetings.

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The "iran backed militia" as they call it has been getting bombed by america/israel in syria/iraq all during trump. This is nothing new

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I just want dnn to go back up. I forgot to sell and now I'm fucked.

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Anyone who supports wanton death and destruction deserves an eternity in hell.

We're due for something big.

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