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>Why Gold?

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

EU/ENGLAND sources
https://www.chards.co.uk/ [Much cheaper than BullionByPost]
https://goldprice.eu5.net/ [Website to compare gold prices for UK]

Russian/European coins

Relevant information regarding mining companies

Previous thread: >>29705092

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I like to carry 1 silver oz with me everywhere I go.

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only kikes get upset about antisemitism

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>Newmont Goldcorp
>Teck Resources
>Rio Tinto
>Southern Copper
>Newcrest Mining

Silver Producers
>First Majestic Silver Corp
>Pan American Silver Corp
>Endeavour Silver Corp
>Hecla Mining
>Silver Standard Resources
>Impact Silver Corp
>Coeur Mining Inc.
>Gatos Silver
>Fortuna Silver Mines Inc
>Great Panther Mining

Other Producers
>Newgold Inc
>Centerra Gold
>Pure Gold Mining

>Alexco Resources
>Bayhorse Silver Inc.
>Aurcana Silver Corp
>Braveheart Resources
>MAG Silver Corp
>Ascot Resources

Explorers/Early Developers (PEA/FS stage)
>VanGold Mining
>Lion One Metals
>Rockhaven Resources
>Skeena Resources
>Kore Mining
>Discovery Metals
>Moneta Porcupine Mines

Explorers (resource estimate stage)
>Nighthawk Gold
>Blue Lagoon Resources
>Dolly Varden Silver
>Fireweed Zinc
>Blue Moon Zinc
>Fabled Silver Gold Corp
>Galway Metals
>Canada Nickel Company

Explorers (no modern resource estimate)
>Scottie Resources
>Eskay Mining
>Irving Resources
>Tocvan Ventures
>Silver Spruce Resources
>Blackrock Gold

Silver Trusts
>Sprott Physical Silver Trust

More miners can be found here:

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Me too.

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how are you doing wine box anon

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What are you guys doing tomorrow?
Do you know about the bond market post auction flash crash?
Shit went like pic rel. Thats pretty much a 1 in 30 years type of event. Probably got bought by the plunge protection team.
I'm hitting the gun store, the bulk foods store, and the coin shop tomorrow. Hope I can still buy gold

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Who else here /fondling/?

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Come shit up the chat blow these normies assholes out

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God damn these threads are moving fast. I saw pic related incorporated into an anti-silver shitcoin meme earlier today, things are spreading fast bros.

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desu i keep a kilo in a zipper pocket haha

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How can european buzzwords even compete bros

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this guy wont carry a kitcat in the prison wallet

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r8 my pussies

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I'm retarded, can you dumb this down for a retard that just buys silver because it feels good/right?

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straight fifa vibing

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based Ben

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Shameful display.

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i saw somewhere that civil war soldiers would wear a penny on a necklace in case they were every in a bind

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>the negress is eclipsing liberty
Yeah, that's about right.

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handwriting gets 0/10

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>In nog we trust

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15.25 oz mostly minted canada @ acquired at 31.80 an ounce today thanks to my local craigslist fren

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Why are 2009 silver eagles haunted

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where the fuck is Brooks?

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i blame the public school system for that

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Reminder to thank you Jewish Overlords™ for allowing the chosen few goyim to build real wealth with silver at such a bargain! Soon the chosen few goyim will rise above the masses as the Overlords pull the plug on fiat!

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Inflation is going to destroy the US this year isnt it?

Im not ready yet bros.

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Oh im fucked lmao lets get some good vibes in here anons

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quick rundown on silver one

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Why aren't you ready? You've had plenty of warnings.

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why is silver a woman

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gradually... gradually...

then all at once

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Apmexicans updated me on my order I should have my krugs and randoms soon. Still waiting on Gainesville to ship my order ( many such cases)

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I want to stack more silber

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Is it common to wire >$20k to a *reputable* LCS and then when the wire settles come in and pick muh coins?

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Any interest in a krugger kitty

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Cause it’s value is less than man (ie gold)

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What matters isn't treasury yields, everyone knows they are going up unless the fed decides to print which is self defeating. What matters is the volatility of those moves up. Basically we just had around a 2-3 standard deviation day, so between the 98th and 99.9th percentile. But for a period of about two minutes, we were around 6. That means it just doesn't fucking happen. That means sell everything.
I'm simplifying because even I don't understand the correct statistical models that get used for this, but this is close enough for me to understand magnitudes.
This "flash crash" happened right after the 7 year auction which got shit bidding as far as I can see. So the Treasury market suddenly had zero faith. What likely happened was the "plunge protection team" formally "The President's Working Group on Financial Markets" which is the Treasurer, Fed Chairman, and some other big shots who only report to the president, had a standing order to JPM, BNY Mellon, Goldman, or whoever to rush into the market and buy bond futures should such an event happen.
Basically that picture is the Boston Massacre of hyperinflation. It's the opening volley of shit coming out of the bag.

Hopefully I'm wrong and they pull another rabbit out of the hat.
But if not, expect an emergency Fed/Tresury/Pres meeting within weeks and a stock market crash on the scale of last march

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I wish Starcore International could be added to “other producers.”

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They went to go sell US debt and literally nobody wanted to buy so the market crashed.

