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We defeated the evil Badger proposal. What do you guys think of the rook one? I think there are better coins to give rewards to, but it wouldn't be as dumb as giving them to badger.

What makes Bancor speshul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y

Price predictions 12 hours from now? How quick does it rebound?

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I solded half after holding since $2, the other half is staking. I'll buy again when I perfectly time the dip ;)

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God bless

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>Price predictions 12 hours from now? How quick does it rebound?

No idea. Feel like I will make more money keeping my coins staked at this point than trying to time these dips.

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Bancor is special because you get to partner with the people who have been destroying the world
all in the name of money.
Yay you!!


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Good point, just bought $5k more

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I mean, if it makes me rich. Isn't that lowkey the fucking point of all this shit

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No he's just salty that we're investing in something with the name Bancor.

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I just wanted it to go to 10 bros

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I am financially eviscerated

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It still could... Hold strong lol

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With the way things are now we wont see $10 for months. But this does give us more tome to stake and accumulate. $1000 next bull run

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I'm still up 3x.

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We going back up. Why is everyone acting like the whales don’t do what’s best for them. Just ride the wave and thanks for the heads up big bro’s.

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You don't think news could get us there (arbitrum, pokedot bridge)?

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I think arbitrum and polkadot pushes this upward but as I said last thread, BTC needs to stop being a shit

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Gas fees will at least be lower if the market crashes right

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I am going to make it, and so are you.

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They have all the decent coins covered with current incentives.

If they incentivize random ass coins it will be bad for the protocol. wtf is rook anyways.

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Yes! Ethereum fire sale babyyyy

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god i hate this image so much

i can deal with gore but not this

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>We defeated the evil Badger proposal.
This is a great victory indeed. But many more battles await.

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>i can deal with gore but not this
Bro you gay or something?

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sorry fat fetish bro, i forgot about you. not for me but carry on

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more to love babe ;)

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Agreed anon. Someone should make a proposal to stop all shitcoin reward proposals.

All this reminds me a lot of the early days of yfi. The governance was a mess when they started too but they put a project together in the end. I think Bancor will succeed.

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$100 EOY is still on the menu. Stake in the mean time frens.

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>not for me but carry on
Based, more for both of us man, I'll send all the tight little cuties your way and you can send me the ones with extra liquidity mining rewards.

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>getting demoralized about bancor because of a marketwide correction

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Lets just add an amendment to the murder crypto messiah one

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>you can send me the ones with extra liquidity mining rewards

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Staked and comfy

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>mfw market corrections make me more money

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this cryptomessiah is such a fucking faggot holy shit. hes gotta be a farm and dump degenerate pajeet. and hes using his twitter name too lol

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Just bought 400. Still have visions of old memes about that jewess exit scamming, probably why I haven't bought in these last few years until now. Still deciding if I should put serious money into this project

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Kek, little bro is not wearing pants and his pecker is out.

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don't worry anon, this time be different

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The power of fuck you money

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it's really solid now! It got audited like 4 times in the past year. Watch the vortex proposal if you haven't yet, Bancor's got a whole lot coming up.

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10k stacklet here will I make it

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only if you turn it into a stakelet

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Yes you will. Stay cosy and let those bancies multiply in a pool of choice. You'll be in 7-figure purgatory by the end of the bullrun assuming you've been staking.

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>Would folks here be more amenable to this proposal if the Badger Dao were to add Badger and Digg rewards to the respective pools for some duration? Or is the opposition more than putting up rewards would resolve as in the parameters need to be modified, i.e. coinvestment levels?
Holy shit these retards won't quit. Going to have to keep making murder proposals through sock puppets if this continues.

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Gonna dive into a pool then. Thanks guys

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Yeah, there does seem to be a lot going for it now. Also considering putting a few thousand linkies in for staking

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There should be a proposal where when a proposal for a coin is made and if it fails that coin now requires a cooling off period of at least 30 days. Preferably 60 or more before a new proposal can be made

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Samantha is determined to not let that happen

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Was 4.80 the bottom? Did I fucking miss it again?

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who is samantha and why is she such a bitch

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>”fantom” keyboard
Fuck /biz/ has corrupted me everything is a subtle crypto shill now

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That's what I would like know. Apparently she's been mentioned here before.

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It’s not a threat unless it reaches 66.7% quorum it’s just a proposal.

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Based proposal I'll be sure to swing my vBNT in favor of it.

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kek what is the post?

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>The one who successfully pulls it off gets to hold his bags. I think is a positive form of recourse aimed at defending Bancor against vampire attacks and subterfuge. It also sets an example as to dissuade raj and his caste from pulling their ponzi shenanigans on here.

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Damn big_grill comin in hot

>I will vote AGAINST this proposal. This proposal only benefits the holders of ROOK to the detriment of holders of BNT. And in fact this is true of all the proposals made by Cryptomessiah so I think it’s about time he gets grilled for this.

>Rook has higher volume today on bancor than Aave, Ocean, Renbtc, and Wnxm… which all have LM rewards.

>This measurement makes no sense. You know why? Because all of ROOK liquidity is already in bancor. Let’s use a beter measure: liquidity in the pool vs total liquidity

ROOK $11,959,818/$12,653,051 = 95 %
AAVE $21,568,701/$4,111,250,386 = 0.5%
OCEAN $17,787,483/$352,157,355 = 5%
RENBTC $17,750,555/$833,116,442 = 2%

>This means the rewards will not be used to attract more liquidity, and the volume of trades is not going to increase either. Worst of all you’re taking BNT holders as hostage just to keep your token in the pool. I suggest you find a different pool for your tokens and honestly I’m surprised such a smallcap ponzi token made it into bancor at all.

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no need to thank me, but feel free to upvote

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based thank you

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>Your statement is false…
>Rook has 14m of liquidity on uniswap as well.
>Check uniswap.info… the amount of volume rook generates relative to the amount of liquidity itbhas is among the highest on uni…
>I think there is opportunity here to monopolize this volume.
Another project that fits this bill is furucombo.
>So rather than just coming here to be condescending, id suggest you do more research so that we can have constructive discussion.
I vote that somebody murder both this idiot and Samantha. He's just making people waste gas money on his nigger shenanigans.