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Have some oc

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God I want the gold reserve back

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shit ok. I forgot about that one too.

PSA: I am not the OG creator of this list. I just spam it a lot.
But you and the silver one anon have asked multiple times lol.

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waiting on some new additions. Some like your nice krug there included. getting the juice and yeast for the brew tomorrow too. all feels like a bit of freedom desu

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I paid a hefty premium to secure a single Libertad BOOBA coin because I couldn't find them in stock in many places in Canada. Did I fuck up?

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how are those silver kruggerrands? Seems to be a cheap option for monster box stacking.

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based and truthpilled

they can't

based. chillin with my manx

>inb4 people realize that $20 spot is normal

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I would not wire shit anywhere without knowing for sure its a solid source. If its an LCS I would call and talk to them on the phone.
Keep stacking anon now is the time. They will keep hammering both gold and silver "spot" prices until every last gram of each has been cleared out and no one is selling.

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Another find from the guys at 911 Mining!

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Yo dude I heard you like to stack cats so I put a cat on this stack so you can stack cats while you stare at this stack cat

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I need one to carry and fondle, but not .999. I was gonna order some Canuck silver dollars and pocket one, but they were Monument pre-order, so got Krugs instead on top of the rounds I already have.
I really want a 1922 peace dollar to replace a special one I gave away years ago...

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Get some

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want it

>> No.29713203

waiting for price to drop or explode...

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i love these krugs, deffo are gonna be my main bullion. how hard is it to home brew? is it worth the time and effort?
blessed gondola

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Charge your phone

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fuck it.
im gonna clean this up and add Tickers/country tonight.
I am a slave to /pmg/

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Nice ID bro

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In ancient times Gold represented the Sun and Silver the Moon.
The PMs match in both colour and importance.
Based Ancients.

>> No.29713399

i love them, they are very aesthetic

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No way mate. Getting a piece you like is worth the premium every time. Numismatic appreciation will make your silver stacking much more enjoyable.

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Precious metals are inherently anti-Semitic

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checked and keked

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Thanks frens, it's interesting that this happens the day after the Fed's entire banking system crashed and M1 went up 12T. Surely yet another coincidence.

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I have a nice 22

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thanks senpai. my girlfriend is a german braphog who wants to breed with me. feels good.

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File: 199 KB, 1600x1066, HANDBOOK FOR PROSPECTORS Fifth Edition (1973 HB) by Richard Pearl (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jeez never a dry spell for these guys huh?

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The brits have been a little cheaper here recently, but for once it'd be nice to not have the nags head on something of value. Brewing is definitely worth it, especially with our prices here. It's a bit of effort, mostly the cleaning, but beers can end up costing 50cents a bottle and wine maybe 4-5, and be ok. What does your prosecco cost you?

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Why do you think we stack?

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What is kek trying to tell us?

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They added saving deposits into the definition of m1, which caused the jump of 11 trillion.
Not to diminish the drastic effects of the jump in M1 anyway, but to assume that they just pulled 11 trillion out of thin air is foolish.

Here's what it looked like before they changed the definition.

>m1sl is now the current metric.

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Benton McKaye Trail

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File: 924 KB, 3320x1570, 1611821087195 vampire silver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Rate my pussy

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ahhh i couldnt get a coin with a ragged german cunt on it. and i see what you mean if i had the time i think i could home brew beer but idk if itd be worth it. and it cost me 10 dollerardoos for a bottle.

>> No.29713790

Nice chunkers.

I really need to pick some of those up before end of march.

>> No.29713849

Comfy COMEX Crash bump
Thank You-kon

>> No.29713878

I would no problem, but I pay with wires often. Just dont be stupid.

>> No.29713882

Based. I made this even though I'm not great at shooping

>> No.29713892

Thank you.

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wish i had this cunt for a ragged coin

>> No.29713924

Post again on caturday

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I specifically made this for Brooks. But he has not been here all day.

>> No.29714007

Damn garrison is talented. Thats a great comic. Love the waves of greenbacks.

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bitch i aint reading that

>> No.29714091

If you own non-physical silver you don't own anything.

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After the 2008 collapse there was an increase in silver demand. The US Mint couldn't keep up with the public's desire to purchase eagles so they didn't bother making any proofs that year. First year the mint couldn't make enough for the citizens, even though it is required by law, see pic related. Cursed year.

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File: 2.27 MB, 3264x2448, 20200909_134113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks fren! Good luck finding them, looking pretty bare everywhere.

>> No.29714130

But graphs of money supplies in UK, Canada, Australia and EU showed the same steep line as FRED-M1 and those countries haven't changed money supply definitions.

>> No.29714147

Can't find a 6 of beer less than 12-14 CAN here, wine the same per bottle but not great stuff. Gonna put the apple wine up to 12% or so, make it worthwhile. First time using cheapo walmart juice, should be fun.

>> No.29714181

I would pay her at least 2 mercs

>> No.29714302

Any leafs have wood bisons?

>> No.29714306

Bros I just started buying. I’ve only got 45 oz of silver and 1/4 oz of gold. Am I fucked?

>> No.29714353

Probably an autistic question, but outside of industrial and aesthetic applications, why do precious metals have value? It seems like if people lost their taste in shiny things they would become just another cheap commodity right?

>> No.29714370

>less than I have

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File: 1.20 MB, 800x800, The-Queen's-Virtues-Victory-1-oz-Silver-Coin-(2021)_REV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>where dya get em leaf bro? They ain't cheap on SGB right now.

TD had them for 42.70 or so before the bulk deal

>> No.29714388

>4x as much as me
Wow ok

>> No.29714430

I saw someone say for every oz of silver you own there are two people in the world that cannot own any due to the amount available.

>> No.29714442

Are you suggesting Gold goes to $300?

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File: 186 KB, 1280x836, 1612129607310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They showed them on February 23rd?
I know most countries graph looks similar to the web archive of the previous graph here>>29713703

and I'm not arguing that everyone has been inflating the fuck out of m1, it's just the feb 23rd 11 trillion change was because of redefining m1 and moving it to a new metric, M1SL

>> No.29714462

I regularly carry an oz junk coin or two and I give them to salvation army criers or street musicians first. Normally I show it to them and say “don’t spend this.” before I give it to them

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File: 130 KB, 1000x562, 4B18E0CD-434A-468D-963B-CDDA8BB85E2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29714551

they are some of the busiest prospectors i ve seen. Never too shitty weather to go out for them!

>> No.29714615

US based. Big ass reserves
Producing this year
. No debt.

Millions. In cash
Resilient stock.
Sprott. Approved.
Well known.

>> No.29714655

Regarding cost of goods and/or inflation, what's to stop any commodity (that we can historically declare as something that has always costed a merc-dime (for example)) from inflating in price over time?
eg bread costs 1 dime today then costs 2 dimes tomorrow.
Can't things get more expensive on us anyway just due to demand, regardless of the currency?

>> No.29714739

Really eh? I'd written TD off as being shit after seeing their 'deals' a while back. Might have to check again. thanks

>> No.29714892

I can help out if you'd like to split the work. Just tell me which sections you want and give me an example of your format.

>> No.29714936

What would be an example of being stupid in this situation?

>> No.29714986

Ngl that’s probably full ouncer quality pussy there.

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Thread theme:

>> No.29715016

i got about 50 plus some scrap jewry of different karats so not bad

>> No.29715034

I get you Bro.
Thanks for clarification.

>> No.29715087

This is based on the assumption that we theoretically switch back to physical currency, I should add.

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Of course prices can get wacky, but they always stabilize to a predictable worth over time. Look at what happened with tulips in the Netherlands. Look at a holographic charizard card today. Maybe you're asking if the inflation we posit can be explained through demand mechanisms? I'm afraid the answer is no. The variable in the equation where the money supply balloons leaves us without question. Next stop inflation station.

>> No.29715171

Yeah It's definitely misleading and not enough clarification just glancing at it.

It set off most of /biz/ last night and everyone was panicking.

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File: 1.34 MB, 1079x1440, Screenshot_20210225-195510_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can now officially call myself part of the batboi gang

>> No.29715253

TD has been where I'm getting the majority of my stack

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I already have like 150 Oz of silver, mainly in coins and 10 oz bars, but I kinda want to get a 100 oz bar. Is this a bad idea due to it being harder to sell? I just want to hold a thick bar of silver.

>> No.29715373

Ok frens, real talk :
Should we leave the stonk market rn?
I'm getting absolutely obliterated since 10 days now. Not only all my gains vanished, but it also start to eat a part of my initial.
I start to get really spooped the deflationary event might have started and how low it could go.
On the other hand, we know it wont last and will be followed by hyperinflation immediately after, so idk if trying to time the market isn't just riskier...

I hold half miners and half tech.
What do you frens plan to do?

>> No.29715391
File: 71 KB, 750x750, 1614164349538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally, I don't have to tell people that I am anti-semetic.
just let them know I like the metal.

>> No.29715457

>Find this general a few weeks ago
>panic buy, go from <1oz to 300+
>still have more in the bank, but kind of feel that I'm going a bit overboard
>but still feel FOMO

What do?

>> No.29715459
File: 1.38 MB, 1805x2245, 1583686028112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take the silver blanket pill. If you can get a sheet of 1 oz bars for less why not?

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File: 167 KB, 629x6969, 1602345164791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29715495

A good currency perfectly adjusts for supply and demand. Gold is hard to mine, but mine production adjusts to increased demand because the price is higher. When the price drops, jewelry becomes cheaper and more gold gets turned into jewelry. These "premanent" feedback loops are only possible under fiat

>> No.29715515

You should buy off sgb and save money. Also fuck banks, why are you supporting them?

>> No.29715519
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Feel free to do whatever you're comfortable with fren.
I won't be working on this for a few hours and I'll be monitoring the threads too.

>> No.29715529

I carry a British gold sovereign everywhere I go. An older sovereign too, with Queen Victoria on it.

>> No.29715538

gold is low right now if you have 300oz silver and 0 gold you should look into picking up a few ounces

>> No.29715571

buy more, of course

>> No.29715597

Full defense
If I owned anything that was very defensive I would sell it. Might even sell that shit for silver and gold miners just because we might see a once in 5 lifetimes chance in the next weeks

>> No.29715603
File: 103 KB, 596x900, 1613353870869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yesssss keep slapping down the price jews

let us all get in @ $30 per coin one last time

>> No.29715607

Low ish premiums and they have what I want in stock

>> No.29715608
File: 390 KB, 860x856, 1369-original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I almost bought one of those a little while ago, almost bought pic related as well
oh yeah i want one, looking at the premium i think everybody does

>> No.29715669

Plus I'm still waiting for me SGB order to ship IT'S BEEN FIVE DAYS REEEEEEE

>> No.29715685

Dude I do the same lol. A guy let me go ahead in a long line and I gave him a oz. Seeing them acknowledge the coin and weight never mind the value allows them to connect to their ancient instincts and to view that in real time is exciting plus you never know, might make them a stacker

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File: 305 KB, 400x361, s-l400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't gamble and pretend I know anything about the stock market. I contribute money through my employer to a deferred comp. I buy low. I buy high. I always buy, every paycheck. I don't check the dow, I don't care. I'm not about to retire. Unpopular opinion around here, but I'm going to come out ahead this way. Point being - I don't time the market and I think you should stop trying to as well.

>> No.29715705

as a thought experiment. what else is rare, and durable, yet divisible.

>> No.29715728

>Is this a bad idea due to it being harder to sell? I just want to hold a thick bar of silver.
100oz bars are the most faked of any precious metals bar. They use an alloy of 80/20 lead to tin rods inside with only like 12 ounces of real silver so it’ll pass the density test, file and acid test, and Sigma/XRF tests. The ONLY non-destructive way to confirm they’re real is to x-Ray the bars.
100oz bars are not worth the risk

>> No.29715729

Buy gold since its dumb cheap. If we don't collapse, gold will beat silver now. Put money into miners and foreign (china and russia) stocks

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Its shiny anon
We love shiny
Crows love shiny
Monke love shiny

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File: 3.60 MB, 4640x2610, IMG_20210225_173840__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna sleep good tonight

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>> No.29715888

what do you mean by defensive?

>> No.29715926
File: 15 KB, 450x240, 1604779922448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reeee 5 days

just wait until you find out that you have a roughly two week waiting period before they actually ship

>> No.29715935

I've got like an ounce each of gold and platinum, but maybe I'll take a look for a bit more gold.
I'll toss some at miners, but I don't want any money in the chicom market. Maybe I'll look into Japanese and Euro stocks.

>> No.29715971

I'm a sperg so I check silvergoldbull and sprott as well to compare prices...td consistently is beating them these days surprisingly

>> No.29715991

Yeah based. Must increase stacker legion.
Very interesting

>> No.29716009
File: 704 KB, 640x820, _k8PZPkJjKMqmg3TtbP-osPwkyzefPLqI5gzrt3hQNs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where are you guys even buying silver? Seems like every where is sold out

>> No.29716019

Very good buy, my friend!
Is this the beginning of your stack?
As >>29712839 has said, youve had a lot of time/warnings.If you do not already own a gun (of some sort), youd do well to get one
Why do you feel the need to have a booba coin? If its for novelty, then I wouldnt worry about it.

>> No.29716031
File: 718 KB, 781x1024, bull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, I finally have 2000$ to play with, and already have a bunch of physical silver/gold but im in the UK and our silver is 9% more expensive for 1kg bars and 20% more expensive for coins.

Should I dump 1 grand in first majestic and 1 grand in vangold? or should I diversify a bit and go with 4 mining companies?

>> No.29716055

>2500 oz
Don't know if that's coinvivor or what but I kneel even if you doubled down on gay autism.

>> No.29716057

I was going to buy with them at one point, but turned away in disgust at what they considered a discount for a long time account holder. never saw them less than a couple dollars more than other online stores, which is why your price for the booba surprised.

>> No.29716067

Low valuation
Low need for low interest rates
Necessary service/captive audience with revenues that adjust for inflation

>> No.29716074

Completely based and panterapilled

>> No.29716085

Goddamn USS St. Louis in that outfit does terrible things to my dick. Terrible things.

>> No.29716102

chris just invited me onto arcadia for the show tn

>> No.29716128


>> No.29716137

Lol I'm right there with you man. Dont know what to do. Gold I guess

>> No.29716144
File: 124 KB, 519x878, 1605084241992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the only real answer.

However I have been trimming my tech/meme stonks as of late, but keeping value/divvies/commodities related stuff.

In regards to miners, I never sell. I have my portfolio setup to ride the 5-7 year bull run, with companies that will be producing or will be producing throughout it.

>> No.29716160

Look at Russia. It's very cheap and their central bank has lots of gold and interest rates are high. I agree with China (never bought there) but Russia is frankly pretty based compared to every other nation that somewhat functions

>> No.29716171

Only place left where i can find any where i live is on ebay. You could try your luck there. Be sure to buy from sellers with 100% positive feedbacks.

>> No.29716201

wow another diversity hire what an accomplishment NIGGER

>> No.29716209


>> No.29716255

do photos that get uploaded on 4chins keep the exif data? want to share some photos but don't want to get raided by some kneegrows.

>> No.29716258
File: 67 KB, 1176x703, 1613399673043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

desu I'm just grateful for every oz I'm able to get my hands on

>> No.29716297


>> No.29716301
File: 279 KB, 1785x2125, 74ecefabf82f0a614e3c7cbfe0be636e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All in on tin

>> No.29716313
File: 13 KB, 263x263, 1613608558044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's stripped fren.
(GOogle it if you dont trust me)
Now post the stack!

>> No.29716314

something something 30 pieces of silver something something eternal curse of the vampire

>> No.29716323

Once you are on air, please be sure to never mention us, i'd be way too ashamed to be a pmg Chad if you were to represent us in normies' mind.

>> No.29716331

4chin strips exif data its so dumb to waste time changing anything except your filename but 4chanx does that too

>> No.29716334

It strips it automatically but I'm a schizo so I always strip any remotely sensitive manually before posting anyway.

>> No.29716392

extremely based tin fag. Not too many of us around here, but we're thriving.

>> No.29716419

Have you bought from CanadianPMX yet

>> No.29716423

Exif data is scrubbed... However if you post serial numbers that's your own fault and can damage everyone down the line

>> No.29716433

Just do it yourself for any pic uploaded online, it's built in to Windows file properties, or Polarr is a good option on macOS

>> No.29716439

Currently in the next community open house on the cariboo gold project currently being worked on by Barkerville Gold Mines through Osisko. I can post pics from this if anyone wants to see the bs we go though to get a project completed.

>> No.29716442
File: 32 KB, 622x254, sadjvbsadgbas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Umm silverchads... I don't feel so good.

>> No.29716453

AG and VGLD are both in Mexico so you might want to do BHS and VGLD instead.

>> No.29716467

Would be interesting to see how the US materials market would look if we cut out ~95% imports

>> No.29716501


>> No.29716523

Califaggot screeching over American production of rare earths would provide enough salt to treat all the roads every winter.

>> No.29716538
File: 515 KB, 828x1080, 6794E956-A48B-4786-A387-A3876794D3D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, got a good deal. Im sittin on 31 oz, with 9oz silver and .4oz of gold coming in the mail if it ever ships.

>> No.29716541

say again?

>> No.29716556

Yes please, that would be great if you have the time PAN MAN.

>> No.29716576

This is an investment, not some ADHD crypto.

>> No.29716578

Thoughts on copper rounds?

>> No.29716579

You could also use ultrasonic thickness, when the ultrasonic sound beam passes into a dissimilar metal there will be beam divergence and scatter the sound, that or the beam would return.

>> No.29716585

Is it okay if I own no silver? I'm going to own only gold.

Buying my 1st stack soon of eagles soon.

>> No.29716605
File: 314 KB, 1234x628, joecoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where my JoeBro's at?

>> No.29716609
File: 2.47 MB, 4160x2340, 20210215_214129_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thanks famalams. Wanted to share this thicc boii I got as a thank you from someone I made alot of money for.

>> No.29716627

Who is the califaggot? Only two anons here I have seen claim california status are basically tripfags

>> No.29716640

Why is industrial and aesthetic not enough what other value does money need

>> No.29716676

I don't mean an anon, I just mean lefties from California in general.

>> No.29716703

You need this one- 1950 Italian Somalia Somalo. You also need a 1920s east africa rupee, lion on reverse. You also need the sierra leone copper from the 1790s, and the 1892 Paraguay peso. Almost forgot the biggest dick cat coin out there- the gold 2 Mohur from British India. If you want more suggestions I can think of a few others.

>> No.29716708

It unironically does not matter after that 7 year auction today

>> No.29716721
File: 197 KB, 500x696, is-it-gold-in-here-oriisitiust-med-when-you-get-22483535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29716741

They somehow managed to make one that looks even more downs syndromier than the donnie coin

>> No.29716742

Do not for investment purposes, rounds have like 1600% premium on them or some shit, absolutely not worth it. Gotta buy in huge bulk and you'd be better off going to get Cu wire at the hardware store. Also, Cu is for if you expect economic prosperity to flip a profit, not hold onto wealth like Ag/Au

>> No.29716772
File: 606 KB, 1136x640, 42BFA755-92A3-439E-A9CB-3C3A087E747F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29716783

Do they understand their market? If this was dated 2020 I would buy it for the memes 20 year from now

>> No.29716789
File: 49 KB, 657x527, jitters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nope not yet

>> No.29716805

absolute shit. go full meth head just steal copper wire.

>> No.29716837

thankfully most of the idiots who were hyper against the project in Wells BC abandoned ship and moved away already. Were just going through the motions for what things like the mill will look like, where its going and the new transmission line as well. I ll post pics shortly i need to finish downloading the PDF.

>> No.29716840

I will not wire from instructions sent over email without verbal confirmation. Instructions from a portal on their site are prolly fine.

>> No.29716866

Isnt bayhorse itself more risky than the mexican cartels/government?

Might want to diversify more i guess.

>> No.29716874

I think /ic/ is the only board that doesn't strip exif.

>> No.29716888

You got a burner email if you want to sell it?

>> No.29716891
File: 459 KB, 828x930, 58E41A1C-655E-4B31-9216-9B1F0193F419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

PAIN is coming, Joe.

>> No.29716897


>> No.29716898

...and That’s a Good Thing.

>> No.29716927

I did. I'll post if all goes well.

>> No.29716964

>that cheap construction paper crown
Why did they design her to look like she's in an inner-city school play?

>> No.29717003
File: 125 KB, 639x852, 97A8680B-B9B1-4B90-9A4F-50D67F427EDB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ordered these to go with my 3 single kg Valcambi bricks. next I will save up $400 leaf bux for those sweet 90% merc dimes

>> No.29717005

Take a screenshot to strip location data

>> No.29717012

Fuckin Phil Anselmo that crazy motherfucker, it's honestly surprising he's still alive

>> No.29717016

Maybe closer to $30!

>> No.29717018
File: 349 KB, 1929x1083, pic 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29717022

I sold of some magic cards and bought 8oz of silver morgans. This brings me up to 16 oz total. Starting small but moving along nicely. Thanks for the advise fellow anons.

>> No.29717035
File: 2.17 MB, 2652x3691, A3E56F05-C1E7-41FD-94F0-1B256F32668C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29717113
File: 3.18 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right behind ya

>> No.29717115
File: 611 KB, 1346x769, pic 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29717129
File: 700 KB, 2114x1400, Die_drei_Bogatyr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just meming. I know it doesn't mean shit.

Actually, I a thought occurred to me recently, related to this silver squeeze stuff.
Let's say there's a real big disconnect between spot and the retail price, something crazy like a $80 premium. In the event of a real economic crisis where people HAVE to liquidate assets to keep themselves afloat how many people do you think are going to be giving up their silver for spot? Like a coordinated attempt between big industry and banks/gov'ts to fleece the more weak-willed holders for ludicrously discounted silver?

>> No.29717138

Bayhorse Silver Inc.

>> No.29717148

Always good to see those types move on. Looking forward to the pics, its always interesting to see the formative process behind the scenes.

>> No.29717149

Anyone else here disconnected from their otherwise connected network of normies? I have been doing an annual conference virtually and its just fucking weird.

>> No.29717150
File: 285 KB, 422x414, somalo50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

funny enough, just got the 1950 somalo today
east africa i keep an eye out for, they can get pricey
those are some nice targets,i also have the persian silver denars with the sword wielding lion on my list

>> No.29717186

You're telling me there's a market for magic cards? Fuck I have some from the late 90s.

>> No.29717219

You asked "how?" faggot

>> No.29717220

He’ll die without alcohol and cigarettes

>> No.29717222
File: 422 KB, 1346x764, pic 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another shot

>> No.29717250

2oz Au & 35oz Ag, will i make it lads?

>> No.29717260

Reddit is the white supremacist movement now.

>> No.29717263

how much silver for a gf like dis

>> No.29717270
File: 36 KB, 720x525, 449db9318065c4968ebeaa86cccf5bbe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29717297

Just bought from JM Bullion, Golden State Mint, and Bullion Exchanges. Exchanges has cheap Mint ID bars in stock too

>> No.29717315
File: 508 KB, 820x1160, 1613271972696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29717333

Those late 90s cards probably don't have a lot of high value cards. You need first edition stuff for the old stuff to be of value if you don't have good competitive cards.

>> No.29717355

What is the Covid-19 scam for $200 Alex?

>> No.29717370

You’ve been asking this for months and your amount of silver hasn’t changed. Buy more

>> No.29717445

Hahaha his lungs have evolved the take in tobacco and weed. His liver now solely runs on 101 proof alcohol.

>> No.29717480
File: 2.17 MB, 500x308, why are you filming an old uncle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how many people do you think are going to be giving up their silver for spot?
Most, since most people are not very self sufficient for their food, housing, and land.
Add to that the (((tax))) man breathing down your neck for all three there will almost always be some kind of liquidation into fiat as the system is set up for the time being.

Stack your metals of silver, gold, steel, and lead.
Stack your blood and soil.

>> No.29717511

Will do but can only on next month.
Gold prices right now making me itchy

>> No.29717518

Aah gotcha

>> No.29717540

Thanks anons.

>> No.29717547
File: 885 KB, 3840x2160, Silber House.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tried crudely recreating it in survival before I said fuck it.

>> No.29717548

Why do high bond yields cause a stock market crash? I know in 2018 when the 10yr got to just 3% the markets crashed. Is it because high yields signal low faith in the economy?

If high yields signal danger, and we know QE is suppressing bond yields, why does anyone fall for it?

>> No.29717553

Thats a bit of work going on there, bypass, transmission lines, enlarged surface capacity and so on....looks like some big $$$. Appreciate the pics, thanks

>> No.29717589

people move money out of stocks for "lowrisk" yield gains

>> No.29717594

Shit is fucked. Banking included. Don't trust anything other than physical metal or cash in your possession until the dust settles
Treasury market almost failed today

>> No.29717611

Starcore International (small-cap gold producer in Mexico)
Boab Metals (small cap junior silver explorer in Australia)

>> No.29717618
File: 78 KB, 1024x934, 1613857834159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In a collapsed, Venezuela style, economy it would take a few ounces. Essentially in a collapse if you have food and a roof over your head then you're in the top 1%. Be forewarned, in that situation she'll probably just kill you and try to steal your shit. That or rob you. If she's too kind for either of those, she'll leave you the minute the economy goes back to semi-normal and she doesn't need one of us autists for a meal ticket and a warm bed.

>> No.29717678
File: 498 KB, 1349x762, pic 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yea its a major mine project, at least 16 year mine life right now, likely 25 years though if continued drilling finds yet more high grade ore.

>> No.29717706

It's not "high bond yields". Bond yields are low, which is why every midwit CNBC boomer says buy stonks since yields are still historically low.
It's the volatility in treasury prices that is fucking everything up. Treasury prices are the underpinning of the internaitonal monetary system. "dollar reserves" are treasury bond/note holdings. If those become volatile like today everything is fucked

>> No.29717709

I did. Took a while, but I got my shinies.

>> No.29717716

It's interest rates. The yield acts as a floor, as they rise so does all other rates

>> No.29717746

>2500 oz
What grade were you in when you dropped out of school? Just curious.

>> No.29717769

Congratulations (if this serious). Please post a link when you’re able.

>> No.29717773
File: 169 KB, 1080x1158, 1614100083273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah. sexual emergency inducing. quarter ounce of silver mind you. no thot is worth more than that.


>> No.29717803
File: 193 KB, 745x745, 1613845195115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lesson being, just hang out with your PMG frens. Ride out the storm, we'll all make it, GF or not. Just a lot cheaper to just worry about you and not some non-stacking GF.

>> No.29717853

I realized immediately after posting I fucked it up but luckily you caught it.

>> No.29717885

/biz/ is full of people with 3 to 5 digit accounts but the big money still will always want "safe" income generating assets with limited downside (i.e. the rich don't buy lottery tickets)
SPY's dividend yield, a kind of average of much of the market, is 1.43%. So if bonds can return more than that, money that was dogpiled into the stock market will cash out into bonds. The risk-adjusted return is better.
The second problem is that rising yields are THE signal of inflation, even the most massaged definitions used by the Fed. So rising yields also give more incentive to cut off the free money tap from the Fed. And drug addicts hate interventions.

>> No.29717902

isnt bayhorse itself riskier than the cartels+mexican government?

>> No.29717923

What if my Gfs stack mogs my own? She seriously has like 10 oz of gold

>> No.29717936

It’s wrong, is what it is. Intentional Destruction of interpersonal communication, bonding, and community. You can tell something big is around the corner by the forced isolation and lockdowns.

>> No.29717946

then your gf is based and probably a keeper.

>> No.29717971
File: 165 KB, 840x709, thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29717972
File: 295 KB, 454x690, 1614130000327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The rare exception. Keep her and cherish her dearly.

>> No.29718022
File: 2.30 MB, 445x250, silverprice.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29718064
File: 3.93 MB, 2610x4640, IMG_20210225_193529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enjoying my new libertads, with anti coin clipper side inscriptions.
Stay comfy /pmg/

>> No.29718083

But would the Fed really stop printing? What's there to stop people from realizing that inflation is here to stay and keep dogpiling into assets and not the dollar. Even if the dividend for the S&P is low, the value of the assets themselves will still "melt-up" against the dollar, no?

>> No.29718111

Use half slabs for the balcony
Use coloured glass for the smooth and comfy look
Use different wood colours to set accents
Oh god i hope

>> No.29718121

good job anon

>> No.29718147

Those look fuckin sick.

>> No.29718172

Britannia is cute!

>> No.29718184

I wished he would’ve kept Down active instead of making a new fucking band every two years

>> No.29718226

based. mexico 50 pesos also has writing on the rim. much more subtle anti-jew device than reeded edges IMO

>> No.29718262

>But would the Fed really stop printing?
No. Cutting the federal government off from access to new money would be a de-facto end of the Republic, because the only reason half the current population tolerates them is free shit.

>> No.29718271
File: 2.31 MB, 2555x3000, BHS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bayhorse is pretty much derisked. Has an off-take agreement, has a working mine, is producing.

>> No.29718293

Based and dowerypilled

>> No.29718296

Yeah I saw the yield on the 10Y Treasury skyrocket above 1.65% for just a second but it was only visible on a bloomberg terminal, no other charts showed it. lol that's why they have a 15 minute delay in showing the public, so they can scrub this stuff.

>> No.29718308

I found a dude on craigslist. Dunno how he has so much. Has probably been stacking a long time and is selling the peak, lol. I Can buy same day for same prices as jm bullion. You should try it.

>> No.29718346

can confirm.
t. waiting on student loan forgiveness or fucking off

>> No.29718362
File: 36 KB, 539x736, pic 13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

project comments dont look to bad. back in the summer it was nothing but "holy shit our towns going to die!!! holy shit!!"

>> No.29718435
File: 304 KB, 1266x1600, 1601839221642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29718446

>But would the Fed really stop printing?
You have to print more and more because of a spiraling debt crisis. But the more you print the more other countries begin clamoring to get rid of their dollars or drop the dollar as a reserve asset.
Any good imported or exported into the country would have spiraling out of control costs in that case. Which in turn would flood the US back with the dollars it has shipped abroad.
There is no way out of this that isn't painful. Either the dollar dies or the debt market collapses. Both are terrifying for entirely different reasons.

>> No.29718499
File: 53 KB, 640x499, dyslexic_mayans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously, this.

Everyone in these threads, stackers and would-be stackers alike, should work on building up their own skills and resources in case the worst does, in fact, happen.

Start a garden, learn about local plants, or maybe how to drill a well. Anything related to your own physical needs, and the sooner the better. Get that experience before you NEED it.

>> No.29718501

You can still see it on candle charts. The lows still printed
If after the federal gov falls and we looks through records years from now. I bet we find out they are the ones bidding Treasury futures tonight

>> No.29718524

>But would the Fed really stop printing?
They wouldn't commit suicide if that's what you're asking

>> No.29718526

Here's my plan.

I allocated my portfolio into a full defense play. I'm not allowed to touch these funds yet for five years due to age restrictions, so I can't cash in gold.

I made a fully defensive stock portfolio. I bought GDX. GUNR which is the global natural resource fund, focusing on upstream producers in five sectors, energy, agriculture, water, timber, and materials. Top holdings are chevron, Rio tinto, bhp billion, Tyson foods.

Next play is fics, first trust international capitol strength. Top performing companies internationally, with less than 30% debt, 500 million in cash and return 15% on equity.

Then I threw 6k into uranium

. I also have some traditional stocks. I'm. Just going to hold, the boomer normie stocks, I'll just hold.

Then I have 20 oz gold, 220 oz. Silver, 15k miners.

That's the most defensive play I can think of. Don't really have any other options.

>> No.29718575

>Please describe how indigenous VC’s are incorporated
Are injuns to Canada what niggers are to America?

>> No.29718635

Thought you were free n' clear, did ya'? Just another wrong post lost in the ocean of posts, huh? And I bet you thought you got away with it.. Not on my watch, boy... NOT ON MY WATCH! Now take that brainlet walk of shame for all the folk here to see, god damnit.

>> No.29718644
File: 501 KB, 1153x1537, 20210226_123903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

latest purchases i find the quality and care you amerifats have in your overall product is quite low

>> No.29718722

unironically underrated right now

You did a good

>> No.29718733

I would get the fuck out of the tech stocks. They are leading the bubble.

>> No.29718741
File: 182 KB, 1337x657, 1591770579866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29718784


Interesting, thanks anon. I've had a stake in GSG, which is a commodities ETF weighted towards oil, and it's been doing quite well. Same with URA for uranium mining tickers.

>> No.29718793

Lol I bet you enjoyed getting assraped by VAT you pathetic yurocuck

>> No.29718819
File: 23 KB, 551x389, pic 15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kind of. In leafland we have to consider native land rights which are recognized in treaty. In this case though the natives are all for the mine project, they want jobs badly, especially in their territories.

The only people bitching about this are greeny whites from vancouver so far.

>> No.29718897

>In a collapsed, Venezuela style, economy it would take a few ounces.
wtf what a cuck!
NEVER EVER i'd spend more than 2 mercs for some floppies action.

>> No.29718942

can someone else bake tonight i am answering idiots questions right now on this discussion.

>> No.29718952

Glad you're gettin some work out of it, if you're able to and have time to get some pics of the various stages of what they're doing, that would be would cool.

>> No.29718955
File: 32 KB, 640x480, cff6fc22ece61b2e7684257f7f0dc01e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it worth spending another $90 for a Gold buffalo vs a Gold Britannia?

>> No.29718961

Look into miners if you don't have.

>> No.29718987
File: 595 KB, 1920x1062, display_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you think this "malfunction" with Fedwire was the prelude to whatever they have in store next? I could totally see them killing the dollar but rather than replacing it with sound money (good end) they will put everyone one CBDCs and enslave everyone forever (bad end). If the latter is there a way to survive financially without leaving the country?

>> No.29719036

>assraped by VAT
Who is Vat?

>> No.29719084

on it

>> No.29719085
File: 228 KB, 408x398, so it begins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29719110

as in physical pics from on site or from the slides? i cant take photos on the jobsite but i can grab what i can from the PDF and from tonights discussion.

>> No.29719128


>> No.29719144

I mean you could prohably ignore the hag

>> No.29719172

Plenty of non Chinese mines.

>> No.29719218
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>> No.29719250

Also every shitcorn is in double digit red.

>> No.29719313

Russia is the nation that conservative Americans wish they were.

>> No.29719379

Yeah, like in the future if theres more meetings showing more stuff even, that would be good too!

>> No.29719778

That is the most jewish lookin indian i've ever seen.

>> No.29719917

Nah, the nose is straight and doesn't have the goblin bulb at the end. Listerine-Americans do often have big noses.

>> No.29720171

They are usually big and bloated from alcohol abuse, not pointy.
I live in the part of canada with the highest % of indians outside of the far north, I know my red indains. (sadly)

>> No.29720261

Thanks bros.

I really like this portfolio, it's pretty much perfect in terms of what I could think of as a "defensive play". I looked into those heavily, I looked at the holdings, I looked at how they've performed over the years, especially during economic down turns. I feel really good about it and hope it works. Nothing is for certain but at least I can sleep good at night.

>> No.29720329

I really like the GUNR, it's underperformed over the years but I think this is its time to shine. Look at how much value it gained during the Corona crash when commoddoties started going up.

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